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How Much Does An Inground Liner Pool Cost

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Average Cost To Install An Inground Pool

How Much Does a Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

The starting point for your swimming pool will more than likely be size. Smaller pools, like plunge pools, will be at the lower end of the spectrum, while purchasing a large, 40-foot long pool with an 8-foot deep end, will result in a much higher cost. Not only are the smaller pools less costly due to the materials but also because they require less work by your builder/installer. A good place to start would be our Pool Styles, where you can see the full range of sizes we offer.

The other thing to consider is the equipment that you will need to properly operate your pool. Every pool will need a pump, a cleaning system and returns for a healthy, safe swim. If you add waterfalls, a built-in spa or other accessories, that will probably mean purchasing additional equipment to manage the volume of water. If you would like to maintain a constant temperature, to facilitate swimming in colder weather, you should also consider purchasing a heater for your pool/ spa. Overall, it is a small investment that extends the use of your pool throughout the year and adds even greater enjoyment.

Due to the increased demand for swimming pools, the average cost for a swimming pool has also been increasing. A number of years ago, the average cost for a smaller swimming pool would have been in the $25,000 $35,000 range. Today, that cost is moving towards the range of $35,000 $45,000 with a no frills install Most fiberglass pools today are more likely in the $55,000 $60,000 range.

Vinyl Liner Pools Cost

Inground vinyl pools are a versatile and highly-customizable option. Vinyl pools give you the freedom to build the pool thats right for you. Start with the shape and base, then choose from a number of upgrades and customizations. Vinyl liner pools can range from simple, clean designs starting around $35,000 up to $100,000 for the large, feature-rich pool of your dreams.

Backyard with vinyl liner inground pool: $35,000 $100,000

Note: This range is a basic estimate, exact pricing will vary.

How Much Is An Inground Pool Liner Track Replacement

If the pool liner track itself is unable to hold the liner, a professional can install a replacement for about $350, plus the cost of labor. If the pool liner is off track, a professional can come to your property and tuck it back in, which usually costs $100. The cost of labor differs from one company to the next.

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Inground Pool Cost Estimator

When estimating the cost to build an inground pool, the main factors are the size, materials, location, and any custom upgrades. On average, expect to spend $50 to $100 per square foot to build a standard 14 by 28 size pool, or $125 to $150 per square foot for larger pools that have 9 to 12 foot deep ends.

Getting Ready For Swimmers

How Much Will Your Louisiana In

After the concrete is poured, typically we do some grade work around the perimeter of the pool, haul any dirt out, sort of finish the grade up as needed. Then the last thing and the most exciting thing and what most kids look forward to is to put the bottom in and the liner. When I say, bottom, there is a material that we put in. Its vermiculite and Portland cement mixture that goes on, its troweled on, to give the fine lines of the interior of the pool to the specifications that weve measured for our liner, so it fits in there and pulls nice and tight. Nice defined lines, so that gives a nice surface for that liner to rest on, and to have years of protection versus sitting it on Years ago, it was only a sand-type base, which would shift and move, and so this vermiculite, Pool Crete is what we call it. Its stays in place, gives defined lines, and gives some sort of cushion for that liner.

The other thing that we do around the perimeter of the pool and the walls on the vertical walls is we put wall foam on, sort of like padding under carpet. We give some insulation there and also some protection for that liner to rest up against that wall, so thats a nice option. The water goes in and it comes up in stages. Typically, theres some kind of a step or its got to be cut out, lights and different things that have to be cut out, so theres stages of the water that comes up.

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What Is The Annual Cost Of A Salt Water Pool

If you hire a pool service company, the annual maintenance cost of a salt water pool is about $970 to $1,700 per year and $300 or more to open or close the pool. The average price of electricity, depending on where you live, will be from $780 to $1,200 a year. The pump must run continually to produce chlorine. Replacement parts and repair can run from $250 to $1,500.

Cost To Build In A Fiberglass Inground Pool

A fiberglass pool costs$20,000 to $36,500. This includes delivery, installation and a basic deck or coping. Maintenance runs an average of $5,000 to $15,000 over a 10-year period.

  • Pre-made. These preformed shells get put into a leveled hole pre-dug to match its shape. It lends itself well to the experienced DIYer, but most people prefer the peace of mind of letting a professional handle the work.
  • These run smaller than concrete. The shells usually measure no more than 16 feet across. The size limitations are an acceptable trade-off for many people, considering that no acid wash or liner replacement is required.
  • Easy cleaning. They are possibly the easiest types to clean and maintain. There are no special requirements for the shell.
Get Quotes From Inground Pool Professionals

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Testing The Vinyl Pool For Leaks

After the plumbing is installed, we put the plumbing under pressure, to confirm there are no leaks in the pipe. Typically about a 30 PSI is what we put the pressure on and hold and monitor throughout the process until the pool is back filled and the pipes are cut to plumb into the filtering system. Nice thing about that is that, it insures there are no leaks, so you dont have any problems, or have to dig up pipe later on. These little details are the checks and balances, if you will. In some municipalities, they actually come out and check that pressure, but even if they dont we still put the plumbing under pressure.

Diy Handyman Or Builder To Complete

How Much Does a Pool Liner Cost in 2020?

Typically, whoever does the wall assembly will also do the plumbing, pour the concrete footer, backfill the pool, lay the pool bottom, and install the liner. Your main costs here would be associated with the materials needed for these steps and labor if you hire a builder to complete. Below is the approximate cost of the materials without labor.

  • Wall Panels: $0
  • Plumbing: Price of Plumbing Kit or PVC to run lines from equipment pad to the pool. The distance of pad to pool varies greatly pool to pool
  • Concrete Footer: Concrete $100 per yard Optional Concrete Mixer $40 a day
  • Backfill: Cost of fill materials Clean sand, river run, pea gravel, or small grade limestone Skid Loader/Bobcat rental $200-$300
  • Pool Bottom: Material Type $500-$1500 Optional Paddle Mixer $175 per day
  • Liner: $0


Electrical work is almost always required to be completed by a licensed electrician. If thats you, great! If thats not you, you can expect to pay between $1000-$1500 for older homes and $500-$1500 for newer homes.

A gas line will need to be run if youre installing a natural-gas heater. We strongly recommend contracting this job to a professional This will run you about $20 per linear foot including labor and materials.


If you need to see how many gallons of water your swimming pool will hold, use our water calculator here!


Happy building!

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Swimming Pool Cost Breakdown By Size

While the average inground pool is 14 x 28, you might want something that is larger or smaller. You might not have enough space for a pool of that size, and if you decide to get a concrete pool, youll have a lot more control of how you fit the pool into your yard.

That said, this chart will break down each size and the average costs associated with the size and materials used. Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and you should not take them as direct figures. Many factors will cause these prices to fluctuate.

Pool Size

Costs Of Inground Swimming Pools: A Couple Things To Consider

There are two things to consider when researching the cost of inground pools:

  • The initial purchase price of the pool
  • The lifetime cost of ownership associated with the pool

First, let’s take a look at the initial cost of concrete, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools to get an idea of how much to budget for each.

Keep in mind that these prices will vary greatly from region to region.

Then, we’ll look at the long-term cost associated with owning each type of pool.

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Cantilever Vinyl Pool Coping

Cantilever vinyl pool coping costs between $8 and $12 a linear foot. This coping is usually made of aluminum. The coping is installed around the pools edge and holds the liner in place. In this particular coping, the top is designed with a small lip at the pools edge. This is done so that a concrete pool deck can be poured right up to that lip where it meets the pool. This means that the concrete becomes the pool edge, and the coping is partially laid beneath it.

The Cost For Above Ground Pools

How To Build A Liner Pool : How Much Does An Inground Pool ...

If youre on the market to buy an above-ground pool, youre usually going to get just thatmany swimming pool companies only sell the pool itself, which is often referred to as a kit. The package usually includes the pool walls, the pool liner, and the skimmer, so youll still need to pick out a pool pump, filter, chemicals, and any other accessories like the right above-ground ladders. And the pool installation? Thats usually not included.

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Fencing Or Enclosing Your Pool

  • Pool covers cost$600-$2,200 with installation.
  • High-end automatic and security options: $1,000-$15,000.
  • Pool enclosures cost$5,000-$15,000. They extend your swimming season by retaining some heat and keeping the water cleaner, longer.
  • Always install childproof locks and latches.
  • Above Ground Pool Liner Cost

    An above ground pool liner costs $150 to $800 with most spending about $400 for the liner itself. Pool liners come in a variety of types, thickness, and sizes. A professional pool contractor can determine what is right for your pool based on the size and make of it.

    Above Ground Pool Liner Cost

    Size & Shape
    20×40 $2,800 $4,500

    This chart is only meant to give you a general idea of what to expect. As discussed above, other variables will affect the overall cost.

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    Does A Inground Pool Increase Home Value

    Though it might increase the value of your home, you still might not recoup your investment. In ideal circumstances, installing an inground pool can boost the value of your house by as much as 7%. This will actually mean that you recoup less of the costs rather than proportionately increasing your home value.

    Salt Water Pool Test Kit

    How Much Does a Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Cost in 2018?

    A salt water pool test kit costs about $15 to $55, and saltwater test strips cost $11 to $25 for 40. A test kit lets you know if you need to rebalance the salinity and pH level of your saltwater. To keep a healthy pool, the water should be tested once a week. Not all salt water pool test kits give results for the salinity of the water, so check to make sure the one you want to purchase gives that result.

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    Inground Pool Liner Cost Based On Pool Liner Thickness

    A quality 28/20 mil inground pool liner cost roughly $1200.00 $1700.00, depending on the size of your pool. Bump up to a thicker 28/28, and you can expect to pay 300-400 more.

    For those who already have a good pool bottom like those formed with vermiculite or grout, a 28/20 is all you need. If you have a sand or stone dust bottom, and you are not willing to put in a vermiculite or grout bottom, you should go for the extra thickness and durability of a 28/28.

    Hiring A Below Ground Pool Installer Vs Diy

    An inground pool is a great addition to your home. It can also cause additions elsewhere, such as in taxes and maintenance fees. If you decide to get one, careful planning can help you avoid unforeseen costs.

    While an above ground kit might make for an excellent DIY project, hire a professional for putting one in the ground. One mistake during a DIY job can mean professional repairs and replacement at the least. At worst, you might cause damage to your home or property. Fixing those mistakes might end up costing more than hiring a professional to start. Bring in a pro for a consult and find inground pool prices near you today.

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    Diy Inground Pool Cost

    A DIY inground pool project is a way to save money by taking on some of the tasks yourself. According to River Pools and Spas, a do-it-yourself inground pool project could save you $6,000 to $10,000 on an inground fiberglass pool project that would have cost $40,000 to $55,000 with a professional pool company.

    Hiring someone to dig the pool hole for you costs between $400 and $1,500 in an area with optimal soil conditions or as much as $15,000 in hard to get to areas with rocky terrain. Additional expenses you might incur might include the following:

    • Fiberglass pool shell: $500 to $5,000
    • Equipment rental : $2,000
    • Crane: $400$800

    Ready To Make The Plunge

    How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

    There, thats the scariest part. Now youre well aware that getting a pool is going to cost you some cash. But the best part of all of this? The second you do get a pool, its going to pay off with healthy, valuable, and lifestyle-changing swims. When your pool is finally installed, its going to feel worth its weight in gold. When that moment comes, enjoy.

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    Additional Considerations And Costs

    • A contractor assists with gathering all the necessary permits for the project. Permit rules vary by state, city, and county. Most permits range from $200 to $300. An electrical permit often costs $25 to $50.
    • The installation of a vinyl-lined pool can be a DIY project, but check with the pools manufacturer to make sure that installing it as a DIY does not void the warranty.
    • You can purchase vinyl-lined pool kits for installation. The vinyl pool kit averages $25,000 to $40,000.
    • Most manufacturers offer a 3-year guarantee on the vinyl.
    • During the summer months, it tends to be more expensive to install a pool because more people use a pool during the late spring and summer seasons. Sometimes, you can save money by installing during the offseason, such as the fall, winter, and early spring months.
    • A vinyl liner is made of durable material. The thickness of the vinyl is measured in mils. A mil is 1/1,000th of an inch thick. Vinyl pool liners come in variations of 20, 25, 27, 28, and 30 mils. The vinyl can be embossed with a pattern or simple non-embossed color. They are available in a wide array of colors. Prices range from $1,000 to $2,000, depending on the thickness and if the surface is embossed with a pattern.

    Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Pools

    Like all pools, vinyl-lined pools have pros and cons. They are affordable and much faster to build than or concrete. They can also be endlessly customized both in size and shape. They have a very smooth surface that is pleasant to walk on.

    However, they are not as durable as concrete or fiberglass and require frequent liner replacements. Most vinyl pools have metal walls that are incompatible with saltwater systems. They also cannot be used in areas with high water tables and are generally less visually appealing than other pool types. While some in-ground pools may be attractive to buyers for resale, vinyl pools typically are not.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Make My Pool Less Deep

    Changing the depth of a fiberglass pool is essentially the same as creating a new pool from the ground up. Actual costs may vary greatly depending on pool size and other factors, but very approximate ballpark figures are $6K for vinyl and $20K for plaster. The price includes materials, labor costs for installation and equipment rental during construction.

    It’s recommended that you hire a professional pool builder if you have little or no experience working with water pipes. They can help you select the right materials and tools for the job and ensure that your pool is built properly. Of course, this will also mean adding to your bill.

    If you do some research before you start the project, you should be able to find out how much various changes will affect the overall cost. For example, reducing the depth of your pool by one foot might reduce its cost by 10 percent, while adding another floor component might increase it by 20 percent. Getting estimates from several different builders is helpful too because you want something in between those two numbers and maybe someone will offer a deal. In the end, you’ll need to decide what’s most important to you – quality or price.

    The good news is that there are options for people who want to build their own pool without hiring a contractor. But unless you’re an experienced DIYer, this probably isn’t the best choice.

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