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What Is The Best Above Ground Pool For The Money

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Intex Ultra Xtr Above Ground Pools

Top 5 Best Above Ground Pools

The Intex XTR is a top-of-the-line above ground pool that combines extensive size options, a reasonable price tag, and sturdy construction.

Intex is one of the leading makers of backyard pools and pool equipment.

Whether its pool slides, inflatable kiddie pools, or pool loungers, Intex makes reasonably priced pool gear that stands up to long summers.

The Intex Ultra XTR line of pools checks all of the boxes when it comes to an awesome above ground swimming pool.

Lets start with how well built these things are.

The frame is built with galvanized and powder-coated steel that wont rust and corrode when exposed to water and the elements. A patented locking system gives the frame a sturdiness that you dont see often with pop-up pools.

Intex ships these bad boys with most of the accessories you will need to keep the water comfortable and clean, including a 120v sand filter pump, a pool ladder specifically designed for above ground pools, a cloth to lay on the grass under your pool, and a cover to keep the water warm overnight and keep debris from falling into the pool.

The number of size and shape options with the Intex XTR is almost as high as the amount of fun you will have in this thing.

The XTR comes in round and rectangular shapes and in a variety of sizes, from 18 feet in diameter to a 32-foot long rectangular above ground pool.

Perhaps most importantly, these pools wont break the bank, with a 16ft round pool retailing for less than $800 .

Cool Off With These Top Backyard Picks

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The Spruce

If you live in a warm climate or anywhere that gets remotely hot during the summer, having somewhere to swim can make the weather more bearableand enjoyable. As you’re probably aware, in-ground swimming pools are expensive to install and maintain. Above-ground pools, however, are an affordable alternative. They’re also much easier to set up and can be just as fun as their in-ground counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly cool-down solution or want to try out a pool before committing to digging a permanent hole in your yard, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the best above-ground pools currently on the market, including saltwater-ready, rectangular, round, oval, steel-supported, and inflatable picks. Let’s dive in.

Here, the best above ground pools on the market.

Dimensions: 18 feet x 52 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 6,981 gallons | Frame: Galvanized steel | Set-Up Time: 45 minutes

  • Long setup time

Best Above Ground Pool For Your Budget $550000 Ish

You can buy a very good 24 round above ground pool package for between $2700.00 and $4000.00. With excavation, installation, and setup you will have to add $1600.ish depending on your part of the country. Add a couple hundred for the cost of water and another $600.00 to $1000.00 for electrical services and you are all in for $5300.00 to $6600.00

You could save $500.00 buying a cheaper pool with a thinner pool liner, and maybe a sand filter with a one-speed energy hog pump. But you would end up having to replace the whole thing in 1-5 years. Just realize you end up losing $4000.00 to save $500.00.

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Where Will The Pool Live

While above-ground pools are versatile, they cant be placed just anywhere. Inclines are a no-no, as even the slightest hill can push water against the walls of the pool, causing uneven pressure on the sides and liner. Spreading a few bags of sand across the area can help even things out.

When installing an above-ground model, you must comply with local building codes and regulations. This usually means you cant place a pool near power lines or too close to property lines.

You will also need to factor in two to three feet of perimeter space for unobstructed access to the pool. You want a large, flat, open area of grass, sand, or dirt. Dont put it on concrete or brick. Stay away from trees. And only install it on a deck if the deck is pool-ready and designed for the job.

Coleman Power Steel Frame Swim Vista Ii Round Swimming Pool Set

The Best Above Ground Pools of 2020

The Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series II is a big pool at 22 feet wide and a little over 4 feet deep. Its a second-generation pool with built-in portholes. The Vista Portholes are reinforced and fortified into the sides of the pool, allowing parents to keep an eye on children or so you can wave at people like an aquarium. The pool doesnt require any tools for setup and is made of a rust-resistant steel frame with Colemans Seal & Lock System for a sturdy and secure frame connection. The puncture-resistant liner is made from ultra-durable Tritech material and the exterior design is a natural-looking rattan wicker print. The Coleman pool set comes with a filter pump, step ladder, and pool cover.

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Intex Small Family Above Ground Swim Pool

Another choice selection from the Intex line of pools is their rectangular swim pool that is primarily designed for small families. This line of pools features a range of sizes, from 8.6 to 14.9 long, making it perfect for splashing around with small children.

The frame is steel but painted with a rust-resistant layer to reduce corrosion from the sun and general use. The pool can be quickly filled and drained via a garden hose and a drain plug, which is handy when you need to drain the pool water away from the house or sensitive yard space. Assembly is also a breeze, with unpacking to full assembly taking about thirty minutes.

One of the main concerns that come with these kinds of pools is protecting against punctures, whether its the puppy jumping up on the side of the pool or making big waves in a small pool. The Intex Small Family Frame Pools are made with a three-layer polyvinyl that is specifically designed to ward off punctures and splits.

These pools are extremely affordable, costing less than $200, making them a perfect addition to the backyard for those hot days to cool off .

Bestway Steel Pro Max Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Bestway Steel Pro MAX is a feature-rich pool that is easy on the wallet.

Framed with heavy-duty PVC piping, the pool frame is painted with a rust and corrosion-resistant layer for maximum durability. The liner of the pool is a tough 3-layer fabric, and a supportive band wraps all the way around the pool and the frame for added stiffness and durability.

Bestway pool liners are made of DuraPlus, which is a combination of heavy-duty PVC blended with a polyester inner mesh that provides an ideal balance of flex and rigidity. In other words, the Bestway pool isnt going to fold like wet cardboard at the end of a long day splashing around.

The Bestway Steel Pro above ground swim pool is easy to assemble , and comes with a flow-controlled valve that helps regulate water levels. Note: pool filter not included. Even though these pools are called Pro MAX, they arent exorbitant in price, with the 12-foot model retailing for about $150 .

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Intex 18ft X 48in Prism Frame Pool Set: Larger And Sturdier

For an even sturdier pool for summer, opt for the top above ground pools option that has a galvanized frame such as this model.

This makes the pool a lot more capable of holding many swimmers at once.

Just like any other of the above ground pools from Intex, its walls are also made of laminated PVC and can actually hold a lot more water, 6,423 gallons to be exact and is 48 inches deep.

This pool is a show stopper because of its large size, high quality and its exceptional durability because of its galvanized steel frames.

The Prism Frame Pool also comes with a Krystal Clear Cartridge which takes care of the water quality inside the above ground pool and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter which directly shuts off the pump when it detects that the electric wires are wet.

The dual suction outlet fittings are also very notable because it ensures a good circulation of the pools water, giving the pool users a clean and safe water to swim around.

  • Pets can freely swim because the sidewalls are highly heavy-duty.
  • This has the tendency to withstand the cold weather.
  • The drainage plug can be connected to a hose.
  • Has a pool cover
  • The pool is slightly too large for the filter pump, which may affect the pumps strength.
  • The pump isn’t very durable.

Best For Kids: H2ogo Underwater Oasis Spray Pool

Best Above Ground Pool Reviews – What Really Matters

Dimensions: 8 feet x 26 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 555 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 10 minutes

  • No warranty

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable solution for entertaining kids outside in warm weather, the H2OGO! Underwater Oasis Spray Pool. They’ll love the included inflatable dolphin, which can be connected to your garden hose to spray water . The pool as a whole can hold up to 555 gallons of waterand at more than 8 feet wide, there’s plenty of room for multiple kiddos to splash around.

Parents will also be happy to know that this pool is super easy to set up: it takes just under 10 minutes to inflate, deflate, and store, so you can easily schedule playtime, anytime. What’s more, the 3-ply Tritech liner is puncture-resistant , making this a pool that will last you for seasons to come.

Our number-one pick for above-ground pools is the Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set . Intex is a reliable brand, and this reasonably priced round pool is the perfect medium size. Plus, it comes with a sand filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. If you are looking for a rectangular-sized option, we recommend the Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set. The pool is 52 inches deep, comes in various sizes, and has a puncture-resistant, triple-ply liner, and a powder-coated steel frame.

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Bestway Steel Pro 102x67x24 Rectangular Above

The affordable Bestway Steel Pro 102 x 67 x 24 Rectangular Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool happens to be one of the largest options featured on our list. The steel frame will keep the bones of the pool stable for years to come, while the quick drain feature will make it easy to close at the end of the season.

There are, however, some issues with the PVC walls. Some users have reported premature leaks from the first season of use. These issues can usually be resolved through patchwork, but many prefer not to have to do repairs on a new pool. It also has a complicated setup and does not include any accessories.

The Final Word On The Best Above

With the best above-ground pool, your backyard becomes a fun zone. From large rectangle above-ground pools for swimming laps to small oval above-ground pools for parties, you can find a great new way to stay cool this season. With an eye on size and shape, zoom in on the model that fits your needs. Whatever style you choose, swim safe and always supervise children. Also, consider making the jump to a saltwater above-ground pool for a more natural, soothing swim. Whatever you choose, one of these pools will transform your home into the neighborhood oasis.

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Above Ground Pool Framing Top Rails And Verticles

The frame of the pool is nowhere near as important as the wall. Manufacturers have taken to making huge resin top rails and vertical posts, when they would be way better off putting the extra money into thicker pool walls made of superior American steel or even better, aluminum.

Once a pool gets built, you could remove all the top-rails and vertical uprights, it would stand just fine!

They build pools with over-sized top rails to make them look stronger, and so China cant compete. China suppliers need to ship via containers across the ocean. Bulky resin upright and top rails that dont pack easy cost way to much to ship.

Intex Easy Set 12t By 30 Round Pool Set

Top 9 Best Above Ground Pools for 2021 [Reviews]

One pool that does not require you to build deck around is the Intex Easy Set Round Pool Set.

The product has a filter pump that circulates the water to assure you of a clean facility.

You also get a DVD that guides you when installing the pool, cleaning, and maintaining it.

It is a system that adds joy to your backyard because you can relax in the water with your entire family.

One feature that we need to mention is the ease of assembling and installation you can achieve that without calling an expert.

The pool is also rated as one of the most reliable units you can find on the shelves today.

You can bet the unit cost under $500, making it a perfect unit for anyone looking for a play station.

Its package includes repair kits that you can use to seal any leak that might occur when using the pool.

That only means you can prolong its useful life and have value for bucks thanks to the durability.

You should consider picking this product if you want a simple model that gets ready for water within 15 minutes.

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Affordable But Much More Reliable Than Inflatable Pools The Intex Metal Frame Pool Comes With A Filter And A Puncture

The Intex Metal Frame is the more budget-friendly option from Intex that’s slightly less robust than our top pick. It’s probably not suited for winterizing in most places, but it’s fairly easy to take down at the end of the season.

At any rate, if you’re careful enough with this pool, it should last several summers, which is about all you’ll get out of any pool made from plastic or vinyl. Be gentle, don’t demand too much of it, and, as with any pool, keep it clean. If you follow those basic rules, you’ll most likely be a happy customer.

The only main issue that seems to be mentioned a lot in buyer reviews is that the pump is too small, so you may want to consider upgrading the 550 gallon-per-hour pump that comes in the box.

Just keep in mind that this pool is considerably more fragile and vulnerable than our top pick, and be especially careful climbing in and out of it. Also be sure to store it somewhere protected for the winter, and insider if possible.

Pros: Affordable, reasonably sturdy, pump included

Cons: Thin frames and feet, filtration pump may be too small

Bestway 18 X 48 56463 Steel Pro Frame Pool Set

Bestway Steel Pro is the right unit for you if you want a system that comes with cover.

That means you can prevent leaves, bugs, and other materials from falling inside when you do not use the pool.

The model is made of quality PVC material and 3-ply polyester sidewalls to guarantee you of support.

It is further reinforced with rope wraps around the base to keep the legs firmly planted on the ground.

These features make it an excellent unit for the entire family use, and it goes for under $1000.

Another great thing is the rust-resistance metal frames that can withstand water and other pool chemicals.

The unit holds about 6,092 gallons of water when it is 90% full, making it the perfect place for swimming laps.

One great feature is the flow control drain valve that makes it easy to drain the pool when you want to store it.

Its package also includes a ground cloth that allows you to place the pool on the grass.

You also get a ladder, meaning you can quickly get into and out of the pool.

The other thing we should mention is the 1,500-gallon filter pump.

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Best For Small Pools: Pool Blaster Max Li Cordless Pool Cleaner

If you have a small above-ground pool, spa pool, or hot tub, a cordless handheld pool cleaner like the Pool Blaster Max Li is a great option.

This pool vacuum cleaner features a 10.5 head attachment with five wheels and brushes, high-flow suction, and a multi-layer filter bag. It can be used for picking up fine and large debris from the surface and bottom of your pool, including acorns, leaves, twigs, and sand. Additionally, you can remove the attachment and use its cone nose to reach hard areas, if needed.

The Max Li is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to run for a full hour. According to the manufacturer, it takes about four hours to recharge.

To reach all areas of your pool, simply attach the Max Li to any standard telescopic pool pole. If you don’t already have such a pole at your pool, one can be purchased with this pool cleaner model for about $30 extra.

Best Time To Purchase An Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

Just like any equipment or appliance sold in the market, portable pool prices are not always the same throughout the year. You can score the cheapest deals starting from October until the winter season. Prices go up as late spring and summer approaches again.

If I were you, Id start looking for above-ground pools and keep an eye on it until winter arrives. So, when winter comes, I would come back for it and buy it right away. Just make sure you have a big enough space to store it for the meantime. Although, if you encounter any pool problems, you cant usually send it back after 30-60 days.

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