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How To Make Your Pool Warm

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Do Pooling Layers Affect Backpropagation

3 CHEAP Ways to HEAT Your SWIMMING POOL | Swim University

No learning takes place on the pooling layers . At the pooling layer, forward propagation results in an N×N pooling block being reduced to a single value value of the winning unit. Backpropagation of the pooling layer then computes the error which is acquired by this single value winning unit.

The Ideal Site For Installation Of The Heat Pump

Your heat pump should preferably be installed outdoors. This eliminates the need for a service area that requires proper air supply and exhaust.

If the heat pump is installed outdoors, this is ideal to blow out the cooled air as far away as possible. This will benefit the direct ambient temperature of the heat pump and therefore improve its efficiency.

The heat pump need not necessarily be installed in the sunlight. The only parameter that matters is the ambient temperature. Around the heat pump, however, a clearance of 50 cm should be provided on each side. Along the side of the fan, a clearance of 3 to 5 m is indicated, again to allow the cooled air to escape as far as possible.

Noise is another parameter to be considered when installing the pool heating pump. While increasingly low-noise heat pumps are being manufactured, it is still preferable to reduce this noise to an absolute minimum. This can be achieved, for example, by installing the heat pump just around the corner or behind the poolhouse.

Before Warming Up Take Into Account The Size Of The Pool

The easiest and cheapest way to heat up your Intex pool is with solar energy. This is especially true for small swimming pools, which contain a relatively small layer of water, so the sun has sufficient power to heat up the water. If you have a larger swimming pool, inground or inflatable pool, then its a different story. The sun simply does not have enough power to heat up your swimming water, so you will have to look at other solutions.

So the deeper the pool and the larger its size, the more energy is needed to keep the water at a pleasant temperature.

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How To Heat A Pool Super Fast And Crazy Affordably

Looking for the best way to heat up your pool? Maybe you want to open up your pool early and start swimming ASAP. Or perhaps youd just like your water a little warmer throughout the swim season.

Three pool heaters can heat your pool: Solar, DIY options, and traditional pool heaters. So lets dive into the best ways to heat your pool quickly and efficiently.

Before we continue, if youre looking for help keeping your pool clean and clear throughout the season, check out our FREE Pool Care Cheat Sheet. Its a totally free, easy-to-use guide to help you keep track of taking care of your pool.

Ways To Warm Your Pool With Help From The Sun

How to Warm the Kiddie Pool {Fast and Easy!}

Your pool is the best part of summer, and now you can use it sooner and longer each season. Here are three ways to use the sun to warm your pool water.

Solar pool heaters. Solar pool heaters are the most energy-efficient heating system for your pool. For many people, the environmental consideration alone makes solar heating desirable. The efficiency of the system is variable, however. You must have an area for your solar panels that has southern exposure for at least six hours per day. It must be unobstructed by trees or buildings.

The general rule of thumb is the surface area of your solar panels should equal 50-100% of the surface area of your pool. This can be less if you live in a warmer part of the country or if you purchase a high-efficiency system. Most people prefer to have the solar panels placed on a roof where they are safe from accidental damage, but they can be placed on the ground as long as exposure to the sun remains. Check with local building codes and covenants for any restrictions.

The reels come in the manual version or they can be plugged into a regular outlet and the cover is then rolled up with a push of a button. The thickness of the vinyl or plastic is also a consideration. The thicker the material, the stronger it will be and the more effective, but the cost will also increase. There are warranties for the covers also.

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Keeping Costs Down And Water Temperature Up

There are steps you can take to keep your pool warm while keeping your costs down:

  • Use an automatic safety cover when not using the pool. Keeping breezes from blowing across the pool surface helps prevent heat transfer to the air.
  • Install hedges, fencing, and other features that keep wind from blowing through the pool area.
  • If your pool heater is more than five years old, consider investing in a new high-efficiency gas heater or heat pump. In some cases, these units quickly pay for themselves in lower utility bills.
  • If you tend to use your pool only on weekends, lower the temperature setting by approximately 5 degrees during the week.
  • If going on vacation, turn off the pool heater unless you expect freezing conditions while youre away.
  • Install a timer with a safety switch that can automate and optimize your temperature settings.
  • If applicable in your area, run your pools filtration system between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. when electricity demand and rates can be lower.
  • Ways To Achieving The Perfect Temperature For Your Pool This Summer

    Pool heating is not a one size fits all proposition. There are many homes with swimming pools in Florida and with our climate the swimming season may be all year long. I get many questions about pool heating and the best way to heat your pool.

    My first question to those asking is, how are you going to use your pool? If your response is, I want to swim everyday all winter my follow-up question would be what temperature do you want your pool to be?

    If you prefer your pool temperature around 85°If you say, I wont get in the pool unless the water temperature is 84-86°, you only have two options, natural gas or propane. Natural gas or propane is your answer also if you only plan to use the pool in the winter when out of town guests come or to heat up a spa. There is no quicker way to heat your pool. It can become costly using gas to heat your pool on a daily basis.

    If you prefer your pool temperature in the low 70s Electric heat pumps are a good way to heat your pool if you want to use it on a daily basis and you can live with about 20° warmer than the average outdoor temperature. In Central and Northern Florida that may mean a water temperature in the low 70s. Heat pumps are very economical because they use the heat in the outdoor air and the refrigeration process rather than generating heat. The biggest problem with a heat pump is the inability to heat the water more than 20°. Also, the colder it is outside the worse a heat pump operates.

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    Warm Up The Pool And Retain The Heat

    Heating up a swimming pool is the first step, then naturally the ideal is to retain this heat. Heat rises to the top, so a swimming pool loses the most heat via the surface. With a good insulating cover, you ensure that the heat is retained.

    A possible cheap product that you could use for this is the solar sail from Intex, made from bubble wrap, but these sails do not last very long. A better and more sustainable option is a SunnyTent, which ensures that the heat is retained.

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    Choose The Best Time Of Day For Heating To Run:


    Setting the timer to run HPPH around noon helps to lower energy costs. On systems with a Heat Pump Pool Heater for 100% of their heating requirement, the time of day that you run your HPPH is an important consideration as heat pumps get their heat from the air. Logically then the best time to run a HPPH is when the air temperature is at its warmest during the day. This is most easily accommodated by setting the controls for your filtration system to operate during the warmest time of the day as well – as a Heat Pump Pool Heater will only operate when it has water flow. As long as your filtration is running at the warmest time of the day, your HPPH will operate at its optimum Coefficient of Performance or efficiency which is calculated by dividing the measure of energy output divided by energy input. Pool Heat Pump heaters generally have a COP between 3.0 to 7.0. It’s probably possible to find smart control systems for swimming pools, and if not, we’re sure it will be shortly.

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    Reduce The Thermostat Setting A Few Degrees & Save Money:

    Few people realize what a big percentage saving each degree of reduction in temperature makes. One important point to remember when looking to run a swimming pool in a more eco-friendly way and economize on pool heating is the pool temperature thermostat setting. Obvious really yet often overlooked, the warmer you heat your pool the more it costs to keep it to a higher operating temperature.

    Each degree rise in temperature equates to an approximate 15-18% increase in energy use and operation cost. So, while an 88°F pool is lovely & warm, it will cost a lot more to heat than a pool set to warm to 85°F. Everybody has their own thermostat and comfort level when it comes to pool temperatures – just look at home temperatures! Likewise with a pools water temperature warmer is nice but costs more – simple thermodynamics and economic math.

    How To Heat An Intex Pool Final Thoughts

    As you can see there are a lot of great options on how to heat an Intex pool it all comes down to what kind of feature you need and how much youre willing to spend acquiring your pool heater and its operating costs.

    If you live in a warmer climate, we suggest getting a solar cover or blanket first and test it if itll be sufficient to heat your pool. You can also benefit from using multiple solar mats from Intex.

    For those living in colder regions, we recommend getting a more powerful heating system, either a gas pool heater if you need to have a heating system that can quickly heat your pool and you dont mind spending on operating costs.

    If operating costs are a concern, then getting a solar heating system or using a heat pump is what we will recommend for you.

    Did Not Find The Intex Pool Heater Youre Looking For? Check Some Of These.


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    Causes For Warm Pools

    Warm pools are typically caused by one of the following: outside temperature, pool cover, and pool heater. Fortunately, if the problem is with the cover or the heater, you can fix it. Remove the cover and allow your pool to cool off, or switch off the heater.

    If you live in a warmer climate, the problem can be something different entirely, and it can be harder to control the temperature. Those of us residing down South and on the West Coast know all about hot pool temps caused by 90-plus degree days.

    If your pool is above ground or fewer than 6 feet deep, direct sunlight can heat the pool to the upper 80s in some cases. The thing is, the sun acts like a heat beam. If the sun beats down on your above ground pool, two things work against you: heat surrounding the pool, and heat reflecting off the shallow pool.

    Sizing A Heat Pump Pool Heater

    How to warm up a pool fast

    You should have a trained pool professional perform a proper sizing analysis for your specific swimming pool to determine pool heater size.

    Sizing a heat pump pool heater involves many factors. Basically, a heater is sized according to the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures. Other factors also affect the heating load for outdoor pools, such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cool night temperatures. Therefore, pools located in areas with higher average wind speeds at the pool surface, lower humidity, and cool nights will require a larger heater.

    Heat pump pool heaters are rated by Btu output and horsepower . Standard sizes include 3.5 hp/75,000 Btu, 5 hp/100,000 Btu, and 6 hp/125,000 Btu.

    To calculate an approximate heater size for an outdoor swimming pool, follow these steps:

  • Determine your desired swimming pool temperature.
  • Determine the average temperature for the coldest month of pool use.
  • Subtract the average temperature for the coldest month from the desired pool temperature. This will give you the temperature rise needed.
  • Calculate the pool surface area in square feet.
  • Use the following formula to determine the Btu/hour output requirement of the heater:
  • Pool Area x Temperature Rise x 12

    This formula is based on 1º to 1-1/4ºF temperature rise per hour and a 3-1/2 mile per hour average wind at the pool surface. For a 1-1/2ºF rise multiply by 1.5. For a 2ºF rise multiply by 2.0.

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    How To Heat Your Pool With Aquacomfort

    Over 100,000 pool owners across America efficiently heat their pool with AquaComfort pool heat pumps. Whether you live in Florida, California or even up north, AquaComfort can deliver warmer water temperatures with no emissions and a significantly less operating cost than all other pool heating products. Not only are you saving money, youre helping save the environment!

    We also offer reliable and trustworthy service and support for our product owners. When problems do occur, were ready to help find solutions and make things right. If service is ever needed, simply fill out our Service Request Form and our representatives will reach out to you within 72 hours. You can also easily access owners manuals and AquaComfort FAQs on our website.

    AquaComfort pumps are available at authorized pool dealers across the U.S. Installation is made easy and painless, without any disruption to the surrounding landscape thanks to AquaComforts pool heater design. We can help connect you to the nearest dealer and get you started on your journey to longer summers.

    Do Liquid Solar Blankets Work With My Cleaning System

    Liquid solar blankets are made with swimming pools in mind, which means they will work with your pumps, filters and even automatic cleaners. One tip to encourage the best results from your liquid solar blanket: make sure your return jets are pointed sideways or downward as having them point upwards can disturb the surface of the water, making evaporation more likely.

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    Think Carefully About Where You Put Your Pool

    How do you determine exactly where you will place your pool? Is it because there is enough space or just because the swimming pool has always been there? The location that you choose is important both for cleaning your swimming pool and for warming up your swimming pool.

    For example, do not place your Intex pool under or near a large tree. Everything that falls from the tree will then end up in your swimming pool. In addition, your swimming pool is then in the shade of the tree. So, try to look carefully where your swimming pool has the most sun hours.

    Ways To Keep Your Pool Warm This Winter

    How To Heat Your POOL (3 Ways) | Swim University

    Do you want to get more use out of your swimming pool this winter? Luckily, there are a number of heating solutions available. Well go over a few of the ways that you can keep your swimming pool warmer over the winter months and see more fun from this investment.

    1. Gas Heaters

    Gas heaters use propane or natural gas to heat your pool. It doesnt matter what the air temperature in Mississippi is for the day the heater will heat the water using gas or propane. Gas heaters are more effective than heat pumps, but this comes at a cost. Gas heaters are less energy efficient and have high operational expenses.

    2. Solar Blankets

    Solar blankets are a simple solution to getting more use out of your inground swimming pool. Roughly 75% of heat loss is due to evaporation, so keeping a solar blanket on your pool prevents much of this loss. A solar blanket isnt the most effective option during the winter, but it does extend the time you can use your pool by keeping the water warm at night and on cloudy days.

    3. Solar Pool Heaters

    Solar pool heaters are economically priced and efficient. In fact, solar heaters are the most cost-effective form of pool heating in many climates. Pool water is pumped through the filter and through the solar collectors, where its heated. Its then returned to the pool. Solar heaters work best in warm, sunny climates and are great for keeping pools warm at night and on cloudy days.

    4. Air-Source Heat Pump

    5. Water-Source Heat Pump

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    How To Use A Solar Dome To Heat Your Pool

    A Solar Dome collects the suns rays and circulates your pool water through warming channels before returning it to your pool.

    Solar domes can raise the temperature of your pool up to 10 degrees, especially over several sunny days.

    They can be challenging to install and require some extra connectors if youre trying to position it where theres more sun. Theyre also not cheap.

    But aside from the initial purchase cost, it runs on solar which means completely FREE heat for your pool.

    If a solar dome is a little out of your budget or youre feeling handy, you can try making your own, cheaper solar heater with a black irrigation hose and a sump pump.

    If this option sounds interesting to you, there are many great DIY channels on YouTube showing you how to build your own black hose solar heater for under $100.

    Want to learn even more about solar pool heaters?

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