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What Do I Need To Do To Open My Pool

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How To Open Your Pool In Spring

Which Chemicals Do You Need To OPEN A POOL? | Swim University

The arrival of spring brings back many of our favorite things, including blossoming plants and trees, longer-lasting sunlight, and warmer temperatures. For pool owners, that warmer weather also mean it’s almost time to open your pool for the season! But just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean the pool is quite ready for swimmers. With just a little effort, however, you can be on your way to a clean, safe, healthy, and swim-ready pool.

The steps for opening your pool are listed below. Highlights include:

Clearing, removing, and storing your pool cover.

Filling your pool water to regular levels.

Reconnecting and turning on your pool equipment.

Testing and balancing your pool water.

Shocking your pool.

Opening A Pool After It Has Been Hibernating

Where winter temperatures are below freezing for extended periods of time its typical to winterize or close pools to prevent damage to equipment and plumbing.

Once the temperature is 60°Fahrenheit consistently then it is time to open the pool and make sure that the water is balanced and sanitized in order to prevent algae growth.

Most of the steps for opening apply to how to open an above ground pool or opening and inground pool, but you may not need to take certain ones depending on your type of pool and how it was closed.

Either way, the more quickly you get them done the sooner you can start enjoying your pool, so lets go!

Also remember, that once your pool has been opened, our Pool Water Monitor Sutro can help you keep your water clear and safe by checking your pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels 3 times per day and recommending adjustments when needed.

About The Pool Factory

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Frustrated By Adding Chemicals And Trying To Keep Your Pool Clear All The Time

We cut out all the confusion of pool maintenance in this easy-to-read illustrated ebook and video course. It’ll help you save $100 right away on pool care!

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Youll need:

Not Opening The Pool This Year

What Chemicals Do I Need to Close My Above Ground Pool?

Image Courtesy of Thomas Pool Service Pinckney, Mi

Another swimming pool season is inching closer and closer which means the time to open up your pool is soon approaching. Normally, this occasion is met with great celebration as the birds chirp, the snow shovels are tossed into a lost corner of the shed, and the marching band fires up to announce the arrival of summer!

But not this year. Maybe you plan to travel a lot more than normal, or perhaps the house is not occupied, or the pool needs a major renovation, or for financial reasons youve decided the pool shall stayed closed for the summer. OK, what now? You know what to do to close a pool and to open it again, but what do you do to keep a pool covered and closed?

Below are some tips when it comes to not opening a pool for summer.

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Skimmer Parts Filter Parts Pump Parts Cleaner Partsall The Parts

Give your equipment a thorough inspection to make sure all filtration system components are functional and in good repair. It might not be something that you will notice right away, and something might pop up after your system has been running for a couple of days. Either that, or it could be an issue you first noticed during pool closing, such as a cracked o-ring. Its best to nip any problems in the bud early, before they become bigger issues. Closely inspect your pump, filter, skimmers, valves, cleaner, heater, and any other pool equipment connected to the plumbing, and replace any broken or damaged parts immediately. Faulty pool equipment parts that arent replaced can lead to greater damage or even complete failure of your pool equipment.

Remove Skimmer Plugs Or Ice Compensators And Replace Pump And Filter Plugs

If you used an ice compensator remove it and then remove any plugs that are used to keep the water out of the pool pipes or to hold the pool antifreeze.

Once you have removed the plugs and compensators you should clean, label, and store them in your closing box for next time.

Dont forget to replace any return eye fittings or jet covers that were removed when the plugs were installed.

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S When Opening Your Pool

Prior to opening your pool a leaf net may be installed to prevent debris build up on winter cover. Users will want to clean off any debris and drain any water from on top of your cover. Taking your time here can prevent making a mess in your water once the winter cover is removed. Once the cover is clean go ahead and remove it from the pool. If you have a safety cover you may find youll first have remove the anchor covers. When removing the cover its best to have help as the weight of the cover may get very heavy.

Once uncovered use a leaf rake or skimmer net to remove any leaves or other large debris in pool. Other debris, silt or sludge remaining on the bottom may be vacuumed or removed with a self-contained pool cleaner. Inspect skimmer, return, hoses, and any other components for hairline cracks, defects or other signs of excessive wear or damage. Remove any winterizing plugs or gizmos from the plumbing.

What Chemicals Are Needed For A Pool Start Up

Do You Need ANTIFREEZE To Close Your POOL? | Swim University

When youre finding the chemicals you need for a pool start up, it all starts with your water.

Ideally, you should have properly cleaned your pool prior to filling it back up. Going through a full pool cleaning before filling it back up will cut down on contaminants in your water, equally a pool maintenance service can ensure chemically balanced water on start-up.

If you are filling from a freshwater source, it isnt going to be perfect pool water. It would be a bit ridiculous to use entirely purified water too, so this is something youre going to have to deal with.

The first thing that you need to do is test your water. While you can do this with a small test, it is better to go all-in with a full water test.

You need to know exactly what it is that youre working with if you want to start your pool up right.

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How To Open An Above Ground Pool

  • |March 24, 2020

Its that time of year again: pool season. Lots of sunshine in the forecast and warmer weather is finally here.

All you want to do is jump in the pool for a refreshing dip but youve been avoiding the unavoidable: re-opening your above-ground pool after the winter season. Its just sitting out there, taunting you. The pool cover is a dirty puddle of rainwater and old leaves.

Youve been dreading it, but the time has come. The sooner you open your pool, the sooner you can get back to swimming and enjoying it! So don a floppy hat and slather on some sunscreen, were here to walk you through it step-by-step.

Turn That Heavy Metal Down

It might seem counterintuitive, but while your pool water sat stagnant through the winter, metal levels may have increased.

You also probably just topped off your pool with tap water. We hope you used a hose filter to help keep those minerals out of your pool. But to avoid the staining and buildup caused by any metal in your pool water, add a metal sequestrant.

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How To Open Your Pool For Summer

Louie Warco

With temperatures rising, its time to welcome the long-awaited pool opening season!

But before you dive in, we have to first complete the necessary tasks for a successful pool opening. Just a few proactive steps could help you save time, money and trouble later on. Starting this process early will help your pool stay clear, healthy, and ready for swimming or relaxing all summer long.

Lets take a closer look at how to open your swimming pool.

Get Your Pump Running

How Much Salt Do I Need For My Swimming Pool

After youve got everything ready, let your pool pump run for at least 24 hours. Vacuum out any debris that appears. Retest your pool water, and if the results are where you want them to be, grab your swimsuit and jump in!

Understanding how to open an above ground pool makes jumpstarting your pool season a lot easier. As youre going through the opening steps, take a little time to create a pool maintenance schedule to keep things running smoothly all season.

Just be sure to make some time to enjoy all your hard work. Or whats a pool for?

Happy Swimming!

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Treat The Water Properly

Start by checking your pH, alkalinity and calcium levels so that you know how to move forward with balancing your pool water.

Once properly balanced, you’ll want to shock your pool with a quality shock treatment to get rid of all that winter algae buildup. We recommend you wait to shock your pool until the sun starts to go down for it to be most effective

Check out this chart to help balance your pool:


Opening Your Swimming Pool Guide

  • Remove the cover if you have one. Make sure to get rid of any debris that may be on the cover.
  • Inspect pump, plumbing and filter for cracked or damaged parts.
  • Reconnect all plumbing .
  • Remove any winter plugs you may have used and reconnect eyeball jets to the returns.
  • Remove any debris from skimmers and weir basket.
  • Remove any debris from pool floor with rake or leaf skimmer.
  • Fill pool so that the water is 3 to 4 above skimmers.
  • If you are using a cartridge filter, make sure filter is clean.
  • If you are using a sand filter, make sure sand is in good shape, should be replaced every 5 years or so.
  • Make sure valves are set to recirculate the water and turn on the pump.
  • If you are unable to see 12 or the first step in the pool, follow the instructions below. If you can see the bottom of the shallow end, continue to step 12.
  • Put filter on re-circulate and add proper amount of Drop-Out or a Heavy Flock. . With filter on re-circulate, run pump for 2 hours then cut pump off.
  • 24 hours later, hand vacuum slowly to remove waste. Wait one more day as pool water may drop out additional waste during this time. Re-vacuum.
  • You may have to add water to your pool during this process when water goes below the skimmer.
  • Take filter off of bypass and recirculate the water through the filter
  • Check and balance your chemical levels: pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Copper or chlorine. Refer to operator manuals for suggested ranges.
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    How To Open Your Pool The Right Way This Spring

    Swimming pool owners always look forward to the spring as it typically marks the beginning of a brand new swimming season. With winter leaving for another year its a good time to check out how to open your pool the right way this spring. Opening and preparing a pool isnt as difficult as it may sound and after following the necessary steps your family and friends will soon be enjoying the cool, refreshing water.

    Clean the pool area

    Before starting to work on the actual pool you should take the time to clean the immediate area such as the deck and patio to make sure theres nothing in the way which may obstruct you. This will keep the area safe and there wont be any debris present to fall in the pool. You may also want to prune any overhanging hedges and trees to keep the leaves out of the water.

    Preparing pool suppliesYoure going to need certain pool supplies when opening the pool and this is a good time to make sure your stock of chemicals hasnt expired over the winter. If any chemicals are out if date, they should be replaced with new containers. The chemicals also need to be checked to make sure they were sealed properly during the off season.

    Clean the wallsThe pool may have acquired calcium stains or scale over the winter and these can be removed with the right type of cleaner and a brush. The walls can be cleaned at the waterline and above and should be done so on a regular basis during the summer.

    Chemicals Youll Need To Start Up Your Swimming Pool

    Pool Start Up – Chemicals and How to Add Them

    Starting a pool up, either for the first time or for the season, is a big task. Between the cleaning and chemicals for a pool start-up, it is hard work for any pool owner.

    Pools are seasonal in most areas of the world. Weather and climate sadly necessitate most being closed for certain periods of the year. This is bound to make start up difficult.

    If you consider how much work goes into weekly pool maintenance and maintaining your pools chemical balance, it isnt surprising that a dormant pool requires quite a bit of work to be safe for use again.

    Using the right chemicals when staring a pool up will get your water off to the right start. The rest of the season can go well, with only need maintenance work needed to keep your water in good health. However, if you get things wrong the entire start-up could drag out as you attempt to fix your pools water.

    What chemicals you need for a pool start up is actually going to vary on a few things, like what water youre filling your pool with. However, testing your water should give you all the information to get things done right.

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    Inspect The Pool And Its Parts

    Take a good look at the pool. Is the cover attached properly? Does anything look broken, crooked, or out of place? Is the water level abnormally low after winter? If so, you might have a leak. Check that the following parts are in good working order:

    • Pump motor
    • Skimmer and water return
    • Pressure gauge

    Change or repair anything that seems worn out, cracked, or broken and anything that is making too much noise, like your pool motor.

    How To Open Your Pool In 5 Steps

    The weather is finally warming up here in Macomb Michigan and youve got summer pool time on the brain. Getting ready to open your pool for the summer defines the change in season for pool owners. Most people in Livonia and Westland want to have their pool open for Memorial Day, but others may open theirs sooner, or even a little later. Regardless of when you decide to open your pool for your family to enjoy, there are still proper ways of going about it. But do you know all the necessary steps to summerize your pool? You may be asking yourself How do I open my pool for Summer?. Whether youre a new pool owner or someone who would just like some refreshing, Sunnys Pools & More is here to help!

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    Remove The Pool Cover

    This part is easier said than done. Pool covers can be pretty cumbersome. To get an extra set of hands, you can always bribe a friend with a pool party invitation.

    Spread the cover out nice and wide somewhere flat where you can see the whole thing. Most of us arent blessed with a pool-cover-sized garage, so the front yard is probably going to be your best bet. This isnt a flag, so theres no penalty if you drop it on the ground.

    Give your pool cover the old looky-loo and see if itll last another season. If its worn or torn beyond hope, then the good news is you get to skip the next step. The bad news is, youll need to pick up a new one before the swimming season ends.

    Guide To Opening A Pool

    What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool?

    If you want information about opening a pool for the season you’ve come to the right place. After the snow has started to melt it’s that exciting time when pool owner’s start thinking about relaxing in the sun and going for relaxing dips in their pool. There are a few very important stepsrequired for getting your pool started on the right track that will save you time and money in the long run and well go through them all.

    Opening a pool is not something everyone enjoys doing but getting your pool started properly after the winter is very important. Taking extra time now will help you avoid costly repairs and maintenance during the long season. If you find that you are uncomfortable with the do-it-yourself approach you can always contact a local pool professional to help you with your pool opening.

    If you are handy pool owner the steps below should be fairly simple if you take your time and make sure chemicals are balanced and salinity is within the recommended range. The ideal salinity level or salt concentration will be outlined in the manufacturers instructions for the specific model you own and should always be followed as it does vary with different chlorine generator units.

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