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How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost In Maryland

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Does Adding A Pool Increase The Value Of Your Home

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost? | Thursday Pools

Historically, most home improvements dont raise the value of your home by the amount of the investment. However, as the recent health crisis has entered our lives, we are finding that many home buyers are looking at having an in-ground pool as a great value and it is increasing the value of your home.

By the way, Leisure Pools® allows for a transfer of their pool warranties within the first five years of ownership at no cost. If you add a pool today and decide to sell your home, you are able to fully transfer the warranty to the new homeowner.

Why Are Fiberglass Pools So Durable

Modern fiberglass pools are so durable because of the scientific developments in the pool’s gelcoat layer that have occurred over the past decade.

The gelcoat layer is the part of the pool we see and touch.

Modern gelcoats will last , or possibly even a lifetime. This eliminates the need for costly refinishing.

In contrast, concrete pools will require expensive resurfacing every 10 to 15 years, on average.

And you can plan on replacing the liner in a vinyl pool every 5 to 9 years, on average, at a very high cost.

Small Inground Pool Construction Cost

Spools or small backyard pools cost about $18,000 to $26,000, to install, depending on the materials chosen. Small inground swimming pools are a great option for homeowners with small backyards or a modest budget, and you can bump up the number of add-ons to compensate for the smaller size.

Small Pool Construction Cost


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Additional Parts Of A Concrete Pool

Parts for a concrete in-ground pool range between $9 and $3,000, or $3,029 to $6,900 in total. There are many parts that are needed. Without them, a pool would not be able to function and operate efficiently. These parts also protect swimmers by keeping bacteria, algae, dirt, and debris out of the water. Below are the most common parts and the price to install them.

$1,500 – $3,000

Concrete Footing For Screen Enclosure

How Much Does a Pool Cost? 93 Real World Examples  DIY ...

Screen enclosures typically require an 8 by 8 concrete footing to anchor and support the weight of the enclosure properly. Installing footings costs $4 to $6 per linear foot. Small enclosures may only require a 4 nominal slab. A contractor will determine the foundation and footing requirements.

  • Existing concrete pool decks often already have a footing that can support an enclosure.
  • Existing paver patios require a footing to be poured under the pavers before building an enclosure.

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How Much Does Inground Pool Installation In Maryland Heights Cost

There are many things that dictate the cost of an inground pool. Supplies and materials are one area of expense. Labor is another. The expert calculates the sales tax after the two other expenses are totaled. A sizable pool requires far more supplies and labor than a smaller pool. It will cost a lot more money to have a big pool than a small one.

When you request a price estimate from the contractor, you get to know what they charge and why. You see how the total bill gets calculated. As a rule of thumb, it’s always advisable to request a quote from at least three professionals. You’ll see how similar and how different their pricing is that way. You can then choose which company to work with based on the quotes they provided to you. If discounts are available that help lowers the price, you’ll likely want to go with one company opposed to another.

Yard Characteristics That Affect Cost

Although size, style and installation method are some of the biggest factors impacting the price youll pay to install an in-ground swimming pool, there are still other potential costs you should take into account. Depending on the intended location of your pool, there may be costs to remove trees, rocks or other large objects that could pose an issue for your pools construction.

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Make It Exceptional Make It Woodfield

If you want to make 2021 the year you turn your backyard into a pool paradise, we can help. Woodfield has years of experience as a Maryland pool builder, installing both fiberglass and gunite pools. We would be happy to work up an estimate for you. Simply schedule a call to get started.

We provide pool installation and a full range of outdoor living projects to suit your aesthetics and your budget. We serve homeowners in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, Howard County.

Do Inground Pools Add To Home Value

How much does a swimming pool cost? | Inground Saltwater Pool

Yes, but youll have to do your homework to decide if its worth it in your own unique situation. Real estate experts estimate that an inground pool can add five to eight percent to a homes value. Factor in the average cost of your home and the average cost to install a pool to determine if this added value is worth it.

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You’ll Need To Comply With Fencing Laws

While the state of Maryland does not have any laws that require fencing around residential pools, individual counties and cities do, with most adopting the 2012 International Residential Code. The law requires property owners to construct a barrier around residential pools that are over 24 inches in depth. Other key guidelines include:

  • The pool fence must be 48 inches tall.
  • Pool fencing with horizontal members less than 45 inches apart should have those horizontal members located on the poolside of the fence, according to the CPSC.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends pickets be spaced no more than 4 inches apart.
  • All-access gates must be self-closing, self-latching, and equipped with a locking device.

Building a fence surrounding your pool is safest for your family and those around you to prevent accidental drownings. For the utmost safety, consider installing a fence before its filled with water.

Average Costs Of Building A Swimming Pool

Labor costs vary, depending primarily on the pool type. In-ground pools have higher labor costs than above-ground pools, while concrete and fiberglass have higher labor costs than vinyl. Labor costs are also impacted if blasting is needed with the excavation and whether the deck is installed at the same time.

On average, labor costs to build a pool range from $5,000 to $30,000 but can go higher for custom pools with specialty designs. The pool material cost ranges from $4,000 for a vinyl , $10,000 for a basic fiberglass shell, up to $27,000 for a premium shell, and between $55 and $70 a square foot for a concrete pool.

Not every project requires all levels of work. For example, not every installation requires blasting, and the finish work can range, depending on the pool material, with fiberglass requiring the least and concrete requiring the most.

$5,000 – $30,000

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Hiring A Pool Contractor

Staying within your budget means working with a pool contractor who gave you a well thought out and accurate estimate. When hiring a pool contractor, ask friends and family for references. If you like a neighbors pool, ask them who installed it. Research pool contractors online, and select a few to give you estimates. Compare their bids, and determine who you most want to work with. Youre investing in your home, and investing in your own future relaxation, so make sure you choose a pool contractor who does quality work.

Cost To Build A Shipping Container Pool

Potomac Pool Builders

The cost of a shipping container pool starts at around $17,000. This does not include the water or deck you may want to include. Shipping containers can come in many sizes and have a modern sleek style, which many find attractive. They can be sunk into the ground or used as an above-ground pool with proper ladders. Depending on the shipping containers age and type, you may need to line the container to safely hold water long term. Things like chlorine or saltwater may harm the container if not lined.

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Pool Cage Maintainance & Replacement Costs

Pool screen repairs cost $200 to $600 for small jobs, and between $1,200 and $3,500 for a complete rescreening. Proper maintenance can increase the longevity of your pool enclosure by a decade or more. Regular maintenance tasks include:

  • Clean the enclosure every six months, or hire a professional to pressure wash annually.
  • Tighten or replace loose bracing cables after a storm.
  • Store all movable objects away from the enclosure if high winds are threatened.
  • Remove any peeling paint and do paint touchups.
  • Check all screens, anchors, bracing cables, door hardware, adjacent wood, and rubber splines regularly.
  • Replace torn screens or glass/plastic panels at the first sign of damage.
  • Replace rusted or weak screws, anchors, fasteners, or bolts.
  • Repair or replace damaged door hardware and lubricate it.
  • Replace rotting fascia or soffits. Consider adding a super gutter to direct the flow of water.
  • Replace loose rubber splines.

Fencing Or Enclosing Your Pool

  • Pool covers cost$600-$2,200 with installation.
  • High-end automatic and security options: $1,000-$15,000.
  • Pool enclosures cost$5,000-$15,000. They extend your swimming season by retaining some heat and keeping the water cleaner, longer.
  • Always install childproof locks and latches.
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    Buying An Inground Pool In Maryland

    Folks call Maryland America in Miniature because its reflected in the variety of its landscape. No matter where residents live though, they sure do seem to love their inground swimming pools. The states moderate climate and long summers provide Maryland pool buyers with ample excuse to build their own backyard oasis. Researching Maryland Pool Prices? Keep reading.

    Construction Costs: AVERAGE

    What do inground swimming pools cost in Maryland? Lets find out.

    Estimated Costs To Run A Pool

    Inground Pool FAQ: Pool 101 for the Beginning Shopper!

    Maintaining and running a pool costs from $375 per year for a fiberglass pool, $1,325 yearly for a vinyl pool, to $2,750 per year for a concrete pool. The average pool service costs$125 per month, and another $375 yearly to open and close the pool, as well as any repairs needed.

    • Water Your pool will evaporate an average of ½ per day or 2 per week, so expect to pay ongoing water costs of $4 to $20 per month, depending on the price of water in your city.
    • Electricity Youll pay to keep the pool pump and filter running. The average price of electricity, depending on where you live, will be from $780 to $1,200 a year.
    • Taxes Inground swimming pools can cause your home’s value to go up, thus increasing your property taxes.
    • Insurance – A pool increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property, which directly increases the cost of your homeowners insurance.

    Cost To Run A Pool Per Year

    $150 $800

    Typical Pool Maintenance

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    Plunge Pool Construction Cost

    Cocktail pools or plunge pools cost between $14,500 and $25,000 to install. They are usually small at 10 x 15 20 and 5.5 to 7 deep, and pool users cant dive into them, so they are used more for entertainment purposes than serious swimming. Plunge pools are also great for quick cooling purposes and relaxing on a floatie.

    What Is The Price Of Happiness

    The most important thing to consider is the joy that you will be bringing to you and your family. Remember that this is an investment in creating great memories around the pool, of being safe and secure in your backyard oasis while enjoying everyones company. Swimming pools are great for physical activity and staying healthy. You can replace your gym membership, forget about the stationary bicycle and delete that expensive workout app, all the while creating even better personal relationships and enjoying life to its fullest.

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    Cost Considerations For Your Fiberglass Pool Experience

    Few things are more exciting than getting a new pool. Maybe youre envisioning the sun glinting off of pristine blue water as you sit poolside on your own patio. Or perhaps youre already feeling cool water and the crisp, clean aroma of chlorine on a hot summer day.

    In order to make the dream of a gorgeous new pool a reality, it pays to explore your options. Some considerations when budgeting for a fiberglass pool include:

    • The size and shape of the pool
    • Fiberglass pool add-ons, such as coping, railing, retaining walls, steps and water features
    • Landscaping work to prepare your backyard for fiberglass pool installation
    • Installation time, which can be influenced by things like geographic location and the layout of your landscape

    Swimming Pool Construction Costs

    How Much Does a Pool Cost? 93 Real World Examples  DIY ...

    With summer approaching, the sun shining down bright and the heat making it hard to enjoy, many people tend to install swimming pools in their homes. Of course one can always enjoy swimming in a pool in a club, hotel or any other place but if the pocket allows, one can always get their very own swimming pool installed. Undoubtedly, there cannot be a better way to beat the heat other than a cool and relaxing time spent swimming in a swimming pool, that too at the comfort of your own home. However, as enticing as it may sound, having a swimming pool installed can get quite heavy on the pocket. According to the home improvement site Fixr, the average in-ground swimming pool costs around $21,919. Thus, it important that you analyze all the costs incurred in installing a swimming pool and ask your local contractor to give you an idea of the market rates floating in the area. One should keep in mind to take into account both obvious and hidden costs involved in the process.

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    Cost To Install An Inground Pool

    The cost to install an inground pool is $35,000 on average and can range from $28,000 to $55,000 and sometimes upwards of $65,000 for special customizations and extra features. An added hot tub, for example, will cost $6,000 to $15,000 and pool lighting will be another $700 to $1,800.

    You can either choose to purchase a package from a pool supplier, which can include everything from excavation to decking, or go the DIY route. Turn-key packages for inground pools cost between $35,000 and $100,000. You can save thousands of dollars by doing some or all of the installation yourself, but only if you are experienced.

    For an inground pool installation, you will need to pay for the pools shell, rental equipment including a crane, excavation, water, backfill material, plumbing and pool equipment. That adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. Compare the package price to these DIY inground pool installation costs to find out which is more cost effective.

    $28,000 – $60,000

    Air Conditioner & Heated Pool Enclosure

    Adding or expanding the HVAC unit costs$300 to $5,000 to bring air conditioning and heat to a glass pool enclosure. Consider installing a sunroom over the swimming pool instead, for better energy-efficiency. A 4-season sunroom costs$20,000 to $80,000 to build on average.

    An all-season pool enclosure needs a dehumidifier year-round to prevent mold and mildew, improve air quality, remove odor issues, and reduce energy costs. An indoor pool dehumidifier costs $1,000 to $3,000.

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    Advantages Of Fiberglass Pools

    • Fiberglass pools are around 20 percent cheaper than concrete pools and low-maintenance.
    • Fiberglass shells can be designed and created in any shape or size you want.
    • The fiberglass shell comes delivered as a single unit that will be dropped into the space dug out for it.
    • The time from ordering to swimming is much shorter than that of a traditional pool install. In some cases, this could be less than a week, including digging out the ground and the electrical work.
    • Because of the gelcoat finish, not only will it last until your kids have left the house, but it needs almost zero maintenance, looks lovely, and has a really smooth surface. Youll never need to replace a liner or resurface it. Its the best type to stand up to dogs nails too.
    • The smooth surface is super resistant to algae and requires low-maintenance of pH levels. Its also smooth underfoot rather than abrasive.
    • You can use fiberglass pools with salt-purification systems to create a saltwater pool.
    • Maintenance costs are very low$4,000 versus $27,400 for a concrete pool over a 10-year period.

    How Much Does An Underground Pool Liner Cost

    How Much Does A Pool Cost? $75 K & Under | California Pools & Landscape

    Pool liners come in a range of thicknesses, and this affects the price you will pay. For example, a 28/20 mil 14 by 28 pool liner will average $600 while a thicker 28/28 20 by 40 pool liner will average $1,700. If you are replacing an existing pool liner with a new one, the labor costs associated with draining the existing pool, removing the current liner, and replacing it with the new liner are around $2,500.

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    Hiring A Below Ground Pool Installer Vs Diy

    An inground pool is a great addition to your home. It can also cause additions elsewhere, such as in taxes and maintenance fees. If you decide to get one, careful planning can help you avoid unforeseen costs.

    While an above ground kit might make for an excellent DIY project, hire a professional for putting one in the ground. One mistake during a DIY job can mean professional repairs and replacement at the least. At worst, you might cause damage to your home or property. Fixing those mistakes might end up costing more than hiring a professional to start. Bring in a pro for a consult and find inground pool prices near you today.

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