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Can You Swim With Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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Essential Chemicals From Day One

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner – Ideal for In Ground Swimming Pools
  • Sanitiser to kill bacteria and keep you safe.
  • Balanced pH levels. Aim for a pH of 7.4-7.6 by using a pH reducer and pH and Alkalinity increaser. Too much acid irritates your skin, and too much alkaline causes scaling and clouding.
  • Calcium hardness. Low levels risk scaling and corrosion, combated by adding a calcium hardness increaser or a water hardness control The ideal level is usually 175 ppm to 225 ppm. If the pH is too high, it can cause high levels of calcium too.
  • A product we call shock.Shock effectively adds oxygen, removes chloramines and bacteria, reactivates your sanitiser, and rebalances the pool. Shock in the evening and run the filter overnight for best results.
  • Nautilus Cc Supreme Vs Oasis Z5i

    It might be interesting to compare the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme to another Dolphin inground robotic pool cleaner to see how they stack up.

    The Nautilus CC Supreme and the Oasis Z5i can both clean pool sizes up to 50 feet. They both have anti-tangle cables, powerful suction motors and extra large twin cartridge filters. They can also clean the waterline of an inground swimming pool.

    The difference between these two Dolphin pool robots might only be found in the details. For example, the Supreme has three cleaning times while the Z5i has one standard cleaning cycle. They both have dynamic dual scrubbing brushes, but the Supreme has an additional high speed scrubber in the center.

    The remote control connections are also different because the Supreme uses Wi-Fi and the Z5i uses Bluetooth. They both have smartphone capabilities, yet the Z5i only has on/off control and remote steering. The Supreme has a scheduler, cycle selector and delay start in addition to remote steering.

    Both these Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are on the expensive side of 1000 dollars. However, the Nautilus CC Supreme is the superior pool robot.

    Who Needs The Maytronics Dolphin E10 Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

    It appears the Maytronics dolphin e10 above ground robotic pool cleaner can clean both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Be that as it may, it cant perfect huge in-ground pools since it just has a 40-foot cable. For instance, the Dolphin Nautilus Plus has a 60-foot power cable!

    The E10 is a lightweight mechanical pool cleaner that doesnt climb dividers or steps it can just clean the base of the pool. It presumably plays out the best in above-ground pools.

    In the event that you have an in-ground pool, at that point, you are going to require a greater pool cleaner. You may attempt another Dolphin pool robot, for example, the exceptionally mainstream Nautilus pool cleaner series.

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    Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Classic Caddy Cover Maytronics Part Number 9991794

    • Maytronics certified genuine parts. keep your dolphin pool cleaner in its best condition.
    • Maytronics part number 9991794-r1
    • The classic cover is made from a durable polyester fabric and is ventilated to keep humidity from building up inside the cover
    • The classic caddy cover is sleek and designed to fit securely over all residential dolphin caddy types.
    • Protect your investment. the classic cover is waterproof, dust proof, and wind and uv resistant, shielding your cleaner and power supply from the harsh elements when not in use or during the off-season.

    Dolphin Automatic Cleaner E10 & Filter Basket

    DOLPHIN Proteus DX4 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with ...

    Made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic cleaners, this light, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools, including above-ground pools. It gives crystal clear cleaning results with all-surface brushing action. It has an efficient, easy-to-use filtration system with effective dirt collection.

    The top access filtration system means that it is easy to remove and clean as it is lightweight and easy to handle. It comes with a fast, debris-free water release, and is fast to fix and easy to repair.

    The Dolphin Poolstyle Plus is the robot of your dreams on an affordable budget. This lightweight, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools. Cleans the pool floor and walls.

    From £30.00 to £899.00

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    Dolphin Diy Troubleshooting Tips

    Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaning robots are No. 1 sellers. These top-rated robots make easy work of pool maintenanceand heres proof: If your units behavior seems atypical, you can trust Maytronics to fix the problem. With the Industrys Best robotic pool cleaner warranties and service, our Customer Support and Technical Support teams are here to keep you and your family in the swim.

    Yet, what if you like to tinker or think theres a simple poolside fix? You may be right! In this DIY Troubleshooting blog series, well offer detailed tips informed by robotic vacuum and pool owner FAQs. For all you know, theyre quite possibly questions of your own! Each blog will address a different Dolphin automatic pool cleaner issue you can remedy yourself, yet youre always welcome to contact us.

    Extra Pool Chemicals To Have In Your Back Pocket

    • When algae starts to creep in, the best thing is to shock the pool. Afterward, add some algaecide to prevent it from re-blooming, and this should keep it at bay .
    • Clarifier and flocculent. Got friends coming over and its a bit cloudy in there? Add some clarifierfor a temporary fix. Later, add flocculent to settle all the cloudy deposits at the bottom and then get rid of them by vacuuming them up.
    • Metal sequestrant.Have some rust coloured stains? These can only be removed by cleaning with a stain remover, but adding metal sequestrant will prevent them from coming back.

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    Is The Power Supply Waterproof

    No, it is not waterproof. Therefore, do not leave the power supply where it will stand in water or fall into the pool. It is water-resistant, but do not leave it out in the rain. The power supply should remain dry to prevent possible problems.

    The power supply is plugged into an outdoor household 120V outlet. Do not plug it into an extension cord.

    Your Mydolphin App & Bluetooth

    Dolphin Proteus DX3 Robotic Pool Cleaner with CleverClean Technology: Cleans Entire Pool in 2 Hours!

    Innovation is great, aint it? The answers to the questions below will help you understand remote control operation via your Dolphin pool cleaning robots MyDolphin app and Bluetooth® control.

    Use Bluetooth® to set and forget select robot models from anywhere with WiFi access.

    Q. Why cant I get the MyDolphin App or Bluetooth® to work?

    A. The app is specific to robots with an Advanced Power Supply which are Bluetooth®-equipped. At type in your model name or # to display a list of features. If these come standard, you can set and forget your robot from anywhere as long as you have WiFi access.

    Q. Our MyDolphin App displays an error message. What do I do?

    A. If an error message pops up, try restarting the app. Its best if your WiFi connection is 3G or 4G. Too, take the following steps anytime you connect your Dolphin to the app:

    With your Dolphin Off, open its casing. Note your units Serial # . Close the unit casing, turn it On and let it run. After 1+ min., connect your smartphone to WiFi. Pair via Bluetooth® to your Dolphinnot a neighbors.

    Youll know the app is connected if the power supply buttons are overridden in Disable mode.

    Are you happy with what you learned here? Follow our blog so you dont miss out on Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 4.0. In that edition, well discuss parts, product manuals and basic repairs. In the meantime, visit Once there youll have access to product specs and helpful advice.

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    Our Favourite Dolphin Is A Pool Cleaning Revolution Compared To Automatic Inground Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    • Best of the BestRobotic Pool Cleaners
    • Cleans, Scrubs & Filtersincluding waterline

    Choose between two filtration options to capture rough debris or fine dirt. The active brushing action and the Power Stream Mobility System ensure efficient pool coverage. This system provides extra-thorough scrubbing on all surfaces leaving floor, walls and waterline spotlessly clean. We are confident that there is no water filtration vacuum cleaner for Australia that is quite like it!

    Dolphin M200 & Filter Bags

    Previously known as the M3, this is an excellent quality automatic pool cleaner at an affordable price. Cleans the floor and coving of pools up to 10m . An efficient, self-contained filter bag collects the dirt and debris.

    All Dolphin cleaners supplied by us benefit from UK based factory trained service and support. We can assist you with choosing the right Dolphin cleaner and offer full warranty and non warranty service back-up.

    Relax – let a Dolphin clean it for you!

    From £79.92 to £980.00

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    Compare With Similar Items

    This item DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes and Multiple Filter Options, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.
    4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 3.6 out of 5 stars
    23.4 x 19.8 x 13.6 inches
    Item Weight
    4.5 out of 5 stars
    Best Sellers Rank

    Product Warranty:

    Robotic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Tips

    Dolphin swimming pool robot vacuum cleaner
    • Any type of issue: First check that its plugged in tightly, and that the power cord has no damage.
    • If the cleaner gets stuck: Check the brushes, drive tracks, and impellers for lodged debris.
    • If your machine doesnt seem to be moving properly: Lift it partially out of the water to see whether the unit is sucking water as it should. If its not, you may need to have it professionally repaired .

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    Can I Leave My Dolphin Pool Cleaner In The Pool

    Leaving the pool cleaner in the pool makes sense when you are using the weekly scheduler for auto-cleaning.

    For most Dolphin models, its safe to leave them in the pool but only for a few days at a time. Leaving the cleaner in the water for too long will wear out some parts quicker.

    Regularly take the robot out of the pool to empty the filter and let it dry.

    You should also never leave the cleaner in the pool when adding chemicals or during winter when the pool is closed.

    Why Buy A Dolphin Pool Cleaner

    Dolphin pool cleaners tend to be more expensive than other robotic pool cleaners in the market. So why should you spend more to buy a Dolphin pool robot. Here are 5 good reasons.

    • Reliability and longevity: Maytronics has been making robotic pool cleaners for decades. They are known for their reliable and long lasting products. Dolphin pool cleaners are known for their low maintenance and long service life. With good care, your Dolphin pool cleaner will last 5-7 years.
    • High build quality:Dolphin pool cleaners rarely cause any trouble that requires constant repairs. All parts and components are well made and often last just as long as the robot. Even the motors, a common point of failure in other robotic pool cleaners, dont fail.
    • Excellent cleaning performance: Whether you buy the affordable E10, or the high-end Sigma, all Dolphin pool cleaners deliver exceptional cleaning performance. They all feature scrubbing brushes and powerful suction. Most also have smart navigation, allowing them to clean the entire pool quickly and efficiently.
    • Good value for money: Even though they are a bit pricey, Dolphin pool cleaners deliver the best value for your money. They clean well, are easy to maintain and last a long time. And with the cheaper models Maytronics has been introducing like the Dolphin Escape, you get even better bargains.

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    Why The Dolphin C4 Is The Best Cleaning Option

    The Dolphin C4 commercial robotic pool cleaner is one of the eminent automatic pool cleaners in the present world. The reason is evident because having its heavy-duty power and smooth performance.

    Also, it delivers the high-quality and first-rate workability that you are looking for. This has a unique style and more capable of doing its duty. This robotic unit has two standard scrubbing brushes that brushed your pool soon and clean your pool very neatly.

    This robotic unit reduces individuals work time that they waste for pool cleaning. This pool will give you better service after a long time and will be lust many years. Also, you can use it very simply.

    It is one of the latest inventions of Maytronics, which is one of the renowned robotic pool cleaner companies in the world. The brand, Maytronics, created unbeatable fame in the market by manufacturing its standard robotic pool cleaner.

    Dolphin Diy Troubleshooting 30

    Dolphin Proteus DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner with PowerStream Technology & Bluetooth App Control!

    Do-It-Yourself fans, get ready for Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting 3.0. By now youre familiar with your Dolphin robotic pool cleaners filter bag or cartridge system. You know how to clean those filters well. Youve even figured out how to reset your pool cleaning robots Full Filter Indicator light with ease. Youre no doubt teaching friends and family to find their nearest Maytronics distributor using the 24/7 online Dealer Locator Tool and can get your automatic pool cleaner unstuck, as needed.

    For you? Calls to Customer or Technical Support are now a breeze. Same goes for following up on the benefits awaiting you courtesy of the industrys best warranties for pool robots so, Congrats! By using our DIY tips, youve become a user-friendly-pool-robot Whiz Kid. In this penultimate blog series installment, youll get advice every pool owner should know about their power supply, timer, MyDolphin app and Bluetooth® control. Next time? Well conclude with DIY Troubleshooting 4.0.

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    How Longshould A Robotic Pool Cleaner Last

    A roboticpool cleaner would be expected to last between 3 to 5 years and may last aslong as eight years. There would be no substitution of parts.

    Even though upkeep is required for an automated pool cleaner, particularly to clear out the flotsam and jetsam, there is no expensive year support. When it is finished with, you basically supplant it.

    Your Dolphin Power Supply & Timer

    If you can remedy a power supply or timer issue on your own, more power to you! Heres some targeted advice for doing just that. For added safety, follow these Pool & Spa Safety Tips informed by the ESFi or Electrical Safety Foundation Intl.:

    Comply w/applicable electrical codes. Use GFCI hard-wired or portable outlets. DO NOT handle electrical devices when wet. Keep plugs near water activity covered and dry.

    Q. Can we power our Dolphin residential pool cleaner or commercial pool cleaner by using an extension cord?

    A. For your safety DO NOT USE an extension cord with your Dolphin pool cleaner. Extension cords present a fire hazard, reduce pool safety levels and impair equipment performance. Instead, plug your robot vacuum directly into a properly-rated outlet and make sure its at least 10 ft. away from any water source.

    If your Dolphin is having trouble reaching the far ends of your private swimming pool, hire a qualified electrician. He or she may be able to relocate an existing GFCI outlet for safe operation. If not, have them install one in a spot that ensures your Dolphin will easily reach from pool surface to pool floor.

    Look, Ma, no tools needed! Maytronics makes Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting simple and easy.

    Q. Why isnt our power supply working?

    Q. The power supply works finebut my Dolphin wont seem to budge. Why is that?

    Q. Why do only some power supply features work?

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    Safety Tips For Using The Nautilus Cc Plus

    If youre going for the Dolphin, there are some safety precautions that you should consider. Heres a brief list.

    • Store the device somewhere dry.
    • Dont let it out in the sun for long.
    • Dont let water touch the power supply unit.
    • Dont leave the device in the pool when the pH is imbalanced.
    • Dont add chemicals to the pool when the Dolphin is running.
    • Turn the water pump of the pool off when the device is on.
    • Its better not to leave the device in the water when its not being used.
    • Dont let kids swim in the pool while the device is cleaning.
    • Dont plug the device in using an extension cord.
    • Dont pull the device out of the water using its power cord.

    The Dolphin Active 10

    Robotic Pool Cleaner Dolphin M400

    Dolphin Active 10 is the introductory robot by Maytronics bringing you all the benefits of more than 30 years of experience in robotic pool cleaning. All swim, no work. Thats the life for you with the Dolphin Active 10 robotic pool cleaner. Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt the Dolphin Active 10 does it all for you, automatically.

    lt leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and leaves, and the pool water sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.

    Most Reliable. Deepest Cleaning. Easy-to-Use.

    Active 10

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    Caring For Dolphin Filter Bags & Cartridges

    Maytronics Dolphin filters make it easy to keep your pool free of coarse, fine and ultra-fine debris.

    Your drop-and-go Dolphin is equipped with a multi-layer filter system that traps everything from coarse to fine and ultra-fine particles. As a happy consequence, your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool offers you nothing but sparkling clean pool water. Though, more importantly, you and your guests can comfortably enjoy yourselves knowing that youre safe from harmful bacteria.

    Achieving that level of cleanfrom pool surface to pool floordoes require a bit of routine filter maintenance on your part. Maytronics has made it as simple as possible to enhance your residential or commercial swimming pool experience, since all you typically need to do is: Pull the filter out, rinse it clean with a hose, let it air dry and reseat it. Answers to Dolphin user questions about filters follow.

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