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What Is An Intex Pool

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How To Clean Your Intex Pool

Intex Pool 5 Years Later Was It Worth it?

People. Debris. Rain. Critters. It might seem like everyone, and everything, wants to take a dip in your pool. And while youve probably invited at least some of them to join you for a dip, they bring with them assorted bits and bobs that can ruin your swim.

Leaves, sand, dirt, and other visible debris are not only unsightly, but can clog your filter system and throw your water chemistry out of whack.

The same is true for the lotions and potions swimmers can bring into the water, from soap and perfume to sweat, dead skin, and, er, other bodily fluids.

Just like you, your pools at its best with a regular daily cleaning. Our motto is simple. On the whole, cleaning the pool is good for the soul. Or at least the pool.

Use a skimmer to remove visible debris every day. If your pool isnt seeing much use, or you somehow have the one pool on earth that doesnt attract leaves from five counties away, you can probably get away with brushing and vacuuming every other day. But if its party central for you and the trees, brush and vacuum daily.

Make sure you use a pool brush with nylon bristles only. The vinyl liner needs a gentle touch and might tear or scratch if you use a stainless steel pool brush.

Intex makes a filter-line vacuum unit thats designed for their pools. Simply attach it to your system, and youll be ready to suck away sediment and other debris.

Here Are Some Of The Factors Which One Must Consider Before Concluding A Right Pool For Them:

Budget is vital:

Before concluding any pool, it is important to set your budgets. There are various types of pools available in the market with different features and facilities and each of them cost to its owner. Choosing an ideal pool which does not fit to your budget does not make a sense.

However, if your budget allows, then always invest in a high-quality pool with some additional amenities which can escalate your overall experience. Economy, high end and mid-range above ground pools are available in each category with abundant options.

Size, quality of the material used, and included accessories are the prime reasons which lead to the major price differentials.

What is your location?

Unlike in-ground pools, you always have an option to drag above-ground pools from one place to another. But it is important that you decide the original location of your pool to determine the exact size and type of the pool which can be fixed in.

It is important to always leave a gap between the pool and the obstacles around to ensure the smooth functioning of the pool. It is perfect if the surface you choose is even. A surface with tree roots, dry wells or septic tanks may cause damage to your pool and hinder its proper functioning.

Always ensure a gap which allows employing the accessories provided along the pool for its proper and hassle-free functioning.

Measure your space to eliminate guesses:

The shape of the pool and its height:

Type of the pools:

The user of the pool:

Clean And Prepare To Drain Your Pool

You would prefer not to obstruct your lines with stray trash, so help yourself out and altogether clean your water and vacuum the sides and lower part of your pool.

Your city or province may have explicit directions for discarding pool water. Continuously check before you drain to ensure you dont disregard any neighborhood laws or inadvertently hurt the climate or your own property by depleting down a tempest drain into your yard.

NOTE: Before you begin draining your pool, separate it from all power supplies.

In the event that you have a skimmer, stepping stools, or any appended extras in the pool, eliminate them. Perfectly dry the parts prior to storing them in a spotless, dry zone for the colder time of year.

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Intex Pool Level Tolerance

Intex pools or any above ground pools should only be used on level ground as much as possible.

However, Intex and other pool manufacturers give their customers some leeway when it comes to setting up their above ground pools on unlevel surfaces.

You may set your Intex pool on a sloping yard as long as it does not make your Intex pool unlevel by more than 2 inches. Of course, having this lower than 2 inches is still a much better option. Intex pool materials are strengthened to support a slight slope on your above ground pool.

If it is more than 2 inches, you need to do some precautionary measures as this makes your pool vulnerable to damage. We draw the line at 3 inches, if its three inches or more, we highly advise you to try and level your Intex pool first.

Intex Pool Reviews & Best Buying Guide 2021

Large Intex Above Ground Pool for sale in AliExpress ...

If you are like many families this year, you are hoping to add extra enjoyment and family time in your backyard! One of the most popular ways to add relaxation and fun to your backyard is by adding a swimming pool. Unfortunately, adding a pool can also be very expensive!

Intex pools have made pool ownership within reach for those without unlimited budgets!

If you are considering giving the gift of a backyard pool for your family this year, then read our Intex Pool reviews for our suggestions when considering an Intex pool. You and your family can be poolside with fun & games in no time!

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Summer Waves Quick Set Vs Intex Easy Set

Both Summer Waves and Intex offer easy to set up inflatable above ground pools.

For Intex, its their Easy Set pools.

For Summer Waves, its their Quick Set Pools that comes in two different colors: blue and brown.

These two are almost identical with their top inflatable rings and almost the same shade of blue. If its not because of their label on the pools sides, you can easily be mistaken telling which one is an Intex pool and which one comes from Summer Waves.

Both pools come with a handy filter pump and are constructed with durable PVC for its pool liners.

What Summer Waves Love

Intex Pool Care: How To Maintain An Intex Above Ground Pool

  • |March 22, 2021

Theres an endless amount of information on how to properly take care of a traditional inground swimming pool, be it concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner.

When it comes to above ground pools, however, Intex pools are where its at. Theyve long been the go-to above ground pool due to their ease of use, excellent quality, and low cost.

But how does Intex pool care differ from maintaining a traditional inground or above ground pool?

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Associate The Drain Connector To The Drain Valve

Eliminate the cap from the channel valve, however, dont join the channel connector and hose at this time. Do one final check to ensure your hose is in the appropriate depleting position on the grounds that the pool will begin to deplete the subsequent you join the connector.

At the point when youre certain that everything is set, drive the channel connector into the valve. It will disturb the internal channel plug, and the water will start to stream. Fix the connector to the valve to guarantee it doesnt come free while draining.

Ground Pools Review For Intex Sand Filter Pump

Intex Easy Set Pool Unboxing Installation and Cleaning

Intex Krystal Clear can fit your above-ground pool. For one, its performance is unbeatable. The instrumentation will filter, soften, and clean pool water to create your swimming events gratifying.

Also, its services guarantee a healthy swimming session within the hot summers. It options sand filters that facilitate the filtering of water effectively.

Equally necessary, the unit comes with a 6-function valve that allows backwashing, filtration, recirculation, rinsing, and debilitating of the system. One feature is that the 24-hour intrinsic timer during this system that produces it convenient to keep up and use.

The filter basket, on the opposite hand, provides hassle-free improvement. It will also prolong the sands years of use. Well, you will only replace the sand once in 5 years.

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Buying Guide For Best Intex Pools

You dont have to be a kid to enjoy cooling off in a pool on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, the cost of building an in-ground pool is just too great for many homeowners. Thats why aboveground pools are such a popular alternative, and its difficult to top Intex pools when it comes to affordable aboveground pools that are easy to install.

Intex offers a wide variety of pools to choose from, so it can be tough to find the right option for your yard. You have to decide on the right type, size, accessories, and other features to make sure your family gets the most out of your pool, and with the number of options that Intex provides, its easy to get overwhelmed.

If youre looking to buy an Intex pool, check out our top recommendations. If you want some general tips on how to choose an Intex pool, keep reading our shopping guide.


How Big Is An Intex Metal Frame Pool

This metal frame pool comes with a very high customer satisfaction rating than any other in the market, thanks to the solid build that also has tough PVC liners. It comes with a high quality Krystal clear filter pump and measures 12 feet in diameter offering enough room for a whole family. The pool is easy to assemble and very durable.

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Can I Put My Intex Pool On The Driveway Or Concrete Patio

YES. As long as your driveway or patio is level, this is a great place for an Intex Pool. If you do choose to put your Intex Pool on your driveway or patio, then we highly recommend the We Sell Mats interlocking foam floor tiles mentioned above as a way to provide cushioning for the bottom of the pool.

Dispose Of The Filter Cartridge

58449 INTEX Wild Geometry Pool (66"  x 15" )

Since theyre inconceivably moderate, its truly not worth the push to clean and reuse your Intex pool channels. Simply ensure you have alternatives for next season.

If youd prefer to do your part for the climate and get however much use out of that cartridge as could be expected, you can utilize channel cleaner on it. However, when you cant get it completely clean any longer, its an ideal opportunity to supplant.

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Intex Metal Frame Pools

Intexs Metal Frame is a thick liner supported by strong, durable steel frames. The steel frames are powder coated to prevent rust for extra protection. A reinforcement band surrounds the entire pool to keep the steel frame stable and in place. Pool assembly takes approximately 45 minutes to be ready to fill with water. All metal frame pool sets include a 110-120 Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump to help you with the pool maintenance and ensure that you have clean pool water. This pool also has a ground fault interrupter to prevent the risk of electric shock. If the current becomes exposed to water, the electricity is automatically shut off. The larger pool sizes also include a pool ladder, ground cover, and debris cover. This pool comes in 10 ft up to 18 ft diameter sizes.

Metal Frame Pools are best for: Budget shoppers who want something more stable than the Easy Set pool.

Who Is This Pool For

  • Families of all shapes and sizes

These pools range from smaller, shallower pools for young children up to large rectangular pools that will accommodate the whole family plus some friends.

  • Any homeowner

These pools are great for people with small yards, large yards, or anywhere in between. They cost between $100 to $800, depending on the size you need. These pools can fit almost any size yard or budget.

  • Pool newbies or veterans

The Prism Frame Pools are an excellent choice for anyone. The smaller ones require almost no maintenance, allowing those whove never had a pool to try one on for size. Many veterans dont mind the upkeep thats necessary for the larger ones, since they already know what theyre doing.

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Order & Delivery Updates

Due to high demand, our Call / Support Center is experiencing a 12 day delay in responding to emails submitted through the website Contact Us page.

The Intex® warehouse does not accept any returns or allow pick ups by individuals. The Intex® warehouse is a high volume commercial warehouse that is not safe for visitors. Only commercial carriers are allowed to access the facility.

Online fraud is greater than ever. for helpful shopping tips.

Check out our currently available above ground pools in the featured products section below. We are currently working on bringing in more inventory, so please check back later.

Interlocking Foam Tiles Our Favorite

Can You Leave a Intex Pool Up During the Winter?

This is a good way to add a decent amount of padding under your pool bottom. Without lots of padding, you can feel every texture of the ground under your feet in the pool. This bothers some people and foam padding feels great under the pool. It also makes cleaning the bottom of your pool using an Intex pool vacuum much easier since you have a more uniform surface without dips and divots for the dirt to get trapped.

Pro Tip: A common question is whether your pool legs should rest directly on the foam tiles. The answer is NO. Your pool legs should rest on wood blocks or concrete pavers that are set level with the foam pads. This avoids undue stress on the liner.

You simply need to calculate how many squares you need for your pool. Here are some quick calculations using 2×2 foam tiles.

  • 10 diameter pool = 35 Tiles
  • 15 diameter pool = 60 Tiles
  • 18 diameter pool = 80 Tiles
  • 20 diameter pool = 115 Tiles
  • 24 diameter pool = 145 Tiles

What Real World Users Say

we put it on a concrete slab with only a tarp and regretted it

I put down a tarp and the pool but I could feel little clumps of dirt that were hard enough to feel like rocks. So then I put down the interlocking gym pads and a tarp on top. Im glad I did. When I walk around in the pool its nice and cushiony.

So far ours have held up really well. Tape them together with the wide black gorilla tape

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What Is The Biggest Intex Pool

The biggest among all Intex pool sets is the rectangular Ultra XTR Frame Pool set that has a water capacity of 14,364 gallons. It has a depth of 52 inches and measures 32 feet on its long sides and 16 feet on its shorter sides.

The pool set comes with the Krystal Clear Filter Pump, removable ladder, pool liner, debris cover, and ground cloth.

Intex Pool Leaning Fix

Theres a higher chance that your Intex pool wont last long if its clearly leaning on one side. Since this can cause stress on both your pool liner and your frame legs if you have any.

For framed Intex pools that are leaning on one side, you may use a rachet rope to keep your pools frame legs in place. If its being caused by an uneven ground surface, you may put a leveling block under your above ground pools steel frame/s to level your pool.

For inflatable Intex pools that are leaning, you may have to level the ground first. Since it would be impossible to use a rachet rope around your Intex Easy Set pool. We highly recommend leveling the ground first and using interlocking foam tiles to add protection for your pool liner.

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Intex Pool Care: 7 Tips

  • Keep a weekly maintenance schedule and try not to miss it. This should include balancing the water chemistry, removing debris, and vacuuming out the bottom.
  • Cover your Intex pool when its not being used. A pool cover can go a long way toward keeping your water warm and clean.
  • Always use a garden hose filter when filling your pool. We touched on this earlier, but its worth mentioning again. It can keep you from having to use as many chemicals to keep things balanced.
  • Keep an eye out for dead algae.These blooms are sometimes too small to make it to the filter so they sink to the bottom. If youre not able to vacuum it all out, try a flocculant that will bind all the small particles together, making them easier to remove.
  • Even pools in warmer climates can get a little too cold to jump right into. Heating it the right way can make swimming a much more enjoyable experience. There are several ways to do this. One is using a solar cover or blanket that absorbs the suns rays and radiates warmth through the water. Another is to purchase a heat pump or pool heater for above ground pools. These can be solar, gas, or electric.
  • Run your pool pump for 10-12 hours a day every day that you can. This will keep the water circulating, distributing the chemicals, and filtering out the gunk.
  • Replace the filter at least once a year if you have a cartridge system. And clean it off every couple of months with a hose.
  • Do You Have To Have Tools To Put Up Intex Pool

    Intex 10

    Some people noted that the instructions did not state that these frames have to be put on hard surfaces like concrete and wood. You do not have to find tools to put this pool up because you will get them in the set. For the deluxe set, children and adults can enjoy its add-ons. It is a decorative piece in your front lawn or back yard.

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