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How To Repair Diamond Brite Pool Finish

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Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishing

Diamond Brite Ivory Plaster Finish – Pool Plaster Southampton, PA

Whether you are adding exposed aggregate pool finishing for the first time or need assistance with your inground pool renovation, our experienced installers can provide the services you need.

Coronados Pool Renovations provides tile, coping, and finishing services for concrete pools. Contact us for a high-quality installation of Diamond Brite pool finish in Pennsylvania. Our service areas in PA include Telford, Bensalem, Blue Bell, Ambler, Berwyn, Yardley, Langhorne, Souderton, and the surrounding areas.

Not sure if youre in our service area? Were proud to serve Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Chester County, PA.

I Have Leaks Cracks Bubbles And More Should I Just Resurface My Whole Pool

As mentioned previously, although you might only need a pool plaster patch, it may be the right time to get a diamond brite resurface. There will be a point where patching your pool will cost you more long-term than just resurfacing your pool.

If your pool is suffering from other damage such as cracks and bubbles, it could be a good time to completely resurface your pool. Not only for the structural maintenance of the pool but also for the aesthetics.

The goal is to make your diamond brite last as long as it can, and once it reaches 8-12 years of age, then you should simply resurface your pool.

Top 10 Signs You Have To Refinish Your Pool

  • May 5, 2017

Is your pool screaming to get help from a pool resurfacing service? Well first off, do you know the signs your pool is giving you? Sometimes, the signs can be a bit obvious. But other times, you have to be certain in what youre looking for. Your pool is very helpful at showing signs when it needs help and attention. Before you call for help, learn the ten signs that you need help from a pool resurfacing service.

  • Plaster Flaking or Peeling

    Maybe youve noticed the plaster is peeling along the steps or floor of your pool or spa. The pool industry refers to this as spalling. Aggressive pool water with sustained low PH or low calcium levels is the typical cause of spalling. It dissolves a soluble calcium compound called calcium hydroxide. Often, this occurs under a floating chlorinator on the top step of a pool or spa. Once this happens, there is no proper way to repair it. Usually, when this happens, its time to resurface or replaster.

  • Surface Stains

    Copper, calcium, and salt are the main culprits for surface stains. These discolor the pool and turn it into a blueish gray color, or a crystal deposit. The pool industry refers to surface stains as topical stains. A topical stain will stick to the plaster surface much like dirt sticks to a windshield. You can clean a stain with an acid wash, but you must perform with caution. If the pool is severely stained, you may need to continue with a replaster for your pool surface.

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    Plaster Replacement: Hire A Pro

    Does your pool surface need a complete makeover? Maybe youve let those cracks and loose patches go so long that itd just be easier to replace the plaster rather than repair it. This is definitely doable, but we highly recommend you hire a professional.

    Even if you work with plaster and concrete in some capacity every day, the interior of an inground pool is very different from walls, patios, or other concrete structures.

    The expense of hiring a pro to replace your pool plaster is going to be lower than hiring a pro to fix a plaster replacement done incorrectly or poorly. Get it done right the first time, and save yourself the money and headaches.

    How To Get Stains Out Of A Diamond Brite Pool Eho


    My Pool: ingoround kidney shape, diamond brite finish Location: south floridaine. Cleaning diamond brite. Post by michaelF » Thu 29 Jul, it will not restore the damaged surface. I know of no viable repair or patch other than resurfacing. Make sure that you have completely drained the pool after teh chlorine rinse, completely rinse it. The video shows the installation of diamond brite pool finish completed by a professional swimming pool contractor. Diamond Brite pool finish is an attractive alternative to marcite, is also extremely durable, and has become the industry standard in pool finish. Diamond Brite pool finish is the best choice for new swimming pools and swimming. 1. Follow steps 1. & 2. above, but add a little more water to the dry mix. 2. CRACK REPAIRS: Crack should be saw-cut & cleaned if not a minimum 1/8 wide and ¼ deep. Rub E-Z PATCH® 10 F.S. deep into crack and remove and expose the Quartz with a moist sponge. 3

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    Bubbles And Delamination Only Gets Bigger

    Pool bubbles and delamination only gets bigger over time. These diamond brite damages are big problems because as time passes, you will begin to see your swimming pool delamination get worse and expandespecially if you use your swimming pool frequently

    If it gets too big, it will cost an entire diamond brite resurface instead of a quick patch that could have saved you years of use on your diamond brite. Yikes! Repairing diamond brite damage can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

    Ice Damaged Diamond Brite Plaster Finish

    miles267 said:PB came today. Drained water level down to provide a work surface. Said they did a combination of wet sanding and acid washing to remove the rough surface. Perhaps the abrasion was on surface and didnt go very deep. Now filling water back up to get pump running. This is exactly what has happened to our pool in Tennessee from the same stretch of weather over New Years! We were out of town and came home to piles of ice built up. Out top step looks exactly like yours. I found this thread searching for a solution. Out pool company told us the entire pool will need to be re-plastered. We have a diamond brite plaster finish, too. Unfortunately, our pool is going on 3 years old so I don’t think we will get any warranty coverage. I’m glad to see you think the wet sanding and etching worked. Now we have to find someone to do the same for us! Ugh!!!

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    Pool Plaster Repair: Full Pool

    Putty and plaster mix that set underwater will allow you to fix cracks and gouges without draining a drop of pool water.

  • Put on your swimming goggles so you can see clearly while youre working underwater.
  • Rake the pointy end of a paint scraper along the crack to open it up, and around the edges of the area youre going to fix.
  • Brush the spot with the wire brush to remove any algae, and to loosen any dirt and debris. Brush it all out of the area youre going to fix.
  • Choose the repair material you want to use.
  • Underwater Epoxy Putty
  • Cut equal amounts of the A and B putty.
  • Combine and mold them into one piece, in a shape that matches the crack youre fixing .
  • Push the putty as far into the damaged area as possible.
  • Use your fingers to smooth the edges flat against the pool surface.
    • Underwater Pool Plaster

    Upgrade Your Pool Or Spa Surface Using Diamond Brite

    Diamond Brite Cool Blue Plaster Finish | Bensalem, PA Pool Plaster

    You know its time for new Diamond Brite pool plastering when your pool surface looks cracked, faded and patchy. With over 27 years of experience in the industry, the team at All Seal Exteriors are experts at pool plaster repair and resurfacing.

    Assisting customers in their selection of the best color for their pools Diamond Brite Finish is the first important step in a pool refinishing project. Deciding on one of the many Diamond Brite colors can be made easier by working with an experienced team like Pools Finishing Inc. They can give insightful guidance in finding which colors will look best and complement your pool deck fixtures.

    Getting your pool prepped properly to allow a strong smooth bond for your new pool Diamond Brite finish is another important step in the swimming pool resurfacing process. We take pride in resurfacing your pool plaster finish to the upmost perfection so you and your family can enjoy a long-lasting pool surface that is easy to maintain, comfortable on swimmers feet, and looks great for years to come.

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    What Is The Best Pool Resurfacing Material

    Choosing the Best Material for Pool Resurfacing

    • Plaster. Plaster is the most common pool resurfacing material because it is the cheapest.
    • Pebble. This resurfacing material is actually a mixture of rock pebbles and plaster, although pebbles cover most of the surface.
    • Concrete. If you favor durability over aesthetics, then concrete is a good material for resurfacing.

    5 2015 .

    Top 5 Problems Of Diamond Brite Pool Finish And Solution

    • If the finish includes a quartz aggregate blend, the time table should extend another five years. Common issues with pool plaster and their typical causes. Even when a high-quality plaster finish is properly applied to a pool, complications can arise
    • g pool builders in many regions to switch to plaster finishes. Plaster has its own set of issues, in the form of a long and complicated start-up process , as well as staining, shrinking, and cracking problems. aquaBRIGHT was scientifically developed to present a solution to these aquatic finish problems
    • The application of Diamond Brite pool finish in PA can repair cracks and bond failure in your pool walls and pool floors. Our pool contractors restore your in-ground pool to like-new condition. If you develop small cracks in your Diamond Brite pool finish, it may be time to resurface your concrete pool
    • Re: New pool owner – question on Diamond Brite pits. From what I’ve read, yeah, Midnight Blue would have the same issue. The issue is using non-white plaster in the cement mix. Having a pigmented cement mixed with the aggregate makes it more challenging to retain the appearance of the DB finish, and flaws can be more noticeable
    • g pool is required to be resurfaced because they all weather as time goes by. As a way to stretch out the lifespan of the pool, ensure that is stays looking gorgeous, and safe and secure to swim in you ought to resurface your.

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    Common Problems With Diamond Brite Finish

    The diamond brite pool finish has gained popularity in the last few years. A majority of pool professionals now recommend this finish due to its inability to resist most pool chemicals. Better yet, a its finish makes pool maintenance incredibly easy. In addition, algae and other water microorganisms find it difficult to stick on this finish and even when it happens, scraping them off is hassle free.

    Despite its benefits, it still has its downsides, just like many other plaster materials. In this article, we will look at the problems of of this finish so that you can better understand what to expect from it. You should note, however, that most of these problems typically originate from the plaster which develops problems with time.

    ScaleScale is one problem you expect to experience with a this coating. This problem arises because of the hard water that is treated with many chemicals to make it soft. The slightest chemical reaction between the water and minerals bonds the particles, often calcium and magnesium, to the plaster.

    This results in the appearance of scale patches on the finish. Although scale isnt quite easy to get rid of, you could use soft water in the pool or perform some replastering.


    Many people associate etching with algae but it is often because of low pH levels. The acidic environment corrodes the plaster. In addition, the components in the plaster could bring about the acidic environment.


    Bond Failure

    Can I Just Patch My Own Diamond Brite


    Absolutely! You can find diamond brite patches online for an affordable price. But its recommended to get a specialist who will be able to color match your Diamond Brite more closely. You dont want your patch to stand out from the rest of your pool finish.

    There is also the cost of pool equipment to consider if you attempt a DIY repair. The savings of buying your own patch and repair equipment would be a small difference. It may be more cost-effective to hire an expert with years of experience.

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    Diamond Brite Pool Finish Problems: Identification And Solution

    The Diamond Brite pool finish is a one-of-a-kind pool finish that is simple to use, comfortable for swimmers, and lasts for a long period.

    It is very appealing to the users as the blend of quartz with Portland cement makes an excellent finish for both brand new pools and pools that are about to be renovated.

    Although Diamond Brite pool finish has earned a reputation in the market, it still has some shortcomings or downfalls.

    To get a better understanding, we have come up with some common Diamond Brite pool finish problems and their solutions for you in this article.

    Do You Experience Water Loss Or See Areas Of Delamination

    Water loss can occur based on any number of problems, but in this case, let us focus on a few specific issues. First, cracks in a swimming pool structure can show up through the plaster surface. We will make recommendations regarding cracks on a case-by-case basis. Also, water can leak through many of the penetration points around a pool . If your pool is losing water from somewhere other than plumbing, resurfacing may be a viable solution combined with other work. Delamination is an industry term that simply means the plaster is separating from the surface beneath it. This occurs because of inadequate preparation prior to resurfacing. We use the plaster manufacturers recommended product and procedure for preparation, which usually protects against delamination. If you are experiencing either water loss or delamination, we can recommend a course of action suitable for your specific situation.

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    Is Your Surface So Rough That It Hurts Swimmers Feet

    As plaster ages, or because of improper chemistry, its surface becomes rough via etching or scaling. When the pain on the feet is unbearable, it may be time to consider re-plastering. Our typical method of start-up allows for a smooth-but-not-slick surface designed to add years of life to the plaster and make for a comfortable swim experience.

    Pa Pool Diamond Brite Colors

    Diamond Brite Marlin Blue Finish – Pool Plaster Kennett Square, PA

    Common colors for Diamond Brite pools include Cool Blue, Onyx, Ivory, Oyster Quartz, Aqua Quartz, and Verde. However, our favorites are Tahoe Blue and French Gray. Which color will you choose for your pool finishing project?

    Coronados Pool Renovations provides comprehensive services for the renovation of concrete pools. If you need tile and coping installation or repair, our contractors can handle your entire restoration.

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    Do Pool Patches Repair The Leaks In My Diamond Brite

    Its important to understand that leak detections and pool plaster repair are two different services.

    A patch is a plaster mix specifically designed for underwater surface repair, but you will need to consult with your expert pool service company for advice and more information on leak detection. Leaks will require different equipment and products to repair.

    Do You Like The Current Look Of Your Pool

    Whether the previous plaster choice was not your style or the surface and water chemistry were not properly maintained, aesthetic appeal is the final reason to resurface your pool. Consider your pool a blank canvas on which you can, within reason, customize the look of your pool. Contact us today to speak with a renovation specialist about Diamond Brite® Quartz Aggregate finishes, one among a wide variety of beautiful and resilient options that may suit your taste in color, style, and overall cohesion with the rest of your outdoor living space.

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    What Is The Best Finish For My Pool

    Out of the three basic pool finishes available, white plaster is the cheapest option.

    But it is now becoming obsolete and is, in fact, only suitable for those looking for a refinish on a strict budget or those who have a large pool surface to cover.

    While white plaster helps give your pool a classic blue shine to it, it can tend to stain easily, it has a rough feeling on the surface, and in fact, has the shortest lifespan of all the options at an expected lifetime of 7-10 years.

    Diamond Brite finish, on the other hand, costs a little more than white plaster but is more durable and has a longer lifespan of about 10-15 years.

    As well, you also have the freedom to personalize your pool thanks to the variety of exquisite shades available for you to choose from.

    Finally, pebble finish is the most expensive, yet luxurious option available. Its made by using larger aggregate stones. It is a lavishly smooth surface that is highly reflective and offers a diverse range of colors. This pool finish has the longest lifespan of around 15-25 years.

    Diamond Brite combines the best of all surfaces and in line with most peoples budgets.

    What Is Diamond Brite


    Diamond Brite plaster is commonly accepted as the best pool interior finish, giving you the lasting beauty and durability of a diamond.

    Unlike traditional marble-based pool plaster, Diamond Brite is made with natural quartz. As its found naturally, quartz is actually one of natures most durable and purest minerals on the planet.

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