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What Do I Need To Clean My Above Ground Pool

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How To Open An Above Ground Pool In 11 Steps

How Often Do You Need To Backwash my Above Ground Pool

If you own an above ground pool, your thoughts are probably never far from the sun and fun of pool season. But before you can enjoy your pool, youll need to open and prep it. You could pay someone to do it for you, of course. But why P-A-Y when you can DIY?

Once you learn how to open an above ground pool, the process will become easier every year. All you need is a friend, the right supplies, and a little elbow grease, and youll be swimming again in no time.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Above ground pool maintenance is a lot like car maintenance, a “pay me now, or pay me later” type of thing. If your cleaning, chemistry or circulation is off-target, you can develop water problems and pool liner issues, which can be expensive to correct.

Aboveground pools with small or ineffective filter systems leave little room for error, especially when frugality trumps water quality like if the pump is not run long enough each day, or needed chemical adjustments or sanitizers are not added, for example.

To avoid algae and other pool problems that are costly and time consuming, you’ve got to perform certain regular tasks. Here’s a checklist for above ground pool owners, a schedule of daily, weekly and monthly pool maintenance tasks.

Skimmer Or Return Hoses

You may have already realized that you could remove the hose from the pool filter and drain water right next to the pool. This will work, however, only down to the level of the return.

Its always best to drain or pump out an Intex pool slowly. With the Easy Set pools, you may be tempted to deflate the top ring and just sort of roll the water out. This can be dangerous, not just to nearby plants or mulch beds, but to the pool, which can rip or develop holes during the process.

Thats our super-simple six-step system for draining your Intex Frame-Set or Easy-Set pool. Take the time to do it right and youll enjoy many more years of fun with your Intex Pool.

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Shock Your Poolso Theres No Cause For Alarm Later

Just what you were looking for: a break. Its time to shock your pool, but remember that youll need to do this at dusk or at night or the sun will burn it off before it has the chance to work. So shock your pool after sunset tonight, run your pool pump for eight hours, and get ready to do these next steps tomorrow.

If you currently have algae blooms that youve just brushed and vacuumed up, you can double or triple the amount of shock you use depending on the algaes color. But no matter what, be sure youre measuring out the right amount of shock for your pool size.

And if your pool is in fact at risk for algae, add one or two doses of algaecide after your shock is done doing its job. Despite its flashy name, algaecide is better at preventing algae than actually killing it. But dont worry, thats one of the many reasons we have another flashy-named tool: pool shock.

Can I Keep My Pool Uncovered All Winter

Intex Pool Maintenance Kit

Back when I ran all over creation on a pool service route, we had a customer with a small pool in a small backyard, very colorful and charming, like the homeowner herself, a single woman in her late 50s.

She couldnt stand to look at a solid pool cover all winter, and the idea of a safety cover was also not appealing. She asked me if I could winterize the pool, but not put a cover on the pool.

I took a look around. The pool backed to a golf course, and there were no large trees around the pool, just a few small maple trees, and the sun exposure to the pool was about average. She had a solid fence and no children in the house, so safety was not a main concern.

We can Winterize it, and Not cover the pool, if thats what you want, I told her, But, youll need to keep the pool clean, with a Leaf Rake or a Leaf Master. Leaves use up the algaecide, and can stain the plaster. And, you should brush the pool weekly. And, also test the water at least monthly, and youre going to need more chemicals to keep the water clear.

She stopped me by raising her hand, and with my mouth still hanging open, she said How much would it cost for you to take care of all that for me?.

She kept the pool mostly clean, and we stopped by once per month to vacuum the pool with our porto-vac and test and balance the water chemistry. During the coldest winter months, when the pool was frozen solid, we didnt need to visit at all.

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Why You Need To Know How To Open An Above Ground Pool

Your pools been covered all winter. As convenient as it would be to just pull the cover off and dive right in, think for a minutethat waters been sitting there, stagnant, all winter long. Do you really want to submerge yourself in that? Didnt think so.

Knowing the above ground pool opening process will ensure that when you do finally get back into the pool, its in clean, clear, non-swampy water.

Do Weekly Shock Treatments

Laurie Wilkins, founder of , recommends giving your pool a weekly shock treatment like HTH Super Shock. A shock treatment involves using a powdered form of chlorine to kill algae, bacteria and other contaminants. A shock treatment once a week will oxidize the contaminants, freeing up the chlorine and letting it do its work in cleaning up the water, he says.

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For Small Areas A Battery

Pool owners who prioritize ease of storage and portability may want to consider a battery-operated pool vacuum in lieu of, or in addition to, a traditional above-ground pool vacuum. These designs operate on suction and feature debris collection chambers. While there is a generous measure of manual steering required to operate these designs, theyre nearly unparalleled when it comes to spot-cleaning and super-quick cleanup of small areas because they dont require any water or electric hookups to take place.When shopping for the best battery-operated pool vacuum, go with a design that features interchangeable heads for switching between cleaning wide swaths of the pool and accessing small hard-to-reach areas like corners and the bases of steps. Battery-operated pool vacuums are designed to perform easy user-controlled cleanings, so its important that the design be maneuverable and relatively lightweight. Choosing a model with a battery life of at least an hour ensures a continuous cycle without stopping to recharge.

Best battery-operated pool vacuum: Pool Blaster Max

Clean Your Pool One Last Time

How to maintain above ground pool

You wouldnt put a coffee cup away dirty . So why do it to your pool? Head into the off season with a clear conscience. Before you winterize, clean your pool. Vacuum the entire pool, brush down the walls, and skim the surface.

A little prep now will save you from some potentially nasty surprises when you open your pool next spring. A clean pool makes it much easier to properly balance your water. It also ensures nothing is left behind to feed algae or mold that might develop during your pools long winters nap.

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Get That Storage Space Sorted

Okay, so youre not taking down the entire pool, which would take up a good amount of space. But that pump, plumbing, and filter arent a walk in the park to store, either. Make sure you have a safe, dry space cleared out for your equipment before you start taking anything apart. If you live in a place with freezing temperatures, youll also want that space to have heating. Otherwise, it could get cold enough in that safe space to crack your equipment, anyway.

Amazing And Unique Above Ground Pool Ideas With Decks

Because of this, you should let the pump filter the water for a full 24 hours after you vacuum. Below are the steps you will need to take to make it sparkle.

27 semi inground pool ideas best above ground pool pool. get steps wet.then sprinkle on a good.

27 semi inground pool ideas best above ground pool semi. A standard above ground pool demands a powder chlorine treatment once a week to sanitize the pool or once a day as a daily.

27 semi inground pool ideas diet diet ideas inground. After running water for two minutes, turn off the pump and change it.

27 semi inground pool ideas pool landscaping best above. Any live algae will grow fast, if you do not brush it all into chlorine, it will definitely return.

7 best above ground pool ladders reviews of 2020 for a. Because of this, you should let the pump filter the water for a full 24 hours after you vacuum.

Above ground swimming pool maintenance cleaning kit vacuum. Below are the steps you will need to take to make it sparkle.

Amazing above ground pool ideas and design deck. Clean the pool deck and surrounding areas, helps keep the pool clean.

Amazing above ground pool ideas and design deck. Clean water pool supplies pool supplies largest selection above ground pool steps above ground pool steps can be found at.

Best above ground pool ladders reviews the pool cleaner. Depending on where you live, you will need to do some brushing, skimming and vacuuming.

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How To Clean The Sides Of Above Ground Pool

Owning an above ground pool comes with responsibilities, and the most significant responsibility is keeping your pool clean. After all, how can you enjoy fun & games in your pool if it is not clean?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool happens on a daily, weekly, and monthly period, and knowing how to keep your pool clean is vital to help avoid more expensive maintenance or dangerous swimming conditions. In this article, we discuss the main reasons for cleaning your pool and the variety of ways how to keep above ground pools clean.

Get Ready To Clean The Pool Liner

Cleaning An Above Ground Pool

Once you have taken it out of the pool, you should spread the pool liner in such a way that the area where the rays are falling. It is better to choose an area full of grass. Remember to check if that area has any rocks, small branches, or any other kind of debris that can tear off the pool liner. If you see any of such things, remove them out of the way and then spread the liner.

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Try Using Natural Cleaners

If youre not one for harsh chemicals, there are plenty of natural and organic options for removing stubborn stains on your pool liner. White vinegar or organic dish soap are great alternatives and can help you tackle most mildew and stains with less health and environmental impact. Theyre also cheaper than many of the other cleaners you can buy.

Pro tip: Be careful when using any cleaner to avoid bleaching or fading your liner. Always follow your manufacturer instructions and test new cleaning products on a small area before moving forward.

Best Practices For Cleaning Your Pool

  • Maintenance: You will want to check critical items of your pool to make sure they are running well. Your water pump and filter are the two primary items on this checklist. You can keep the filter clean and changed often. Double-check that the pressure of the water is still strong. A reminder: maintenance of your pool equipment is not something you can ignore for long periods. Your pump and filter are designed to clean your pool. If they are not working correctly, you will have issues keeping your pool clean. Then you may be back learning how to clean a green above-ground pool again!
  • Testing: Testing is primarily done through pH testing kits. You aim to get your pH level around 0. So you may read this article and think about how much you dont want to have algae and overdose your pool with chlorine. Thats not good you dont want too much chlorine either. If chlorine levels are high, dont add more chlorine until your level has adjusted.
  • Not Skimping on the Time That You Run Your Pool Pump: It is essential to run your pool pump for the recommended amount of time. For the freshest pool water, some experts say run it during the daytime and turn it off at night. Again, check your pools instruction guide for the best reference to the amount of time to keep your pool clean.
  • Doing Additional Cleaning: You might use enough chlorine to wipe out your algae but you are probably still going to need to vacuum or scoop to keep it in the best condition.
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    Opening Up Your Above Ground Pool

    Use a skimmer basket to remove leaves, insects, and other debris from the surface. If you havent cleared your pump basket, located at the base of your pump housing, since last season, do so now. This basket gets filled with debris often and should be checked on at least once a week when the pump is running.

    Grab the pump and reconnect all of the hoses and cords. Once youve turned the pump on, youll be able to check for any sign of leakage indicating that some parts may need replacement.

    Sometimes, pumps need to be primed before theyll function properly. If youre having trouble with your pump, check the owners manual and find out what you can do to get it back in tiptop shape!

    If you have an above ground pool, you likely have an automatic pool cleaner in addition to your pump basket. Make sure this is also clean and hook it back up so it can start filtering out the debris that falls into your water.

    Come Let Me Take You On A Party Ride Ill Teach You The Electric Slide

    How to clean your above ground pool with Mike the Pool Guy | Family Leisure

    Electric pool vacuums are well-suited for larger above-ground pools, as well as long-term installations, as they offer predictable and consistent results thanks to features including active scrubbing and timed cleanings that are unavailable in purely water-powered designs. Although electric models usually cost more than suction-powered designs, their deep feature sets and the enhanced level of control they provide may be ideal for you depending on your needs and routine.

    When selecting the best electric pool vacuum for your above-ground pool, consider a model that offers a smart navigation feature to deliver active pool cleaning for the sake of efficiency. This feature utilizes onboard scanners to plot the best route for your electric pool cleaner and automatically detect walls and obstacles. Unlike water-powered cleaners, electric pool cleaners with this feature wont amble at random, which translates to a shorter cleaning duration overall.

    Many electric pool vacuums also have the ability to actively climb and scrub the walls of your above-ground pool, resulting in a depth and level of cleaning unparalleled by non-electric models. Because walls are no less susceptible to harboring the growth of algae and other debris, choosing a wall-climbing pool vacuum can offer a much more comprehensive cleaning than that offered by water-powered models.

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    Test Your Water Chemistry Regularly

    Good water chemistry is incredibly important when it comes to cleaning your pool. Dirt and debris can impact your water chemistry, so you should always do a water chemistry test before and after you clean your pool to make sure levels are where they should be. Proper water chemistry will help prevent algae and other debris that can stain and damage your liner, so its an important preventative maintenance step.

    Think Carefully About Where You Place Your Pool

    How do you determine exactly where you should place your pool? Is it because there is enough space or just because the swimming pool has always been there? The location you choose is also important for the cleaning of your swimming pool. For example, do not place your pool under or near a large tree. Everything that drops from the tree ends up in your swimming pool. So, try to place the pool in as free an environment as possible, where there is often more sun, which makes swimming more pleasant. If you have a SunnyTent, you can place the pool near trees, as the SunnyTent covers your swimming pool.

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    Top 5 Tips For Maintaining An Above Ground Pool

    Above ground pools are a great option for many different reasons. They are affordable, dont take too long to install, they can fit in small areas and they are mobile. Another benefit from having an above ground pool is how easy maintenance can be, if you are doing it right.

  • It is crucial to clean your pool weekly, even if you arent using it weekly. Use a skimmer and an above ground pool vacuum. By cleaning your pool weekly you will avoid a build up of bacteria and algae that will cause a very time consuming clean up.
  • Check the chemical balance of your pool with a test strip. Add chemicals or do a shock treatment depending on what your test strip shows. This should also be done weekly.
  • Clean out baskets for the skimmer and the pump. If there is built up dirt and leaves in the baskets the skimmer or pump will not be able to perform their jobs as well as they should. This will help keep your pool clean and should be done on a weekly basis.
  • Check all the equipment that keeps your pool up and running. You should do a quick check weekly and a more thorough check once a month. It is important that everything is running smoothly and finding a problem in a pool part early will decrease the seriousness of the problem.
  • Clean out the pool filter. The method you use to clean your filter depends on the type of filter you have. This task should be performed on a monthly basis.
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