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How Much Are Solar Heaters For Pools

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What Type Of Pool Do You Have

How to Buy The Best SOLAR POOL HEATER | Swim University

Above ground swimming pools and in ground pools tend to use different solar collectors. The above ground pool solar panel heater can be easily installed next to your pool or even next to the pump, while this is not the case for in ground swimming pool solar collectors.

The above ground swimming pools tend to have some unused space around the pool that is perfect for installing several above ground pool solar collectors right next to the walls of the pool. In some cases, you can even install these above ground pool solar heater systems between pool ladders, especially since you can move the collector with the adjustable and foldable legs. This is not the case for in ground swimming pools.

Owners of in ground swimming pools usually want to be able to walk all the way around their pools without any interference. This is why inground pools tend to have solar collectors installed at the roof that get heat from solar radiation in order to make in ground pools warm.

Additional Cost Of Solar Pool Heater

Another aspect of solar heaters is that you need electricity to pump water into rooftop solar pool heater. This means your utility bill will rise if your home is not already fully solar powered.

I know youre thinking, whats the point then? Well, the rise in your electricity is far less than it would cost to heat your pool with gas. With solar you pay the one time installation cost and then the cost of running a pump is the only expense for the next 20 years . With a gas heater, youre paying an installation cost and $300-$500 / month in heating bills…forever.

What To Look For In Above Ground Heaters

Now that youve got a better idea of the benefits of above ground heaters, the next thing to consider is what you should look for when purchasing one. There are three different types of solar panels that can help with collecting energy solid solar panels, individual solar panels, and glazed and unglazed solar panels.

Solid solar panels are similar to the panels you have in traditional solar power systems. Theyre usually able to harvest the most energy when the angle of the board is perpendicular to the suns rays generally around noon. Hence, solid solar panels typically provide optimum performance at noon, with their performance diminishing throughout the day. Solid solar panels also run the risk of being blown away by the wind, so youll need to install additional security straps.

With individual solar tube panels, these have several tubes that are arranged side by side. Theyre much sturdier than individual solar panels in that regard and run less of a risk of being blown away. Its also a more efficient energy collector than some of the other panels as each of the individual tubes can absorb heat.

With the panel above, they can also be glazed and unglazed. Glazed solar panels are usually ideal for those living in colder temperatures, while unglazed solar panels are better for those living in warmer climates.

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How To Select The Right Solar Water Heater

Each type of solar water heating system works best in different environments.

  • Direct systems work best in areas that dont often see temperatures below freezing. In cold climates, indirect active systems are more resistant to freezing damage.
  • Want your solar heating system to do double duty? Invest in an indirect circulating system. The heating fluid can be redirected to heat your swimming pool or spa in between working to supply your home with heated water.
  • Families that use more warm water during daylight hours benefit from integral passive systems. By producing multiple small batches of warmed water, family members wont have to worry about having enough hot water for morning showers.
  • Have more roof than ground space? A thermosyphon solar water heater fits on your roof, which leaves you more space in your living area.
  • Integral collector storage systems can weigh over 400 pounds, so you have to make sure your roof can support the weight of a heavy water tank.

You also have to consider how much sunlight your property receives, how much hot water you use on a daily basis, and your budget.

When shopping for solar water heater options, look for ratings from the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation . SRCC ratings allow you to easily compare different brands and models using expert third-party data.

Find the best solar installer in your area

Solarpoolsupply Diy Solar Pool Heater System Kit

National Solar Standard Released

Guaranteed to heat your pool for years, this SolarPoolSupply Solar Pool Heater System is one of the best solar pool heaters weve reviewed here. This is a great choice for pool owners looking for a premium solar panel to keep their pool water warm. Its made from precompounded polypropylene with synergistic antioxidants to withstand the suns harsh UV lights.

These solar panels undergo more than 40 quality control inspections before theyre sold in the open market. Installation of this solar heating system is fairly simple and easy to do since it uses rubber coupling and metal hose clamps to make connections which offer more wiggle room during initial setup than the propriety clamp style solar heating systems.

Each solar panel kit contains the necessary tools and parts needed to install this pool heater on your roof and connect it to your inground pool. Depending on your pools location from your roof, you might need to get additional water pipes or rubber hoses.

Solar panels for this system comes in size of 4×8 feet, 4×10 feet, and 4×12 feet. Depending on your preferred solar panel surface area, you can choose between sets of 128 square feet up to 480 square feet.

This inground pool solar heater comes with a 5-year full warranty.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install

Theres a number of factors on which installation cost depends. The size of your pool, solar heating unit purchased and manpower required to install a system.

Since different companies install the solar pool heating systems, we cant give you a hard number here. The best advice for pricing out the installation cost of your pool heater is to call around and get at least 5 quotes. Then use the one with the best combination of pricing, customer service, and reviews.

It may cost more if theres additional work required such as a very large pool, sharp angled roof, or other unique circumstances. But this information should be gathered by the businesses when theyre building your quote.

How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work

Unlike most pool heaters, solar heaters consist of two pieces: a pump, which circulates the water, and the solar heater, made up of solar reflective material and tubing. The pump pushes the water to the tubing, which is either below solar glazed panels or fixed through an unglazed solar material. The water circulates slowly, warmed by the heater, then is pumped back to the pool. This process does not heat the pool quickly or all at once, but, over time, raises the temperature up to 7º on average.

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Traditional Thermal Solar Panels

This is the most cost-effective solution.

A thermal solar panel uses solar energy to increase the temperature of swimming pool water. The thermal panel absorbs solar radiation and converts it into heat, then transfers that heat into the water in the pool. In this system, the thermal panel acts as a solar swimming pool heater.

These panels use renewable, unlimited, and free energy. Apart from the filter pump, which does consume energy, the thermal panels require little electrical energy to operate. There is almost no additional operating cost associated with them. All in all, this solar swimming pool heater will cost you nothing more but the price of its initial purchase.

What is the electricity consumption cost of a thermal solar installation?

Here we are referring to a simple swimming pool heating panel.

As you may have guessed, a thermal solar panel is only used for water heating purposes. This means that it will not cover the swimming pools electrical consumption, which can be very high when taking the filter pump into account. In fact, the filter pump consumes an estimated average of 1260 kWh per year.

Take for instance a 0.5 kW solar swimming pool filter pump that runs 12 hours a day for 7 months. Therefore, 0.5 kW x 12 x 30 x 7 = 1260 kWh per year.

Solar Pool Heater Sizing: Other Factors

Game Solarpro Curve Pool Heater – Honest Review

Inground or Above Ground? Above ground oval pools, without a deep end, have as much surface area as an equally sized inground pool, but without a deep end, there is much less water to heat. However, above ground pools have more heat loss through the sides or walls of the pool, which is reduced on inground pools. So, it may equal out.

Windy or Calm? As with all of our pool heater types, we ask how much your pool receives. Pools in coastal or mountain areas, or other windy areas may think about adding an extra solar panel to compensate for the winds heat theft. Using a cover, or installing windblocks of fences or hedges can help reduce the problem.

Manual or Automatic? Solar pool heaters can be operated with a solar controller, which increases performance and efficiency. It does this by bypassing the solar panels when conditions are not optimum for heating during cloudy or rainy periods. Sensors monitor the temperature of the water and of the panels, and an automatic valve sends water to the solar panels when the sun is shining. A thermostat allows you to set a desired temperature for your pool.

Most above ground pools dont install a solar controller, although they could. I always recommend the solar controller to anyone with a larger solar system, because it really maximizes heat output and makes it automatic! Without a controller, many heat gains are offset by heat losses during cloudy, rainy, windy periods of the day.

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Advantages Of Latitude51 Evacuated Tube Solar Pool Heaters

Once you install the Solar Pool heater, the free heat from the sun will heat the pool and can extend the swimming season.

Depending on the number of Panels you buy, the pool can be indoors or outdoors or year-round pool. It is just a matter of scaling the system to suit your needs.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors – produce heat even on -40 Degree C Days. They work on Solar Radiation, not just sunlight, so even on cloudy and cold days they can produce heat.

If you have an indoor pool the solar will still be heating it when it is -40 Deg C outside !!!!

They do not only work on warm sunny days like normal flat unglazed collectors. Heaters will only heat the pool when the outside temperature is hotter than the pool is. The Evacuated Tube Collectors will heat the pool even during the depths of winter.

Why Install Solar Pool Heating

Studies have shown that homes with pools cost about 49% more for electricity than homes without pools. Some of the cost is due to the fact that homes with pools have more energy consuming appliances and tend to have more occupants. Nevertheless, a swimming pool costs approximately $23 per week, and that doesn’t include the cost of heating the pool. With heating, the cost can be as high as $100 per week for gas heating. Electric heating costs even more. By some estimates, a 35,000 litre swimming pool will consume 8000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

These are just average costs. Look a little more deeply and the costs can be even higher. For example, on hot days, evaporation can account for up to 70% energy loss. Evaporation is caused by high temperatures, wind and other natural factors.

Whatever your budget is, gas and electricity will consume energy and cost more. Solar pool heating starts to make sense when you consider the yearly energy cost of a pool. At $100 a week, a heated pool can cost $5200 per year and that’s under optimum conditions. Add in evaporation and the energy bill can be much higher.

Every pool has a pump. Solar pool heating works by using the pump to run water through specially designed solar panels that heat the water in much the same way a solar water heater works.

A solar pool heater has several components:

  • Solar collectors for heating the water
  • A filter filters out debris before the water passes through the collectors
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    How To Install Solar Panels To Heat Your Swimming Pool

    If youve decided to purchase pool solar panels and you want to install them yourself, youre in luck: solar panels are pretty simple to install, so this makes for a perfect weekend project.

    However we completely understand if DIY isn’t for you. So you could also find a solar contractor through Ygrene to install your solar system for you. This will save you a great deal of work and decision-making, and may even make the project go faster.

    How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Pool During Winters

    Introducing the Solar Pool Heating Systems and Why Theyre ...

    Your solar water heater might prove to be useless if you dont live in a sunny area such as California, Arizona or Florida for example. However, sun is not the only factor that decides how hot your pool gets.

    Outside temperature plays a major role in the temperature of your pool water. If you live in an area that isnt sunny, but is warm, then you might still get positive results.

    But in general, if it’s cold outside and the sun isnt shining, a solar pool heater isnt going to work for you.

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    Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater

    View in gallery

    Keep swimming even during the colder months with this above ground heater. It includes a protective cover for storage when not in use and will heat your pool in an environmentally friendly manner. Its compatible with most above ground pools, and your purchase comes with four-foot hoses along with fittings and stainless-steel clamps.

    Those with small pools mentioned that theyre satisfied with this above ground heater as it can help raise the temperature by a few degrees. If youve got a larger swimming pool, however, you may want to attach additional heaters. Customers have also mentioned that this above ground heater works best with direct sun and can control the flow of water through the collector.


    How Much Do Solar Pool Heaters Cost

    Glazed solar panels cost far more than their unglazed counterparts. Thankfully, in places like California, glazed heating panels arent necessary as theyre only beneficial when used to heat water inbelow freezing temperatures. This allows California homeowners to save big on hardware costs.

    The cost of a solar pool heating system can vary based on the size of your pool, the desired water temperature, exposure to the sun, shading, and panel direction. Costs usually range between $3,500 and $8,000, with anaverage system falling somewhere around $5,500.

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    How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Heat A Swimming Pool

    When buying a solar pool heater, you may be surprised to find a range of suggestions for how many panels are needed to heat a swimming pool, but there are some guidelines that you can rely upon. The correct answer depends on your location, the orientation of the panels, shading impacts, the panel type, the panel performance rating, your desired performance, and more. However, no single factor is more important than the size of your swimming pool. When I say size, I am not referring to gallons, which many clients often provide as a starting point. The size we need is the surface area in square feet.

    An ideally sized solar pool heater provides 100% coverage for the pool area.

    As a rule of thumb, we recommend 100% coverage, meaning you need one square foot of solar panels for each square foot of pool surface. From there we make adjustments depending on the other factors. If you have shading issues, less-than-ideal orientation, live along an open body of water , or use a separated tube panel , you will probably need more panels. If you have a perfect south or southwest roof with other ideal factors, you may be able to get away with fewer panels. You may need to use multiple orientations to fit the number of required panels. In selecting the right number of solar panels, there is as much art as there is science. A qualified solar contractor can lead you to the right decision.

    In selecting the right number of solar panels, there is as much art as there is science.

    Smartpool S601p Sunheater Solar Heating System

    SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater
    • Durable polypropylene materials
    • Doesnt include an installation kit
    • Maintenance is tricky

    The SmartPool in-ground pool heater is one of the most excellent options when shopping around for swimming pool solar panels because it is effective in serving its purpose. I liked that it works straightforward in keeping the pool warm using the effective polypropylene heat collector. It can maximize the heat collection so that you can enjoy swimming for a longer time, even if the summer is over. This model works effectively, also for its excellent design. It comes with a header hole for every tube used in heating.

    It is one of the in-ground pool solar heaters that you must consider for large enough solar heater that features an 80-feet solar panel. This size is efficient in heating the pool water fast. I would also like to note that the accessory is ideal for virtually all in-ground pools.

    I also liked that this model is with a liquid heat shield that can lock in the heat. In this case, you can have peace of mind that water will not evaporate. You just need to add the needed amount based on the markings indicated on the bottle.

    Also, this pool water heating device is designed for an easy solar heater DIY, so you dont need to worry about anything even if it is your first time to buy this kind of product. I would like to note that this model can increase the water temperatures up to 15 degrees F.

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