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How To Play 8 Ball Pool

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Sinking The Object Balls

How To Play 8 Ball Pool

A player must only sink their own object balls during their turn. They do not have to pocket them chronologically but they must target their assigned group.

Speaking of which, a player must never target the object balls directly. They must strike the cue ball with the cue stick and aim for the object ball. If the player sinks the object ball, they continue to play, otherwise, the opponent takes a turn.

If a player sinks the opponents ball, then the ball is not spotted. It just makes things easier for their opponent. Sinking a ball is also not a means for scoring as per the 8 ball game rules. It is a means to clear the 7 object balls in order to pocket the 8-ball which essentially decides the winner.

Any Tips For Beginners

8 Ball Pool is a very strategic game. Remember to use all of the resources that you possibly can. This includes putting spin on the ball to get different angles, as well as using the edges of the table to get different shots. This is one of the parts that beginners often overlook – the edge of the table can be one of your best friends if you know how to use it correctly.

Another tip – 8 Ball Pool is as much a defensive game as it is offensive. There will be times when you wont have any real chance of making a shot. Instead of just hitting the cue ball hard and hoping you get a lucky ricochet, try placing the ball in an area that wont give your opponent a good look at sinking any shots.

Want to learn more about how to play 8 Ball Pool, as well as some other strategies? Go and check out our Coolmath Games blog right here for more information.

The 8 Ball And Automatic Losses

There are multiple rules that are specific to what must happen when pocketing the eight ball.When shooting the eight ball, whoever is shooting must declare what pocket it will go into, either by pointing or saying which pocket. If the eight ball goes into a different pocket, the game ends and the person who pocketed it loses.Note: If the eight ball is pocketed during the break, instead of it being considered a loss, the balls are re-racked and the player breaks again.If a player scratches after pocketing the eight ball, they automatically lose. If they scratch, but the eight ball isn’t pocketed, they do not lose and the game continues like it normally would after a scratch.If the eight ball ends the round anywhere besides the playing surface of the table, it is an automatic loss.

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How To Play 8 Ball Pool

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8-ball pool is played with one white “cue ball” and 15 numbered balls including one black “8-ball.” One player is trying to pocket the solid-colored balls while the other player tries to knock in the striped balls . A player cannot sink the 8-ball until he or she has pocketed all of the appropriate balls . The first player to pocket the 8-ball wins the game.

What Are The 8 Ball Pool Rules

8 Ball Pool review: Head to the pool hall with a casual game of billiards

As discussed, 8 ball pool is a game of call shot that is played with a cue ball and 15 object balls. These balls are numbered from 1 to 15. One player must pocket all the balls from 1 to 8, called solids. And another player must pocket all the balls from 9 to 15, called stripes. The winner is that player who pockets all his balls legally and then pockets the 8 ball.

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What Are Games Like 8 Ball Pool

How To Get Better At Spin In 8 Ball Pool

Spin can be Top Spin , Back Spin , Right Spin & Left Spin . It may sound simple, but the practical use of it is difficult. To get better at Spin, one has to practice more and more using the spin.

With practice, one knows the amount of spin required. Cue also has an effect on the amount of spin that can be produced. So, all these factors are collectively deciding the positioning of the cue ball.

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Choose The Right Game Mode / Level

The game starts with London Table and then other tables unlock with an increase in player level. The higher tables offer higher and better rewards with experience. But most players miss the basic thing that is the change in rules. The rules become more stringent, like to choose a pocket in which you would pot your every ball.

Also, the fact is you are staking more money for more rewards. And to add on, there would be better opponents with better cues. So, choose your game mode wisely, and go for higher levels only when you are confident of winning.

Play 8 Ball Pool Pc With Gameloop

How to play 8 Ball (Billiards / Pool)

Why restrict yourself to small screens when you can get an edge over your competition with a wide screen on your PC using Gameloop. Become a master and snooker your opponents around with precise controls using your mouse and keyboard.

Climb up the ranking ladder faster than your competitors to claim the top positions in the leaderboard. Partake in worldwide online tournaments to win some exclusive prizes and expensive cues to give a personalized touch to your matches.

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Can You Replace Pool Light After Pool Opened

Just like any light, the bulb can burn out and will need to be replaced. There is no need to lower the water level in your pool to replace the burned-out bulb. Instead, you can remove the light housing from the side of the pool, pull the fixture up onto the side of the pool, and change the light bulb there.

Some Weirder Lesser Known Rules

If you take a shot that misses one of your coloured balls deliberately You lose the game. Seriously. So dont do it.

If you pot both colours from the break and fail to nominate your colour out loud, when you take your shot, thats a foul too.

Jump shots where the ball is sent up to leave the table before hitting a ball are also banned in English 8 ball.

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Aim To Get Better Cue Sticks

If there is one other thing to work hard for in 8 Ball Pool other than fame and reputation, it is certainly the money you can earn from winning matches and taking advantage of other in-game perks. You will always have a need for money to be able to play but, more importantly, you also need to invest hard earned coins to get yourself better Cue Sticks. The default cue you will be using does not seem bad at all but given that all other cues have stat bonuses certainly makes getting better cues appealing.

There is a plethora of cues for you to unlock and use and cues in 8 Ball Pool are basically categorized into how you can obtain them. Within the Cues section of the shop, the basic ones or standard cues contain most of the easiest to obtain.

Most cues on this list save for one can be purchased using coins. Note that you do not have to try and collect each available cue and at the very least should only consider purchasing without necessarily emptying your funds that you need to pay for entry fees.

Any of the available cues is better than what you have and use by default but keep in mind as well that skills and strategies still matter more within each match. Each cue has 4 stats to consider and some may be more important to you than others. Force applies to how powerful shots can become. A new cue with higher force rating will surely have an impact on your game and you may need to recalibrate the amount of power you use with the shots you make.

Placement Of The Cueball To Break

8 Ball Pool Guide: Tips and Tricks to improve your game

The cue ball can be placed anywhere behind the head string, which is denoted by a line between the second markings at the head end of the table. On most recreational tables this line is imaginary, but can easily be determined by looking at the diamonds or markings along the sides of the table. Sometimes the area behind the head string is also called the kitchen. So, shooting from in the kitchen should be considered the same as shooting from behind the head string.

Refer to diagram above for more details.

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Grouping And Players Turns

The player who breaks the rack can continue his or her turn if they managed to sink a ball during the break. They can choose the group of balls they want as their object and continue to play as long as they keep sinking their own object balls in pockets.

According to Professional 8 ball rules, a player doesnt have to choose the group just because they accidentally pocketed it during the break. For instance, if they sunk a striped ball, they can still choose solids as their group if they want based on strategic planning. The second player must take the remaining group.

If a player commits a foul or misses potting an object ball during their shot, it is the opponents turn. If a player makes a shot when it is not their turn, it is an illegal shot, in which case the other player takes their turn and any ball pocketed is spotted.

Placing Balls On The Table

Before starting the game, the pool table must be set. All the object balls are supposed to be placed inside the triangular rack and properly racked. The 8-ball must be placed at the center of the triangle, i.e., the center of the third row in the rack. The apex ball should be precisely on the foot spot.

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How To Play 8 Ball Pool On Imessage

Everything you need to know about playing 8 Ball Pool on iMessage with your friends on iPhone.

Almost everyone loves playing 8 ball pool, it is a fun game requiring you to be accurate and precise along with a little bit of strategy to come out ahead of your opponent. Now, there are a lot of games present in the iMessage store for you to play but nothing beats the classics.

For all the uninitiated, as the name suggests, 8 Ball Pool is played with 8 balls divided into two groups stripes and solids. Whoever pockets the first ball has to stick with that specific group throughout the game and pocket all the balls before your opponent does.

Furthermore, if you hit your opponents ball with the cue ball directly it is considered a foul, and your opponent gets to place the ball on the board anywhere they like. The first player to pocket all their balls wins the game. So, without further ado, lets take a look at how you can play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage.

The Proper Way To Rack An 8

8 Ball Pool: Tips and Tricks Guide – a free Miniclip game

The proper way to set up an Eight-Ball rack is to place the 8-ball in the middle and make sure that the back corner balls are of different types. The top ball does not matter. Official BCA rules state that you arrange the remaining balls randomly. Some people like to arrange them so that they alternate as seen below:

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Ball Pool Rules For Sinking The 8

Eight ball pool rules dictate that only when a player has pocketed all their object balls can they target the 8-ball. If they sink the 8-ball before clearing their object balls then the 8-ball is spotted and the player loses their turn.

In order to sink the 8-ball in a legal shot to win, the player must sink it in the pocket where they sunk the last object ball.

As per Pool table rules of 8 ball, if the last object ball was sunk in any of the corner pockets then the 8-ball must follow suit in the same corner pocket. If, on the other hand, the last object ball rolled down one of the side pockets, then the player can choose one of the 6 pockets at their discretion to sink the 8-ball.

Standardized Rules Of Play

American-style eight-ball rules are played around the world by professionals, and in many amateur leagues. Nevertheless, the rules for eight-ball may be the most inconsistent of any billiard game, as there are several competing sets of “official” rules.

The non-profit World Pool-Billiard Association , which has continental and national affiliates around the world promulgates standardized rules as Pool Billiards The Rules of Play. These are used for amateur and professional play.

Meanwhile, many amateur leagues such as the American Poolplayers Association and its affiliate the Canadian Poolplayers Association , the Valley National Eight-ball Association and the BCA Pool League use their own rulesets which have slight differences from WPA rules and from each other. Millions of individuals play informally, using informal “house rules” which vary not only from area to area but even from venue to venue.

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Assigning Solids And Stripes

After the break is made, the next rule concerns assigning each player either solids or stripes. Before this happens, the table is considered open. This means that either player can sink or pot solid or striped balls.

If one or more object balls are potted on the break, the player who broke can continue to shoot until he misses. The next ball he pots will determine who is solid and who is stripes.

For example: if a player sinks both a solid and a stripe on a legal break, and then pots a solid on the next shot, that player will be solids and the opponent will be stripes. However, if a player sinks both a solid and a stripe on a legal break, but misses the next shot, the table is considered open. The opposing player can then choose whatever object ball to aim for without creating a foul.

The table is only open until one of the players legally pots one or more object balls after the break.

A player continues shooting until she misses or fouls. At which point its the other players turn. Its not uncommon for skilled players to only take one or two turns during the game, as they continue to sink their object balls back to back, missing and fouling rarely. On the other hand, its not uncommon for amateur players to take many turns during the game, missing or fouling often until they develop their skill.

Foul Rules In 8 Ball Pool Game

How To Play 8 Ball Pool With Friends

There are numerous fouls in the pool game. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Failing to hit your own object balls.
  • Hitting the cue ball off the table.
  • Potting one of the oppositions objects balls.
  • Hitting the cue ball twice.
  • Pushing the cue ball rather than striking it.
  • A player taking a shot when it is not their turn.

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How To Play Pool

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When you’re first learning how to play pool, it can seem like an art! There are different variations, strategies, and terminology to learn in addition to just getting the ball into the pocket. However, you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget all that. To start learning and hone your skills, read on.

Bouncing The Balls Right Off The Pool Table

Often, players who are unfamiliar with the technique of Draw Shots tend to bounce the cue ball. This can cause it to hop straight off the table which is a foul. In such cases, the opponent gets a ball in hand.

However, if an object ball hops away, according to eight ball rules, the ball is simply spotted and the player loses their turn.

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