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How Much Does Pool Care Cost

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Financial Costs Of Owning A Swimming Pool

Real Cost Of Swimming Pool Maintenance – What Is It?

Besides the upfront cost to purchase and install a pool, there are a lot of monthly costs associated with pool ownership that most people dont think about. ;There are electricity costs associated with heating the pool, chemical expenses, maintenance and more. ;It is important to be aware of monthly costs associated with owning a pool before you decide to buy. ;If you do not properly maintain your pool, the costs to repair broken fixtures will be greater than the monthly maintenance costs.

Check Out Their Google Reviews

It goes without saying to check out reviews on Google. Compare the bad ones with good reviews so you can find out the kind of ways a trustworthy and reputable company will service your pool.

Do good reviews demonstrate that a pool company shows up to clean their pool when they say they will? Are their prices consistent? And can you see any bad reviews which say the pool wasnt cleaned to a good standard?

You will also find that pool service companies you can trust will having listings on some or all of the following:

  • Yelp

Sublime Pools & Spa proudly has 5 Star reviews on ALL platforms!

Tip #: Understand The Basics Of Your Pool

You can get an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, depending on your style preferences, budget and space.

Above-ground pools are typically made with steel or aluminum, along with other materials, to make them structurally safe. Typical materials used for in-ground pools include concrete, plaster, vinyl and fiberglass.

Pools are filled with water that runs constantly through a filtration system to keep out debris and make sure the pool chemistry is safe. Your pool pump, PVC piping, drain, skimmer basket and other components all play a role in making sure your pool is a clean, healthy place for you and your family to relax, exercise and play.;

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Average Pool Maintenance Cost Best Estimates Cost To Maintain A Swimming Pool

You may have looked into having a swimming pool but you are probably now wondering what the average pool maintenance cost is. Like a car or house, your initial investment is just the beginning of the upkeep and maintenance.

You will need chemicals, equipment, and there will be occasional repairs. Cutting corners in pool upkeep will leave you with a dirty pool so you must budget accordingly and inform yourself of pool maintenance costs.

What does it really cost to maintain a swimming pool?

The cost to maintain a swimming pool can vary tremendously although an average in-ground pool will cost anywhere from $46.50 to $100 a month, or roughly $800 a year. This cost includes chemicals, equipment replacements and more.

When you are budgeting to maintain a pool, you must account for everything involved. A pool relies on chemicals to stay fresh and clean so you must include those necessities in your budget. There is also equipment that must be purchased, such as a net and vacuum.

Maintaining a pool can be expensive and you should be fully aware of the costs before committing yourself to the chore of keeping after a swimming pool.

Semi Inground Pool Cost

Alby pool water park : View Pool Maintenance Cost Pics

A semi-inground pool costs under $10,000 on average. Oasis semi-inground pools are constructed from extruded aluminum or steel and cost between $6,800 and $8,500. Semi inground pools are more expensive than an above-ground pool but about a third of the price of an inground pool of equal size. The installation is much faster than that for an inground pool and can often be constructed in 1 to 3 days.

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Salt Water Pool Maintenance Cost

Salt water pool maintenance can be taken care of with a professional monthly cleaning maintenance package at $80 to $95 per month , or perform DIY salt water pool maintenance for about $45 per month.

The water still needs to be tested, chlorine levels adjusted, and additional chemicals added as needed. Salt cells also need to be cleaned regularly to wash off buildup, unless you have a self-cleaning salt system in place.

As long as your generator cell is sending the right readings, you only need your pools filter, pump, and the surface kept clean. Saltwater pool maintenance is focused mainly on keeping the proper levels of salt in the water and preventing metal stains and corrosion. Generator cells will need a mild acid wash every 3-4 months to descale corrosion buildup.

  • Pool Salt 40 lb. Bag $50
  • Salt Water Monthly Maintenance Pack $45
  • Salt Water Test Strips $11$25

Salt water chlorine generators can cost about $330. They use cells, costing $200 for a simple one up to $1,400 for a high-tech cell that sends you readouts of your waters salt levels, cleanliness, temp, and flow, saving you testing time. Generator cells chemically change salt into chlorine with an electric charge.

How Much Does An Underground Pool Liner Cost

Pool liners come in a range of thicknesses, and this affects the price you will pay. For example, a 28/20 mil 14 by 28 pool liner will average $600 while a thicker 28/28 20 by 40 pool liner will average $1,700. If you are replacing an existing pool liner with a new one, the labor costs associated with draining the existing pool, removing the current liner, and replacing it with the new liner are around $2,500.

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Q What If I Put Too Much Chlorine In My Pool

How Much Is The Monthly Cost To Maintain A Swimming Pool?

If you happen to put too much chlorine in your pool, make sure to keep everyone out of the poolincluding pets. Excessive chlorine can cause skin and eye problems and lung irritation, especially for those who have asthma. Beyond the personal health concerns, excess chlorine makes the pool acidic, which can corrode metal or plastic parts in the pool. A chlorine test is the only sure way to know if there is too much chlorine since it may not smell overwhelming. Follow these steps to correct excessive chlorine in your pool:

  • If the test shows only slightly elevated levels, wait at least an hour before getting in the pool if the sun is out and can burn off some of the excess chemicals.
  • Make sure the pool is uncovered so that UV rays can burn off the chlorine.
  • Remove a chlorine floater or feeder if youre using one.
  • Use a chlorine-neutralizing chemical according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you prefer not to work with additional chemicals or the sun isnt getting the job done well enough, you can call a pro to correct the problem safely and quickly.
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    Water Chemistry Costs For An Average Pool

    Lets consider an 15 x 30 inground pool. It will hold about 10,000 gallons of water. Well also assume the pool is equipped with a standard pool pump, filter, and chlorine feeder. Whether youre filling your pool for the first time, or opening it for the season, balancing your water is the foundation for your overall water chemistry plan.

    Monthly Pool Services & Pricing

    No Contract Required!

    Pool maintenance can be tiresome and frustrating. But, when you hire a pool company like Triple J Pool Care to service your pool on a regular basis, your pool stays clean and will be ready for swimming whenever you want. Triple J Pool Care offers a variety of monthly pool cleaning service prices & plans which are listed below.

    After each pool maintenance visit, we will provide the customer a summary of pool services provided to include: chlorine levels, pH level, and actions taken to maintain or improve. If our technician discovers anything that needs attention by the pool owner, we will include those suggestions in our communication.

    All of the following packages include pool service and chemicals needed.

    Serving Hillsborough and surrounding counties.

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    Mobile Service Charge & Pool Chemical Costs

    So to finish off you need to be clear on the two charges.

    • Service charge is what you pay for their time, training and effort to help you with your pool.
    • The chemical costs are variable, but it can be cheaper than going to a pool shop as a mobile technician will only add the amounts required,;where the pool shop may not know if you have 500gms of buffer at home, so you buy another 3kg bag buffer.

    In summary, we believe a good mobile pool technician, on a regular service plan for your pool, is the best outcome for pool maintenance and for your time. Dont be scared to engage a professional so long as they are transparent about their service offer, their skill set, and water testing equipment.

    Cost Of Balancing Chemicals

    How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Inground Pool

    The average monthly cost for pool owners that maintain their pool without the assistance of a pool professional is the first thing we’ll look at. The costs are based on average market value of products that you find online. It’s important to note that products are significantly cheaper when purchased online versus a brick and mortar pool store. These averages are for cost of materials including balancing chemicals, shocks and other additives added by a pool owner.;



    If you have a salt water pool you can expect to be on the low end of these estimates because salt water is more stable and requires less chemicals to stay balanced. You also will never have to add chemical chlorine pucks because the pool cell;creates chlorine by breaking down the salt water. ;

    If you are planning on keeping your swimming pool maintenance costs down and balancing your pool on your own you should purchase a quality pool test kit. A good testing kit will provide accurate readings of the chemistry in your pool so you can make an informed decision about how to balance your pool.;

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    The Real Cost Of Owning A Swimming Pool

    Now that you are working 65 hours a week in the hospital and making big bucks, you can now afford that giant in-ground swimming pool youve always wanted as a kid. ;Can you really;afford that pool?;How much does it really;cost to own a pool?

    Its not cheap.

    Yes, its expensive even if you make $150,000 a year. Or $250,000.; The costs of owning a pool come from maintenance. Assuming your home already comes with a swimming pool, you still have to maintain it year round. On average, it costs approximately $3,000-$5,000 to maintain a swimming pool per year. Consider that cost, compare it to the cost of membership at a local pool, the number of times you go swimming per year, and the intrinsic happiness you gain from the convenience of having a pool in your back yard.

    Why does it cost so much to maintain a pool of water? Lets briefly go over the costs:


    Heating a pool will likely cost you around $100 a month with traditional heating methods, likely more if you are keeping it heated during the cooler months. If you live in a sunny area, you can install a solar system where your water is pumped to your roof and heated passively through sunlight. These systems will cost you around $7-9k to install, and maybe an extra $50-$100 a year to run the pump.


    DIY Tips on Pool Maintenance

    Cleaning the pool requires multiple steps


    Leaf Net and pool brushes

    Automatic Pool Robot;

    Circulation Pump

    Balance the chemical levels of the pool

    How To Hire A Pro To Maintain Your Pool

    When searching for a pool maintenance company near you, always ensure they’re qualified and experienced, hold any relevant certifications and are properly insured. Reading customer reviews goes a long way toward finding the right fit for your pool maintenance needs.;

    It’s also always a good idea to chat with professional pool service companies to walk through your specifications and needs to help them give you a clear cost estimate. They can help you consider the best service plan for your existing pool or help you estimate costs for a new pool you’re putting in.;

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    Swimming Pool Health Risks

    The World Health Organization has published a report on recreational swimming pool maintenance. WHO recommends daily and weekly treatment of swimming pools to avoid many different health risks that can be associated with pools. Standing water, such as a swimming pool, can become the breeding ground for several different bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. People with lowered immune systems, children, and the elderly are at particularly high risk of contracting serious illnesses through the use of an unmaintained swimming pool. These pathogens can become introduced to the water through many different sources, including fecal matter, insects, rodents and pests, groundwater runoff, and users who may already be ill. Once introduced into the water, pool heaters encourage the growth of these pathogens along with other organisms such as algae until the pool becomes unsafe to enter. Proper filtering and chemical maintenance can prevent these issues from occurring and keep your pool safe for use.

    How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Pool

    How Much Does a Pool Cost? | Premier Pools & Spas

    Adding a pool to your backyard can bring you hours of enjoyment, relaxation, and fun in the sun. From a private late-night dip to an exciting pool party for your friends and neighbors, a swimming pool is a great investment, not just for the overall pleasure it brings, but also to improve the value of your home.

    However, installing a swimming pool doesnt only involve the expense of putting it in. Factoring in the costs of maintaining the pool is a critical part of deciding whether or not its an upgrade that you can afford.

    There are two types of pool care cost, and were exploring both, to help you make an informed decision.

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    How Much Will It Cost To Do My Own Pool Service

    So lets take a look at the breakdown of costs if you decide to service your own pool.

    • Testing kit $15 will be added into costs if you decide to maintain a pool yourself.
    • Chemicals One of the most important aspects of maintaining your pool is the chemicals. These can cost up to $30 per month. Pool companies with a contractors license get a discount on chemicals while consumers without a;contractors licenses are stuck paying the full price. For a jug of Chlorine from Pinch aPenny, it costs 3.79 per gallon. This is excluding the initial cost of 8.00 for a single jug container that holds it.
    • Filter replacement cartridges These can cost anywhere between $40 for a basic cartridge and up to $120 for a more high-end type. Pool contractors also get huge discounts on these filter replacements, just like a mechanic would on car parts.
    • Replacement sand This is likely to cost around $12 for 50lb.
    • DE for filtering As a rough guide, this will cost somewhere in the region of $20 for a 25lb bag.
    • Pool Vacuum: These can cost anywhere from $200 $1000 depending on the brand and quality.

    According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, it can cost anywhere between $700 and $1000 per year to manage your own pool in South Florida, even if you buy some of the necessary kits from a discount store. This price excludes the cost of buying a Pool Vacuum or any other pool service equipment.

    At the end of a busy day, it can seem like one of those endless chores that you never complete

    Replacing Liners Or Resurfacing Concrete

    Your original pool construction will only last so long before it needs replacing. The type of pool you choose will determine how long it lasts and how much the replacement costs.

    If you pick a concrete/gunite pool, it will require acid washing every three to five years and resurfacing/retiling every 10 to 15 years .

    A pool with a vinyl liner will require replacement of the liner every five to 12 years .

    Fiberglass pools are estimated to last 20 to 30 years with no liner replacement or resurfacing requirements. Some sources say you may need to refinish the gel coat after 10 years .

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    What Type Of Environment

    You might think that indoor pools cost less to maintain than outdoor pools. And this may be true, depending on which company you choose. Indoor pools even when located outdoors and covered by an enclosure or awning can come with cleaning costs similar to those of outdoor pools.

    Even though outdoor pools are more susceptible to debris, lawn clippings, dirt, and even animals, most professional pool cleaning companies charge based on pool size. However, as a rule, indoor pools typically use about $20 worth of chemicals per month.

    Other than that, there is minimal maintenance required. For best results indoors or outdoors invest in a pool cover to keep debris from getting into your pool and damaging lining and drains.

    Using Pool Calculator To Make Your Wallet Happy

    Inground Pool Cost of Ownership: Fiberglass vs Concrete vs ...

    The cleaning of your water itself through chemical treatment is another way to minimize costs. You can keep your pool healthy and clean by using our Pool Calculator tool via our website or mobile app. Along with a water testing strips, you can determine the treatments necessary for your pool. From this point you could have professional treat the water. OR, you could save even more money and carry out the treatment yourself. This self-treating will cut down on the appointments you need by a heavy margin and allow yourself to be more self-sufficient in regard to your pools health and to your bank account.

    Try out our Pool Calculator;as you clean and maintain your pool! For more information on how to care for your swimming pool, see our blogs on Pool Maintenance

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