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How To Keep Wild Ducks Out Of Pool

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How To Get Rid Of Nitrates In Your Swimming Pool

How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University

If you can discover the nitrates in your pool early, you may efficiently treat them. But, if the nitrates have been in your pool to the point when the water is turning green, youre going to have a more difficult time removing them.

The first step to treating your pool water for nitrates is to decide if the current pool water is worth treating. If the water hasnt turned green and the nitrate levels arent incredibly high, then its possible to treat the water.

If you can identify the cause of the nitrates in your pool and remove them, that may prevent your water from becoming highly contaminated.

The next option for treating your pool water is to drain the water partially. Sometimes only partially draining the water and then adding freshwater can remove enough nitrates so that the water is safe to swim in again.

When youve tried both options, and neither seems to work, thats when youre at the last resort. Typically the pool water has turned a shade of green at this point, or the nitrate levels are too high. Youll have to drain the pool of the water and refill it completely. You can read my full guide on how to clear a green pool for instructions.

It may be a pain to do, but it will ensure that all the contaminated water is out of the pool.

Remove All Food Sources

Its one thing to keep ducks away from house spots by making sure that the foods they prefer are nowhere available, but its almost impossible for you to restrict access to insects and their larvae.

These are always going to be available around ponds and lakes, so you cant do much about it. However, you can deter ducks by making it hard for them to eat some types of food.

In the wild, ducks have an omnivorous diet. It is composed of a range of waterside plants, but they also love to eat beetle larvae, fish, crawfish, shrimp, and even newts and small frogs.

Their diet is, nevertheless, mostly composed of plant materials, but they also eat berries and nuts when they are in season.

Dont make the mistake of feeding human food to wild ducks, such as bread, because there is a high chance theyll return and you wont be able to get rid of them.

Keep the spaces under your bird feeders clean and tidy and remove any fruits, nuts, or berries that might be in the area where youve noticed ducks gathering.

Keep your landscape as trash-free as possible so that they cant find food anywhere and theyll go look for it somewhere else.

Tip #: Grow Larger Perennial Plants In Your Primary Duck Area Not Annual Plants

Perennial plants are long-lived plants that survive for a minimum of three years. A few examples: fruit and nut trees, cane berries, grapes, rosemary.

As their name implies, annual plants are short-lived plants that live anywhere from a single growing season up to one year. A few examples: lettuce, corn/maize, dill, tomatoes .

Our ducks live in a backyard surrounded by a 6 tall fence from just after dawn until we let them out of the backyard to hang out with us in the whole yard for the evening.

Ducks dont just make eggs, they also help grow wonderful fruit, like these Asian persimmons.

Nevertheless, our backyard is full of edible perennial plants, including:

  • peach tree,
  • oak tree .

Suffice it to say that all of these plants are well fertilized! Their size and growth habit makes it so that our ducks cant damage them. Nor can they reach high enough to eat or contaminate the fruit due its height off the ground.

They also gobble up any slugs, snails, and pest insects on the ground and convert them to eggs or fertilizer.

Non-edible plants in our ducks backyard include azaleas and loropetalums. Our ducks have zero interest in azaleas, but do enjoy eating the low-hanging loropetalum leaves, which are edible to ducks.

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Tips To Keep Your Ducks From Destroying Your Yard Or Garden

Weve had quite a few other duck parents reach out to us asking how they can keep their ducks from destroying their yard or garden. It seems their ducks have a different idea than they do about what makes for an aesthetically pleasing landscape

Those attractive rows of veggies, neat bed edges, or low-lying landscape plants? Let your ducks have unfettered access to them and theyll soon look like an F-5 mud tornado touched down.

Whats a duck parent to do?

Use An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Ducks and geese relaxing on little pool

Ducks are easily frightened. They fear predators, and nothing looks more like a predator than a moving, underwater robotic pool cleaner. Unfortunately, they dont make any in the shape of an alligator. Maybe someday.

If you dont have an automatic pool cleaner, a robotic pool cleaner or an above ground pool cleaner will work just as well.

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Use An Ultrasonic Pet Repellent

If you’re dealing with other creatures besides ducks, it might be worth it to buy a pet repellent. These inexpensive machines emit a high-frequency sound that humans cant hear but that is highly irritating to birds. The sound effect is harmless to wildlife and simply works to shock the animal into flight so it doesnt get too comfortable.

If you don’t maintain your pool, you’re just asking for birds to make a home in it.

Keeping Ducks Out Of The Yard

  • 1Avoid feeding birds in the yard to discourage them. Feeding any birds, including ducks, will inevitably make them want to stick around and use the pool. Shoo away any ducks that venture into the garden, and also remove any hanging bird feeders from the trees.XResearch source
  • Feeding ducks will entice them to keep returning, and possibly to nest in the yard too. Overall this means that more ducks will be attracted to your garden, making it more difficult to get rid of them.
  • 2Remove water sources from the yard to make it less attractive to ducks. Put anything in the yard away that you notice the ducks being drawn to, aside from the pool. This can include plastic childrens pools, bird baths, and large containers that are full of water. If possible, remove any large puddles of water too.XResearch source
  • This will make the ducks less likely to stop in your yard, and therefore less likely to use the pool.
  • This will also make other types of birds less likely to be in your yard too.
  • 3Plant grass barriers around the pool area to keep ducks away. Tall grasses around the pool can be effective at keeping the ducks out. This is because, from the point of view of a duck, the tall grasses could be hiding predators, and therefore the ducks will be less likely to go into the pool.XResearch source
  • When planting, make sure to choose plants that the ducks wont feed on. Avoid plants that have nuts, berries, and other fruits as this could attract them instead.
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    Light Reflection Devices: Scare

    This is one the most popular and cut-rate ways of keeping birds away. Light reflection devices have a dual action: they blind their victims with reflected light and additionally scare them off with noise. You wont find better protection for windows and trees on a sunny and windy day.

    Bird Blinder Repellent Scare Rods is a set of five silvery rods made of shiny plastic. In general, the reviews are positive. The users are unanimous that even if the birds do not disappear completely, their population is reduced drastically. However, several customers claim that pigeons ignore these rods.

    Plant Tall Shrubs Near The Pool Area

    How to Keep ducks out of your swimming pool

    Ducks will not go near your pool if it senses danger or trouble. By placing tall shrubs, you will be able to get some shade for the pool area and you will be able to make your property look more relaxing. It can also make the pool area less inviting to ducks since they will see the shrubs as hiding spots for predators.

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    Turkey Deterrent Tip #: The Day And Night Dream Team

    Nite Guard offers the day and night wild turkey repellent dream team.

    During the day, when turkeys are active, let Nite Guard Repellent Tape scare them away. Our durable flash tape creates bright flashes of light and startling crackling sounds, which turkeys cant stand.

    At night, we recommend Nite Guard Solar lights. While turkeys generally sleep when its dark, you might have an occasional wanderer, so its best to keep your nighttime bases covered. Nite Guard Solar lights rely on red flashing lights to mimic the presence of a predator. This sends the wild turkeys into fight or flight, and they quickly flee your property.

    Find Nite Guard Repellent Tape and Nite Guard Solar lights online. If you have questions, were happy to help. Call us at 1-800-328-6647 or send us an email.

    Tell Those Ducks To Duck Off

    You may find that using more than one tactic is your best bet for making sure ducks stay out of the pool. You may also need to deploy your prevention tactics for several days until the ducks learn your pool isnt as comfortable and inviting as they thought it was.

    Keep an eye on the bird traffic, and when you dont see ducks trying to land in your pool anymore, you should be able to remove the measures you put in place.

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    How To Get Rid Of Wild Ducks

    Although wild ducks are attractive and sometimes entertaining birds, when they decide to move into your place your opinion of them changes dramatically! They can literally destroy your property or fill it with copious amounts of foul excrement.

    Ducks are frequently found in unwanted spaces, pools, residential properties & river/canal fronts. They begin to dominate your water features and damage your garden, whilst polluting your property with their faeces you need to take steps to discourage them.Keeping Ducks Out of Your PoolWe have a range of suitable products for keeping ducks out of your pool.

    The Scarybird Eagle has also been an effective deterrent as the ducks see the ominous predator flying above, their natural instincts steer them away from the property to go elsewhere less threatening.Another physical deterrent is our Garden/Yard Hydro-Blast this acts as a physical deterrent by blasting the intruders with an assault of water whilst making a clicking sound.

    Keeping Ducks Away From Larger AreasIn larger areas where noise is not a concern the Duck and Goose Buster Pro sonic sound units play alert calls, whilst playing optional selections of wild dogs & gunshot sounds.These units are best to be moved around. We combine visual deterrents to work in conjunction with the sound units. Flying the Scarybird Eagles or Outdoor Lasers increase the fear factor immensely.

    Pick And Choose Plants

    How can I keep ducks out of my swimming pool? Can my ducks ...

    Ducks dont like to stay in areas where the shrubs are tall and block their view of any potential predators. If you have a garden as well as your pond, you could consider planting some taller shrubs around to discourage them from landing.

    You should also resist planting anything that will grow fruits and berries. They make a wonderful food source for ducks and will make the habitat even more appealing for them. The more food they have around, the better off they are.

    Strong smelling herbs and plants with spikes or thorns are unattractive to ducks as a food source. Incorporating some of these plants into your garden can help keep ducks away and limit how much food there is to be found.

    Plants Ducks Wont Eat:

    • Broadleaf Cattail
    • Rose Mallow
    • Sage

    It can be beneficial for you to keep your garden and yard as neat and tidy as possible. If you dont have any dark, overgrown areas good for laying and hiding their eggs, ducks are less likely to mate in or around your pond. You dont need a whole family around!

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    Scare Ducks With A Sonic Cannon

    Using a duck cannon can be another method of keeping ducks off dock places and even one of getting rid of ducks in swimming pool spots.

    The way a sonic cannon works is that it releases very loud sonic blasts, which scare off a variety of bird species, not just ducks.

    Of course, this technique can have its drawbacks, since if you want to attract songbirds to your garden but ensure that no ducks come around to steal any of their food, you will, unfortunately, deter all birds.

    Sonic cannons can be customized so as to release their sonic blasts at specific times during the day or according to a cycle that you have complete control over. Most models come with a timer, but there are also random modes available.

    The reason that ducks are so easily scared by powerful sounds like the ones released by a sonic cannon is that they feel like they are being hunted down with a rifle.

    You can use this information to your advantage to deter ducks from your water sources.

    Unfortunately, the sonic noise cannons make can sometimes be too strong even for people, so you might not be able to use such a machine in your backyard.

    Are Ducks Bad For The Pool

    Yes, they are bad for the pool.


    Well, they will contaminate the pool.

    They will secrete duck poop in your pool, and it is also obvious that no one wants to swim in a contaminated pool.

    Having them in the pool is bad, both for you as well as them.

    We have already discussed how it is harmful to you, but how is it harmful to ducks?

    Usually, pools have lots of chemicals in them to keep the water clean.

    When ducks swim, they drink this water, which can harm them.

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    Install A Pool Solar Cover

    Do you want to know what the best duck deterrent that can help you to get rid of ducks in pool places might be?

    As basic as it seems, a proper pool cover can do the trick and it will definitely keep ducks away.

    When youre not using the pool, keeping it covered can solve a lot of issues that youd later have to come up with solutions for.

    You probably know that all sorts of things can end up in a pool while you arent looking, from leaves and debris to bird droppings. Needless to say, the latter can be health-threatening.

    When it comes to getting a duck repellent swimming pool cover, you might also want to know that it will keep the water not just clean but also warmer.

    Some solar covers trap solar radiation, so they can increase the water temperature by up to 10 and even 15 degrees.

    Depending on their size, the materials they are made of, and their ability to retain heat, pool covers can end up being a little pricey.

    But if youd like to avoid that expense, you can at least get an affordable poly tarp cover and simply make sure that its not moved by strong wind or animals during the night. Sometimes, placing rocks on its sides can do the trick.

    No Ducks No Droppings Just Warmer Cleaner Water

    How To Keep Ducks From Landing In Your Swimming Pool

    When I visit the homes of Crestwood Pools customers, Im always reminded about the uniqueness of each property. Dogwood, Red Oak, Pine and Sycamore trees. Heavily populated blocks to spread out rural neighborhoods. Acres of flat land in one yard, and a nearby forest in another with a doe peeking out from behind a tree. While I can assure you that I have never seen Bambi reclining in a pool lounger with a glass of lemonade, I have spoken at length with customers about how best to keep their pool a human-only domicile .

    Your property is unique to you, which is why Ive created this helpful, printable list on how best to keep mice, skunks, chipmunks, ducks, geese, snakes, frogs, squirrels, insects, spiders, lizards, raccoons and bats out of your swimming pool.

    1. The first option is to use an in-season pool coverpreferably a solar cover if you like a consistently warm swimming experience. Not only will it help deter ducks and geese from taking a swim, but it will also minimize water evaporation, thereby saving you money on your monthly water and electric bill.

    2. When youre not swimming in the pool, use an animal-themed pool cleaner . Birds and rodents are easily intimidated by anything that is colorful and moving, and the attached hose is an extra deterrent. Plus, it adds a nice touch to your pool ambience, especially if you have a young family.

    But did you know that you can cross off the majority of these recommendations by choosing an On-Ground Pool?

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    Why You Need To Keep Ducks Out

    • A presence of wildlife, including birds, increase the risk of germs and disease such as Crypto, E.coli, Salmonella. Fortunately, most types of bacteria die quickly once they come into contact with the chlorinethis is why it’s so important to maintain your pool and its chlorine levels.
    • While nitrates and phosphates are naturally occurring contaminant to pools, ducks and other birds can contaminate them even more.
    • Once these animals take up residence, it will be hard to get them to leave.

    What Do Ducks Hate

    5/5ducks doducks

    Spray wild ducks gently with a water hose while making loud noises. This will scare them out of your yard. With due diligence, and repeated sprayings and loud noises, the ducks should stay away from the area.

    Additionally, are ducks annoying? Unlike a crowing rooster which can be annoying to neighbors, male ducks, known as drakes, make hardly any sound at all. The females do quack when frightened or excited, but don’t sing an ‘egg song’ like hens do. Ducks adhere to a far less strict pecking order than chickens and noisy squabbles are rare.

    Likewise, people ask, what is a good duck repellent?

    Visual deterrents are helpful against ducks, including the Gator Guard for use on water and our 3D-Coyote for lawn and garden. In larger areas where noise is not a large concern, our Goosebuster is also highly effective against ducks. If you have a large space to clear ducks from, call Bird-X at 800.662.

    Will moth balls keep ducks away?

    Try sprinkling a few handfuls of mothballs around the area. Once they get out of the habit of coming there you can dispose of what is left of the balls. Gets rid of other critters and bugs as well!

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