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Best Hot Tubs Consumer Reports 2021

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Home And Garden Spas Hudson Bay Spas 19

Best Hot Tubs Consumer Reports

One of the most amazing hot tubs that I have ever come across is the Home and Garden Spas Hudson Bay Spa. The model has up to 19 jets, which can make your evening more relaxing as you take your evening rest.

It also comes with a 10-foot long GFCI cord that lets you plug it into a standard 110v power source. Another feature I like of this model is the ability to conserve electricity no matter how often you use it.

It is also a durable model thanks to the multi-layer construction that has reinforced fiberglass. The hot tub also provides value for the money and was made to last for years.


  • Cant switch from massage to therapy

Aquarest Spas Elite 600 Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Aquarest Spas normally dont have a lot of jets. However, this model is for 6 people, so it has more than normal amount which is 29 hydrotherapy jets. In addition, it comes with an impact-resistant polyethylene shell. When using this hot tub, users will have full control over the jets. This model is also highly durable, so you can rest assured that it can be used for a long time. Not to mention, the multi-colored cascading waterfall adds to the perfect ambiance for your spa.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Elite 600

  • It has a durable tub design and construction
  • Low maintenance

Cons of The Aquarest Spas

  • Quite difficult to control the temperature
  • Not very powerful jets

Key features:

When choosing the right hot tub for your family, you need to look at the key features that it comes with. The Aquarest Spas Elite 600 reviews provide a few outstanding features associated with this model.

Who is this spa suitable for?

This spa is large and can host up to 6 adults comfortably, therefore, it is perfect for a big family. Besides, it has 6 convenient beverage holders. So you can install it at your vacation property. You will have more ideas to spend time with friends or family once you own this model.

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Futura Spas 8 Person 88 Jet Hot Tub

This is yet another product from Futura Spas, only that this one holds a seating capacity of 8 people. The ergonomic seating offers plenty of space and is designed to accommodate any body shape or size. It is therefore a model that you want to consider if you are planning a relaxing session with your friends and family.

Made in the USA, it is constructed from high quality acrylic materials and it comes with a waterfall. This is unlike other models that use artificial materials. The lighting system is unique and it includes 9-bulb underwater LED lights, 14 perimeter LED lights and LED backlit waterfall.

This model is designed with efficiency in mind owing to the deluxe hard cover and permawood cabinet. Other great specs included are an ozonator, pressurized filtrations and tri-zone therapy that is made possible by the 2 pumps and single valve power plant.

Highlighted Features:

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Q: How Much Does A 5 Person Hot Tub Cost

A: There are different types of hot tubs and each type has different prices. The basic three kinds of 5 person hot tubs are Inflatable hot tubs, Entry-level hot tubs, and Mid-tier hot tubs.

Most inflatable hot tubs cost around $300$1,500. Entry-level hot tubs can cost anything between $1,500$4,000. Mid- Tier Hot tubs are much more expensive at around $4,000$8,000.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Hot Tubs

The 8 Best Hot Tubs Consumer Reports in 2021 Review

People have, for thousands of years, used water as a means of healing therapy. They would flock to hot springs and lay in the warm, relaxing water in an effort to get rid of their various aches and pains. These days, with advancements in technology, the same effects can be got by means of a spa bath. Add to this that you can select your own water temperature and the fact that water jets give you a relaxing massage, then the popularity that hot tubs have enjoyed over the last number of years is not surprising.

  • It helps with your blood sugar
  • It has a positive anti-inflammatory response
  • It improves your blood circulation
  • It helps reduce your blood pressure which is very important for a healthy heart
  • It is a stress reliever
  • It is a pain reliever and reduces the aches associated with sore, tired muscles
  • It helps you to sleep better
  • It is great at alleviated arthritis pain and stiffness

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Master Spa: Best Value

A fantastic hot tub company for people who want a budget spa.

Price range: Entry level luxury | Sizes: 2-8 seats | Energy efficient: Yes

  • Offering many entry and mid-priced hot tubs
  • Unique bio-magnetic therapy
  • Made in U.S.
  • Few customization options
  • Master Spas has a good variety of spas categorized into the entry- and mid-level pricing ranges, making this brand a good value option. The brand has 21 hot tub models, 13 of which fall into the entry- and mid-level pricing ranges.
  • They offer several premium features standard in all models, including waterfalls and a unique bio-magnetic therapy system.
  • This brand also has the best upgrade, *including both UV-C and ozone sanitation) options, a Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth audio. However, the customization choices and shell colors were less extensive than other brands.

Hot Tub Therapy Options

The number of jets in the tub, in addition to the placement and type of hydrotherapy the jets deliver are important features to think about when purchasing a hot tub. Hot tub manufacturers use different techniques to imitate a variety of massage types from deep tissue to light caress.

Some use a combination of water and air, some use high-pressure and others use high-flow jets. If you want a full-body massage, look for a hot tub with lounge seats and leg or feet jets. Some spa models combine hydrotherapy and aromatherapy for a more relaxing experience.

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Coast Hot Tubs Coast Spas

Coast Spas boasts a 24 model hot tub lineup and a 5 model Swim Spa lineup making for a diverse range of options with hot tubs that are all unique in terms of their design and price point! With this many options, youre guaranteed to find a design that is well within your budget and is suited to your desired use as you build your sanctuary.

Coast Spas Specializes in Portable Tubs and Efficient Filtration

This brand prides themselves on the quality of their manufacturing and design, but specializes in portable tubs. In fact, they are the only portable tub on the market with an infinity edge for a clean, beautiful design. Quick to incorporate new technology in the industry, they also implemented a mobile app control and touch screen control panels for efficient maintenance. In addition to the Hydro-Cyclonic pressured filtration, this brand also has a new developing system that filters faster and more efficiently based on tests.

If you do run into trouble, then dont fret! Service is not an issue as they have dealers all over the world.

British Hot Tubs Spencer Hot Tub

âHot Tub: Best Hot Tub (Buying Guide)

Seats 5

WhatSpa? Verdict

British Hot Tubs has brought hot tub design and engineering excellence back to British shores and their lineup of 15 new models has knocked it out of the ballpark in the last 18 months. The new five-seater Spencer has been designed as a hybrid lounge-seater model that can be configured either as a 13-amp plug & play model or hard-wired on a 32-amp electrical supply so that both the hydrotherapy pumps, which power 70 jets, and the heater can run simultaneously. The huge spec defies its price point, which explains why the Spencer has been so popular with British buyers. The Bluetooth® stereo system is an extra bonus!

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Coleman Saluspa Tahiti Airjet: Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Advanced Control

The Coleman SaluSpa Tahiti AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub is a brilliant portable investment, if you want optimal control over your tub all year round. Thats because the temperature of this device can be controlled up to 72 hours in advance.

The Coleman SaluSpa Tahiti also comes with battery-powered LED lighting that can alternate between 7 different colors for up to two hours. After this time, the LED lighting will automatically shut off by itself. The portable investment also comes crafted with a brilliant air jet system to help surround you and your guests with streams of bubbles and soothe achy and tired muscles.

The walls of the Coleman SaluSpa Tahiti AirJet Inflatable hot tub are made from Tritech this means it has three heavy-duty layers of PVC and polyester to ensure its durable and weatherproof. To heat the water up to 104F, you do so by using the digital control panel, which also has built-in cup holders.

Endeavor 6 Person Hot Tub With Ozonator In Mahogany

This is a functional hot tub with a luxurious built. It is spacious enough and loaded with amazing features. This is undoubtedly the best hot tub if youre looking for a large tub for your home.

This tub is spacious, durable, and stylish and is designed to accommodate 6 people who are after a great spa experience. A hydrotherapeutic massage experience is also made possible by the 100 streaming jets that are delivered through 50 stainless steel jets.

Because of its large size, this tub has 2 pumps that can deliver a powerful water massage. A 4kW stainless steel heater is also included to help maintain an ideal water temperature.

This unit is stylish and is designed with acrylic material which is extremely durable. Other great features include an Ozonator, waterfall, and UV-resistant cabinets.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra installation cost. You will need an electrician.
  • High energy consumption


Overall, we believe that the pros of this product outweigh the cons. In fact, this outdoor hot tub works well for its value. Because of this, you can get your moneys worth with every use.

Who is this product for?

Do you love hosting parties in your backyard? Or do you just love lounging in a hot tub while enjoying your favorite beverage? If so, the Sol 72 Outdoor Abramsons Hot Tub can suit your needs, no matter the partys size.

Sol 72 Outdoor Abramsons Hot Tub Key Features

Customer Reviews

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How To Choose Hot Tub Size And Features

Consumers looking solely to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub at home will likely be satisfied with a two- or four-person hot tub. If you plan to enjoy your spa with friends, children, grandchildren or other family members, you will need to upgrade to a larger model. Soaking in several hot tubs to determine comfort and ease-of-use is very important before you buy.

If you are interested in using your hot tub for exercise in addition to relaxation, consider a larger swim spa. A swim spa is a hot tub which has a larger center basin in addition to jet seats and uses the hot tub jets to create a water current for continuously swimming in place. Swimming and resistance hydrotherapy are excellent forms of exercise for individuals with arthritis, injuries, or chronic pain. These tubs require more spacea minimum of 10 by 8 feet for the smallest swim spas. For a smaller area, consider an exercise spa that provides resistance for low-impact standing exercises with the benefits of water therapy jetted seats.


Jet number and placement is another consideration. The overall number of jets is less important than how the jets feel and how they fit your body for the relaxation and relief you need. Be sure you can be seated comfortably in the tub. Lounge seats may look appealing, but once you get into the tub, buoyancy makes it challenging to stay in these seats.

Clean The Inside And Outside

Best Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews 2021 &  Consumer Reports
  • Water care is important if you want to keep your hot tub clean so that you dont soak in dirty water.
  • Not only do you want to keep the water clean, but you want to ensure your shell is clean and that your filters are clean.
  • You should drain and clean your hot tub about every three to four months for average use. If you use your spa more often, you might want to clean it more often.
  • Check for waterline scum and debris often, and make sure you keep it clean. You dont want buildup on your seats.
  • When it comes to your cartridge filters, you can choose one of three methods. You can rinse, spray and/or soak.
  • Dont forget to spray the outside of your hot tub to keep it clean, too.

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Vita Spas And Hot Tubs Vita Spas

Vita Spa brand is owned by Maax spas. Therefore, it shares some of the same technology and manufacturing processes. This line of tubs is marketed as a lifestyle option and focuses on massage tubs and exercise/swim tubs, making it a perfect fit if youre looking to use your spa for wellness benefits. In total, Vita has 9 Swim Spa models and 21 hot tub models.

Vita Spas Encourages Physical Wellness

Specifically tailored to the physical wellness use, the x series tubs are built to accommodate a variety of resistance-based exercise attachments. The swim tubs use what they call the xStream Force Jet Propulsion System. This system is meant to reduce the amount of turbulence produced by the swim jets. Vita also has numerous jetting arrangements to give you a great hydro-therapeutic spa. With plenty of options, there is a very good chance you will find a model from this brand that works for your family and budget!

In addition, Vita Swim Spas and Hot Tubs are built with a solid metal frame and use a composite wood decking material so it is always maintenance free. The Maax-manufactured Vita Spa has a fairly large dealer network, ensuring that servicing and parts are available and easy to come by. The top side of the Vita spa offers all the information needed and supplies error codes as needed for any repairs or service.

Choosing Your Hot Tub: Size Features Brands And Costs

I asked Carmona and Prisco how they match a prospective customer with a hot tub that meets their needs. And they gave similar answers: They start by asking a series of questions becauseintending no insultmost people dont have a clue as to what they want and need when they come into the store, Carmona said. Thinking like a hot tub dealerasking yourself the questions theyll be asking you, before you begin shoppingwill make you a smarter customer. And this can help you narrow down your choice more quickly.

How many people will be using the hot tub, and is it for grownup relaxation or family playtime?

Do you want the spa to fit four people, or six, or more? Prisco asks. And do you want to fit six people comfortably, or close to each other? In my area , people tend to be more family-oriented, so they always get something that would hold six people. There are a lot of instances where, say, a couple gets a hot tub thats only big enough for another couple, so a four-seater. But again, usually what I hear is family, so two parents, two kids, and maybe one day the kids have a couple friends over. The family-oriented spas leave a little more room, cause the kids want to jump around a bit.

Where will the hot tub be placed?

What optional features interest you ?

Brands you may run into

HotSpring stands out for its saltwater system , which requires less balancing of disinfectant chemicals and produces lower overall chlorine levels.

What about maintenance and warranties?

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Coleman & Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub

I wouldnt recommend this brand for a variety of reasons. The hot tub will take roughly a day to heat up. Now all inflatable hot tubs take a while to heat up. But Coleman, based on reviews, seems to take longer than Intex.

The jets are also weak, even for an inflatable hot tub. Lets look at customer reviews.

The brand got a rating of 2 out of 5 on Home Depot.

The review from January 2020 stated that the spa didnt last long. The pump stopped working first then the temperature gauge displayed a CO2 error message before it stopped working. The reviewer said this was only after a couple of months.

The brand is rated 3.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

Out of the 474 reviews, 214 were from dissatisfied customers. The complaints were very similar. The hot tub worked well for a few weeks before there were issues with the pump and circuit board. Some reviewers said that Coleman/Bestway replaced the pumps several times before the warranty was up, but they all malfunctioned.

Sundance Spas Hot Tubs Review: Models And Choice

5 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs You Can Buy In 2022
  • 26 models, with a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Models to fit up to seven people

Across its four product lines, Sundance Spas has 26 total hot tub models. The 680 series includes seven entry-level and mid-level hot tubs that range from a triangular two-seat model to a square spa that seats up to seven. For a larger variety, have a read of our Cal Spas Hot Tubs review . Sundance spas are described as plug-and-play, meaning they work with a standard 120v outlet.

The other options are the 780, 880, and 980 lines, with the price and quality of the products increasing with each step up. The higher-quality model lines come with more features and options for customization options like shell color, as well as more jets and seat types.

The 980 series includes four tubs that seat five to size or six to seven people, all of which are in the luxury price category. These spas feature a lounge deck for additional seating outside of the tub as well as a built-in cooler and touchscreen control panel.

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