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What Is The Best Pool Cue

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Le Professionel Pool Cue Stick Tips

Top 5 Best Pool Cues Review In 2021 | Are They Worth Buying?

Being extra hard, the Le Professionel set of 10 tips offer fantastic durability and low maintenance that any occasional player will undoubtedly love.

They are 13mm tips which offer the chance to work with most cue sticks without problems. This is especially useful along with the effortless design, ideal for gluing quickly to the stick whenever needed and achieve exceptional durability.

They are leather sticks too. This means you get decent results without losing any resistance and providing little to no maintenance needs. You will have the chance to rely on them, especially with the opportunity to replace them at any time thanks to the large 10-set option.

If you arent expecting professional-level quality but still want something that matches most of your needs and delivers no less than superb results then this set will come like a great option. Especially for the cost, they are among the highest-quality alternatives youll find.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality leather build for extra durability
  • Comes in set of 10 for ideal handiness
  • Work really well with most cue sticks
  • The extra-hard design provides excellent results

Best Pool Cues: Top 13 Picks Of 2021

For those of you who are looking for high-quality pool cues, then this article is for you. There are many different types and brands to choose from but I am going to tell you about the best ones in my opinion.

There are so many great options out there that it can be hard to know whats best for your needs without some guidance. Luckily, after reading this post, youll have a good idea of what will suit your needs the most!

Whats the best pool cue for you?

Best Pool Cues

Players Technology Series HXT15 Cue

  • Low deflection shaft

There are different pool cue manufacturers and a lot of pool cue brands on the market and thats why its a tough question, but Ill try to make you understand which pool cue is good for you. A lot of people ask me that all the time how to play pool and which pool cue they need to buy? One thing I always tell them is that it doesnt really matter what kind of pool cue they use as long as they have fun with it.

But when someone asks me if there is a specific type of cue I recommend, then my answer changes depending on their style and skill level. If youre looking for advice on which cues are worth your money this year or just want some information about different types, we have listed the top-rated pool cues and key features of those pool cues.

How Cues Are Made

they are made of pure wood, graphite, fiberglass, or the combination of the three materials. The initial manufacturing process may happen on the CNC machines for the pattern/inlay cutting, axial substitution, inlay designing, pool cue construction and surface finishing. The 4th-axis method is stated to be the most advanced technology in the making of professional cues. Currently, the cues are made into one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece designs.

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Better Grip With Better Wrap

Many first-time players want a leather wrap when they first look to purchase a cue of their own, however even though that seems like the cool thing to do, these thicker wraps wont necessarily add to your game. It makes sense that most beginners wouldnt know what wrap they prefer, and again the best wrap can depend greatly on the player. The wrap you choose can also depend on the cost of the cue, seeing as wrap-type will drive the cost higher. Genuine leather wraps are easily some of the most expensive these wraps are soft in the hand, but many players agree that they make your grip weak because leather promotes sweating.

Leatherette is cheaper for a wrap, but again the problem of sweat. We suggest Irish linen, seeing as this is the number one preferred wrap for billiards players. This classic cue wrap offers the ideal middle grip and doesnt promote sweating. From our selection, this makes the Player C-960 and Viking Valhalla cues two of the best picks. Or, if you want even more control and dont mind those harder grips which hurt your hand a little during and at the end of play, a lot of hard hitters prefer wrapless designs such as the Rage Heavy Hitter and McDermott Classic Pool Cue.

Cuetec Prestige Series 58 2

Best Pool Cues For The Money 2020 Buying Guide
  • 58 Length
  • Multi Layer Tiger Everest Tip
  • Veltex Grip
  • Adjustable Weight System
  • Multiple Color Options

If you feel confident and believe that now is the time to step up your game. It is time to learn how to control the cue ball. This cue stick is capable of giving you more control over the cue ball because of the Tiger Everest Tip. Because of the tip very soft, Cuetec has tried to balance that with a 13mm tip instead of 12.75mm.

Another cool thing is the Veltex Grip used instead of the leather or nylon linen wrap. It will help in taking away the moisture easily. Another cool thing is the ability to customize the weight of the cue stick. You can play with the bolts and adjust the weight according to your requirements. You can add or subtract the weight in the base of this stick.

Available in different colors, I personally like the blue and black look a lot. The hard maple wood looks great with this color combination. Cuetec has used the S.S.T taper technology on this cue which ensures the smooth strokeplay.

Within the budget of the 100 dollars for a pool cue, it is a great choice to have especially if you crave for more cue ball control.

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How To Choose The Best Pool Cue For You

Now youve been shown a list of fantastic pool cues, but how do you know which one is best for you? Here are a few things to consider.


Hopefully you have seen from this article that there are decent pool cues in every price range. The flipside is that the more you pay for a high end pool cue, the better construction and more specialized features you can expect. So its up to you to decide how much you are willing to invest.

Skill Level

Much of the advanced design of the high end pool cues will be lost on a beginner. As you gain experience, you will be better able to enjoy the advantages of high end pool cues, which can allow you to make more precise and intricate skill shots.

Play Style

As you get more experienced, your choice becomes more to do with your own preference than anything else. Once youve got the hang of your own cue, start experimenting with different cues. Eventually, you might start to build up an arsenal of pool cues to play with.

Let Others Play With You

Make sure you have enough for others to join you for some 8-ball or snooker with the Billiard Depot Set of 4 Pool Cues. Recommended for residential use, this comes with four, 58 pool cues that can all unscrew for easier storage. Youll get four different colors, so everyone will know which one is theirs. Each one has a 13mm leather cue tip and all of them have beautiful decal overlays on the butts of the sticks that look the part. You can get this in two different color sets or ones that are made out of fiberglass.

Key Features:

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Why Many Players Prefer A Smaller Cue Tip

During each shot, the location at which the cue meets the cue ball is vital to the success of the shot. Slight variations in this regard can cause the cue ball to react very differently.

For that reason, many experienced players opt for a cue with a smaller tip. Their reasoning is the smaller tip allows them to pinpoint that cue ball impact location.

Some players also feel that a larger tip will cause the cue ball to stray from its intended path. This effect is called squirt, and it can dramatically impact the accuracy of each shot.

However, you should know that using a small cue will not automatically increase your cue ball control. Instead, you must develop the skills that will allow you to make use of such a small tip.

Another benefit of a smaller tip is that you will be better able to make contact with the cue ball in small spaces.

This is especially helpful when the cue ball is close to a rail or there are several object balls surrounding the cue ball.

Predator Cues Predator Air 2 Jump

Which Pool Cues do I use? | BEST POOL CUES

Taken from Amazon

If you know Joe Tucker then you must know how brilliant he is in playing pool. To get most of the titles the Predator Air 2 Jump Cue helped him. Joe Tucker was a US Army Soldier who didnt think that he might be a good pool player. He started to practice pool at night while he was in the army. In 1991, he won his first title 7 Rhod eISland State Championships. He got the Joss NE 9 Ball Champion Snookers title in 2006 and invented the American Rotation patent in 2013. He is a brilliant pool player.

The Predator Air 3 Jump Cue got the 5th position in this list with its affordable price. This is the best professional pool cue out there within this price range. As we all know a good professional pool cue is high in price but not this one. With a unique matt black finish, the pool cues looks extremely good. The maple shaft of this cue is great for jump shots and its size is 29. With a phenolic tip, the cue can hit balls with lots of control. You can get great powerful shot with less power because of its Linen Phenolic Ferrule. You can finish your game with style with this pool cue as it is a light-weight cue. This is one of the best cheap pool cues with a professional performance.


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Tweeten Elk Master Billiard Cue Tips

If someone asks you about the best cue tip, theres no other answer than the Elk Master from Tweeten.

It has every single feature that pros and enthusiasts look for, including outstanding soft leather that provides extra durability & results, as well as a unique appearance for the cost.

You get a pack of 50 different tips with this model, going from 12mm to 14mm so you can pick whatever option works better with your cue stick.

Remember, this is a soft tip. It will deliver perfect accuracy and resilience, so you may achieve the desired performance without having to make much of an effort.

The blue color fits with almost any type of stick, and it still manages to provide an effortless installation that wont take much than just a few minutes. If you dont want anything less than fantastic results, then this is a pretty good choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in sets of up to 50 tips
  • The soft build makes them highly accurate
  • Quality-oriented leather offers extra durability
  • Comes in 3 different sizes for extra convenience

Best Pool Cue Chalks: Our Top 10 Picks

A pool game without cue chalk is like running without a sock. For those who dont know, ever wondered why these simple little pieces of chalk were so crucial in a pool game? Chalks are those elements that help you to achieve the skills that you need to play pool.

Best Cue Chalk

While playing shots, there are high chances of miscue as we need to hit the cue ball accurately. To achieve great shots, all we need is friction between the cue stick and the cue ball so that we get the desired shot even when the ball is not hit at the center.

It is where the chalk plays its role when cue chalk is applied on the tip of the cue stick, and it helps us to get the required friction, which avoids the slippage. There are different types of chalks available, and below are some of the best chalks you can grab.

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Trademark Global Billiard Pool Cue

The Trademark pool cue got its 4th position because of its affordability and amazing design. This pool stick comes in the two pieces that are manufactured in graphite and titanium composite giving it the top finishing. The cue comes wrapped with the resistant wrap that will assist you in playing a high-quality game on the pool table. The intend of this pool stick looks simply amazing with the black diamond art through a blue colored polish on it that makes the look completely eye-catching.

This Trademark pool stick has been designed for the players who love to play a game with extreme top-notch presentation. The pool stick comes with the complete black hard case that comes with a soft cushioning.


Players Technology Series Hxt15 Two

9+ Best Pool Cue Reviews For Your Money

Editors choice #2: This cue proves that you dont need to pay a fortune to get a well-made, low deflection pool cue that feels great to play with. It may not be as high-spec as the Lucasi Hybrid, but it is still one of the best pool cues out there durable, lightweight and stylish at an amazing price point.

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Hand Or Machine Spliced

There is plenty of debate over whether you should choose machine-spliced or hand-spliced. This explains whether the splice itself was made and connected by hand or by a machine. With modern cue-making technology, a machine splice isnt necessarily a bad thing, especially if coming from a reputable brand. But for some people, the intimacy of owning a cue spliced and finished by a craftsmans hand is worth paying a little extra for.

A Cue Craft cue being spliced by hand.

Lucasi Custom Sneaky Pete Pool Cue With Low Deflection Shaft

Lucasi custom sneaky pete cue features a wrapless handle for a smooth feel and uninterrupted stroke and is one of the best high-quality pool cues. This cue is equipped with a Uni-loc pin and a 12.75mm Lucasi Solid Core Low Deflection Technology pool cue shafts topped with an Everest cue tip by Tiger. The premium layered leather cue tip holds its shape like a hard, hits like a medium, and provides the cue ball control of a soft. Available in 18 21 ounces in half-ounce increments.

Wood-to-wood joint with Uni-loc pin offers a soft hit and quick breakdown. 12.75mm Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft topped with an Everest by Tiger. This premium layered leather tip holds its shape like a hard tip, hits like a medium, and gives the ball control of a soft tip. Available in 18 21 ounces in half-ounce increments.

This sneaky pete cue is one of the most expensive cues on our list and one of the top quality pool cues available in the market and only a few cues can beat this pool cue with the features.


The is certainly the choice for your fun evenings at home with friends or family! Got a pool in your basement or garage but didnt know what Pool Cues to choose? Well, worry no more because this is what you need! Good quality for a low price, this pool-play accessory is easy to use, light, provides power to the shots, and will guarantee the touch of a pro on that 8-ball!


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The Disadvantages Of Using A Lighter Cue

I have been using a lighter pool cue for the past 3 years. I love it because how much action and spin I get from my shots. Its not perfect though and certainly comes with a few disadvantages Ive had to learn to play around.

  • It is much harder to control English or Side Spin with a lighter cue.

A player must really master cue ball control and the energy they put into each shot. This is a hard skill to master and can take many, many years.

Check The Weight Of The Cue

10 Best Pool Cues 2020

After the material, the other aspect that comes to play is the weight of the pool stick. When it comes to determining the ideal weight of the cue, it should all go down to how comfortable you feel with it. By this, it means that you do not necessarily have to be a bodybuilder or a heavy-weight person to get a heavy cue. You also do not have to be young and light-weight to get a light pool stick. You should willingly take some time to test different weights until you get the one that works perfectly for you. Also, individuals with a short span are advised to get forward weighted cues. The truth is that when it comes to determining the ideal weight of a pool stick, there is no right or wrong weight. What might seem right for you might not be right for someone else., therefore, it is all about finding the one that you feel comfortable with.

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Silver Cup Billiard Chalk

Silver Cup Billiard Chalk is of the cheapest price chalks as you get 12 pieces in a box worth of less than $7. Also, the best thing about this chalk is that it is available in 20 different colors. If you want billiard chalk that matches the color of you Billiard to avoid staining, then this can be the solution for you.

The particle size of this chalk is more significant than most of the chalks, which gives a sand-like feeling. It also lacks adhesiveness, which will lead to applying the chalk before every shot you play, to avoid any miscue. However, even though it is quite grainy, you can still achieve the desired spin and accuracy if you apply the chalk before each shot.

Therefore if you need cheaper chalk, if you are ready to chalk before every shot, then this might be the best youve got.


  • Pricing price is much lower as compared to other chalks. 20 colors.


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