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How To Clean Pool Filter

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Remove Debris From The Cartridge Material

How To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

The most common approach for cartridge cleaning is to use watera hard spray from a garden hose. In a few minutes, the water will rinse away debris from between the folded cartridge pleats.

Begin at the top of the cartridge, and work your way toward the bottom. After rinsing the entire cartridge, turn it upside down and repeat the process.

If you have a small pool, small cartridge, and strong handsand if your cartridge isnt too dirtyyou might be able to create a hard enough spray by holding your thumb over the end of the hose. However, in most cases you will want a nozzle attachment that can produce a water stream thats strong enough for a thorough washing.

If you find that a regular hose nozzle fails to remove all the debris, try a high-pressure model thats designed for household projects like washing cards. You can find these types of products at hardware stores or online.

Want to save water? Some pool owners like to remove dirt from the cartridge material with an air compressor. These devices produce concentrated a concentrated stream of air and they are available in portable models for household tasks like inflating tires.

Hint: Learn how to choose an air compressor model for your needs here. If you are using a high-power system, keep the air to a moderate flowunder 20 – 30 PSIso it wont damage the cartridge material.

Even if the air does not remove all of the dirt, it will give your spray hose a head start less water will be needed overall to finish the job.

Rinse And Reinstall The Cartridge Filter

After an hour, you should take the filter out of the acid solution and rinse it with your garden hose. Make sure to give the cartridge filter a hard spray with the garden hose. Doing that will ensure the filter is squeaky clean like you wanted.

Next inspect the cartridge filter for any damages. If the cartridge filter is worn out or damaged, that means its time for a replacement.

Now reinstall it taking care to put the filter back the same way they came out.

Can I Clean Pool Filter Cartridge With Bleach

To remove a stain from a piece of clothing, you might soak it in bleach, so does that mean that you can soak your cartridge in bleach? Companies that sell pool chemicals advise against doing so, since bleach can damage the fibers of your filters and thereby shorten your filter life.

Cartridge manufacturers offer a range of products to help keep your filters clean. Some pool owners make cleaning solutions out of detergents or vinegar which are more gentle on your filters over time.

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Why Are Filters Necessary

Though it might seem like an obvious chore, cleaning your pool, and realizing the importance of doing so, is often overlooked by homeowners. For starters, unkept pools and filters can lead to more serious backyard problems down the road, and can ultimately cause more homeowners more money.

A clean pool is also essential for you and your familys health. The cleaner your pool water, the less likely it is to contain parasites, waterborne illnesses and bacterias. The same applies to the environment. If your pool becomes dirty or contaminated, you run the risk of letting dirty water seep into your neighborhoods waterways and environment.

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How to Clean a Hayward Pool Filter

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Cleaning your filter cartridge is fairly simple, and you dont need any special tools or cleaning solutions for removing debris — in fact, the only thing you need is access to a hose. It should only take about a half hour to complete this 10-step process:

  • Turn off the power to your pool pump. This is always important when working with electricity, but its especially critical if your filtration system runs on an automatic timer.
  • Open the valves on the filter. The air relief valve releases the pressure, and the ball valve drain the water from the filter.
  • Remove the lid from the tank. Yours might have a lock ring, clamp, or knob, depending on your model.
  • Remove the cartridge from the filter canister. A gentle rocking motion while lifting up might help to dislodge the filter elements.
  • Set it down in a good spot for cleaning. Remember, youll end up with debris like decomposed leaves, silt, and fibers, so choose someplace that makes it easy to scoop up afterwards.
  • Inspect the cartridge for damage. Before cleaning, look for cracks, tears, or other damage. Even a small tear will decrease your filters performance.
  • Hose off the cartridge.
  • Use moderate pressure from a regular garden hose .
  • Hold the hose at a 45-degree angle to avoid damaging the filter.
  • Spray off the cartridge from the top down until the debris is gone.
  • Flip over the cartridge and repeat the spray from the other direction.
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    Too Much De Added To The Filter

    When you change out the DE in your filter and add new DE to the skimmer, you will need to be sure to calculate the right amount of scoops. Generally, you will work out the square footage of your filter and divide it by 5. So a 20 square foot filter will get four scoops, while and 36 square foot filter will get seven scoops. You risk clogging up the filter grids if you add too much DE to the filter. Like a dirty filter, excess DE will block water flow and make the pressure in the filter rise.

    How To Fix It

    The only real way to fix excess DE is to clean it out entirely and start again. Although this will be expensive since you will waste an entire batch of DE, it is necessary to fix the pressure issue.

    Safely Disposing Of Used De Powder

    Some cities have bans against disposing of DE waste in the public sanitary sewer system. To verify regulations in your area, contact your local water department.

    Food grade diatomaceous earth and DE powder meant for pool filtration are prepared and treated differently. Pool grade DE is heat-treated to turn the silicone dioxide into crystalline silica.

    Food grade DE contains less than one percent crystalline silica, while pool grade DE contains 60-70%.

    Crystalline silica is severely harmful when ingested into the lungs. Its linked to numerous lung diseases and respiratory complications. Therefore, always use protective equipment when handling DE powder.

    Dispose of DE waste in a sealed plastic bag in the garbage. Use a plastic bucket with tiny drain holes punched in the bottom, lined with several inches of dirt, to catch the DE waste as you backwash your pool filter.

    Maintaining a clean filter is a critical part of regular pool maintenance. Always consult your owners manual to determine the specific requirements for how to clean pool filter cartridge pleats or backwash a sand or DE filter.

    While cleaning your pool filter system, its a good idea to check the hosing and other components for signs of wear and tear and replace parts as needed.

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    Degrease Or Deep Clean The Cartridge

    Hosing and the other methods described above will remove large debris from the cartridge. However, these strategies are not always enough to handle stickier substances like algae, sweat, sunscreen, and body oils that seep into the cartridge materialand interfere with its efficiency.

    If your pool and spa get a lot of use with swimmers bringing in these kinds of bather wastes , its a good practice to periodically perform a deeper cleaning. This extra step will provide a more thorough removal of dirt and debris and help maintain the filters effectiveness.

    The most common way to achieve good results is with a commercial pool degreaser or cartridge cleaner . These are available at hardware stores, pool supply stores, and online.

    To use, spray the product directly onto the cartridge. Be sure to cover all of the surface areas between the pleats. Leave the compound on for the recommended amount of time. Then, thoroughly rinse it off with a hose. If the buildup on the cartridges is particularly dense and nasty, consider soaking them overnight.

    There is no hard-and-fast rule here regarding frequency. Some pool owners deep clean every other timewhich may mean only once per year when pool and spa use is high. Others will examine the filter materials to see if material seems sticky or coated, and only if it is, will they use a degreaser.

    How To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge

    How To Clean a Pool Filter Cartridge

    Cartridge filters, like Hayward, are the most widely used type of pool filter because theyre efficient and straightforward to maintain. Theyre also more eco-friendly because they require less water use during the cleaning process.

    A cartridge filter works by pumping the pool water through a cylindrical filter cartridge made of pleated polyester fabric. The fabric traps particles in the water and catches smaller particles than other pool filters.

    When it comes to how to clean pool filter cartridge fabric, there are various approaches. Choosing one depends on how dirty the filter is and the supplies you have available.

    • Filter cleaning solution

    Turn off the pool pump at the breaker, then drain the air from the system using the pumps air relief valve, normally at the top of the filter.

    Remove the top of the filter. Consult your owners manual to ensure that you dont accidentally damage the filter housing.

    After removing the pool filter cartridge, closely inspect it for any signs of cracking, tears, or other damage. If the filter is damaged, it needs replacing.

    Check the o-ring on the filter tank, too. Replace it if you notice any cracks, dry rot, or warping. Otherwise, apply a non-petroleum-based lubricant to keep it from drying out before your next cleaning.

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    How To Clean A Pool Filter With Dishwasher Detergent

    Its possible to use dishwasher detergent to clean your pool filter cartridge. Mix one cup of detergent per five gallons of water and soak the filter for three to ten hours.

    Use the spray nozzle attachment on your garden hose to rinse the cartridge until the water runs clear before reassembling your pool filter.

    When Do You Clean A Pool Cartridge Filter

    The filter will have a pressure gauge indicating the water pressure inside the filter when the pump is operating. When the pressure increases above a threshold the filter has become dirty and needs cleaning. The threshold pressure will vary between makes of filters so check the instruction manual for your filter.

    Usually, you will need to clean the swimming pool filter cartridge element every few weeks.

    You will find the filter will need cleaning after you have manually vacuumed the pool and the pool was dirty. If you have an automated cleaner the filter will need to be cleaned more regularly.

    Please read more about how to clean your hot tub filter

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    Follow These Steps To Clean A Sand Pool Filter:

  • Backwash the filter for 3-5 minutes
  • Turn off your pool pump and set it to filter
  • Open the pump lid, and pour sand filter cleaner into the strainer basket. Follow the manufacturers instructions for the correct quantity of cleaner.
  • Turn your pool pump on for 10-15 seconds to carry the cleaner into the sand filter itself
  • Turn off the pool pump and leave it off for at least 8 hours .
  • Backwash the filter for 3-5 minutes to remove any debris dislodged by the cleaner
  • Turn your filter system back on to function normally
  • Check the PSI in your system, to ensure the filter is working properly
  • Using Acid To Dissolve Minerals Embedded In The Filter

    How to Clean a D.E. Pool Filter
  • 1Put on personal protective equipment before using muriatic acid. The acid you use to clean the filter can be dangerous, especially before it is diluted. If you don’t use proper protective equipment it can burn your skin and the fumes can damage your lungs. Before using it, put on gloves that are made for dealing with chemicals. Also put on a respirator and eye protection, so that if the acid splashes it won’t get in your eyes.XResearch source
  • Muriatic acid is similar to hydrochloric acid. It can dissolve many plastics and metals, as well as skin.
  • 2Mix a solution of muriatic acid and water. This mixture is used to dissolve minerals that accumulate in the filter media. Use another clean bucket with a lid that seals tightly. Add about 2/3 of a bucket of clean water, then carefully pour in enough muriatic acid to give you a 1 part acid to 20 parts water solution. In a typical 5 gallon bucket, this means about 4.75 gallons of water to 1 quarts acid.XResearch source
  • Using a 5% muriatic acid solution to remove calcium deposited in the filter media will increase the filter’s performance if high concentrations of minerals exist in your pool water.
  • Too many minerals in the filter reduces the rate that water can pass through the filter. This makes the filtration system work harder than it should have to.
  • Allowing the containers to remain open will allow the water to evaporate out of your solution, rendering it overly strong in a short time.
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    How To Clean Pool Cartridge Filter With Algae Coating

    In some cases, youll disassemble your pool filter cartridge and realize that your filter is covered with algae. In these cases, youll want to soak the filter in a solution of one part muriatic acid to 20 parts water. When the bubbling stops, rinse the filter. If that doesnt resolve the problem, you might need to soak it a commercially-available filter cleaner or a solution of one cup of trisodium phosphate to five gallons of warm water.

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    Having a pool on your property is great, especially when you live in warm climates. As with most additions to your property, however, having a pool adds a responsibility and added chore to your routine maintenance list. Luckily, ABC Home & Commercial is here to help. Our team of licensed specialists can fix any pool-related problem, whether its a faulty pump or filter or any other mechanical problem. We can demonstrate how you can properly maintain your homes pool system or take care of your pool maintenance for you. We look forward to helping you keep your pool crystal clear for years to come.

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    What To Not To Do While Cleaning Your Cartridge

    Dont use a stiff brush. Cleaning pleats with a hard material may permanently damage them. Use a soft-bristle or a purpose-made brush designed to gently remove debris found in the material folds.

    Dont use a power washer. Filter cartridges are often made of paper or a fine material and are therefore sensitive. The intensity of a power washer can quickly erode the mesh material down, reducing its effectiveness.

    Dont expect a white mesh. The most important sign of a clean filter is the absence of debris or excessive build-up that can block the filter system. Some discolouration is natural and it is unlikely you will achieve that factory white colour without buying a brand new filter cartridge.

    The Benefits Of Regularly Cleaning Your Pool Filter

    How To: Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter

    I often have pool customers ask me whether it is necessary to clean a pool filter. My answer is always yes. A properly functioning and a clean filter keeps your pool water clean. That means cleaning your pool filter helps you enjoy your pool all year long.

    However, a pool filter will only work effectively so long before it needs maintenance. When your pool filter needs to be cleaned, it will no longer be able to filter out all the debris and particulate matter from your pool, eventually causing your pool water to look dirty.

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    How To Clean Your Pool Filter

    If you think about it, pool filters are the dirtiest parts of your pool. All of the water passes through your pool filters and they grab on to all of the dirt and debris so that the rest of your pool is clean and sparkly. Now, most of the questions we often get is how often should filters be cleaned and how to clean the filter properly.

    The first step to answering those questions is to first determine the type of pool filter that you have installed on your pool.

    Maintaining Your Pool Filter Cartridge

    The pool filter cartridge can be cleansed of coarse dirt and debris by pressure washing inside and out with a garden hose. Fine particles of dirt are more easily removed from the filter pleats when the cartridge is dry. Therefore after hosing the cartridge, allow the filter to dry and carefully brush the pleated surface areas or apply a stream of compressed air to the filters outer surfaces to remove fine particles.

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    Reassemble The Filter Tank

    Once your cartridges are clean, return them to the inside of the filter tank. Reassemble any attachments if necessary. Set the top portion of the filter tank firmly back in place, and tightly close the O-ring .

    Turn the air release valve back to the closed position. Turn on the pump to make sure everything is functioning properly.

    Hint: Applying a small amount of a silicon-based lubricant to the O-ring will help extend its serviceable life.

    How De Filter Pressure Buildup Affects You

    How To Clean The Pool Filter

    I have encountered pool filters with out-of-control pressure more times than I can count. It is a common problem that you are bound to experience, especially with DE filters. Essentially, high pressure is a sign that your pool filter is working harder than usual due to a system blockage or a malfunctioning filter part. When the pressure breaks the recommended threshold, your pool water will likely be less clean, and the filter may eventually need to be fixed. Fixing or replacing your DE filter can be extremely expensive, so I highly recommend keeping up with your maintenance routine. A well-maintained DE filter can last up to 25 years.

    Your pressure gauge is your best friend, and frequently checking the reading can save you time and money. Remember, the ideal range is 8-10 psi. If you notice the gauge reading at 20 or even 30 psi, shut off the filter immediately and release the pressure. When the pressure starts to rise exponentially, the risk of the filter bursting is high.

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