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How To Clean Hot Tub Shell

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Protect From Water Impurities

How to Clean a Hot Tub Shell

To protect your hot tub from the mineral and metal impurities that naturally occur in water, use a stain and scale control product. Just look for one thats formulated for hot tubs and follow the products instructions. However, unlike other water care products, if you use Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner, a stain and scale control product isnt necessary.

Clear Spa Jet Blast Pipe Cleaner

This is another powerful plumbing cleaner option for your jet pipes similar to Swirl Away.

How to use cleaner:

This is done before draining your water.

  • Remove your filter cartridge from the filter holder.
  • Pour entire bottle into the water.
  • Turn your pump on and run your jets for 15 minutes.
  • Turn your pump and jets off for 1 hour to let water sit.
  • Turn your pump, jets, and blower on for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the water and clean your hot tub as you normally do.
  • Deep Clean The Entire Shell

    Every three months you should drain all of the water from your hot tub and perform a routine, yet thorough cleaning of your entire tub. This helps flush your system of any debris or mineral buildups in your hot tubs plumbing lines as well as the shell. To perform a full cleaning of the inside shell of your hot tub, just follow these steps.

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    Accessories To Help Maintain Clean Sparkling Water

    Water is the essence of your spa, so it should be fresh, clean and ready to enjoy. Hot Springs offers two accessories to keep your water clean and your care routine easy.

    Hot Spring MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer To eliminate unwanted impurities accumulated in you spa water, this chlorine-free oxidizer increases sanitizer efficiency and enhances water clarity. The Hot Spring MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer is compatible with bromine, chlorine and most alternative sanitizers. It is also recommended for use with the EverFresh® water care system for the best quality water possible…fresh, safe, and free of odors and irritation.

    Hot Spring Spa Vac The Hot Spring Spa Vac cleans dirt, gravel, leaves and other debris without draining your spa. This self-contained, simple-to-use water vacuum requires no pumping, batteries or water hook-ups, while the telescopic aluminum pole makes it easy to remove debris from hard-to-reach areas. You can also it on your swimming pool steps and in fountains.

    What Are The Best Spa Cleaning Products

    Cleaning a hot tub: an all

    Here’s a quick list of the products you will need to clean the inside and outside of your spa shell.

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    Replacing Your Spa Water

    While following spa water cleaning tips will keep your water fresh longer, soaps and detergents can build over time in your spa to cause residue. Know how to replace your water with these steps:

  • Drain and refill tub: Following the instructions in your Owner’s Manual, drain and refill the water in your spa to clear detergent and soap residue that may have accumulated over time.
  • Get pre-filter: For sparkling clean water right from the start, use the CleanScreenTM Pre-Filter when filling your spa.
  • Attach pre-filter: When using the CleanScreenTM: Pre-Filter, attach it to an ordinary garden hose to remove organic contaminants, metals like copper and iron, and tannins from your new water.
  • How To Clean Your Spa/hot Tub Shell: A Step

    After a dark winter, it can be shocking to see how bad your hot tub looks in the sunlight.

    If youve just seen it in the light, take a minute to read the tips from our Valet Team Coordinator, Rob Anderson our Olympic Hot Tub expert on how to clean your hot tub. With his tips, youll be able to restore your hot tub to like-new and making your water care regimen easier. The cleaner your shell & pipes are, the better water quality youll have on a consistent basis. Have a supply of soft dry towels and elbow grease on hand, grab the products and tools mentioned below and youre ready to start.

    Thanks to Rob for these Valet cleaning tips:

    1. System Flush first. If your tub hasnt been drained or maintained for a while, add SeaKlear System Flush®the night before draining so all the work on the shell doesnt go to waste when you turn the jets back on. System Flush cleans out any mold, organic matter or bio-film from the plumbing lines. Let sit overnight and then drain. Cleans out all the gunk that you cant see in pipes & jets ensuring a bacteria free clean start with your new water.

    3. The Tools. One of the tools our Valet Team uses in the field is a soft bristle deck brush with a long handle so they can scrub the shell without having to crawl into the tub. This especially helps when the tub is up against a wall and they cant walk around the sides.

    7. Refill, sanitize and balance the water. Heat and enjoy. Happy Soaking!


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    Natural Ways To Clean A Hot Tub

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    Home » 2 Natural Ways to Clean a Hot Tub

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    Cleaning a hot tub properly is essential if you want to reuse it again and again. A hot tub that hasnt been cleaned properly should not be used again. When you get out of the hot tub after a while, you should know that you leave behind a cesspool of bacteria, germs, and substances that need to be disposed of as quickly as possible.

    However, before you get into the tub again, its imperative that you clean it. If you search online, you are going to come across a bunch of different cleaning products that are designed to be used with hot tubs and home spas. Many of these claim to clean your hot tub completely and offer a plethora of benefits.

    But, almost all of these cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can cause long-term damage to your hot tub. If you continue using these toxic chemicals, there will eventually come a time when the jet sprays inside the hot tub are likely to get clogged up.

    More importantly, the paint on the ceramic material used within the hot tub is also going to fade away over time.

    Cleaning the hot tub properly without chemicals is not difficult, but it requires a careful understanding of how different chemicals affect the hot tub.

    Flush Your Hot Tub Plumbing With A Cleaner

    How to Clean Your Hot Tub Shell

    Even if your sanitizer levels are right on target, your hot tub can develop biofilm. Bacteria feed on it, while also using it as shelter from your sanitizer.

    That same bacteria ends up in your water, eating up chlorine and exposing you and other bathers to contaminants, such as Legionella, which causes Legionnaires Disease, Staphylococcus aureus, which commonly causes hot tub folliculitis, and E. coli, which can cause intense gastrointestinal distress.

    When this goo forms inside your lines, it cant be removed through normal spa water circulation, filtration, or even by adding more sanitizer or shock.

    So before you drain and clean your hot tub, add a plumbing line cleaner, also called a line flush product. This special cleaner is specially formulated to break down biofilm. Follow the package directions to ensure you use the right amount for your hot tubs volume. Once youve added it, let it circulate for a minimum of 20 minutes.

    But if this isnt your first time cleaning your spa, but you havent been using a hot tub line flush, or if the hot tub has been sitting unused for quite some time, you canand really shouldlet the plumbing cleaner circulate for a few hours, or even overnight.

    Plumbing cleaner may cause gross-looking foam to form on the surface of the water as it circulates through your spa. That just means its working and pulling all that nasty biofilm out of the pipes. Youll be draining and cleaning your hot tub next anyway, so dont worry about the foam.

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    How To Clean Your Hot Tub With Baking Soda

    Have you ever opened the lid to your hot tub only to discover you cannot relax and enjoy it as you had planned? Cloudy water, smells and biofilms prevent you from immediately stepping in. There is nothing more frustrating than having to unexpectedly clean your hot tub. As an owner, you realize that routine maintenance is necessary to avoid further complications however, you wonder if there anything that can make the process easier and less time consuming. In this article, we will show you how to clean your hot tub with an everyday and inexpensive household product, baking soda.

    How do you use the baking soda? Below are ten simple steps to follow:

    • Flushing your lines
    • Cleaning or replacing the filters
    • Re-installing the filters
    • Treating the water properly with chemicals
    • Maintaining the hot tub
    • Winterize your hot tub

    Remove Any Water Thats Pooled

    After all the draining and airing out of pipes, there might be a little bit of remaining water thats pooled in the bottom of your tub. If theres only a little water, you could use a sponge or cloth to wipe away the water or even a hot tub vacuum. If the pool of water is reasonably deep, you may want to use the submersible pump again.

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    How Often Do I Need To Clean My Acrylic Spa

    As a general rule, you should give your acrylic spa shell a good wipe down every couple of weeks, or even more often if you’ve had heavy use over the weekend with lots of bathers. If you clean your spa shell every couple of weeks it will stay in great condition, meaning less work at the 3-4 month mark when you change your water.

    You’ll also stay on top of the build-up of calcium deposits, scum and debris in your water, saving you time in the long run.

    Note that it is recommended that you sanitise your water as per the manufacturer instructions on your spa sanitiser label. Use a shock treatment once a week to help maintain your water quality.

    When Should You Drain Your Hot Tub

    How to Drain and Clean a Hot Tub

    How can you tell its time to drain and clean your hot tub? Look for a few clear signs and circumstances.

    • Your hot tub is giving off foul odors.
    • The water wont clear, no matter what you do to it.
    • Youve been using your spa more frequently than usual.
    • Youve had more guests in the hot tub, more often than usual.
    • The hot tub has sat unused for a long time.

    If any of those conditions apply, its time to act.

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    Will White Vinegar Lower The Ph Level In My Tub

    Yes, white vinegar can be used to lower the pH level of your hot tub water. It is one of the most organic and safest means of treating hot tub water.

    Vinegar is normally an acidic compound that has the ability to react with hot tub water and lower its pH level.

    Vinegar can hold its own as a pH reducer, but there are other more effective chemicals to lower pH levels.

    Clean The Shell And Jets

    After draining your hot tub, wipe away any sediments, dirt or debris with a damp cloth. We highly recommend using a surface cleaner and a soft cloth. Or, for stubborn marks, try a tub scrubber.

    Top tip: Never clean your spa with regular household cleaning products. They’re rarely pH neutral and may damage the shell or cause water issues.

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    Can I Clean Hot Tub Jets With Vinegar

    Apart from cooking, vinegar is also a wonderful solution to your hot tub problems. Vinegar is also very effective in cleaning your hot tub jets.

    Overtime, your hot tub jets accumulate so much soap scum and other biological materials. Whether it is cleaning that has not been used for some time or a jet that is frequently used, you will need a cleaning agent to help you get rid of the stubborn contaminants like biofilms that build up in the jets.

    Using a natural solution like vinegar will be very helpful in this process because it is affordable and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

    It Doesnt Take Long To Clean Your Hot Tub And Keep It Clean

    Hot tub shell crack repair

    Dont let the small amount of necessary hot tub maintenance get in the way of owning and enjoying your hot tub. A spa is always ready and waiting for relaxation, stress relief and fun. Simply invest a small amount of time in regularly cleaning your spa, and youll enjoy a beautiful and relaxing spa for years to come. By following smaller maintenance steps on a on a regular basis, you can avoid larger maintenance or repair jobs. Plus, your hot tub will feel that much more relaxing when it is regularly clean and always ready for use.

    TOTAL TIME PER MONTH: 30-60 Minutes

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    How To Clean Hot Tub Plumbing

    Over time, water-loving bacteria known as biofilm builds up in the plumbing of hot tubs. These bacteria cover themselves in a protective layer of slime that is resistant to sanitizers like chlorine or bromine.

    Biofilm greatly decreases your sanitizers effectiveness as the residual in the water is constantly being used up trying to get rid of the biofilm. This means that your water will go through more sanitizer than it needs to and will turn cloudy very easily. You may also notice a visible ring at the waterline or discolouration on your filter.

    While the standard drain and clean procedure does help to keep your water clean and clear, it doesnt solve biofilm build up in the hot tub plumbing. How do you clean the plumbing? For that, youll need a hot tub plumbing cleaner like Spa Flush.

    To clean your plumbing with a hot tub plumbing cleaner, simply add the cleaner 30-60 minutes before draining your hot tub. Make sure your jets are on during this time to allow the cleaner to flow through all of the plumbing.

    After a couple of minutes you should notice a thick foam start to build up on the surface of the water. This foam will be dark grey, brown or black in colour. Suck up this foam with your shop vac until it begins to turn white. Once the foam is white the biofilm has been removed and you can begin draining and refilling your hot tub.

    Clean The Spa Shell Interior

    Now for the fun part!

    We recommend BioGuard squeaky clean, which is designed specifically to be safe on acrylic surfaces and won’t leave a residue that can upset your water balance later.

    • Use a soft cloth, gentle scrubbing pad or sponge when cleaning the acrylic surface. Avoid using abrasive materials, as they can damage the acrylic.
    • For tougher stains, you can use a little white vinegar or commercial acrylic cleaner. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the label carefully and ensure the product is safe for spa shells.
    • Let the cleaning product sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or microfibre cloth.
    • Scrub around the filter box to remove grime and dirt that has built up.

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    Consult With Your Spa Dealer

    If you ever have any questions about cleaning or maintaining your spa, dont forget that you can always reach out to your spa dealer. If you cant find the answer to your question in your owners manual or our FAQs, dealers are more than happy to provide recommendations. Let their experience make your life easier so you can relax in your pristine hot tub.

    Hot Tub Cleaning Guide

    Cleaning a hot tub: an all

    Sticking to a regular hot tub cleaning schedule can make a world of difference to your bathing routine. In short, it’ll keep you and your guests safe while prolonging the life of your tub. It’s a win-win situation.

    Below, we explain how regularly you should clean each part of your spa and answer your most frequently asked questions.

    Sitting comfortably? Then scroll down to read our handy hot tub cleaning guide

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    Remove And Clean The Filters

    To remove the hot tub filters, start by locating where they are positioned. Then turn the filters in an anti-clockwise direction and pull them out. Depending on how dirty the filters are, you can just rinse the filters in clean water or use a filter cleaner. You can also take out the jets and clean them if necessary.

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    How To Properly Drain And Refill Your Hot Tub

    The most basic and effective way to clean your hot tub is by draining out all of the water, cleaning the surface of the hot tub, then refilling it. Draining the water does two things:

    • It allows you to add in fresh water, which will improve the feel of the water and give you a better bathing experience.
    • It gives you an opportunity to clean the shell of the hot tub.

    How To Drain and Clean The Hot Tub

    To drain the hot tub you must first turn off power to the hot tub. Once the power is off, you can attach a garden hose to your hot tubs drain. Once your hose is attached, put the other end of the hose where you want the water to go and open the drain valve to start draining the hot tub.

    Note: In some cities you are not able to drain your hot tub or pool into the street. Fortunately, low levels of chlorine or bromine wont affect your grass and other plants. If youre worried about your lawn, just test the water before draining to ensure that the bromine levels are 10ppm or below .

    Once the hot tub stops draining, get a shop vac to remove the remainder of the water in the hot tub. You can also put the end of the shop vac hose up to the jets and suctions to remove some of the water in the plumbing.

    When all of the visible water in the hot tub has been removed , spray the shell with a non-sudsing hot tub cleaner like Clean & Perfect and then remove it with some paper towel or a cloth.

    Filling The Hot Tub

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