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How Much Is An Inground Pool In Pa

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Cost Estimator By Custom Pools

#1 Inground Pool Builders in Lehigh Valley PA | Monogram Custom Pools

The three different pool types and their costs are covered above: vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. But what about the costs of specific pool designs, such as a lap pool or plunge pool? Maybe you want to relax in an in-ground hot tub, or youre dreaming about a tropical lagoon pool.

Here is what your dream pools total cost might look like:

$63,333 to $206,666

Beach Entry Or Zero Entry Pool Costs

Beach entry pools cost $87 per square foot on average, with most homeowners paying between $50 and $125 per square foot. Also known as a walk-in pool or a zero-entry pool, it has a gradually sloped entry into the poolin the same way you would walk into the water on a beach. Typically the water at that shallow end is warmer than it is in the rest of the pool.

Cost Factors To Consider With An Inground Pool

The costs for inground pools can vary greatly even within the same neighborhood. That is because there are a number of variables when it comes to having your own pool, including, but not limited to:

  • How your property is laid out.
  • Do you need to remove trees?
  • Is there rock in your backyard?
  • Do you need to move sewer or electrical lines?
  • What is the water table in your area?

Also, there are a number of design and landscaping options that could affect your pricing.

  • Are you happy with cement around your pool?
  • Do you prefer stamped concrete? Or would you like designer travertine paving around your pool?
  • Are you building a patio around your pool?
  • Would you like some accessories around your pool such as fire pits, water bowls or waterfalls?

As you can see, getting all of those questions answered in a way thats best for your situation is why its best to work with a professional builder/installer who is an authorized dealer. They will have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with all the options available and the associated costs. Our Contact page can put you in touch with a dealer in your area.

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X40 Inground Pool Cost

This is a much larger pool size and requires an appropriate-size yard to accommodate it. The cost of a 20-foot by 40-foot inground pool will be between $73,500 and $105,300 depending on the type of material used. Materials and their average associated costs are as follows:

  • Concrete, $105,300
  • Vinyl, $73,500

Gunite Shotcrete Or Concrete Pool Cost Per Square Foot

Cwynar Pennsylvania Inground Pool Kit Construction

The initial price of installing one runs $30,000 and $50,000. Expect to pay an additional $27,000 to $40,000 over a 10-year period. Upkeep includes acid washing and re-plastering. Often the largest, they require more electricity and chemicals to keep them clean and swimmable.

  • Both Gunite and shotcrete are concrete. The only difference is the water ration involved and how it is applied. Both use less water than form-set concrete and are applied using a pressurized spray.
  • Get an acid wash every 3-5 years. Concrete is very durable, but it can also be a haven for mold and algae if not properly maintained. Because this will strip a small layer away, the shell will have to be re-plastered at some point.

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Average Cost To Install An Inground Pool

The starting point for your swimming pool will more than likely be size. Smaller pools, like plunge pools, will be at the lower end of the spectrum, while purchasing a large, 40-foot long pool with an 8-foot deep end, will result in a much higher cost. Not only are the smaller pools less costly due to the materials but also because they require less work by your builder/installer. A good place to start would be our Pool Styles, where you can see the full range of sizes we offer.

The other thing to consider is the equipment that you will need to properly operate your pool. Every pool will need a pump, a cleaning system and returns for a healthy, safe swim. If you add waterfalls, a built-in spa or other accessories, that will probably mean purchasing additional equipment to manage the volume of water. If you would like to maintain a constant temperature, to facilitate swimming in colder weather, you should also consider purchasing a heater for your pool/ spa. Overall, it is a small investment that extends the use of your pool throughout the year and adds even greater enjoyment.

Due to the increased demand for swimming pools, the average cost for a swimming pool has also been increasing. A number of years ago, the average cost for a smaller swimming pool would have been in the $25,000 $35,000 range. Today, that cost is moving towards the range of $35,000 $45,000 with a no frills install Most fiberglass pools today are more likely in the $55,000 $60,000 range.

Dream Builders Delight: Standard Inground Pools

Our Standard Inground Pools include some built-in upgrades to keep our pools looking great, feeling even better, and outlasting some of the older construction methods. In this pricing we are covering a range of pools from small vinyl liner to large fiberglass pools and even have some concrete included! We do things a little bit differently in our construction process to bring you lower energy costs and systems that are built to stay. You dont have to Dive In to one of our higher priced pools to get these necessary inclusions like a variable speed pump, in-liner entry steps , textured liner material on steps , upgraded liner patterns, upgraded gelcoat options , stamped concrete, cantilever decorative concrete coping, advanced hydraulic design and quite a few more tricks up our sleeves to save you money! To us, these are the basics and are necessary for every inground pool we build to maintain our standard as the premier choice for inground pool construction.

Inground Pool In Peters Township, PA with Auto Cover, Fireplace, Patio Tiers, Decorative Walls, and Water Features

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Does An Inground Pool Add Value To Your Home All You Need To Know

April 5, 2021 By Denise Martin

There are several factors that can influence the value that an inground swimming pool adds to your home or property, from the size and quality of the pool to its expenses.

According to reports from HGTV, the average inground pool can increase the value of a given property by 5-8%. So, the short answer is yes, an inground pool does add value to your home.

Also, it should be noted that even the best of the best above ground swimming pools do not add any value to your home or property, as they are not permanent fixtures like an inground pool is.

If youre thinking about installing an inground pool in your home or if youre simply wondering how much value an inground pool provides, this article is for you!

  • Final Thoughts
  • Swimming Pool Permit Cost

    How Much Does an In-Ground Swimming Pool Cost?

    The cost of a permit for a swimming pool ranges from $200 to $300. This varies by your municipality and pool type. Your permit must be applied for with all paperwork submitted before work begins. Building regulations in your area may impact the scope. Be prepared to change things if your work lies outside local regulations or codes when you apply for the permit. Pulling a permit also means that an inspection of your pool must be undertaken before you can use it.

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    Labor Cost To Install Saltwater Pool

    The labor cost of a saltwater pool installation runs from $8,000 to $30,000. The lowest price doesnt include the excavation, but it does include all installation work. Excavation costs about $9.22 per cubic yard to a 6-foot depth, so it would cost about $920 to dig a hole big enough for a 15 x 20 pool and $1,230 for a 20 x 30 pool. The highest cost is usually all-inclusive and includes the patio, fencing, plumbing, and electrical work.

    Above-ground pool salt systems are much easier to set up, and can sometimes be installed in less than an hour, or have it installed professionally for $300 $500.

    How Much Does It Typically Cost To Install An Inground Swimming Pool In Pennsylvania

    Pool construction costs in Pennsylvania are slightly higher than in comparison with the rest of the nation. A quick survey of Pennsylvania pool builders in multiple cities came back with prices that start in the $50,000-$70,000 range which sounds about right for an Inground Swimming Pool in this area of the country. Youll want to find a skilled swimming pool contractor first because of the arduous permit process regarding installing an inground swimming pool. Most counties in Pennsylvania have no special rules or regulations pertaining to perimeter fencing around the pool, but check with your pool builder first.

    Average Pennsylvania Pool Prices start at $50,000-$70,000 for a basic inground pool. Check prices from local pool contractors below.

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    Salt Water Pool Vs Chlorine Pool Cost

    The difference in the cost of a salt water pool vs. a chlorine pool lies mainly in the cost of chlorine and the initial purchase of the salt system. Both pools use chlorine to keep algae and other bacteria away, providing a healthy environment for swimming.

    A salt water pool creates chlorine with a chlorine generator from the salt added to the water. The cell which is the part that generates the chlorine will need replacing every 3 6 years at the cost of about $800. You will also need salt a few times per year at an average price of $10 per 40-pound bag.

    In comparison, a chlorine pool needs to have chlorine added quite often. How often depends on the size of your pool and the results of your weekly water testing. Its typical to go through 1 2 buckets of chlorine tablets a year at the cost of $100 to $755 in addition to other balancing chemicals.

    Additional Costs To Put In A Pool

    Inground pools pa

    On top of the cost to put in a pool, other prices include pool covers, building permits, electrician fees, increased insurance, and more.

    • Inground pools can cause your home’s value to go up, thus increasing your property taxes.
    • A pool increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property which directly increases the cost of your homeowners insurance.

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    Why Are Fiberglass Pools So Durable

    Modern fiberglass pools are so durable because of the scientific developments in the pool’s gelcoat layer that have occurred over the past decade.

    The gelcoat layer is the part of the pool we see and touch.

    Modern gelcoats will last , or possibly even a lifetime. This eliminates the need for costly refinishing.

    In contrast, concrete pools will require expensive resurfacing every 10 to 15 years, on average.

    And you can plan on replacing the liner in a vinyl pool every 5 to 9 years, on average, at a very high cost.

    Buying A Swimming Pool In Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania offers a slower pace of living then youll find in some of the other Northeastern states like New York and Massachusetts. Pennsylvania homeowners who opt to install an inground swimming pool do so for a variety of reasons. Because of the mountainous setting, lack of beaches, and heavily wooded surroundings Pennsylvania pool buyers find that they can bring the beach to them when they install a pool. The Keystone state is a veritable hot bed of pool buyers. It seems Pennsylvania homeowners know all to well the value swimming pool ownership can bring. Researching Pennsylvania Pool Prices? Keep reading.

    Construction Costs: HIGH

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    Small Inground Pool Cost

    River Pools and Spas considers pools that are under 26 feet long and up to 12 or 13 feet wide to be small pools. Some examples are plunge and spool pools that cost between $10,000 and $15,000 or more each. Smaller pools are typically used for lounging or quickly cooling off, not for strenuous swimming or play.

    Salt Water Pool Heater

    Custom Inground Pool Projects in Pittsburgh, PA

    Inground salt water pool heaters cost between $550 to over $10,000, with most pool owners spending from $2,200 to $3,500, and another $400 to $500 for installation. What drives the difference in heater prices for pool heaters is how much water you need to heat, and what the rise in temperature is from the average coldest temperature to the desired water temperature. A heater for an above-ground salt water pool costs from $50 to $200.

    • Electric tankless water heaters are suitable for small pools that dont need for the temperature to rise too much, and these generally start between $500 and $600.
    • Larger and more powerful electric pool water heaters average between $1,500 and $3,500, while the similar gas-powered pool water heaters fall between $800 and $2,500.
    • Electric pump water heaters cost anywhere from $2,500 to$10,000 and these work in hotter climates and transfer the heat in the air to the water in the pool, and they do so very economically.
    • A salt water pool heater for your inground pool will cost $50 to $250 per month in electrical costs.

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    Design: Top Swimming Pool Shapes

    Swimming pools come in many shapes and configurations. Your pools shape and style are dictated by a few things. The first is the material. Vinyl and concrete can be formed into nearly any configuration. This includes custom designs that may follow any number of shapes. Fiberglass pools are often limited by the manufacturer. They may have a set number of shapes and sizes to choose from because each shell is made in a mold.

    When it comes to custom designs, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do. However, there are also many popular pool shapes that you can find nearly anywhere:

    How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost In Pennsylvania

    4.6/5Average Pennsylvania Pool Pricesainground pool

    Thereof, what does it cost to put in an inground pool?

    The average cost to install an inground pool is $35,000 with most homeowners spending between $28,000 and $55,000. The additional cost of pool ownership for basic maintenance, increased utilities, and repairs add $2,500 to $5,000 every year.

    Similarly, why are inground pools so expensive? Real estate prices usually drive the prices of swimming pools. One of the reasons that a pool might cost so much in your area is because the real estate values are high and can substantiate higher dollar value spent on property upgrades such as a pool.

    Herein, do swimming pools add value to your home?

    In some areas, adding a pool may increase your annual property taxes, but it won’t necessarily add to your home’s selling price. For that reason, try to keep your total building cost between 10% and 15% of what you paid for your house, lest you invest too much in an amenity that won’t pay you back.

    What is the cheapest inground pool cost?

    Go for a premade fiberglass shell, which typically runs $20,000 to $40,000, for the cheapest inground pool.

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    Inground Pools Under $25000

    Adding $5,000 to your pool budget wonât really give you a many more options, if you really want an inground pool for less than $25,000.

    If you donât know how to build a vinyl liner pool yourself, you might be able to find a builder who will do it for about $25,000, but in todayâs pool-buying environment, youâll probably wind up with a brand-new or very inexperienced contractor providing a true bare bones build, with minimal features and only as much decking around the pool as is technically required.

    Insufficient decking is often a pool buyerâs biggest regret, so you may want to increase your price range for an improvement project youâll want to enjoy for many years to come.

    We can say with almost complete certainty that you wonât be able to find quality full-sized inground concrete or fiberglass pool packages for this price. This statement was true when we first wrote this article, and itâs even truer in 2021, as the combination of sky-high demand and restricted supplies of key pool-building materials has made pool projects as pricey as weâve seen.

    If you want a smaller pool for small-group lounging and socializing, you might want to consider a cocktail pool, which is also known as a compact pool. Cocktail pools can sometimes be built within a $25,000 price range.

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    Costs Of Custom Pools Around The Us

    Cwynar Pennsylvania Inground Pool Kit Construction

    In contrast with an above-ground pool where prices on the prefabricated unit are set, the project construction costs on inground pools vary a great dealparticularly on a concrete design.

    Its important to understand how each contract amount is influenced by factors such as the pool equipment, design features, material choices, the build site, and the region of the U.S.

    In fact, you could have a difference of thousands of dollars on the exact same pool in different parts of the country.

    For example, the identical basic 15 x 30-foot pool and its features may have starting base price of $30,000 in Phoenixand $65,000 in Raleigh.

    Now, say this same pool is being built in a backyard with challenging conditions, such as a major slope. The extra labor needed could drive up the Raleigh price tag $2,500 to $10,000or even more in certain cases.

    Add a heated gunite spa, app-enabled remote-control automation, and that might be another $17,000 in Raleigh, but thousands less in other markets.

    Elevate that same spa 18 inches above the pool and add decorative stacked-stone facing to it, and the spa cost could increase more than $4,000 to $5,000. Make the spa a stunning rimflow design, and this sleek configuration requires another $1,500.

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