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Who Sells Above Ground Pools

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Semi Inground Pool Installation Faqs

Should I buy a used above ground pool?

Average cost of a semi-inground pool?

$3000.00-$5000.00 depending on pool size, pool shape, and depth. This price is for excavation, building pool and set-up, installing pool liner and filter system, and back-filling. Landscaping, Electrical Service, and Water would all cost extra.

How long do semi-inground pools last?

If you install a quality swimming pool like an Aquasport 52 you can expect 40-60 years. If you install a quality regular above ground pool with a rolled wall, maybe 15-20 years, but you risk the wall caving in when you replace the pool liner in 7-9 years.

How deep can a semi inground pool be?

You cannot put a deep-end in an above ground pool. Sure you can dish the center a bit on a round pool, but above ground pools are constant depth pools. With a 52 inch pool wall you get roughly 48-50 inches of water.

How much does it cost to dig a hole for a pool?

$1500.00 to $3000.00. It depends on the depth your installing it and the size of your pool. This price does not include back-filling the pool once it is built.

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Whats The Process Of Installing An Above Ground Pool

  • Ground prep : 1-2 Days
  • After excavating a thin layer of soil gravel is laid and packed
  • Concrete / Pool Pad ring is formed
  • After a short cure time the interior of the ring is filled with soft sand
  • Pool Install: 1-2 days
  • Structural supports are erected on ring, steel wall is installed in place and resin top cap is installed.
  • Plumbing / mechanical sections are installed. At this time electricians can complete their work and gasfitters can connect gas to the pool heater
  • Pool is filled. After filling components are tested, water is treated, and we provide an instructional session on how to operate / treat your pool!
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    Know That It Will Need A New Liner

    Lets just get this out of the way right off.

    Regardless of the age, re-assembling an above ground pool will need a new liner

    For some, this is such a hard pill to swallow. Now, you can talk to a lot of people and do a bunch of research, or you can just take a professionals word for it right now. Either way, the conclusion will be the same the pool will be needing a new liner. Period.

    Why Would I Choose An Above Ground Pool

    We sell high quality semi
    • Costs considerably less
    • Faster and easier to install
    • Require less yard space
    • Can be moved to another property, or within the existing property in the future
    • Easy to maintain, easy to service! Every piece of plumbing / mechanical is accessible!
    • Long lasting! 60 year warranty on Discovery, 40 year on Zenith

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    Sale : Above Ground Pools

    Summers coming and whats a better way to cool down than in a swimming pool. If you dont have one, install your own above ground pool in your yard. At Target, you get a wide range of options for you to choose from and these are a great alternative to ground swimming pools. The first thing you need to consider is the frame of the pool. Steel frames are durable and sturdy, resin frames are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. Also, it resists dents and wraps on the wall. Next up is the size, it usually depends on the size of your backyard but there might be restrictions by local municipalities. Along with the size, decide the depth and the shape depending on whos using it. Now that you have a pool, you need liners to keep the bottoms and the walls safe and keep the water in place. Whether you want a pool above ground to play or use it as a spa and relax, browse our store to find the right above ground pool for you. Add some games and make this summer a happening one. Cool down and chill on.

    Best For Kids: H2ogo Underwater Oasis Spray Pool

    Dimensions: 8 feet x 26 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 555 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 10 minutes

    • No warranty

    If you’re looking for a safe, affordable solution for entertaining kids outside in warm weather, the H2OGO! Underwater Oasis Spray Pool. They’ll love the included inflatable dolphin, which can be connected to your garden hose to spray water . The pool as a whole can hold up to 555 gallons of waterand at more than 8 feet wide, there’s plenty of room for multiple kiddos to splash around.

    Parents will also be happy to know that this pool is super easy to set up: it takes just under 10 minutes to inflate, deflate, and store, so you can easily schedule playtime, anytime. What’s more, the 3-ply Tritech liner is puncture-resistant , making this a pool that will last you for seasons to come.

    Our number-one pick for above-ground pools is the Intex Ultra XTR Pool Set . Intex is a reliable brand, and this reasonably priced round pool is the perfect medium size. Plus, it comes with a sand filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, and debris cover. If you are looking for a rectangular-sized option, we recommend the Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set. The pool is 52 inches deep, comes in various sizes, and has a puncture-resistant, triple-ply liner, and a powder-coated steel frame.

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    What Do I Do With My Above Ground Pool In The Winter

    • Winterizing an above ground pool is easy, and involves draining the water level down 12-18 below the return jets, draining the plumbing and equipment and leaving a little antifreeze in the equipment to keep it protected. Alternatively disconnect the mechanical equipment, drain and leave in a heated garage!

    Swimming Pool Kits: A Solid Choice


    Swimming pool kits offer a rigid structure, making them some of the most robust and comfortable models available. You can choose from either a tubular or rigid above-ground pool.

    The first is similar to a free-standing pool, but the steel tube framework makes it much more solid.

    The second type uses rigid sheet steel siding, which is assembled to form the structure of the pool. With a rigid above-ground pool you have more choice in terms of pool sizes and shapes. It guarantees a more robust and long-lasting structure, and can stay up in your garden all year round.

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    Determine A Realistic Price

    Everybody is different. Some think what they have is worth a lot more than it is. Others will sell stuff way too cheap and then regret it later when they find out that they couldve gotten a lot more.

    As a general rule, a used above-ground pool is worth less than most think. Many will try to sell their used pool for way more than anyone would be willing to pay.

    Read my article How Much Should You Pay for a Used Above Ground Swimming Pool to help determine what your pool is worth.

    Diy Above Ground Pool Installation Tips

    Can you tell the difference between a DIY above ground pool installation and a professionally installed pool? Probably not – here are some tips to help you with your above ground pool setup:

    • – You can install an above ground pool yourself!
    • – Buttress free oval systems allow for more space in your yard and a cleaner, finished look
    • – True above ground pools are designed to be left up year round
    • – When installing your above ground pool the ground must be properly graded and level
    • – Never install an above ground pool below ground
    • – You can install an above ground pool on a concrete base but only if it is a round model
    • – Only above ground pools with resin components are recommended for use with a salt water system
    • – Above ground pools are not designed to have a deep end
    • – Never install a slide or diving board on an above ground pool because they are not deep enough

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    This roundup was researched and written by Theresa Holland, a professional writer, and a homeowner who is always on the lookout for products that enhance the at-home experience. In addition to The Spruce, she regularly contributes to MyDomaine and Byrdie.

    To make this list, Theresa considered each pool’s size, type, and if it includes additional features, like filter pumps, pool liners, ground cloths, and debris covers.

    Where To Buy Above

    Above ground Pool $100 for sale in Galveston, TX

    Before pools start to sell out at a rapid rate, spring is the best time to start setting up your backyard oasis. Amazon and Walmart

    Indoor and outdoor swimming pools are allowed to be open in New Jersey, but you still may be hesitant to be around larger crowds of people.

    Theres one solution if youre looking to take a dip this summer: buying an easy-set, above-ground pool.

    Last year, with people stuck at home and indoors for the early months of the pandemic, pool sales skyrocketed. Manufacturers and distributors of swimming pools and hot tubs across the U.S. and Europe struggled to meet the surge in demand.

    With the weather warming, families again are setting up a backyard oasis, looking for as many outdoor activities as possible. So, this might be the best time to start pool shopping, before the buying surge begins again.

    Here is a roundup of where you can buy above-ground pools right now, from large to medium/small to kiddie pools organized by price .

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    Enjoy Your Above Ground Pool Safely

    Dont stop at merely installing your above ground pool. Safety is an issue with pools regardless if it is an inground pool or an above ground pool. You will enjoy the same swim experience with your above ground pool as with any inground pool, but this also comes with the same safety concerns.

    Here are some essential safety products to consider:

    • Fencing There are unique fences available explicitly designed for above ground pools. Although much safer than inground pools, children can still climb up and tip over into the pool even if there is no ladder. There are many inexpensive options available if you have children in the house you want to protect.
    • Ladders To use your pool, a ladder is essential. You can choose from one of the top above ground pool ladders weve collected for the buying guide weve put together. You must ensure that the ladder is securely attached to the pool and features handrails for added stability.
    • Pool Alarm This is especially important if you have children or pets, although some counties actually require an alarm by law. These alarms will notify you if something large enough to make a splash has irritated the water.

    Winter Safety Cover For Your Pool

    We cannot stress enough how important a safety cover on your pool is! We hear of accidents caused by traditional tarpaulin covers far too often.

    While providing the best protection for the pool, they are also an investment for the safety of wildlife, pets, and children. A safety cover saves money and time when opening the pool. Provide security during swim season for short trips away from home.

    Contact us for a quote on a custom made cover with James’ professional installation.

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    Summer Waves Pool Set

    This lovely pool makes our list because users were delighted with the way it looks in their yard and is made very durable. Though more expensive than the others on our list, the Summer Waves Pool Set is worth every penny. It is a 12 foot round pool at 33 inches in depth and has 1,900 gallons capacity, suitable for both children and adults.

    This pool set includes a SFX600 filter pump that combines the functions of a skimmer and filter for better results. It directly attaches to the sidewalls of the pool that allows for easier maintenance and to prevent tripping. The pool is constructed with a galvanized steel frame that is durable and rust-resistant.

    What sets this pool apart from the rest is its attractive dark herringbone wicker pattern exterior. It is also available in a lighter wicker design. The unit isnt only beautiful but durable as well. A triple-layer heavy gauge PVC and polyester mesh are used to build this pool to withstand weather and human activity.


    What Is The Right Above Ground Swimming Pool For You

    How To Buy A Used Above Ground Pool Pt. 1

    Buying a pool is a big decision and can seem like a pretty daunting task, especially if you dont know what youre looking for. Backyard Oasiss goal is to help you find the right pool that fills your needs and desires. From ovals to rounds, we have pools that will fit any budget and we have financing available with approved credit so you can pay over time. With several different pool accessories packages to choose from, we have you covered from basic essentials to a premium bundle. Every pool also comes with free deck designs to help transform your backyard into a family friendly oasis.

    When it comes to installation of your above ground pool, we have been using the same installation company for the last 15 years. With his experience and our custom packages, this is truly a 1st class installation that will thoroughly impress. If youre concerned about pool maintenance, dont worrywe can help! All of our DELUXE POOL PACKAGES include an automatic pool cleaner and we have Water Care Experts to support you anytime you need help! Too busy to mess with the care of your pool, we have a full-time pool maintenance service department that covers most of the surrounding area. In addition, we offer FREE water analysis, an education course, and lifetime support.

    Backyard Oasis carries the two top selling brands of steel wall above ground pools both which have been in business for over 40 years.

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    Cost To Buy An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

    All the pools mentioned above cost about the same. It might interest you to know that the best semi-inground pool is usually the cheapest. That is the Aquasport 52 this is why I dont sell the other pools.

    • A 24 Round Package Cost $5000.00 $6000.00
    • 15×30 to 17×32 Oval Package Cost $6500.00 $7500.00

    Above Ground Pool Chemicals Types

  • Liquid Chlorine pour slowly into the water by walking around the pool. Place container as close to water as possible to avoid splashing.
  • Dry Chlorine Granular or Tablet can be placed in a floating chlorine dispenser. Do not pour any un-dissolved powder into pool because this may cloud water, shorten filter cycle, or settle to bottom and stain the poor liner.
  • Dry Stable Chlorine Granular, powder or tablet should be placed in a floating dispenser
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    Best Above Ground Pools

    This article contains affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. to find out more.

    Above ground pools are an excellent choice for smaller yards and cost a fraction of the price of significant inground pool installation, but there are so many options out there its impossible to choose. Our team has put together a detailed above ground pool review and buying guide to help out. You dont have to read a bunch of guides to find the best above ground pool to fit your budget, needs, and yard.

    With so many types, shapes, sizes, and manufacturers out there, its easy to be suckered into buying a low-quality pool. Even though they are less expensive than inground pools, above ground pools are nonetheless an investment, and you want them to last as long as possible. Weve put together a selection of the highest-rated pools by real customers and tips to make the pool last years on end.

    Especially with above ground pools, its not just about turning to a trusted manufacturer. The best way to get the most up-to-date feedback on a product is to ask the customers that are already using it. Weve gathered this information to pool together a fantastic list of pool options that customers have deemed to be the most durable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

    The 12 Best Above Ground Pools

    15ft above ground pool for sale in Houston, TX

    If youre lucky enough to have a yard and enough space to accommodate a pool, youll be faced with a battery of buying decisions.

    An in-ground pool might be an attractive proposition in many ways, but not all yards are large enough for landscaped pools. Also, if youre renting your home, its not practical to install a permanent swimming pool.

    This is where the best above-ground pools step in to neatly plug the gap. These make renter-friendly and highly portable options, and you can easily take these pools down over the winter, or whenever theyre not in use.

    When youre shopping for above-ground pools, though, youll soon encounter a bewildering array of options in terms of shapes, sizes, depths, and designs. Also, of course, youll find pools at a variety of price points.

    Here at Wild River Country, were here to make your life easier by reviewing all the best above-ground pools.

    Since there are so many things to consider on the buying trail, weve provided you with a concise buying guide below outlining everything to factor in when youre pool shopping. To help you when youre browsing the pools below, youll find pools in two broad categories:

    • Inflatable
    • Steel-framed

    Inflatable pools are ideal to give the kids some quick and easy splashing fun. The more robust steel-framed pools work better for adults, or if you want a more permanent installation without going to the lengths of installing an in-ground pool.


    • Steel frame
    • 18 feet x 52 inches

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