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Where Can I Buy Intex Pools

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How Did We Choose These Above

Do Not Buy an Intex Pool?

First, we opted for pools from known companies. By choosing options from INTEX, Bestway, Hamdol and Summer Waves, you can get a reasonable level of certainty that they’ll be well-made with quality parts.

While it’s one thing to choose a trusted manufacturer, it’s entirely another to know that your above-ground pool can stand up to real-life usage. To check that, we looked at reviews. On Amazon alone, all five of our picks have stellar standing.

  • The Bestway Steel Pro MAX Pool has 4.3 stars from 3,676 ratings
  • The Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool has 4.5 stars from 1,169 ratings
  • The INTEX Ultra XTR Pool has 4.5 stars from 4,190 ratings
  • The Summer Waves Outdoor Round Frame Swimming Pool has 4.3 stars from 991 ratings
  • The INTEX Rectangular Frame Swimming Pool has 4.6 stars from 26,261 ratings

Finally, we thought through the appearance of these pools. When you’re setting up something sizeable in your front or backyard, you want it to look nice. With the exception of the last INTEX pool, which we chose purely for its price, we picked ones that have good-looking finishes.

Can Above Ground Pool Be Left In Winter

Yes, a vinyl material above ground pool can be left out in the winter. Leaving above ground pool up winter does not damage the product.So far, the vinyl material is filled up with water. Filling up the vinyl liner with water provides stability to the frames and walls, preventing it from being damaged by the wind.

Also, filling the vinyl with water helps protect the vinyl material from shrinking from the cold temperature.

Is It Easy To Set Up An Intex Metal

Setting up this pool was easier than expected.

After deciding that a 12-foot by 30-inch round Intex Prism pool style was the perfect fit for my family, I couldnt wait to set it up. However, my husband did not share in my joy as he was fully convinced that assembling it would be a weekend-long project that would end with me in tears and him in frustration.

And if Im being honest, he was almost correct when right out of the box it was clear that my brand-new, prized pool had a liner defect . But, after a quick trip to the store and another new pool, we were ready to try again and hope we had better luck.

Ready for water in just 30 minutes the Intex website claims and although this seems like a bit of a reach for two novices , once we got a good look at the boxs simple contents the idea didnt seem that far-fetched. Requiring zero tools, we followed the instructions to snap the pieces together, twist in the two filter pieces, push in the drain plug, and in under 20-minutes we had ourselves an 11-foot pool.

Wait what? Why only 11 feet when the box indicates 12 feet? At first, I had no idea, but within a few weeks of use the pool did finally expand itself to the full 12-foot size.

Since the pool holds 1,718 gallons of water, we elected to spend five extra minutes attaching a filter pump that can be purchased with the pool as a setor in our case borrowed from a friendwith the idea that we wont have to drain and refill the pool at all this summer.

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Pourquoi Choisir Un Spa De La Marque Intex

Pour son élégance et sa conception robuste !

Les PureSpas de la gamme Carbone sont les spas gonflables, les plus grands et les plus élégants que propose la marque Intex jusqu’à présent. Disponibles en 4 ou 6 places, ils se fondent parfaitement dans tous les types d’extérieurs et ne demandent que très peu d’espace au sol.

La structure des spas Carbone est très solide car elle est réalisée en Fiber Tech, une conception originale Intex. La structure est composée de milliers de fibres polyester de grande qualité afin d’offrir une solidité incomparable.

Les PureSpas Carbone font du bien à votre physique mais aussi à votre moral ! Le nouveau moteur intègre un gonfleur et dégonfleur ainsi qu’une tablette tactile, amovible et étanche uniquement dédiée à la commande des fonctions du spa.

Avec l’application Wifi, vous allez pouvoir contrôler, même à distance, toutes les fonctionnalités !

Intex Vs Bestway Pools Sets At A Glance

Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder ...

Intex Equivalent

No Bestway Equivalent

Adding a pool to your backyard is an exciting time, but can also be a time full of questions. You want to make sure you pick a quality product that will get plenty of use. But you also want to feel confident in the decision you make.

Intex and Bestway are the two leading brands in the above-ground pool industry.

They both have a solid reputation for making quality products with high customer satisfaction. Each company makes temporary pools with vinyl liners. Some of the pools are inflatable pools and some have metal frames.

Intex & Bestway In-Depth Reviews

Here I will help you to understand the products both companies offer so you can feel positive the pool chosen is the best one to fit your needs.

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Intex Or Bestway Pools Final Thoughts

Both companies are pretty comparable when it comes to customer satisfaction. Each company has created its own take on different versions of the above ground pool, giving you many options to choose from to fit your needs.

I feel that Intex offers a little more variety as far as pool size and overall accessories go. I also find their website to be more user-friendly.

However, Bestway offers a better variety of cleaning and sanitation accessories, making pool maintenance even easier.

No matter which option you choose, you will be making a great investment that everyone is sure to love.

Why Trust The Spruce

This roundup was researched and written by Theresa Holland, a professional writer, and a homeowner who is always on the lookout for products that enhance the at-home experience. In addition to The Spruce, she regularly contributes to MyDomaine and Byrdie.

To make this list, Theresa considered each pool’s size, type, and if it includes additional features, like filter pumps, pool liners, ground cloths, and debris covers.

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Intex : Swimming Pools

Summers coming and whats a better way to cool down than in a swimming pool. If you dont have one, install your own above ground pools in your yard. At Target, you get a wide range of options for you to choose from. The first thing you need to consider is the frame of the pool. Steel frames are durable and sturdy, resin frames are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. Also, it resists dents and wraps on the wall. Or you can go for the all-time favorites inflatable or kiddie pools. Next up is the size, it usually depends on the size of your backyard but there might be restrictions by some local municipalities. Along with the size, decide the depth and the shape depending on whos using it. Now that you have a pool, you need liners to keep the bottoms and the walls safe and keep the water in place. Whether you want a pool above ground to play or use it as a spa and relax, browse our store to find the right outdoor pool for you. Add some games and make this summer a happening one. Cool down and chill on. It all is perfect to add to your Wedding Registry or Custom Registry

Buy Swimming Pool Now Pay Later

Can’t believe I bought another one! Intex pool 20×48

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Summer is almost here, and what do the majority of people want to do in the summer? Go swimming! Swimming is not only a great way to cool off in the summer heat, it’s a great way to entertain, relax and have an fun staycation!

The only problem is that finding access to a public or private pool can be a hassle, plus you have fees, rules and time restraints. The best options are to own your very own swimming pool located right in your backyard that is accessible anytime you want it.

Don’t think you can afford a swimming pool? All of the following online stores sell above ground swimming pools, deliver them directly to your door and offer financing so you can make payments.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go swimming!

In This Post:

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Azialo Partenaire Officiel De La Marque Intex

Intex, marque de référence dans le domaine des jeux, piscines hors sol et spas gonflables reconnaît le site comme e-partenaire de la marque.

Cette certification permet à Azialo de bénéficier de :

– Une grande disponibilité des produits de la marque y compris les nouveautés.

– Une gamme de produits exclusifs.

– Une garantie étendue de 3 ans sur tous les produits Intex.

– Un traitement SAV privilégié.

  • Un service R& D performant
  • Un laboratoire de teste intégré aux usines
  • Des produits testés et contrôlés avant chaque expédition

Des produits conformes aux normes de sécurité les plus exigeantes

Intex est lune des sociétés les plus innovantes avec une large gamme de produit. Cest le premier fabricant au monde de piscines hors sol. Avec savoir-faire unique, Intex est un acteur majeur dans le domaine de lindustrie du gonflable. Son engagement, sa qualité de service et des produits, font dIntex la marque de référence pour les piscines hors sol. Leurs produits sont contrôlés et testés avant chaque départ de lusine. Intex sengage à fabriquer des produits conformes aux normes de sécurités les plus exigeantes.

En tant que partenaire certifié

Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

A new pool liner is a great way to update the look of your above ground pool. With loads of different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from, a pool liner from Dohenys can really brighten up your backyard. We carry a huge selection of overlap liners, beaded liners, overlap expandable liners, rectangular flat-bottom liners, and j-hook unibead liners.

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Icularits De La Piscine Ultra Xtr Intex

Pour la conception de sa piscine tubulaire Ultra XTR haut de gamme, Intex a utilisé des tubes robustes qui se montent en un clip. Le liner de triple épaisseur 73/100 garantit une excellente résistance.

La piscine tubulaire Ultra XTR s’entretient comme toute autre piscine avec des produits chimiques adaptés, une filtration régulière et le nettoyage des débris au fond du bassin en surface.

Le bloc filtre à sable fourni avec la piscine Ultra XTR est doté d’une vanne à 6 voies, d’un manomètre, d’un préfiltre de dimension généreuse et d’un programmateur. Le filtre à sable Intex exige peu d’entretien. Le manomètre vous permet de connaître l’état d’encrassement du bloc. Attention, le sable n’est pas fourni.

Bien qu’il s’agisse d’une piscine hors-sol, il est recommandé d’installer une barrière de sécurité tout autour de l’Ultra XTR Intex. Installez votre piscine sur une surface plate et compacte.

Smartline Boulder Swirl Above Ground Pool Liners

Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool Only $25.99!

Smartline is a specialist in swimming pool liners, and its above-ground liner is one of the best-rated liners on Amazon.

The Smartline Above Ground Pool Liner is a good-looking replacement liner for steel-sided pools. Made with heavy-duty 25-gauge vinyl, the Smartline Liner is a high-quality option that fits most pools.

The Smartline liners come in a series of patterns and colors to spice up the look of your pool , fits just about every size pool there is, and is best installed with a pool pad that protects your new liner from debris on the ground.

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Intex Pool Winterizing Kit

Intex has provided the necessary toolkit to winterize your pools based on the different climates. If you stay in regions below 41oF, you will find your kit that fits your area. The same applies to those that stay in the warmer region of above 41oF.

All toolkit comes with your pool at purchase, but you could as well download yours via the companys website.

Different Intex Pool Replacement Parts

Intex pools come with different parts that need to be replaced periodically and knowing what those parts are can help you maintain your pool for years of enjoyment.

Pool liners

All Intex pool sets come with a pool line, however, they only last for a few pool seasons. Theyll come a time where you will have to whether to look for an Intex pool liner replacement or get a new pool set.

The main advantage of deciding to replace your pool liner is its more cost-effective than buying a new pool. It seems like a daunting task but it is something that many people have already done and found success with.

When it comes to finding a replacement liner for your Intex pool, there are four different styles.

An overlap liner folds over the pool wall and is then clipped with coping strips to make sure it stays in place. They are typically the most economical option for above ground pool owners.

Beaded pool liners are a great way to update the aesthetic of your above ground pools. They work well for flat bottomed swimming pools like an Intex above ground pool.

A J-hook liner is an innovative alternative to overlap pool liners. It has a thick rubber fold running along the top edge, without requiring coping strips for it to stay in its place like other types of pool liners.

Unibead or universal pool liners are shaped like J-hooks and can be installed the same way on any above ground pool.

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Comparer Des Articles Similaires

Cet article Intex kit piscine ultra xtr rectangulaire tubulaire 5,49 x 2,74 x 1,32m
2.74 x 5.49 x 1.32 mètres 58.00 cm x 1.29 mètres x 37.00 cm 62.00 cm x 43.00 cm x 1.29 mètres 0 x 0 x 0 cm 5.49 x 5.49 x 1.32 mètres
Poids de l’article
Dimensions du produit 274 x 549 x 132 cm 129.4 kilogrammes

Coates 480v 12kw 15amp Three Phase Electric P

Watch this before you buy- Intex 10×30 Easy Set Pool Review 2021 | Tips for use, setup and placement

Coates CE-Series Electric Pool& Spa Heater Coates has been the name to trust Coates CE-Series Electric Pool & Spa Heater Coates has been the name to trust for quality and reliability in water heating equipment since the 1940s and continues to lead the industry in quality and perfomance across our entire line of swimming poolmore

Sold by

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Intex 25014 Skimmer Hook & Adjuster For Metal

Even the Intex skimmer hook and adjuster for your above-ground pool can take aEven the Intex skimmer hook and adjuster for your above-ground pool can take a beating from time to time, especially after a summer full of cleaning out bugs and leaves. We carry the Intex skimmer hook and adjuster, so you can replace that part whenmore

Fonctionnement Du Filtre Sable

Pour la piscine tubulaire Ultra Frame XTR, Intex vous propose un le filtre à sable haute qualité. Le débit des filtres à sables peut aller de 4 m3/h à 10 m3/h. Pour cette piscine, le débit recommandé est 8 m3/h.

Le filtre à sables est composé de :

  • 1. Un pré-filtre amovible grande taille avec purge à air
  • 2. Une vanne à 6 voies
  • 3. Un moteur
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    Should You Buy The Intex 26710eh Prism Pool

    Is a metal-framed pool in your summer plans?

    Maybe. Do you like to swim? If so, then yes.

    The pool is large enough for my whole family to enjoy and durable enough to handle it. We are having an amazing time building lasting family memories, and it keeps my kids busy for hours a day something that most parents would consider priceless.

    The pool does require maintenance in the form of testing and treating the water, as well as the ongoing expense of purchasing pool chemicals and replacement filters, but its all at a fraction of the cost of a more permanent pool, while still hitting the mark in providing most of the same benefits.

    But, and this is a big one, before jumping into your own Intex above-ground pool , you definitely need to consider the safety issues the pool may pose to young children, and whether your local rules and regulations allow pools of this design and size.

    I also cannot stress enough that Intex metal-frame pools must be set-up on ground that is extremely level and that attaining this may require extra work and costs.

    But, if these consideration boxes are easily checked off in your situation, then I wouldnt hesitate to add an Intex metal-frame pool to your summer plans.

    Best Inflatable: Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool With Filter Pump

    28122 INTEX 10

    Dimensions: 10 feet x 30 inches | Shape: Round | Water Capacity: 608 gallons | Frame: Inflatable | Set-Up Time: 5-10 minutes

    • Comes with a filter pump

    • Holds over 600 gallons of water

    • Great for kids

    • Shallow for adults

    If youre interested in a blow-up option thats a bit larger and more sturdy than your typical kiddie pool, we recommend the Summer Waves Quick Set. This circular pool measures 120 inches in diameter. Its 30 inches deep and can hold over 600 gallons of water. Designed specifically for super-fast installation, you can set it up in minutes. And unlike most inflatable pools, it comes with a filter pump.

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