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Outdoor Living Spaces With Pool

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Diy Vs Hiring Outdoor Living Space Contractors

Building Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces, Hamlin Pools

The choice between doing some of this work yourself and hiring a patio contractor in your area often comes down to the skill required for a particular task. Site preparation and cleanup may be hard work, but they rarely require a great degree of skill. On the other hand, you should hire a pro such as a designer or architect to develop a landscape plan. Not only does this task require specialized skills, but it also ensures the individual elements form a cohesive whole.

Place Tiki Lights Strategically

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Tiki torches are backyard staples. Not only do these kerosene-fueled lamps keep bugs awaythey can also be used to designate seating areas outside. Plus, tiki lights are a great place to start if you want to try out DIY patio ideasempty beer bottles or wine bottles can easily be converted into citronella tiki torches!

Set Up An Outdoor Cinema Space

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Want to watch your favorite film under the stars? Hang fairy lights, set up an outdoor projector, and cozy-up outdoor cushions or chairs to create the ultimate entertainment space for movie night! You can project your movie on the side of your house or on a large sheet to ensure all of your guests can see the film.

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Invest In Iron Furniture

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Sturdy outdoor furniture never goes out of style! Especially if you live in a windy city, iron or stone furniture will last longer and is less likely to blow away. While you can go with a plain iron bistro set, create a cohesive backyard design and opt for a neutral-colored and elegant iron furniture set. Properly storing patio furniture can ensure your items remain in good condition between uses, and prevent rust from forming.

Outdoor Grill Area Ideas

The Walara in 2020
Cabaret Bull Entertainer’s Bar Perfect for parties Classic Saber Stainless Gas Grill A solid, beautiful choice Deep Blue Bull BBQ Power Q Refrigerator fits cold waters! Glam Bull Gourmet Q Built-in umbrella – no sunburn! Grotto Gray ledger stone Bull BBQ Gray stone enhances rocky, grotto feel Kid Friendly Bull Gas Fired Pizza Oven Pizza parties just got a lot more fun Modern Saber Stainless Gas Grill Sleek, metallic grill Natural Primo Oval XL 400 in Teak Table Made using real teak wood Rustic Louisiana Grills Vertical Smoker Smoker uses wood pellets for enhanced flavor World Travel Icon 100 Series Orange Funky color and small size fits cool, daring backyards

This Bull BBQ Island model has a refrigerator and plenty of counter space for outdoor cooking.

Have you ever tried a grilled pizza? This Margherita grilled pizza looks delectable.

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Ideas For An Outdoor Living Space Around A Pool

If youre one of the 21 million Americans who own a pool, hot tub or spa, you know how amazing it is to have an aquatic space outside where you can relax for hours on end. For pools especially, you can spend an entire day in and around it and theres plenty of room for your family and friends.

The space around the pool, however, sometimes needs enhancements so you and your guests can be comfortable. For some inspiration for how to do that, here are five ideas for an outdoor living space around a pool.

Outdoor Living Space Layout With Outdoor Kitchen

This backyard patio space has a lot to offer!

Theres both an expansive pool and a U-shaped grill island to fill out the space.

Lets actually zoom in on the outdoor kitchen for a moment. Between the gas grill, outdoor pizza oven, and power burner Theres an endless amount of cuisine you could experiment with!

Additionally, theres some patio furniture, outdoor lighting, and even a small garden off to the side!

We dont see how you could ever be bored out here.

ellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Tennis Or Basketball Court

The average cost of a tennis court is about $7,900, with a range between $4,800 and $11,050. The total expense for an outdoor basketball court measuring 94 by 50 feet averages about $35,000 and has a range between $11,000 and $76,000. The cost per square foot is thus between $3.50 and $17. Common places to install a sport court include your backyard or detached addition.

For Beauty Storage And Convenience: Pool House

Backyard Remodeling in Houston | Creekstone Outdoor Living

A pool house is the ultimate pool-side structure. Designed like a small home, pool houses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and usually include four walls or sides, a roof and windows with glass, screens and/or shutters. Theyre a great addition to the outdoor living space around a pool because theyre spacious, weather-resistant and architecturally stable and attractive. They can also be assembled in as little as one day.

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The Challenge: Tranquil Outdoor Living Spaces

The clients renovated their property five years earlier but wear and changing needs meant it was time for another remodel. For a successful project, the designer needed to:

  • Ensure the outdoor living room is weather-proof as well as resistant to daily wear from pets
  • Change the patio layout so that the seating and television are sheltered from the sun
  • Weather-proof the television unit
  • Create a new outdoor kitchen design that ensures the grill is protected from rain
  • Include poolside decorating in the online interior design thats easy to stow away in case of a hurricane

Outdoor Spaces For Entertaining

One of the most popular outdoor room touches you can explore is enclosing a gazebo or pergola in colorful outdoor curtains. These will have the effect of framing the outdoor room and creating a gentle perimeter, and they can also offer precious shade on sunny days.

Another outdoor room idea is to create an arch, trellis or doorway leading to your outdoor room. This structure can give guests the distinct feeling of entering a new space, and you can add interest to the design with colorful climbing plants.

Fencing is another great way to frame an outdoor room. Latticework, bamboo, weathered barn wood or even shrubs can create a stylish boundary for your outdoor living space, and once you have these “walls” in place, you can explore decorating them with artwork that’ll stand up to the elements.

To protect your outdoor room from the elements, consider adding an awning in an eye-popping design. This way, your outdoor living space will be open for enjoyment even during inclement weather.

Don’t be afraid to add stylish accents and traditional indoor furnishings to your outdoor room. Carpets, throw pillows for furniture, and other design touches will create a welcoming feel. Just make sure they’re rated for outdoor use if they’ll be exposed to the elements.

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Yoga And Meditation Cabana

Here is another bit of inspiration for a poolside cabana with slip-resistant paving stones. This one is styled to be a multipurpose space for yoga and meditation, as well as lounging by the pool. Curtains add privacy and protection from the elements, while large flagstones between the walkway and the patio add texture and visual interest to the hardscape.

Look for patio pictures

Utilize Decorative & Hidden Storage

Seating and pool

Photo via @gardentradingcompany

An excellent way to keep your outdoor living room organized is to use hidden storage solutions in your backyard! Store lawn care items or outdoor furniture in a shed. Conceal outdoor games in patio furniture drawers. Install fun shelving, paint your shed, or select a storage container with an aesthetic that coordinates with your outdoor living areas theme!

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Pool Cabana Ideas For Summer 2022

Pool cabanas make your pool area more inviting, help make your backyard look like an upscale resort, and provide functional space that can be used for multiple purposes. If you need a bit of inspiration for a new cabana design or to update your current pool house, here are 23 ideas to help inspire you.

Outdoor Living Area Design Ideas

Heres another shining example of outdoor living room design!

In fact Its quite similar to the previous example. Its just not covered.

Youve got the pizza oven, the outdoor kitchen on a deck And a furniture set for dining!

The color scheme is more cohesive in this example as well. The outdoor kitchen, dining set, deck, and home siding all provide varying shades of brown.

This creates a design that feels put-together Without feeling monochrome.

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Embrace The Outdoor Lifestyle

The key to outdoor living space design is creating a place that makes you feel good. Your pool, landscaping, patio furniture and more help set the tone of your backyard, so we hope you use these ideas as inspiration for creating an outdoor living room that fits your needs and style.

For more outdoor living ideas, .

Happy outdoor living!

Dont Crowd Your Space

The Big Game â? How Georgia Classic Pool Is Reinventing Outdoor Living Spaces!

The temptation to add everything but the kitchen sink is a strong one But we would urge you to resist!


While having more features might seem like its always better Thats not true at all.

Your backyard living area needs space to breathe.

If you add too much to your outdoor living space There wont be enough room to comfortably move between elements.

This poses a few problems.

For one, it will make your outdoor living area appear cluttered and cramped. Which is probably not what youre going for!

And in terms of practicality It will be difficult to navigate your backyard. And the problem is compounded if you plan to host a large party.

If theres not enough space for people to walk around, stand and mingle, or sit and relax How can you have company at all?

And in the case of a summer kitchen or fire pit, this level of crowding could actually become dangerous!

Point is Pick the outdoor living elements that are most important to you. Allow the remaining space to speak for itself.

This might sound all well and good But what are some examples of good outdoor living space designs?

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Standards

While you are not specifically limited only to the standard design concepts and styles used in outdoor kitchen spaces , its helpful to know what your design professional will have as a basic style template in mind as they work with you and understand your needs.


Exterior kitchen appliances are generally stainless steel. There are specific models manufactured for outside use for most appliances. These are created with the understanding that the appliance will have to withstand exterior elements such as fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

Appliance Housing

Exterior appliances must be installed inside a structure. Since wooden cabinetry is not an ideal candidate for outside, many times the counter is created using wooden framing covered with a stacked or engineered stone facing. There are many styles of stone available, so locating one that works for your project and the look you want should be no problem. Brick and concrete are other options.


Granite or quartz are the standard for exterior countertops. These materials are hard-wearing, durable, and resistant to water and sun damage. They are also easy to keep clean, and as long as they are properly sealed, they will resist bacterial or mold growth.

Ramadas Pergolas And Shade Structures

In a community around Phoenix, AZ, you know how hot it can become outdoors during the summer. However, you can make the temperature much more delightful in your outdoor living area by installing a ramada, pergola, pavilion or other shade structure.

Most of us are always looking for a way to cool off in the summertime. While a swimming pool can provide welcome relief and is probably the number one choice for cooling off, shade structures are most likely running a close second.

Many types, sizes, and shapes of shade structures are available that will fit into your landscaping plan. You could choose a ramada with posts and a roof that matches the exterior of your home or select a wooden, open-sided pergola. Your outdoor shade structure could be built as a standalone unit or incorporated into another outdoor space, such as a kitchen.

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Outdoor Living Design Tips

Creating an outdoor space is a worthy home improvement project that will increase the value of your home and give you an entertaining space to relax with loved ones. But creating a stylish, functional space comes down to more than just patio furniture.

If you want your outdoor project to be a success, there are a few things to consider when planning your outdoor living space. Whether you need a large multi-purpose space for the whole family, an outdoor living room for entertaining guests, or a private sanctuary for relaxing at home, here are some tips to help you create the perfect space.

1. Study your existing landscape

Before you get started on creating outdoor living spaces, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of design you would want in your yard. This involves knowing your patios exact shape and size before bringing in the fixtures and furniture.

Outdoor living space in Manchester MA

Having an accurate measurement of your space cannot be overemphasized. Imagine adding a large seating or dining area that may set up back a few thousand dollars, only to realize you have very little space to move around your patio. That would be disastrous.

So, to avoid such costly mistakes, its important to get a clear idea of what would fit in the space and what should be left out. Dont forget to factor in your climate and consider a covered patio or pergola to provide protection from elements no matter the season.

2. Imagine how the space will be used

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Why Consider Creating An Outdoor Living Space

Unique Custom Outdoor Living Space and Pool Design by Shane LeBlanc ...

The idea might sound interesting so far But you need to know why having an outdoor living space is a great investment.

The reasons are endless. But there are a few key ones to keep in mind.

For one

An outdoor living space extends the living area of your home. This is accomplished without a full-on home addition.

This makes it a more affordable way to make the most out of your living space.

Additionally Your effort will be rewarded with increased home value.

While the individual features you install will have a varied ROI You can expect to receive anywhere from 50%-200% as a return on your investment.

And to sweeten the deal even further An outdoor living space is one of the best ways to enjoy your time at home.

When the weather is nice, no one wants to be cooped up indoors.

How great would it be to just take one step outside And enter an outdoor oasis?

All of your favorite outdoor activities will be right at your fingertips.

Whether you love to take a dip in the pool, grill at your outdoor kitchen, or simply sit peacefully by the fire Its a slice of heaven, right on your outdoor patio.

But were getting ahead of ourselves. Lets talk about outdoor living design.

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Getting The Perfect Diy Outdoor Kitchen For Your Outdoor Living Space

Theres a lot to think about when setting up your own outdoor living space.

You have to consider size constraints, features, functionality, budget The list goes on and on!

To fully understand the scope of your project Wed recommend speaking to a landscape architect or designer.

But even before the pieces start falling into place You can think about your DIY outdoor kitchen!

And we offer the easiest solution on the market.

With all the other projects you have to juggle An easy solution is certainly welcome!

So lets take a closer look.

RTA outdoor kitchens are constructed with monolithic, single-layer, concrete panels. This means the finish is fully incorporated into the panel!

All you have to do is bolt the grill island panels together, place the countertop, and slide in your appliances. Altogether The assembly is only a few short hours.

You wont need to worry about shopping for outdoor countertops or outdoor appliances, either!

Every island comes with granite or concrete countertops And premium appliances from Coyote Outdoor Living.

Its truly your one-stop-shop!

If youre curious to see whats possible with RTA Try our free online design tool! Youll be able to create a fully customized outdoor kitchen in mere minutes.

No matter your outdoor living space design plans We have an option to suit your needs.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Start designing!

Naperville Pergolas / Naperville Shelters

Enhance your new and or existing Naperville patio, Naperville pool deck or backyard with a pergola or shelter. These custom features offer you shade or partial shade when needed to help block unwanted sun. These open structures use cross beams to create an open roof that allows the sun to shine on your Naperville outdoor living space. Naperville backyard pergolas can cover Naperville outdoor dining areas, Naperville living spaces or even quiet retreats.

They are custom designed to suite ones needs. They can be built to accommodate existing patio or Naperville pool deck design. Cedar is OUR specialty. 6 x 6 rough sawn cedar post. 2 x 10 header and 2 x 8 joist. Ceiling fan, TV, lighting and curtains can be added to enhance your time spent outside.

Naperville pergolas can be freestanding out in the open or on a patio. Anchoring it to the patio, concrete footings, or the ground keeps the garden structure stable. Naperville pergola can also be attached to the side of a home or other building to create a covered area similar to a porch. Both pergola types are stable and incredibly stylish.

Most Naperville pergolas can be installed in one day!

Maybe you’re looking for something more formal. Ask about our Naperville shelters. These are typically a four or six post design with a roof. This will provide for a good amount of shade and keep you out of the rain.

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