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Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool

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You Must Swim The Zambezi

360° Victoria Falls The Devil’s Pool | National Geographic

Before arriving at Devil’s Pool, Zambia, you must swim in the Zambezi River from Livingston Island to Devil’s Pool. Many individuals are unaware of this.

Swim partially upstream for the first half of the swim to cross a section of the Zambezi River. The final half of the race requires you to swim over and down currents. There are guides available to assist you.

The current is not particularly powerful, but it exists nonetheless. The swim through the Zambezi occurs approximately 50â100 meters from the edge of Victoria Falls.

Weaker swimmers can wade through the water. Depending on water levels, the water is around stomach-deep here. Guides only clasp hands when needed.

Inside The Devils Pool

Once you reach the pool, you have to slide in or jump if youre game, into the Devils Pool itself. There will be a guide in the pool with you to hold your hand and guide you to the edge. Another guide will be on land to take photos for you.

We visited on a rather quiet day and had a private tour, so we were able to enjoy the pool to ourselves for about 10-15 min. If there is a bigger group, your time in the water would be a bit shorter, but still plenty to get lots of photos!

There are submerged rocks in the pool for you to sit or hold on to, meaning you can get as close or stay as far as you like from the Victoria Falls pool edge. At first, it seems scary, but be assured that its very safe. With the low water level, its quite easy to hold on to the rock lip at the edge of the falls. The water current is also not as strong as you might expect and water is certainly not gushing past you.

Still, youll be able to experience the full spray from the crashing falls tumbling below, which provides the most thrill. The guides know about the safety of the experience and will warn you of any risks and safety concerns on the day. Listen to their guidance and youll be safe!

Victoria Falls Helicopter Tour

We did the shortest flight of 12-13 minutes called Helicopter Flight of Angels with Shearwater, located in Victoria Falls. And it has been an amazing experience. Seriously, save on everything, but not on this. Seeing the falls from the sky let you really appreciate how beautiful they are. Plus you can take amazing photographs from the helicopter!

I managed to take the front seat next to the pilot, and you should try to catch the same! Unfortunately I take the blame for choosing the worst hours to do it: midday: I thought that the sun would have lighted the falls from the top, but actually it made all shots a little bit flat. Stick to the golden hour!

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Where Does The Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool Tour Begin

The Devil’s Pool begins on Victoria Falls’ Zambezi side, at a location known as the âLaunch Site.â This is located along the Zambezi River’s banks, between the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Livingstone town.

Note: Previously, the meeting site was at the Royal Livingstone Hotel. However, there’s been a change since January 1, 2019.

Additionally, we recommend arriving at least a half-hour early at the Launch Site. The Devil’s Pool trips operate on a rigorous schedule, and you do not want to chance missing one.

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Guide to Devils Pool, Victoria Falls  MilesWithMoonshyyne

Philip is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many guidebooks, including the Bradt guides to Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

Victoria Falls vies with Kilimanjaro as Africas most awesome natural landmark. It is the worlds largest sheet of falling water. It is formed by the mile-wide Zambezi as it crashes into a 105m/345ft-deep precipice on the ZambiaZimbabwe border. Flowing at up to 500,000 cubic metres/110 million gallons per minute, it kicks up a 500m/1,640ft-high rainbow-tinted spray alluded to in its local name Mosi-oa-Tunya .

Victoria Falls is a stunning spectacle however you view it. Whether its from the bottom of the gorge, from spray-doused Knife Edge Bridge, or from the comfort of a plane or chopper. But when it comes to a breathtaking immersive experience, nothing is quite so full-on as a dip in Devils Pool. This oddly becalmed 3m/10ft-deep natural pool stands right on the edge if the abyss, separated from the raging white water by the narrowest of rock lips.

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Where Is Devils Pool Located

Devils Pool is a natural pool of water thats situated atop Victoria Falls, renowned for being among the largest waterfalls in the world. Right on the edge of this massive waterfall, a calm pool of water forms. This is known as the Devils Pool Victoria Falls. And daring visitors can actually swim in this pool straddling the edge of Victoria Falls, reported.

Devils Pool Victoria Falls is located in sub-Saharan Africa. Its in the Zambezi River, along the Zambia-Zimbabwe border.

Devils Pool is a death-defying feat that even the most casual of thrill-seekers must add to their travel bucket list.

When Should I Go

The Devil’s Pool is only available seasonally, so plan your visit accordingly. It usually opens from mid-August to mid-January, when the river is lower . October and November tend to be the finest months for low water levels.

Mother Nature has her own mind, therefore this may alter. From February to June, the pool is closed due to high water levels in the Zambezi.

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What To Bring To Devils Pool Victoria Falls

A change of clothes youll want something dry to change into once you get out of Devils Pool.

Water shoes bring or wear a pair of water shoes like these mens water shoes or these womens water shoes. Or at the very least, wear some old sneakers you dont care about getting wet. Although you can go to Devils Pool barefoot, we wouldnt recommend it due to submerged rocks that can be sharp and slippery.

Money Youll want to have some cash on hand to tip the guides. If coming from Zimbabwe, you also need $20 for the Zambia day tripper visa. Bring extra cash for incidentals, a drink, or anything else you may want to buy.

Passport If you are arriving from the Zimbabwe side, dont forget to grab your passport. If youre staying on the Zambia side, a passport isnt needed.

Phone and/or Camera If youre going to Devils Pool, be sure you have a way to document it. Bring a waterproof camera like a GoPro. But be sure that it has a floating handle attachment like this.

Waterproof Phone Case If youre bringing your mobile phone, consider protecting it with a waterproof case like this one. These inexpensive protective cases are so worth the minimal cost, just in the instance theres a splash or a drop in the Zambezi.

Sunblock Prevent sunburn under the hot Africa sun. And remember to apply 30 minutes prior to entering the water or else it may wash off.

Small Bag or Backpack Simply to carry the aforementioned items.

What Not To Bring to Devils Pool

Have There Been Any Deaths

How to Survive the Devil’s Pool

Fortunately, there haven’t been any deaths from Devils pool at Victoria Falls. The death of a tour guide in 2009 who was swept over the falls was a different point of the falls, closer to the river bank.

The guides are well trained and access into the Devils pool is only allowed when the water flow rate is low enough to guarantee safety.

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Do You Need To Be Fit To Reach Devils Pool

No. But you should ideally be able to swim. Medium to strong swimmers head to the Devils Pool from Livingstone Island, swimming upstream for a short distance then back downstream into the pool itself. Weak swimmers can wade from the island to the pool, provided they dont mind being submerged waist-deep. In both instances, experienced guides are there to instruct and, if necessary, assist. Theres nothing preventing non-swimmers from wading across either, but they are at slightly greater risk.

Where To Stay In Livingston

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Things To Know Before The Journey To Devils Pool

  • Trip To Livingstone Island starts on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambian side 1.3 km upstream from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.
  • You get introduced to your guides. At least 2 professional guides are assigned to a particular group. They brief you regarding the tour and necessary safety precautions that are to be followed.
  • A short boat ride takes you to The Livingstone Island. The captain of the boat makes sure he takes you quite close to the actual Victoria Falls on the way to the island which makes this boat ride a memorable one!
  • The price that you pay for the tour includes the cost of the guides, the jetty boat ride, entry to Devils Pool, towels, Drinks, a gourmet spread.
  • Currently, there are no Devils pool tour option excluding the Livingstone Island tour and meals.

Please Note:Devils Pool Tour takes place in Livingstone . If you are on the other side of the falls in Victoria Falls you may require a Visa in order to travel cross country. Make sure you keep your passport and a valid visa handy before booking this activity.

Livingstone Islands remain completely closed from April to June every year due to high water in the Zambezi River. Minimum age required to swim across the Devils Pool is 12 years.

Falcon Safaris sincerely hope that the information provided above are proved useful to you in planning your upcoming Victoria Falls Tours. Wish you abundant fun and thrill throughout your Victoria Falls Tour.

Where Is Devils Pool Victoria Falls Location & Directions:


To get to Devils Pool Victoria Falls, first you must get to this area in Southern Africa. To get to Victoria Falls in Africa, you can either fly into:

  • Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone, Zambia, or
  • Victoria Falls Airport, on the Zimbabwe side

Devils Pool is located in the Zambezi River, which also acts as the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Devils Pool lies in the middle, but it approached from the Zambia side. Yet it can be easily reached from the Zimbabwe side of the river by taking a day trip into Zambia side of the falls.

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What To Wear To Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Wear light, comfortable clothes or wear a bathing suit. There are bathrooms on Livingstone Island to change, if youd like. But you may find it more convenient to show up wearing a swim suit, so youre ready to go.

Ladies, be sure to have a tight-fitting bathing suit so that you prevent an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the event that the current grabs hold of your top.

Booking A Devils Pool Tour With Kids

Traveling with kids in tow? Know that only children over the age of 12 will be allowed to visit the Devils Pool. Children over the age of 8 are welcome on the tours, however, they cant go beyond Livingston Island unless they are 12 or older.

Off to Namibia as well? See why the Sossusvlei and Bwabwata National Park need to be on your itinerary

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Traveling Between Zambia And Zimbabwe At Victoria Falls

No matter which side of the falls you decide to stay on, it is easy to cross the border in between in a matter of minutes.

Upon initial entry into Zambia or Zimbabwe, just make sure to get a double visa for Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its called the Kaza Univisa and allows tourists to travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia as frequently as they would like for 30 days on one visa.

With the Kaza Univisa in place, you can easily taxi or walk to the border, walk across the Victoria Falls Bridge , and then continue on your way on the other side via taxi or foot.

Note, you will be going through 2 borders, but they have it down to a science. It generally takes under 20 minutes to make the journey across the borders and bridge.

To give an idea of what this journey looks like, its either: Livingstone, Zambia > Zambia Border > Victoria Falls Bridge > Zimbabwe Border > Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Or: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe > Zimbabwe Border > Victoria Falls Bridge > Zambia Border > Livingtonstone, Zambia

Is It Safe To Swim In The Devil’s Pool

Devils Pool Victoria Falls: Inches From Death!

During the dry season, when water levels are at a low, tourists can swim in Devil’s Pool.

To reach the devil’s pool, you will have to swim through a small section of the Zambezi River.

If you’re not confident in your swimming abilities, the guides will help you cross by holding hands. However, it is important to note there’s a current that makes it more challenging for some.

The guides will be checking for crocodiles and hippos in the river before you all get in. Remember that you are in a national wildlife reserve, so wild animals come with the territory.

It’s important to note that if wildlife decides to venture closer, the guides, will not put you in danger. Animals have been spotted near the Devil’s Pool and it would be best for swimmers to remain vigilant at all times.

Once at the Devil’s pool, there is a rock ledge that stops swimmers from being thrown over the edge of the Victoria Falls. It’s this same ledge that actually houses the pool itself at the top of the falls.

While it is safe to swim, those who are not sensible about their safety may end up risking their own lives and maybe even the lives of others. This is not the place to be reckless.

Swimming at the Devils Pool is at your own risk.

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Is A Visitto The Devils Pool Worth It

Absolutely!This is one of the most extraordinary natural spots on earth, and being able tostep so close to the edge of a waterfall without any security is simplybreathtaking. Even though lots of blogposts and YouTubers describe a visit tothe Devils Pool as dangerous, these videos and articles are mainly created togenerate views and not to property inform the reader.

The team taking you to the Devils Pool is highly professional, and they will take care of you during the whole activity. You dont need to be an extraordinary swimmer to get across into the pool, and even if you dont know how to swim correctly, the staff can help you to fulfill your dream of stepping to the edge of the world.

The pricefor this activity is, in my opinion, a little bit expensive. Unfortunately,every activity in Victoria Falls is simply overpriced. On the other hand,visiting Livingstone Island was merely incredible. This is probably the bestview of the whole Victoria Falls from the land, and if you visit LivingstoneIsland, a visit to the Victoria Falls National Park might be something you canskip.

NOTE: If you want to visit the Devils Pool from Zimbabwe, consider that you need to pass through customs and passport control, exit the country, and enter a completely different country, Zambia.

Is It Safe To Visit Devils Pool

Yes, it is safe if youre sensible and practice common sense. Though minor mishaps have happened on the slippery rocks, no fatalities have occurred on any organized tour to the best of our knowledge.

There is little risk of being swept over the Falls if you stay in Devils Pool and dont do anything silly. Swimming and wading across to the Pool are also safe provided you listen to your guide. Your guides will also check that there are no hippos or crocs lurking before they let you into the water!

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Devil’s Pool Death Is There Anyone Who Has Died While Crossing Victoria Falls

As far as the tour guides are concerned, there have been no Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls deaths on the Livingstone Island tour, which is the only tour that includes a dip in Devil’s Pool. The guides’ assertion hasn’t been proven wrong by our extensive Internet study.

You may have read that in 2009, a tour guide died trying to save a tourist at Victoria Falls, but it’s a false story. The Victoria Falls death wasn’t at Devil’s Pool. Not at the Victoria Falls, but elsewhere.

No one has died at Devil’s Pool on the Livingstone Island tour, the only tour that can visit Devil’s Pool, but there have been other fatalities at Victoria Falls.

A Devil’s Pool in Australia, for example, has claimed many lives. A catastrophic Devil’s Pool mishap wouldn’t surprise us. But in order to keep the Devil’s Pool’s record of no deaths, swimmers must be cautious and observant.

Reviews For Devils Pool

Victoria Falls
  • Rated 4 out of 5


  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Daniela August 24, 2019

    Fantastic experience, we really recommend it. I was really scared but the staff gave me a Great support and beautiful pictures were taken by the guide.The afternoon noon tea was gorgeous! Plenty of food. If you are in Victoria Falls you have to try it

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    August 26, 2019

    We absolutely loved our day at Devils Pool. We did the Morning Breezer, and the day was without a hitch! We were picked up on time from our hotel and taken to the landing area where we signed our indemnity forms and then hopped on a speedboat to Livingstone Island. I wont say much about Devils Pool, only because it should be your own experience from start to finish however, Im so thrilled that we chose to do it. The staff could not have been kinder or more professional. My 67 year old mom came with me, and the staff took such good care of her, I couldnt have been more pleased. The food after the pool was fantastic, and overall, it was a magnificent day! After 4 weeks in Africa, my mom and I would both say that this was definitely a highlight!

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Fantastic experience.we recommend it to adrenaline junkies

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