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Best Hot Tubs For Cold Climates 2021

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The Winner Is The Aquajets 5

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Cold Weather || Best 5 Hot Tubs On Amazon âââ

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The right hot tub offers year-round outdoor relaxation right in your own backyard. We researched dozens of models, evaluating them on durability, installation, value, and range of features.

Our best overall pick is the Aquajets 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, which has plenty of seating, is easy to set up, and offers a top-notch filtration system.

Here are the best hot tubs.

Checking The Brand Before Buying

Compared to 2017 and 2018, users in recent years tend to be more demanding. That is why it is important to consider the brand of the best hot tubs for cold climates.

A lot of customers do not know this, but the brand you buy makes all the difference. Even if you buy from a trusted store, it is still essential to check the brand before you buy. Avoid buying poor-quality products or counterfeit products of famous brands. After the test, you may be surprised by what you find.

The brand is the institute that gets accredited by selling its products to a certain set of standards. These can be made by either statutory authorities or private organizations. Brands are trusted, but they cannot be completely relied upon because of variations between brands and other brands. You need to check if you should even buy an inferior product for less money or whether you should pay more money to get a better product.

Check out its authenticity! Always remember that replica goods are not considered original no matter how high the quality may be! So before buying anything online, always make sure that it is made either in Italy or France .

Lifesmart Spas Simplicity Best 4 Person Hot Tubs For Cold Climates 2021

The dream of getting relaxed after tedious working hours is now turning into reality.

You can even have some intimate moments and a fun time with your kids if you bring home one of the best hot tubs for cold climates, and this is none other than this stylish and efficient plug and play hot tub by LifeSmart.

The impressive LED lights in varying colors, give a refreshing look to the tub.

The plug and play feature in the hot tub makes it a perfect accessory to use for both indoor and outdoor activities.

The comfortable bucket seats allow 4 people to get settled easily. It classifies this as the best 2 to 4 person hot tub for cold climates.

The ASTM approved covers and lock make it a safe place for kids even when you are not physically around.

You can now adjust the temperature and the lights with an easy to use the digital operating system.

  • best 2 people hot tub for cold climates but not spacious for 4 people as mentioned.
  • Jets are not as powerful as expected

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Coleman Saluspa Hawaii: Best Square Inflatable Hot Tub

While the Coleman 90454 SaluSpa Hawaii Square Inflatable Hot Tub is smaller in size than other inflatable hot tubs we looked at, its unique square shape offers extra seating space. It can comfortably seat a family of four, with room for stretching your legs out too.

This inflatable tub comes with an impressive 114 bubble jets and a cushioned floor. It has vertical interior vinyl panels to give it support and prevent sagging over time. It only weighs 73 pounds, making it quite portable before you inflate it compared to larger tubs.

When you buy this tub online, it comes with one pool liner, a pool cover, spa pump, chemical floater, and two filter cartridges. The digital control panel is within easy reach and the heater raises the temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With a cord which is only 12 foot long, you may need to consider carefully the location you have in mind. However, its powerful jets and sturdy construction make the Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii a worthwhile investment.

Marquis Spas Marquis Spas

Best Hot Tubs For Cold Climates 2021 Reviews

Highly rated Marquis Spas makes both hot tubs and swim spas. As one of the best hot tub brands due to their reputation for quality and craftsmanship, they have a stated dedication to the therapeutic aspects of hot tubbing and maintain a function over form mentality.

I dont In addition, Marquis Spas philosophy of hydrotherapy is that its essential to look beyond just the strength of the jets, and consider the combination of factors including jet strength, temperature, and friction. Jet control is more important than sheer jet strength. Reviews and owner testimonials indicate that they know what they are talking about!

Lastly, Marquis Spas can be easily serviced and repaired with dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Marquis uses its topside control error codes to indicate if there are any issues with the spa or hot tub that need to be serviced or replaced perfect for new spa owners.

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Inflatable Hot Tub Size And Capacity

Youll need to think about how many people will regularly use your inflatable hot tub spa, as this will determine the size of hot tub you need.

A word of warning though. As we mentioned, dont be misled by how many people the hot tub company says will fit in their hot tub. Thats because they are talking about the number of people who can sit in the tub, all close together.

Thats why youll see a difference in the number of people we say can fit in a hot tub. We give the capacity for how many adults can lie in the tub, stretched out with their shoulders covered by the hot water. We believe this is what most people think of when they envisage being in a hot tub and how most people actually use their spa!

When you look at the dimensions of any inflatable hot tub, there are three measurements you need to think about:

  • the outer dimensions
1,597 lbs

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What do toilet paper, hand sanitizer, lumber and hot tubs all have in common? Hot tubs have been included on the list of sought-after items that have seen shortages during the pandemic. Though your policyholders are hoping to extend their outdoor fun throughout the cooler months, the increase in hot tub ownership could also lead to more related claims particularly in the winter months.

Freezing was the third most common cause of loss, following high voltage surge and wear and tear, for hot tub equipment that StrikeCheck evaluated in 2020. And if January and Februarys colder weather is any indication, more freezing temperatures are likely on the horizon.

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Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set By Intex

Inflatable hot tubs generally do not come with many accessories. In most cases, what you see is what you get, save for jet controls. The PureSpa Plus, by Intex, is one of the very few to contain tangible accessories you can attach to the side of the tub. It contains a headrest which provides much-needed neck support.

Carrying the PureSpa Plus around is also very easy. It contains a carry bag, making it incredibly convenient to take it wherever you go. Because it is so easy to carry, the PureSpa Plus leaves a bit to be desired in a couple of categories.

The first of these is jet capacity. The PureSpa Plus does contain jets, but they are not very strong. The PureSpa Plus is also a little smaller than other inflatable hot tubs> The measuring is at a little under 60 inches in diameter.

Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs

â Best Inflatable Hot Tub Amazon In 2022 ⨠Top 5 Tested & Buying Guide

Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Jet Spa

If aesthetics are your thing, this large inflatable hot tub comes in a lovely gray wood finish and has everything youll need for an easy setup: an insulated cover, a filter, a hard water system, LED lights, two headrests, an inflation hose and even a bag to help store it all.

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Coast Hot Tubs Coast Spas

Coast Spas boasts a 24 model hot tub lineup and a 5 model Swim Spa lineup making for a diverse range of options with hot tubs that are all unique in terms of their design and price point! With this many options, youre guaranteed to find a design that is well within your budget and is suited to your desired use as you build your sanctuary.

Coast Spas Specializes in Portable Tubs and Efficient Filtration

This brand prides themselves on the quality of their manufacturing and design, but specializes in portable tubs. In fact, they are the only portable tub on the market with an infinity edge for a clean, beautiful design. Quick to incorporate new technology in the industry, they also implemented a mobile app control and touch screen control panels for efficient maintenance. In addition to the Hydro-Cyclonic pressured filtration, this brand also has a new developing system that filters faster and more efficiently based on tests.

If you do run into trouble, then dont fret! Service is not an issue as they have dealers all over the world.

Bestway Saluspa Miami Airjet: Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Two To Four People

The Bestway SaluSpa Miami Airjet inflatable hot tub is an affordable tub with nice features, the best of which being the ability to program a timer to change the temperature in advance. That means no more waiting around for your tub to get to optimum temperature instead, enjoy slipping into the relaxing waters at the exact time you planned.

This model is definitely on the smaller side as inflatable hot tubs go, capable of fitting up to four people, though theres bound to be more legroom if its just the two of you. That means that this is an affordable option for any families who want the tub experience without the hassle.

Its also good to know that this model comes with a filtration system built-in to the multi-function pump, so that your skin wont be irritated by anything nasty. It also works to help circulate chlorine, and keep your new oasis in excellent condition.

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Select 300 Dual Person 20

This model makes sense if you dont have a family or only need a hot tub for yourself a one other person. The Select 300 is ideal for two people, nor does it cost a small fortune to operate.

The model features 20 jets that provide lumbar support for your lower back. A filtration system keeps its 160 gallons of water fresh and clean. And like the other plug n play models featured, other benefits include LED lights that project a waterfall in nine different colors.

Pdc Spas: Best Hot Tubs With A Large Capacity

Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Cold Weather in 2021 Reviews  CAM Math

PDC Spas has a great selection of hot tub and spa combos, but it also creates some of the best hot tubs with a large capacity that we have reviewed. There’s 16 hot tubs in total. The company has two three-person hot tubs, and it has eight models which fit either six or seven people. Each of these hot tubs come with different features and star in a different range of PDC’s hot tub series.

There’s three ranges of hot tubs to choose from. The LifeStyle Series is the most affordable of the group, with the Premium Series bridging the gap to the most premium Luxury Series. These tubs come with a 35-year warranty, but the LifeStyle hot tubs get a comparably weaker 10-year coverage.

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Intex 77 Purespa Bubble 28403e: Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Value

The Intex 77 PureSpa Bubble 28403E has heavy-duty construction and a good selection of accessories at a very reasonable price. The Fiber-Tech construction combines reinforced laminated PVC with a layer of fibrous material. The tub holds 210 gallons of water and can support four adults at a time.

The thermal ground cloth this inflatable spa comes with protects the bottom of the tub while adding a layer of insulation. The fitted cover has child-protected safety locks and a foil lining to help retain heat. It has a combination pump and heater that circulates water first through a built-in water softener then a water filter. This is an uncommon feature for an inflatable hot tub.

Using the digital controls on the heater, you can set the temperature to anywhere between 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You also activate the 120 jets using the digital readout. The jets are powered by the same air pump you use to inflate the tub. An included air pressure gauge helps you inflate the tub to just the right level, and a specialized wrench is included to tighten the valve when needed.

Best Budget: Coleman Saluspa Miami 4


  • Includes plenty of jets and seating

  • Not good for cold temps

  • More fragile exterior

Want the relaxation of a hot tub without the cost and permanent installation? An inflatable hot tub is a great solution and the Coleman SaluSpa Miami model is our top recommendation for the cost. It is great for your budget and you can save even more if you are flexible on the plastic shell color. It has jets, enough space for four people, and comes with a cover to keep everything ready for use at a moments notice. All you have to do is plug it in and enjoy.

The exterior is made of heavy-duty plastic so you should take extra care, especially when storing it, to be sure that it isnt punctured. It also has limited use in cold temperatures and should only be used when the outside temperature is above 39 degrees Fahrenheit. But considering the price and features, this is the perfect budget option.

Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 26 inches | Shape:Round | Voltage: Not Listed | Water Capacity:177 gallons | Number of Jets: 120

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Jacuzzi Review: Jets And Seats

Jacuzzi hot tubs use a mix of 12 PowerPro jet types with Aquilibrium, Jacuzzis proprietary term for the unique mix of air and water used in jets to create a relaxing hydromassage. The spa company has a few massage seat styles dedicated to targeting specific issues. The MX2 jet therapy seat provides a deep tissue massage whereas the RX jet therapy seat uses high-pressure jets on the back and shoulders. Certain jet types are limited to specific hot tub models or lines, but both upright and lounge seats are available across price ranges and sizes.

Cal Spas: Best Hot Tub Company For The Biggest Range

Top 5 best Plug in and Play Hot Tubs in 2020

If youre looking for range, Cal Spas has the largest number of hot tub models of manufactures in this guide. In total, the manufacturer has 51 hot tub models each of which come with several colors to choose from. These also come in a range of shapes, including oval options, triangle-shaped styles and the more traditional square-shaped designs.

Cal Spas also come with plenty of upgrade options too, so you can tailor your tub to your exact style, taste and needs. But while this means there is a Cal Spas hot tub for every home, this means it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding your dream tub. If youre searching for a Cal Spas hot tub online, its hard to directly compare models without speaking to a representative.

So what makes Cal Spas stand out? Out of all the other hot tub companies we researched, this US-based brand is the only manufacturer that offers a saltwater hot tub sanitation option, along with UV-C and ozone options. Other stand-out features include a special hydrotherapy system called the Fountain of Youth.

This feature creates tiny bubbles to increase the amount of oxygen in the water, giving it a silkier feel and encouraging cell and collagen regeneration hence its name. While another selling point exclusive to Cal Spas is its Adjustable Therapy seat. This lets you adjust your hydrotherapy by controlling the power and type of jet blast.

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The Inflatable Hot Tub Motor And Heater

The Spa-N-A-Box motor, designed to work in sub-zero temperatures.

In order for your hot tub to be able to work in freezing and sub-freezing temperatures, its vital that the heater and the motor that operates the air jets will both run at the same time.

The key here is that the water must flow continuously through the motor system at all times and remain hot. If it doesnt, then as soon as the water settles in the pump, or the water starts to cool too much, it will freeze.

So if the heater has to turn off, to let the air jets work, then the water will freeze in the heater, and will end up breaking the motor when you turn the heater back on.

Therefore, keeping the water and the heater hot at all times is key to using your hot tub in severe temperatures.

In most models that are designed for summer, when you turn on the air jets the heater system turns off. Thats the danger time, when the water can freeze, and why you should never use one of those models below 40F.

Its also vital that the water heater can be run continuously without cutting out. In this way, the heater will maintain its own heat as it does the work, stopping it from freezing up and being destroyed.

Unfortunately, the inflatable hot tubs that dont make our table all have automatic cut outs which turn off the heater. Thats another reason why you mustnt use them outdoors in winter.

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