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What Is The Largest Above Ground Pool You Can Get

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Whats The Biggest Above Ground Pool You Can Get

Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

There are many benefits that come with an above ground pool that you might not see within ground or semi in-ground pools. One of the important issues to consider is the ability to easily maintain your pool. Above ground pools allow you to access all the components without having to remove any panels or crawl around in tight spaces. Above ground pools also give you the ability to install quite a large pool without having to dig up your entire lawn. This article will go over the various types and size of above ground pools, what the biggest above ground pool you can get is and highlight some of their advantages compared to other pool types.

Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool With Metal Frame

How does a pool party with a few best friends sounds like? Its a fun and relaxing way to catch up with each other, right? But theres just a little snag you dont have an inground pool in your backyard.

No worries! This is exactly why Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Swimming Pool is created. This round pool can be easily assembled so that you and your friends can enjoy a night long pool party or have a great morning swimming session with the family.

The Summer Waves Elite Swimming Pool has a total capacity of 4,400 gallons of water and can accommodate an entire family. You can get this either in 15 feet Diameter x 48 inches Deep or 18 feet Diameter x 52 inches Deep.

  • Huge water capacity of 4,400 gallon

What Did Customers Have to Say?

Just like any other product online, people have different opinions about this pool. However, users of this pool, in general, do agree that this is one of the most durable above ground pools in the market. Others say that the filtration technology of this pool is also superb.

Inground Pool Vs Above Ground Pool Vs Inflatable Pool

Above ground pools are the “just right” in this Goldilocks trio they fall right in that sweet middle spot when it comes to price and size. Inflatable pools are pretty cheap, with some options for less than $30. Inground swimming pools are not cheap. Having one installed can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Above ground pools range in price from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand, depending on size and material. Above ground pools are not as attractive looking as in-ground pools, but you get what you pay for.

Above ground pools relate more to inflatable pools when it comes to setup, but are closer to in-ground pools in terms of size. You’ll have enough room to practice swim strokes or just drift along on a pool float.

Here are our picks for the best above ground pools to make the most out of your summer.

  • Dimensions: 15 x 4 feet
  • Water capacity: 4,440 gallons

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Which Is Better Inground Or Above Ground Pool

We like to harp on the fact that inground pool prices vary a lot. The same is true of above ground pools, which can range from a hundred dollars or less, to tens of thousands. However, one thing we can state with certainty is that an inground swimming pool is far more expensive than a comparable above ground pool.

Top 3 Smallest Above Ground Pool

Aqua World Above Ground 30ft x 15ft Oval Swimming Pool ...

The smallest above ground pool is interesting to have at home. When the summer months come, you will be thrilled to swim with friends and family in the above ground pool. If you live in a very small house, you have to avoid the big and large sized above ground pool. You need to choose the smallest above ground pool which can tackle the small space in the house. Moreover, it can reduce the expense for the smallest one is cheaper compared to the big and large above ground pool. There are many benefits that you can get by having an above ground pool. It is easy to install and safe for kids and pets. The risk of falling can be emitted for it is shallower compared to the traditional ground pool. Here is the list of the smallest above ground pool to buy for the family:

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Swimlines Expandable Depth Above Ground Pool Liner

For those who are looking for a much deeper above ground pool, you can utilize a Swimline Expandable Depth Above Ground Pool Liner to set up your ideal pool.

These expandable overlap vinyl liners can give you pool depths of 5 to 6 feet. These are already protected against chemicals and UV fading. Pool owners can basically hang the liner to the side of their above ground pool wall and it can fit on common 48 or 52 pool walls.

Unfortunately, for those looking for more stylish options, there are no j-hook or beaded liners that are also expandable.

You can secure the Swimline pool liner with pool coping strips and cut off any excess material. The most important thing when using these type of liners is you have to properly dig the area where you plan on setting your above ground pool.

If youre not that confident in the whole process of setting up your deep above ground pool on your own, you can always contact a pool professional or contractor to do install the expandable liner for you.

These expandable liners come with a 15-year limited warranty and a 1-year full replacement warranty.

Swim Spa And Hottub Bl

First on our list, is the Swim Spa and Hot tub BL-856 from Italy based luxury bathtub manufacturer Beauty Luxury. This luxurious hot tub cum swims spa is a feast to our eyes. It is so giant that your eyes will not stop staring it. This partitioned hot tub which is 12 meters long is there to rejuvenate you from all your lost relaxation and make you and your friends happier than ever.

Beauty Luxury is an Italian based luxury bathtubs and spa manufacturers whose market is basically from the Internet. They are known for their low price, and high-quality hot tub suppliers and their additional accessories list that can be added upon is one of their striking features. Beauty Luxury concentrates on online marketing instead of spending tons of money on marketing their beautiful products offline and affluent showrooms to showcase them. This allows them to satisfy most of their consumers and make better products.

Overview of SWIM SPA AND HOT TUB BL-856:

SWIM SPA AND HOT TUB BL-856 is one of the worlds largest hot tubs, divided into two parts. The whole hot tub stretches for 12 meters in length and has all the different accessories which you would expect from a rich hot tub. This hot tub has two partitions, one of them acts as a swim spa and others act completely as a hot tub which has a capacity of more than 4 members.

Complete Specifications of SWIM SPA AND HOT TUB BL-856

View this Product

Description about SWIM SPA AND HOT TUB BL-856:

Spectacular appearance:

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Best Inflatable: Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool With Filter Pump

Dimensions: 10 feet x 30 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 608 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Comes with a filter pump

  • Holds over 600 gallons of water

  • Great for kids

  • Shallow for adults

If you’re interested in a blow-up option that’s a bit larger and more sturdy than your typical kiddie pool, we recommend the Summer Waves Quick Set. This circular pool measures 120 inches in diameter. It’s 30 inches deep and can hold over 600 gallons of water. Designed specifically for super-fast installation, you can set it up in minutes. And unlike most inflatable pools, it comes with a filter pump.

Cool Off With These Top Backyard Picks

Installing a 24ft x 52â? INTEX above ground pool!
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce

If you live in a warm climate or anywhere that gets remotely hot during the summer, having somewhere to swim can make the weather more bearableand enjoyable. As you’re probably aware, in-ground swimming pools are expensive to install and maintain. Above-ground pools, however, are an affordable alternative. They’re also much easier to set up and can be just as fun as their in-ground counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly cool-down solution or want to try out a pool before committing to digging a permanent hole in your yard, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the best above-ground pools currently on the market, including saltwater-ready, rectangular, round, oval, steel-supported, and inflatable picks. Let’s dive in.

Here, the best above ground pools on the market.

Dimensions: 18 feet x 52 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 6,981 gallons | Frame: Galvanized steel | Set-Up Time: 45 minutes

  • Long setup time

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How Deep Can An Above

The walls on an above-ground pool generally come in 48-inch, 52-inch and 54-inch heights. The added wall height in recent years has diminished the need for digging a deeper floor for many pool owners.

Keep in mind, of course, that the water level of the pool will be about four inches below the top of the sidewall.

In general, it makes for a better final product to retain a flat bottom surface for the installation, but adaptations can be made to develop a deeper pool.

Deep Above Ground Pool Options For 2021

Families who plan to spend the summer season in their own private pool often look into the biggest available pool they can get. Some of them even wonder whats the deepest above ground pool they could get since there are some swimming pool games and activities that are best done on deep pools, dont you agree?

Well, as you may already know, pool water isnt supposed to reach the top of your pool wall and the real depth of an above ground pool is more or less 6 inches less than its wall height. A pool with a 48-inch wall is only good for about 42 inches or 3.5 feet of water level.

If you have older kids, that kind of pool size and depth may not be enough for them to enjoy their summer while hanging out with their friends in your new family pool.

Unfortunately, unlike above ground pools with a depth of less than 42 inches or 3.5 feet, deep above ground pools are kind of hard to find and difficult to set up.

The good news is were here to help you find the best deep above ground pools available today so you and your family can have a great time this summer.

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How Much Maintenance Is Required With Above

Youll need to add either salt or chlorine to the water, and youll need to buy and familiarize yourself with a water-testing kit. Beyond this, youll have to replace the sand every few years in the pool filters. Use a brush and net on the surface, and keep the pool covered when not in use, and thats about the extent of maintenance.

What Is The Biggest Intex Prism Frame Pool Set

Our Experience Buying an Above Ground Pool
  • Prism frame pools feature strong powder coated metal frames combined with the strong 3-ply material liner and a beautiful design, offering a Premium pool experience at an affordable price
  • Includes 110-120V cartridge filter pump with a pump flow Rate of 530 gallons per hour
  • Ready for water in 30 minutes
  • Water capacity : 1, 718 gallons

The Intex Prism Frame Pool Set comes in different shapes, so were going to come up with two answers here.

For the round-shaped Prism Frame pool, the biggest pool set measures 20 feet in diameter and has 52 inches of depth. It has a water capacity of 8,693 gallons when 90 percent full. The pool needs at least 315 square feet of ground area.

For the oval-shaped Prism Frame pool, the biggest one has a length of 20 feet, a width of 10 feet, and a depth of 48 inches. The pool requires at least 158 square feet of ground area. It has a water capacity of 4,809 gallons when 90 percent full.

If you need the biggest Intex pool set for this one, get the round-shaped Intex Prism Frame Pool Set.

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Picking The Right Pool Size

Above-ground pool sizes are the first thing to look at when shopping for the best pool. Small, inflatable above-ground pools that hold less than 1,000 gallons of water are the easiest to use. Just inflate it when its time to swim and drain it when the partys over. You dont have to worry about any filters or chemicals. Its basically a backyard bathtub, which is ideal for small kids.

Large above-ground pools that hold more than 1,000 gallons of water will require more maintenance. These pools remain filled with water all season, so a filter and chemicals are needed to keep the water crystal clear and algae-free. There is more upkeep involved with the larger models than the inflatable above-ground swimming pools. However, with that said, the daily and weekly maintenance of these large above-ground models is very easy. And compared with the upkeep of a costly in-ground pool, above-ground pool maintenance is a breeze. Large above-ground pools can hold anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 gallons of water, and they may stretch over 30 feet long.

Reminder: Dont forget to check the depth. While above-ground models are typically shallower than in-ground pools, they can still be too deep for small children or unsure swimmers. The larger swimming pools can reach depths of about 4.5 feet. Smaller pools can be a mere three inches deep.

In The Swims Excursion 54

The Excursion Above Ground Swimming Pool with a 54-inch wall is great for families looking to turn their backyards into an outdoor oasis with a larger pool. It gives you the option to have the perfect pool area without the cost of a pricey inground pool and it gets you about 48 to 52 inches deep of pool water to swim on.

You have the option to get a round Excursion pool with a diameter of 24 feet or 28 feet, or an oval-shaped Excursion pool with sizes of 15 ft. by 30 ft. or 18 ft. by 33 ft.

The design of this pool gives you the flexibility to install a pool deck on its side as a wrap-around or you can partially bury this pool in the ground to fit into your current landscape design.

The pool has all-aluminum components so theres no question that this swimming pool will last for years. Its also great that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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What Is The Best Pool Heater For Above Ground Pools

10 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters in 2019 Reviews

  • 10Blue Wave 15-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket.
  • 9Sun 2 Solar 18-Foot Round Clear 16-mil Solar Pool Cover.
  • 8Fafco Solar Bear Economy Above Ground Pool Heating System.
  • 7Hayward Universal H-Series Pool & Spa Heater
  • 6Hayward 11-Kilowatt Electric Spa & Pool Heater

Above Ground Pool Sizes

5 Best Above Ground Pools You Can Buy In 2021

The first thing to consider when youre looking to install an above ground pool is the size. This includes both the shape of the pool and the dimensions.

Most above ground pools are offered in two different shapes – round and oval. Smaller, more conservative pools are 12 to 18 feet in diameter while larger pools can go up to 33 feet round or 21×41 feet in the oval shape.

Important Fact: Pool measurements are based on the water dimensions of the pool, so its imperative that you allow for extra space.

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What Should I Put Under My Deep Above Ground Pool To Protect It

When it comes to protecting the liner of your deep above-ground pool, we highly advise using interlocking foam tiles. This is a good way to add a decent amount of padding under your pool bottom.

Can we feature your pool on this site?

We are always working on new content here at and we love to feature pictures of our readers’ pools! We’re always looking for:

  • Pool Design & Landscaping Ideas

Whats The Deepest Above Ground Pool Option

There are some variations of partially in-ground pools or the option of above-ground pools with a deep end liner. However, when it comes to a standard above ground pool options, the deepest you can find is 54 inches or six feet of wall height.

The water line of most pools sits about 6 inches beneath the top of the wall when you account for some water loss from splashing. If you need a pool with water deeper than just under six feet, then you need either a deep-end liner or an in-ground pool.

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Blue Wave Martinique Above Ground Pool With Top Rail Metal Wall

If you are going to search on the internet about reviews and user feedback of this pool, then youd know that Blue Wave Martinique is a great value above ground pool.

Sure, this one might not have a full star rating, but knowing what the product can offer and its limitation will avoid unnecessary expectations and will lead you to appreciate the product more.

Blue Wave Martinique Above Ground Pool is a round pool with top railing metal wall to ensure the safety of the swimmers. It also comes with an A-frame ladder for an easy access into the pool.

On top of that, you have 5 different size choices. Blue Wave Martinique Above Ground Pool is available in the following sizes:

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