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Are Fiberglass Pools Good In Texas

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Financing & Future Proofing

Feature Rich Rectangular Fiberglass Pools – Latham & Imagine – San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels

We know installing an in ground swimming pool is a significant investment. To help you plan for and navigate the process, we’ve assembled a short list of preferred lenders for the best rates in swimming pool and home improvement financing.While Metroplex Pools installations start at as low as $18,900, final cost can rise significantly depending on what you want. We work closely with you to design the right pool for your budget. To accommodate all needs, we “future proof” — at no additional cost — the installation so when you want to come back later and add a spa or water treatment, the infrastructure is already in place.

Fiberglass Pools Have The Shortest Installation Time

Typically, installing a pool takes months and involves several steps. And usually, its building the pool itself that takes the longest amount of time.

But since fiberglass pools cut that step right out of the equation, their install time is drastically shorter than other options.

How much shorter?

Well, while concrete pools take 3-6 months to install, a fiberglass pool takes just 3-6 weeks.

So when youre ready to install a pool, rest easy knowing that choosing fiberglass means more time in the pool, and sooner.

What type of swimming pool is the strongest?

Parkers Pools Only Installs The Highest Quality Fiberglass Pools In The Industry

Ronnie Parker and his crew at Parkers Pools have installed hundreds of fiberglass swimming pools in Central and South Texas. Theyve worked with seven different fiberglass pool manufactures and now only install the best, Barrier Reef. Find out why he only recommends fiberglass pools

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools

Barrier Reef offers a wide range of pool and spa models in a variety of unique shimmer colors to suit any backyard pool project! Click below for more details on our selection of Barrier Reef pools and spas.

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Fiberglass Pool Problems: Lack Of Customization

If you can overlook the slickness of the fiberglass pool material and you find a good contractor to install it , then these two issues may not be a concern for you.

But what we would argue is actually the biggest problem with fiberglass pools is the lack of ability to customize them in any way. When it comes to choosing a pool that suits your unique Northern Virginia home, a cookie-cutter choice just wont do.

Unfortunately, thats exactly what youll get with a fiberglass pool.

The truth is, you are limited in so many ways. For one, you are limited to what is going to fit on the truck that delivers the pool to your property. That means you cant go extra-large or extra-deep. In fact, fiberglass pools are typically limited to a maximum depth of around four to six feet deep. But what if you wanted an eight-foot deep pool?

You also cannot have the level of customization that you might desire. The idea of choosing amongst fiberglass pools is like saying, you can have option A, B, or C. Its limited in shape to whatever has already been pre-made at the factory. You really cant get more cookie-cutter than that.

As a result, you are also limited when it comes to adding customized features. You cant add a pool bench in a certain spot or a sun shelf exactly where you want it. These types of custom features simply arent an option with a prefabricated fiberglass pool.

Perfect For Lap Swimming Boards & Slides

Fiberglass Pools

If youre a thrill enthusiast, then the Dallas is the perfect pool for you! We give you as much real estate as we could muster all to equip you for an eventful summer if your new backyard!

Believe it or not, the length of the Dallas is so large that it only requires 15 complete laps to make a quarter-mile. Therefore, by purchasing the Dallas, you now have a great way to get in some vigorous exercise before spending 8 hours in your desk chair. Now thats a win-win!

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Potentially Hidden Costs Of Installing An Inground Fiberglass Pool

  • Site Preparation. Site preparation refers to anything that would get in the way of setting the pool in the ground. For example, the removal and/or relocation of under and above-ground utility lines or cables such as gas, phone, sewer and septic would fall under site preparation, as would moving irrigation systems and downspouts. And once your pool builder starts to dig, any underground surprises, such as a layer of rock no one expected to find, could add to your bottom line pricing. If additional equipment needs to be rented, or the excavation ends up taking several days longer than expected, that expense may well be listed by your pool builder as additional site preparation, a cost they will pass onto you. You should ask your pool builder to clarify what factors involved in your pool installation project could potentially cause site preparation issues.
  • Access. Your new inground fiberglass pool will be delivered in one piece, which means your pool builder needs clear access to your yard for the pool and necessary construction equipment. Access issues could include trees, brush, or fencing that might need to be moved or removed prior to installation. Your pool builder might also need to build a temporary driveway with gravel or protection mats to gain needed access. These costs could also end up on your total bill, so be sure to ask each pool builder to include in the bid what accessibility issues might need to be addressed on your project.
  • How About Specialty Rectangular

    The Horizon 23′ – Length: 23’0″ Width: 15’9″ Flat Bottom: 4’0″


    Did someone say Party Time? This crescent shape design with a built-in spillover is a stunning, unique and award-winning pool design. The half-moon shape is perfect for relaxation or for hanging out with friends or sharing special moments with your partner.

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    The Dimensions Of The Outback Lounger Are As Follows:

    • Width: 113
    • Length: 30
    • Depth: 43

    The Outback Lounger is one of the narrower pools on this list, but what it lacks in width it makes up for in length.

    The focus of this pool more is on rest and relaxation than more intensive swimming, but thats why its a pool shape option.

    For those who want to lay out in the pool and soak up the sun, this pool provides the ability to do just that. With the tanning ledge at the entrance of the pool you can have the luxury of enjoying the water just a little bit without fully submerging yourself in the rest of the pool.

    The addition of safety ledges on the sides of the pool is great for inexperienced swimmers and the steps connected to them are perfect for seating extra people, meaning you can accommodate the whole family!

    Fiberglass Pool Builder In Emory

    Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Dallas Texas

    Fiberglass pools are an extremely durable fiberglass shell that come in many different styles, shapes, and finishes. Fiberglass pools can be installed with a shorter construction time and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the structure and surface from Latham Pools.

    Fiberglass pools have many advantages over alternatives. Fiberglass pool installation can be accomplished quickly you can relax in your brand-new pool within two to three days after delivery. While concrete pools crack and have a much rougher surface, a fiberglass pools slick feel offers a more enjoyable swimming experience and helps minimize algae growth. Other pool alternatives can tear, whereas a fiberglass pool will maintain its flawless facade over time. to explore our custom pool options!

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    Fiberglass Pools Are The Most Stain Resistant

    Because of the non-porous gel coating, its much harder for fiberglass pools to acquire stains compared to others. That said it can still happen, but it usually takes a lot.

    And as mentioned earlier, its the gel coating that also makes fiberglass more resistant to pool algae and mineral scaling.

    For the most part, as long as you stay on top of pool maintenance, you wont have to deal with any pool stains. But if you do run into some, check out this pool stain removal guide.

    Fiberglass Pools Have Size Limits

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, but a fiberglass pool can’t always be as big as the customer wants it to be.

    Of course, fiberglass pools can be quite large. Just look at our T40 model which is 40 feet long, 16 feet across, and 8 1/2 feet deep! But if you want a true mammoth of a swimming pool, especially one that spans more than 16 feet across, you may find that a concrete swimming pool is your best option.

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    The Dimensions Of The Delray Pool Shape Are As Follows:

    • Width: 12
    • Length: 25
    • Depth: 46

    Now, somewhere on this list I had to include a pool shape that didnt have any of the fancy tanning ledges, built-in spas, benches, ledges, etc. For some people, they dont need any of those featuresthey just want a pool for intensive swimming.

    Thats just what the Delray pool offers to pool buyers.

    With just a few steps at one corner of the pool, the remaining area is available to accommodate those who want to do some intensive swimming instead of relax. Not only that, but the extra space compared to some of the other pools on this list allows for more people to enjoy the pool at once.

    This pool could be perfect for parties and gatherings where you need to entertain a large amount of people. Therefore, your backyard could turn into the hot spot for summer parties!

    Concrete Pro’s & Con’s

    Aquamarine Pools of Texas ~ Jarrell, TX ~ Fiberglass Pools ...

    PRO’S: Unlimited design capabilities. Permanent home improvement.CON’S: 4-8 week installation by subleased contractors. Concrete shows through around the pool’s etching . The surface is rough and abrasive and also stains and discolors easily. Porous surface is a breeding ground for algae and other micro-bacteria. Cracks in freeze-thaw climates and requires acid washing and replastering. High maintenance monthly pool service required, excessive use of chemicals and electricity.Acid baths emit fumes into the atmosphere. Re-plastered waste adds to our landfills but can be repurposed as fill for low lying land.We specialize in faux stone similar to what you see at the large theme parks. We can build almost anything to fit your vision.

    • 468 Stone Mountain Court, Cresson, TX 76035 501-4819

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    Why Not Fiberglass

    We have been exploring the possibility of getting a Viking fiberglass pool. Most people here in S. California do the traditional gunite pool…After researching fiberglass and all the pros I wonder why gunite and why not fiberglass…

    Any input is appreciated.

    We are looking at a cost savings of almost $20K to do fiberglass vs gunite. We like a few different designs and the color choices are sufficient. The pb has done many vikings in the area so we will reference check.

    Anyone dislike fiberglass, why?

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  • Is A 2040 Pool Big

    Standard pool dimensions usually measure something like 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40, with an average depth around 5.5 feet. 10 x 20 is considered a small in-ground pool, while a 20 x 40-foot pool is on the larger side of things. Therefore, its important to consider the shape of the pool thatll best fit your needs.

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    Fiberglass Pool Installation Concerns

    Beyond the slick surface , the biggest fiberglass pools problems are actually related to their installation. Due to the fact that fiberglass pools are delivered as a pre-manufactured product, its important that your contractor follows proper procedure when installing the pool, or the results could be disastrous.

    The truth is, digging the hole is the easy part. Once thats completed, the process of backfilling the space around the pool gradually may be the difference between a pool that is properly supported, and one that is not. Youve probably seen a fiberglass pool that settled on one end because of improper backfilling.

    However, improper installation can be much more problematic than just unappealing settling. If the installation is not performed properly, the results may include everything from pool water circulation due to bad hydraulics to actual walls collapsing because of improper support.

    This can lead to incredibly costly repairs if the walls begin to leak. Repairs may require excavation in addition to resurfacing the pool as a whole.

    What Are Fiberglass Pools

    How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last? Pool Talk with Trish – Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Corpus

    Unlike the other in-ground swimming pools , a fiberglass pool is manufactured off-site and shipped to you in one piece. As the name suggests, the pool shell is made entirely from fiberglass material before being covered in several protective gel coats.

    More homeowners are choosing to install fiberglass pools because they boost numerous advantages over concrete and vinyl liner pools, such as the following:

    • The materials used for the protective coats make fiberglass pools naturally smooth and non-porous. Therefore, they are resistant to algae growth, which makes them easier to maintain in the long term.
    • Fiberglass pools dont take long to construct or install you could have yours in as little as four to six weeks. Additionally, since the pool is built off-site, you wont have to deal with the unsightly construction process that comes with installing a concrete or vinyl liner pool.
    • They have extremely low maintenance requirements. There are no liner replacements or resurfacing requirements like you would have with liner and concrete pools.

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    Heres What You Should Know:

    • A barrier fence at least 48 inches high is required around the pool, with self-latching gates. It cannot be made of chain link, and cannot have any gaps or openings larger than 4 inches.
    • The supporting crossbars on wooden fences must be on the interior of the fence to keep anyone from climbing the fence into the pool area.
    • If the wall of your house serves as one of the four barrier walls, you must have:
    • Alarms on any doors or windows with direct access to the pool area and deactivation switches at least 54 inches above the threshold of the door. These doors must also be equipped with deadbolts.

    Fencing, alarms, automatic pool covers and other barriers-to-entry are not usually part of your pool contract, so its a good idea to get fencing estimates ahead of your pool estimates. Your pool builder will be able to advise you on these matters.

    Fiberglass Pools Last More Than 30 Years Easily

    Remember how we mentioned that fiberglass pools didnt come around until the 60s? Well, a lot of those same pools are still being used today.

    Talk about durability.

    Of course, despite their toughness, fiberglass pools do require some maintenance. While they dont have to replastered or re-lined, they do need a gel coating replacement every 15 years.

    Luckily, this is incredibly cheap compared to the maintenance required by concrete and vinyl pools.

    And because of this, its easy to keep a fiberglass pool in the family for decades, as it only requires a touch of upkeep to do its job. And on that note

    How much maintenance does a fiberglass pool need?

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    Deep End And Corner Entrance Steps

    In conjunction with the wide bench, the Stockholm utilizes a corner set of entry steps. Therefore, rather than walk longways into the swimming pool, you enter from the side. This is a great option for home owners who have a wide backyard and want to maximize their pool layout from side to side.

    Secondly, the Stockholm includes a 5 9 deep end. This is a modest deep end but it is also plenty for intermediate swimmers to work with.

    Gary’s Pool And Patio

    Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools Tyler Texas

    Since 1979, we’ve been the company of choice for fiberglass and gunite pool purchase and installation in South Texas. We are proud to offer quality, selection and superior customer service. With the highest quality pools and over one hundred shapes and sizes to choose from, we can help you find your perfect pool and make your dream pool a reality.

    To begin your pool journey, take a moment and review our site! We are sure you will find pool designs and options that would make a good addition to your home too! Once you have reviewed the site, please call us, request a quote, or stop by one of our four locations in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels and McAllen to speak with one of our pool experts.

    While you are there, be sure to ask about our spas as well. And don’t forget to read why Lathams Viking and Trilogy Pools are called the Eco-Friendly Pools & Spas!

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    Curved Shallow End Bench

    Entering into the Dallas, youre greeted by a twin pair of entry steps located on the left and right side. We designed these steps for aesthetics but they also operate smoothly as starting blocks for dual racing lanes!

    On the opposite end of the Dallas, youll find a modest deep end bench adjacent to the wall.

    Fiberglass Pools Are Low Maintenance

    Anyone who is either from Texas or has been to Texas knows that the state can get HOT. It covers a massive area, but from El Paso to Lubbock to Corpus Christi, the summers can be sweltering.

    In fact, Texas is one of the three states with the highest average temperatures during the summer. Were talking in the 90s and even over 100 degrees in many areas. What does that mean for you as a pool owner?This means more maintenance to keep the pool running and to keep algae from taking over. There is a clear correlation between high temperatures and algae growth, and fiberglass pools are the best for keeping algae at bay.


    The gelcoat surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth and nonporous, leaving nowhere for algae to collect. Because algae is less of a problem, fiberglass pools also require fewer chemicals.

    Concrete pools typically have extremely porous surfaces that rapidly collect algae and make it hard to get rid of. Vinyl liner pools often collect algae at the seams such as the area around the steps or stairs.

    You probably want to spend more time in the pool swimming, floating, or enjoying a Big Red on the tanning ledge, not battling algae. A good fiberglass swimming pool can give you that freedom.

    How do you know if a fiberglass pool is of good quality?

    Read about our manufacturing process or watch our video series on how our premium fiberglass pools are made starting with the mold.

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