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How To Clean Pool Deck

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Pressure Wash Your Pool Deck

How to Pressure Wash a dirty pool deck.

One obvious yet important way to help your cement last longer is to keep it clean. With debris from trees, dirt, mud and other elements, a dirty pool deck is inevitable. Additionally, the damp environment can lead to algae and mold growth, which is not only unsightly, but can create a slippery, dangerous surface.

Pressure washing is the easiest and most effective way to remove dirt and algae growth, and it’s a relatively easy project. If you’re the DIY type, you can purchase or rent a pressure washer and concrete cleaner and finish the process in a matter of hours. Hiring a professional is another viable option, and can likely become part of your annual or bi-annual service schedule.

Treating Mildew And Stains

  • 1Create an oxygen bleach paste to spot clean your deck. If you don’t need to do a full cleaning of your deck, but you see an excess buildup of algae or dirt, you can make a more concentrated paste with your bleach. Simply add a little water to some oxygen bleach powder and mix the solution together with a spoon until it forms a thick paste. Apply the paste to the dirty areas of your deck with a nylon brush and let it sit for 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it off.XResearch source
  • 2Add borax to your deck cleaning mixture to remove mildew. Pour one cup of borax into the bucket with your bleach and water solution. Mix it together while wearing gloves and target specific areas on your deck where mildew has formed.XResearch source
  • Borax can typically be found in the laundry detergent aisle of the grocery store and is a mineral compound that won’t destroy your nearby plants.XResearch source
  • 3Don’t use power washers or chlorine bleach to wash your deck. Power washers can sometimes be too powerful and could damage the wood forever. Instead of using a power washer, use a pressurized adjustment on your hose or a lighter pressure spray machine.XResearch source Never use chlorine bleach to wash your deck. Chlorine bleach is toxic to plant life, can discolor your wood, and reduces the integrity of the wood.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Can You Use Chemicals To Clean Travertine

    Some people might like to use harsh chemical products. This includes things like bleach and ammonia. If you want to do this, youll need to be careful. These are acidic. Over time, these products might begin to damage stone surfaces.

    If you do want to use these products, youll need to be careful. Make sure that you are diluting them in water first. Additionally, try to choose something that has been designed for stone surfaces.;

    If you want to avoid strongly acidic chemicals, there are a few effective alternatives that you can explore. For example, you can use some dishwashing liquid or soapy water. This should be strong enough to remove mold and mildew, without risking damaging your travertine deck.;

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    Cleaning The Deck With A Scrub Brush Or Broom

  • 1Pour the cleaning solution in a bucket. You can use white distilled vinegar and water to create an all natural cleaning solution for the deck. Vinegar is a good option as it will remove mildew, mold, and dirt on the wood. Combine 1 cup vinegar with 1 gallon water. Then, pour it in a bucket with a wide top.XResearch source
  • You can also use wood cleaner or professional deck cleaner. Dilute the cleaner with one part cleaner and one part water. Make sure the deck cleaner does not contain bleach, as this can damage the wood.
  • Sliding Deck Pool Covers

    Why Leave Cleaning Of Concrete Pool Deck To Professionals ...

    The sliding deck cover is a two in one option. It works as both an above ground pool cover and a deck. The material comes as a wood deck pool cover and is considered very safe. It is convenient having this type of pool cover, especially when you have kids running around. The sliding deck cover comes in different designs, but they all make it difficult for infants to gain access to the pool. You can get it in either manual or automatic operations, and they usually come with a security feature that requires a key code.

    The wooden deck pool cover is very heavy and challenging for your little ones to move, and it also has a lock in place. The sliding deck covers are the most expensive but the safest cover for your pool. They are perfect for above ground pools since they are not always huge. This wooden cover will prevent debris and algae growth in your pool. The wood is durable and easy to maintain.

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    Cleaning Your Filter Tank

    Everyone cleans their pool filter at least a few times a year. Whether youre backwashing the sand or replacing the cartridges, a clean filter is a major key to having a crystal clear swimming pool.

    Funny thing is, many pool owners dont think to clean the very device that does all the cleaning. The filter tank itself.

    To clean your filter tank:

    • Open it up

    How To Choose A Deck Cleaning Company

    Never go online and search for “pool cleaning service near me” and then opt for the cheapest company you find, or assume a general contractor with a power washer will suffice. Quality property washing requires skill and expertise, as a power washing professional will need to know the various detergents to use for different surfaces, how to scrub a pool deck properly and the like.

    When choosing a pool cleaning company, opt for one with a long history of professional service, and it’s also good to choose a company that only offers power washing! If a company also provides interior cleaning, property repairs, and other such services, they may not have the experience in power washing needed to ensure a job gets done right.

    A professional power washing company should also take the time to inspect your property before work begins. A pressure washer might not reach certain areas, or the cleaning professional might recommend a soft wash for various trouble spots or delicate and fragile surfaces. If a cleaning company promises a fast finish on your property, this might not be a good sign!

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    Is A Soft Wash System Good For Above Ground Pool Decks

    A soft wash pressure washing system uses specialty surfactants to gently but effectively dissolve thick, caked-on dirt and grime from exterior surfaces. These surfactants also seep into pits and pores of exterior surface materials, including asphalt, brick, patio pavers and stones, and concrete. Once the dirt is dissolved, a low-pressure rinse is all that’s needed to wash it away.

    Soft wash systems are an excellent choice for cleaning a deck around a pool, and especially if you’ve neglected this cleaning for some time, as these surfactants will reach and dissolve thick grit and sand ground into a concrete deck’s pores and crevices. Soft, low-pressure rinsing won’t strip paint or sealant from the surface of the concrete, so the deck is spotlessly clean and free of damage.

    How To Clean Mold From Outdoor Travertine Pavers

    How to Clean a Pool Deck

    Once you have noticed mold on your pavers, its important to take action before it starts to spread. If the mold should get firmly established, it can bring a range of health concerns.

    The mold spores can cause breathing difficulties. They can also make the deck slipperier, increasing the chances that you will lose your footing. Thankfully, as long as you spot it early, it should be easy to get rid of.;

    First, you will need to wet the pavers. This will ensure that the mold spores wont get airborne. As an added safety measure, you might want to wear gloves while you are cleaning.;

    Next, youll need to make the cleaning solution. Youll just need to mix a bucket of warm water with dishwasher fluid. Then, you will be able to scrub the area. Do this until the mold spores have been removed. To avoid damaging the travertine its best to use a soft-bristled brush.;

    Once you have removed the mold, youll need to use the hose to wash it away. Sometimes, though, you might find that there are still some stains on your tiles.

    Ifthis is the case, you can try sprinkling some talcum powder around the tiles. Leave it to dry and absorb the stains, then you can sweep it away. To finish, wash away the whole area.;

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    Best Methods To Clean A Pool Deck

    A clean pool deck is a must for any property! Neglecting needed pool deck cleaning can mean premature breakdown of the deck materials as well as unsafe walking surfaces. Pool decks also hold chlorine residues, creating bothersome odors around the pool, as well as sand, silt, and storm debris that then wind up in the pool, overworking the filter and creating dirty, unpleasant swimming conditions!

    Use oxygenated and not chlorine bleach, or a diluted vinegar solution for wood and concrete decks and to kill algae, moss, and other growth around the pool. Add dishwashing soap for especially dirty decks, or pressure washing equipment for cleaning the pits and pores of stone, concrete, and brick.

    Along with choosing the right solutions and cleaners for your homes pool deck, its also vital that a homeowner consider the best tools and techniques for various pool deck materials. Harsh scrubbing might damage soft wood, for example, but a firm brush and a bit of elbow grease is often needed for paver stones and concrete.

    Before you put off needed pool deck cleaning yet another year, or risk damaging that deck with the wrong cleaners and tools, consider this handy pool deck cleaning guide. You can also discuss your exterior cleaning needs with a power washing contractor near you, to ensure a thorough clean you can count on!

    Pool Deck Stain Removal : Types Of Stains And How To Remove Them

    Having an outdoor swimming pool area is quite an investment. It is surely one that should be kept in pristine condition at all times. Unfortunately, concrete pool decks can be spoiled by dirt and stains. This can ruin the look of the overall pool area if not dealt with properly. It can be difficult to remove stains without the risk of leaving unwanted marks on your pool deck but it isnt impossible. Here are the different ways you can remove specific pool deck stains:

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    Dont Have A Pool Deck Drain We Can Help

    If you dont have a pool deck drain, youre at a higher risk for slipping and falling in stagnant water around your pool. A deck drain is an important part of every homes pool safety system. At Frank Wall Enterprises, we offer a wide variety of pool deck drains to choose from, including both single-piece drains and drains with removable tops. Our experienced staff will be happy to help discuss your existing or planned pool area and what drainage system would be the best fit for your needs. Contact us today at 488-9146 for more information.

    What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pool Deck

    How to Clean Kool Deck Surface

    A pool deck should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. Heres how to give your pool deck a thorough clean:

    • Remove all furniture and pool toys from the surface .
    • Clean the entire pool deck using a pressure washer. Pressure washing a pool deck goes a lot faster than using a hose or trying to clean it by hand, so its worth getting your hands on one to make quicker work of this task.
    • Use a cleaning solution and scrub brush to get rid of stains.

    If its been a long time since your pool deck has been cleaned and youre finding it difficult to get rid of unsightly stains, you may want to look into professional power washing as a solution.

    Is your pool deck stamped concrete? Learn about cleaning stamped concrete in this guide.

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    How To Treat Spots On A Pool Deck

    Leaving metal furniture, a grill, and other such items on a pool’s deck can result in rust spots and similar stains; food and beverages like tea and coffee can also leave behind stains on a concrete deck. To treat these spots, use a bit of tri-sodium phosphate or muriatic acid, available at most home goods, hardware, and cleaning supply stores.

    When applying such spot treatments, remember that these chemicals are typically strong and can damage a pool’s deck if left too long or if misused. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and use the products as directed. Do not mix these materials with other chemicals, to avoid dangerous reactions.

    How Often To Clean A Concrete Pool Deck

    Proper pool deck maintenance requires a very thorough clean once or twice a yearthe frequency of major cleans depends on several factors such as:

    • How often its used.
    • Whether it gets of lots of debris from nearby trees and plants.
    • If dirt is often tracked onto its surface.
    • Frequency of animals leaving their droppings on the deck.

    Youll have a sense for how often you need to clean it based on how it looks and how difficult it is to do your thorough cleanings.

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    What Is A Pool Deck Drain

    A pool deck drain is a specially designed channel drain that fits into the flooring of your deck. Deck drains are often used with flooring that doesnt naturally have good drainage, such as concrete or tile; you wont typically see a drain on a wooden pool deck unless the slats are very close together. Pool deck drains are often rectangular in shape, and installed around the perimeter of the pool. Ideally, the area where the drain is installed is recessed, allowing gravity to encourage standing water to flow down the drain instead of collecting on the surface of the deck.

    How Can I Keep My Pool Deck Looking Nice

    Pool Deck Drain Janitor – Clean your Deck Drains !
  • Cover frequently traveled areas of the pool deck with no-slip mats to prevent wear and tear.
  • Keep metal furniture off of the pool deck. Rust stains from metal chairs can stain your acrylic or Kool Deck pool deck.
  • Clean your pool deck frequently with a leaf blower or hose.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they drop to prevent staining. Scrub acrylic or Kool Deck with soap or laundry detergent and water.
  • Keep your deck area clear of overhanging trees. Leaves and fruit that drop on the deck can stain it.
  • Likewise, avoid spilling fertilizer on your pool deck. Fertilizer contains iron, which can leave a hard-to-remove orange stain.
  • To clean up set-in stains, use Kool Decks Commercial Cleaner. Scrub rust stains with a solution of 40 percent muriatic acid and 60 percent water . Caution: Muriatic acid is corrosive. Wear safety glasses, protective clothing and rubber gloves when you handle it. Also, the acid will etch stone, so dont use it on natural stone. It will also kill grass and plants in close proximity to the deck surface being cleaned.
  • ###

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    How To Cover An Above Ground Pool With A Deck

    Posted onJuly 24, 2021July 24, 2021 by Salman ZafarPosted inHome Improvement, LifestyleTaggedabove ground pool covers, above ground pools, above ground pools with desk, cover ground pool with deck, how to cover an above ground pool, mesh cover, sliding deck cover, solid pool covers, winter covers for above ground pools

    Above ground pools are usually very attractive, but sometimes they can look like they are taking up space. They are cheaper and easier to install in your home. This is why most people prefer it over the more permanent option. You can design a deck for your pool to make it look attractive or similar to an actual swimming pool.

    However, you still have to think of protecting your pool during the winter. Your above ground pool will need a pool cover even when a deck surrounds it. We will be looking at the options you should consider for your above ground pool cover.

    How To Deal With Mold And Mildew On Your Pool Deck

    It isnt surprising to find a slippery, dark, greenish blotches on your pool deck. Exposure to constant moisture and humidity make pool decks susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Not only is this an eyesore, but it also makes the surface of the deck slippery and dangerous. The best way to deal with this is to keep moisture from forming. Heres what you can do to keep your deck mold and mildew free:

    Caring for your concrete pool deck;doesnt just stop at clearing mold and mildew. Regular pool deck maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep it in pristine condition. Consult only with a;licensed contractor for professional;help. For more interesting articles on concrete pool decking read through our blog to know;when you need a contractor for your commercial pool deck repair.

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    How Do You Remove Mildew From A Travertine Pool Deck

    After you spot mildew in your travertine pool deck, its important to take action. This is an easy problem to address. In this case, youll need to make the cleaning solution.

    This can be done by adding one part baking soda, four parts borax, and eight parts water. Then, spray it onto the tiles.

    Next, youll need to leave it to sit on the pool deck for at least fifteen minutes. At the end of that time, wash it away. It should have removed most of the mildew.

    If not, youll need to use a soft-bristled brush to remove it. Avoid a brush that has metal bristles. This has the potential to scratch or damage the tiles. It might also cause shavings to be released, which can contribute to a rusting problem later.;

    While youre cleaning, make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. This will ensure that youll be able to remove all the mildew. Lastly, you will be able to finish by rinsing off the area.;

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