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How To Manage Above Ground Pool

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Protect Your House From Leaks

How to maintain above ground pool

Although national and local building codes require that above-ground pools are placed several feet away from your home due to electrical reasons, there remains the question of what to do if the pool fails and water starts gushing out of it at high speeds? The ground, and possibly your basement, can become flooded fast. The best protection is to install a sump pump in your basement to handle any water overflow that reaches your home.

Sanitize Your Pool Water

Sanitizing your water means exterminating the bacteria and bad chloramines in your pool with the addition of chlorine or other chemicals. Chlorine is the primary additive in pool water and can be the best and only sanitizer you need. You can decide how you add the chlorine, but one of the most popular ways of adding chlorine to a pool in a safe way is to use chlorine tablets.

Chlorine tablets are efficient because of how compressed they are. They dont fully dissolve into the pool water right away, and instead, they help add small amounts of chlorine to your pool a little at a time. This slower approach gives you a longer-lasting chlorine treatment, so you dont have to keep adding chlorine or shocking your pool unnecessarily.

Avoid Draining The Pool Completely

If you find yourself with extremely poor water conditions which can take a large amount of chemicals and weeks of filtering in some cases, it may be wise to replace most of the water in the pool. Before considering this as an option, consult your local pool professional. You can use a submersible pump to remove water from the pool. However, always leave at least 6″ of water or more to support the structure and keep the pool liner stretched into place. Only drain the pool completely if you are replacing the pool liner.

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Stabilizers And Balancing Chemicals

Other important swimming pool chemicals include Water Balancing Pool Chemicals. Chemical levels in your pool water are affected by many factors, including sunlight, rain, evaporation and the presence of oils. This means that the waters chemical levels are always changing, which affects the waters pH levels and total alkalinity.

Balancing chemicals such as pH Increaser and pH Reducer allow you to keep pH and alkalinity levels in the right range and help maintain healthy and clean water. Water balancing pool chemicals also help enhance the performance of your sanitizer, reducing maintenance time and chemical use.

While bromine cannot be stabilized, or protected from the sun, chlorines life can be extended by using stabilizer, aka conditioner. Stabilizing pool chemicals provide protection for chlorine molecules, preventing them from becoming quickly destroyed by UV radiation from the sun. This allows your chlorine-based chemicals to last longer, which saves money and prevents rapid depletion on warm summer days.

Measure Your Waters Total Dissolved Solids

Bestway 16 ft. Round 48 in. D Hard Sided Power Swim Vista Above Ground ...

Do you ever wonder happens to all the chemicals and substances that you add to the water? The pool shock, salts, algaecides, dirt, and pretty much everything else.

How come all of that stuff never piles up in your pool? Where does it go?

Well, it turns out, it does pile up. And theres a special number to measure it:

Total dissolved solids.

This number represents how many of those substances have dissolved in your water.

Its regular for your pool to have a TDS level of a few hundred or so, even 1,000.

But there does come a point when a pools TDS level is too high, and the only effective solution is draining and replacing water.

If your pools TDS level is below 2,000 ppm, then no adjustments are needed.

However, if TDS levels rise above 2,000 ppm, then begin draining the pool in small increments. With each drain, replace with fresh water. Keep testing until TDS levels are under 2,000 ppm.

How the Langelier Saturation Index affects your pool water balance

While every pool owner benefits from maintaining proper chemical levels, theres one major factor to consider when balancing your water:


Temperature affects how well pool chemicals work. Or rather, their effectiveness.

Which is why the Langelier Saturation Index exists. The LSI is a calculation produced by a special formula that indicates how corrosive or scale prone water is.

More importantly, it also helps you determine how much to scale your pool chemical balancing by with respect to temperature.


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Regularly Clean And Replace The Filter

There are several kinds of pool filters, but they all have the same job: capturing debris that can cloud and pollute your pool. Hardworking pool filters should be cleaned about once a week by removing and hosing down the cartridge. Its also important to replace the cartridge when its time, based on the manufacturers recommendation.

Do A Random Search On The Internet

You can also find your favorite above swimming pool design by doing a random search on the internet.

Ill give you a few links at the end of this section on how to get some of the best above ground swimming pool designs.

Anyway, here is how to go about it:

  • Enter search term say above ground swimming pool designs

How to get above ground pool designs from Google search

For that reason, they can offer you with what youd really need regarding preference and choice.

I always recommend that you have a variety of these designs to choose from. It makes it easier to pick what necessarily interests and appeals to you in all aspects.

Nonetheless, you need to ensure that the particular pool design you ultimately pick can suit your budget. You dont choose something that is costly for you and ends up draining your bank account.

Learn more:

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Come On In The Waters Finethanks To You

Owning a swimming pool is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy fun in the sun at home. Yes, it needs regular care, but that doesnt mean youll spend your life shackled to a vacuum or fiddling with your chemistry set.

In fact, when you know how your pool works, understand the care it needs and plan ahead, you might find yourself taking pride in your pool care prowess. Youll enjoy not just your swim, but the peace of mind that comes with regular and thorough pool maintenance.

Happy Swimming!

Test Your Pool Chemistry

Make your above ground pool awesome! Simple things to make owning a pool easy!

Youll want to check your water frequently the first day you open the pool. After letting the system run for several hours, test your pools water chemistry using a good test kit.

Ideal levels are:

  • Chloramine: Below 0.4 ppm

Warning: Let the water filter for a full 24 hours to normalize before swimming.

Remember, a lot of things impact the water chemistry of your pool, including rain, swimmers, and debris, so you should continue to check your water regularly throughout the summer.

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Shock The Pool Once Per Week

In order to maintain an above ground pool, you have to make sure the water is sanitary. Shocking, also referred to as super-chlorinating or oxidizing, consists of adding a large dose of granular chlorine, liquid chlorine, or non-chlorine shock to the pool. This is done to remove both visible and invisible contaminants, such as algae, germs, and combined chlorine. Follow package directions to ensure proper handling and dosage.

BONUS TIP: For granular chlorine shock, be sure to pre-dissolve it in a bucket of clean water before pouring into the pool. This protects the floor of your pool liner and helps prevent bleaching and discoloration.

Balancing Your Water Chemistry

Step away from the Bunsen burner. Pool chemistry might sound intimidating and complicated, but you dont have to worry. While it is an essential part of effective pool maintenance and water care, basic pool chemistry is surprisingly straightforward.

The most important tool in your bag of water care tricks is your water testing kit. You wouldnt season your stew without tasting it. So before you reach for the chemicals, do some pool water testing. Understanding whats in your water, and what isnt, is the first step to balancing it.

The three most important parts of pool water chemistry are:

  • pH levels: The measure of how acidic or basic your pool water is. Low pH levels are acidic, while high levels are basic. The ideal range for your pool is 7.4 to 7.6.
  • Alkalinity: Works as a pH buffer and helps avoid huge spikes in basicity or acidity. The ideal range is 100 to 150 parts per million . And you can use baking soda to increase your pools alkalinity level.
  • Sanitizer levels: The amount of chlorine, bromine, etc. in your pool water. Proper levels vary depending on which type of sanitizer you choose.

Once you know your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, you can start to add chemicals to tweak your water balance. Take your time, follow all the directions, and be sure you know what each chemical does and how itll affect the water, and the folks who swim in it, before you add it.

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How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

This article was co-authored by Rob Litman. Rob Litman is a Landscaper, General Contractor, and the CEO of Vitoli Inc., a landscaping, hardscaping, ecoscaping, and swimming pool design company in Los Angeles, California. With over 20 years of experience in construction, Rob specializes in energy-efficient and drought-tolerant landscaping. He holds General Building Contractor and Registered Pool/Spa Contractor Licenses. In 2007, Rob won House of the Year in Gardena, California.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 16 testimonials and 100% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 308,330 times.

Having a swimming pool on your property can be a pretty sweet deal during those hot summer months. But like most good things, a swimming pool requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention to detail. Many people choose to enlist the help of pool professionals, but if you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person read on to find out how to keep your pool’s water sparkling clean.

Get A Pool Pump Timer

Bestway Bestway Power Steel 18 ft. x 9 ft. x 4 ft. Above Ground ...

Hopefully, your pump already has a timer. If not, I would invest in one. They are a crucial part of proper pool care.

Set the timer to run the pool at least 8 to 12 hours a day. If you can split up the times, great! If not, it wont be a problem for it to run 24 hours a day. Running your pump and filter is very important to keep your pool clear and its better to leave a timer in charge rather than a human.

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How To Clear A Green Above Ground Pool

There is nothing more disheartening for a pool owner than seeing green algae overtaking your pool. And since algae is visible, it tends to be the pool problem that is most disturbing to pool owners. This is not surprising: No one wants to see black, green, or yellow fuzz growing in their pool.

In reality, it’s not the algae that are harmful but the waste they produce by converting sunlight into food. This waste then feeds bacteria, which is the real problem. Algae spores travel through the air and enter the pool water. With just a few hours of sunlight on a warm day, algae can colonize your entire pool if your chlorine level is too low.

The best way to combat algae is to never let them get started. Regularly checking to make sure your chemical levels are adequate and your pool water is balanced is vital. Adding algaecide is another preventative measure that will help prevent all types of algae from getting a foothold in your pool. You can use algaecide weekly to discourage algae growth.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Resource

Find the latest information on all of your pool needs! Have Questions? Please give us a call!

Test Your Water & Balance Chemicals

For best results, test your water weekly. To keep things easy, opt for a test kit that will tell you ifyou need to add pool chemicals to maintain your water balance. Most pool supply stores and big-boxretailers sell easy-to-use test kits or test strips that allow you to test your swimming pool water forthe key chemicals. Here are the essential ranges to keep in mind:

Here are the ranges for different types of sanitizers:

  • Sanitizer, chlorine 1 3 ppm. Higher is better. This prevents algae growth.
  • Sanitizer, bromine 3-5 ppm
  • Sanitizer mineral, chlorine backup .5 ppm

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Beginners Guide To Swimming Pool Chemicals

I was super excited when I purchased my first Intex Easy Set Deluxe Pool and remember spending every single minute of my free time swimming or just floating in my beloved pool.

Although I did my pre-purchase homework and bought all the right accessories for my pool, I lagged behind on the pool chemistry the most important part of pool care.

As a novice pool owner, I had no idea how important it is to use the proper chemicals to maintain a clean and clear pool. Within a few days, my sparkling clean pool started to lose its beauty and the water started turning cloudy.

That was when one of my dear friends came to the rescue and guided me through the pool maintenance routine. Your pool needs cleaning, toning, moisturizing just like your face. Those were her exact words to me, which I have never forgotten.

I know that there are a lot of excited new pool owners out there who, like me, may be overwhelmed by their new purchase and may need some coaching on basic Pool Chemicals. Then you can enjoy spending more time in your pool and less time wondering which chemicals to use and when.

Confirm The Material For The Above Ground Pool Parts And Components

How To Install An Above Ground Pool – Every Step – From Ground Prep To Swimming!

It can be tricky when it comes to choosing the types of materials you use to construct an above-ground swimming.

So many options from different brands are often at your disposal. Thus, you can get even more confused.

But dont freak out, Im here to help you understand how to maneuver in this challenge.

After listing down all the items and materials that you need, review them all one by one.

But then again your contractor can also help you to choose the right material for above ground swimming pools.

Remember, an above ground swimming pool can be made from resin, aluminum or steel. It will all depend on the kind of pool you intend to have.

As I said earlier, they are familiar with most of the quality materials to use. Given that this is their area of specialization.

Parts of above ground swimming pool Photo Credits: KNOW YOUR POOL

Together with the swimming pool contractor, you should evaluate materials for every section such as:

  • Above ground pool wall
  • Tracks on which the walls will rest on most above ground pools have top and bottom tracks.
  • Connector plates these basically connect the tracks
  • Caps to cover the top rails
  • Fastening hardware such as screws and nuts

When you work closely with them, there is a high chance that you will get quality materials at affordable prices. In the long run, you end up saving quite a considerable amount of money during above ground pool installation process.

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I Consider Additional Electricity Needs

Ideally, a swimming pool can be vast and hence require more electricity needs. You have to factor in all the possible applications that will require electricity.

Elements such as salt chlorine generators and ozonators need electricity. Therefore, you got to look into it and find out whether they can affect the electricity supply.

Check whether they need an upgrade or if they can work just fine.

Start The Above Ground Pool Installation Process

Now, this is where the real deal is. I know it is the step you have been waiting forthe actual construction.

For that matter, you need to be particular and meticulous in regards to various elements that you do in this phase.

Since at this stage most of the preparation aspects are already complete you only need to ensure that you get all the actions right.

And if possible, ensure that you work with your contractor hand in hand to make the entire process seamless.

But, wait a minute!

Even before you proceed with the process, I want you to pay attention to the following critical aspects:

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General Above Ground Pool Maintenance

During the swimming season, you will need to run the pump at least 12 hours a day. That also means you should check your pump basket at least once a week so that it doesnt get overloaded with debris.

Once a month, check the pools cyanuric acid and calcium hardness levels. Scrub the areas around the ladder, waterline, and any other spots that end up with algae slicks.

Swimming Pool Maintenance And Cleaning

Best Round Above Ground Pools: 2021 Reviews &  Buying Guide

Even with the best pool filter on the planet and you running your pump 24 hours a day as I recommend , you are going to have some debris that settles to the bottom of the pool, and you will also have plenty of dirt and leaves in the skimmer basket.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Check water level It should be in the center of the skimmer or slightly higher
  • Empty skimmer basket If you keep a chlorine erosion tablet in there, top it up as needed
  • Skim the pool surface with service pole and skimmer attachment
  • Vacuum the pool floor
  • Brush the pool walls lightly with wall floor brush on the service pole
  • Test water balance and adjust as needed Usually just test Chlorine and pH weekly
  • Look for healthy water flow and check the filter pressure

Automatic pool vacuum

There are several robots and automatic pool cleaners on the market. Of course, I have played with them all and seen which pool cleaners work the best and last the longest. Here is a recent article I wrote reviewing the best for above ground swimming pools .

Pool maintenance is a lot easier when you have a great filter and pump. Please check out the related article below for more information.

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