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Where To Get Water To Fill Pool

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How To Fill An In

Should you fill your pool with a water truck?

21 September, 2017

Whether you have drained and cleaned your pool or it is brand new, your first task come pool season is to fill it. Larger pools can hold upwards of 26,000 gallons of water. Any way you choose to fill your pool will cost you money, but some options cost more than others. You can call your local fire department to see if they will fill your pool for a donation there are companies that will truck water to your house or there’s always the good old-fashioned garden hose. The cheapest way to fill a pool is with your hose.

Check On The Pool Waters Ph

After shocking the water, use the pool test kit to try out and adjust the total alkalinity, the pH of the pool water, and other measurements as recommended.

If you are not sure with the ways how the pool test kit and another detail information, ask for help from a pool speciality shop or a pool specialist.

In conclusion, these 9 steps indeed can help you to do filling pool water correctly. If you are in doubt to do it by yourself, call a pool specialist to help you to fill the pool water.


How Much Water Do You Need For Your Pool

When youre ready to call a swimming pool water delivery service, youll have to figure out how many gallons you need, especially if this is your first time filling it. In addition to helping you balance your water, Pool Calculator can help here, too. With our pool volume calculator, you can easily estimate how much water your swimming pool needs.

Do you have an oval, round, or rectangular pool? To find how many gallons you need, just enter the shape of your pool along with the width, length, and average depth its as easy as that.

Here is sizing and gallon information for the most common types of pools

Above Ground Pools

Inground Pools

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Reducing Pool Water Loss

Any option you choose to fill your pool will come at an expense, whether in the form of an invoice from a delivery company or your city water bill. To save money on filling your swimming pool, we have two suggestions:

  • Check your pool for leaks
  • Invest in a pool cover
  • Careful maintenance can help you find a pool leak and fix it quickly, and a pool cover will protect your pool from the sun and dramatically slow evaporation.

    Why Is The Water In My Pool Cloudy

    How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Pool? Considering The Factors (Oct. 2020)

    There are many reasons that your pool water is cloudy. The most common reasons include poor circulation, improper water balance, and calcium hardness. To fix poor pool water circulation, clear the skimmer baskets and pump strainer baskets. To fix the wrong water balance and calcium hardness, use the above-mentioned test kit to test each problem.

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    What Pool Water Delivery Actually Means

    While you can certainly have water delivered to your home by truck, its not the only option for filling your pool. Think of pool water delivery as a concept rather than a specific service. Its just another term for moving water to your swimming pool, by land, air, or sea.

    The most common options available are:

    • city water
    • a pool water delivery service

    Each option has pros and cons.

    Turn On The Pool Filtration System

    The next step to do is to turn on the pool filtration system. Plug in also other supporting accessories once the water level goes up to the pool filter inlets. Follow the directions provided by the pump manufacturer by priming the pump.

    Check the holes or leak thoroughly. Put your hand over the outlet and inlet hoses to try out for blowing and sucking force.

    Discharge all the equipment as soon as possible and solve the problem immediately if you find the trouble from the water pressure of the inlets.

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    How Do I Get Rid Of My Swimming Pool

    Inground pool removal typically involves draining the pool, drilling holes in the bottom, demolishing the top, and filling the pool with the rubble and additional dirt soil. Above ground pool removal involves just draining the pool, tearing it down, and hauling away the debris. is the most common type of pool demolition. It involves removing the entire bottom of a pool and replacing it with a concrete foundation.

    The foundation is then filled with soil, sand, gravel, or other fill material. Once the foundation has been filled, it can be used to build a new pool. AHP can also be done on a temporary basis, such as during a construction project, to allow the contractor time to complete the job.

    Whyand Whenyour Pool Needs Refilling

    Filling Your Pool With Well Water

    As a rule, its better for your pool and your budget to keep your pool full of clean, balanced water rather than draining and refilling it unnecessarily. Youll spend far less on incremental chemical treatments to maintain already-clean water than you will replace the whole shebang. An ounce of prevention is worth a few thousand gallons of cure, so to speak.

    But life is full of surprises, and pool ownership is full of regular maintenance. So you might need fresh water if:

    • youre filling your pool for the first time.
    • youre topping off your pool when opening it for the season, or after water loss .
    • youve recently drained your pool for repairs or to replace your inground pool liner.
    • youve converted to a salt water pool.
    • your pool water has become unbalanced or contaminated and doesnt respond to chemical treatment.
    • its been three to five years since you last filled your pool.

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    How To Reduce Water Loss In A Pool

    Once youve spent all that time and money to fill your pool, you probably want your investment to pay off as long as possible. Also, testing and balancing a pool takes time and effort, and you dont want to simply waste your high-quality water. Here are some ways to keep all that water in your pool where you want it:

    • Reduce evaporation. Evaporation will take about ¼ to ½ inch of water a day in an uncovered pool. Reduce evaporation by keeping the pool covered when it isnt in use, lowering the temperature on a pool heater, and using landscaping or barriers to protect the surface of your pool from wind.
    • Reduce splashing. Every time someone leaves the pool, they carry water on their bodies, swimsuits, and in their hair. Diving, playing, fountains and water features, can all contribute to more splashout. To reduce splashout, keep the water level a bit low to prevent water from sloshing out over the side, and check the spray force and direction of fountains or waterfalls to keep them flowing back into the pool.
    • Mind the backwash. Depending on the kind of pool filter you have, you may need to periodically backwash the filter to keep it clean. While cleaning the filter is necessary, and healthy for your pool, only backwash for as long as necessary, and stop the moment the water runs clear. And keeping your pool water balanced and sanitized will reduce strain on your filter, so you wont need to backwash as much or as often.

    Average Costs For Filling A Pool With Water

    The average above-ground pool requires around 15,000-30,000 gallons of water to fill it, with smaller models requiring up to 15,000 gallons . Thus, the cost of filling water into the pool depends on the amount needed.

    On average, most pool owners spend around $4-$10 per 1000 gallons of water. At an average pool capacity of 20,000 gallons , this works out to $80-$200 to fill the pool completely. However, this cost can increase if you use a water delivery service instead of a hose.

    Using city water and your own hose to fill a pool is the cheapest option available, although some states like California might charge extra overuse fees for the large amounts of water needed. However, this method is time-consuming. Using a water delivery service is quicker but also more expensive.

    Please enable JavaScript

    The costs involved in using water delivery services include more than just water. Delivery charges, labor charges, and even gas prices contribute to the delivery services overall cost.

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    Can You Fill A Pool With Well Water

    A common question among homeowners is whether its safe to fill a pool with well water. Yes, you can fill a swimming pool with well water. But before you do it, there are essential factors you have to consider.

    Learn more about these factors, the pros and cons of filing a pool with well water, and how to maintain a healthy swimming pool.

    Do Not Fill Up The Pool With Contaminated Water

    Tips for Filling Swimming Pool with Well Water That Wonât Run Your Well ...

    Pretty self-explanatory. Only fill your pool with water that comes from a good source. Filling your pool with cheap, contaminated water can lead to more problems like heavy-metal staining, abnormally high or low pH levels, and other things that can wreak havoc not only on your pool balance but can potentially damage your pool and equipment as well.

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    Why Use A Water Truck To Fill Pool

    There are a few reasons you might consider using a water truck to fill your pool as opposed to water sources from your home. For starters, water trucks will typically deliver spring or distilled water which can then be treated with pool maintenance chemicals or salt before use.

    This can be useful if you live in a remote location and only have access to well water which is not suitable for a swimming pool. You also run the risk of damaging your well pump or your well running dry due to the immense amount of water required to fill a swimming pool.

    Having a water truck fill your pool can be more cost-effective if you usually have a high water bill. In hiring a water delivery truck, you will only pay an upfront one-time fee as opposed to having it show up later on your home bills.

    While it can seem easiest to fill your pool with water from your garden hose, it might not be convenient. On average, it can take a regular garden hose 12-24 hours to fill a swimming pool. By contrast, a water delivery truck can fill your pool at an approximate rate of 45 minutes per tanker .

    Shock Your Pool After Its Filled And Balanced

    After filling in your pool and balancing the chemicals, shock it to get rid of any contaminant that may have come with the new water. The best way to do this is with the Water TechniX Oxi shock. It oxidises any organic contaminant in the pool, making it safe to use, and as an added bonus, you can swim 15 minutes after application! I mean, who wouldnt want to jump into a freshly refilled pool right?

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    What To Do If You Want To Order Pool Water

    • If you know how much water you will need, you can tell us that by going here. If you dont know the number of gallons youll need, you can let us know what type of pool you have and its size. With this information, we will be able to calculate how much pool water you require. To make it easier for you, please visit our Pool Water Calculator.
    • It also helps us if we know the approximate distance from the road to the swimming pool. If youre not sure, please contact us and we will try to help you with this calculation. In all instances, our drivers are very diligent about making safe deliveries while protecting your property.

    Can You Use A Fire Hydrant To Fill The Pool

    First Time Water Fill in Above Ground Pool – Hydra Hot Tubs & Pools

    No, you could be charged for using a fire hydrant to fill your pool. Its dangerous and cannot be encouraged.

    Its obvious that it can be tempting because it will fill your pool faster, but dont attempt to use it. Such attempts can damage things if not handled properly.

    The pressure coming out of the fire hydrant is very high, and closing it might be a big problem. If not handled properly, it can blow the pipes.

    The hydrant can also be dislodged from the fitting while trying to close it. So, dont try to operate it.

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    Is It Cheaper To Get A Water Truck To Fill The Pool

    Based on water bills, many pool owners find it cheaper to hire a water truck to fill their pools as opposed to using their garden hose. Hiring a water truck also saves time and can be scheduled around your work so that you do not need to be home to otherwise supervise a garden hose filling your pool.

    Typically water truck companies charge a set rate for every 1000 gallons of water needed, offering slightly cheaper rates the larger your pool is.

    Monitor Your Well Pump And Water Softener

    Free pool water isnt a bargain if it burns up your well pump and requires you to purchase and install a new one. Fortunately, well pumps can last 10-20 years, and filling a pool isnt likely to cause problems.

    If your pump is ancient, you might consider an upgrade or maintenance before you fill the pool. Even if your pump is new, you can burn a pump out fast if it continues to run after a well has run dry. Monitor the water flow to ensure that you dont run the pump on a dry well. If you happen to deplete the well, turn the pump off quickly and give it time to refill.

    Your pump may need a filter change during the fill-up. Your water softening system may also need new salt or other supplies to handle that much water flow in a short time and stay running at peak efficiency. Id keep an eye on these systems to avoid trouble filling your pool from your well.

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    How Long Does It Take To Fill An Inground Pool

    If you have a few hoses you can fill the average pool in 24 hours. That may as well be an eternity when your family is ready to dive in. If you use well water, you will burn up your pump or leave your home without water for days if you dont change your plan. If you dont have access to a well, then you need to find a way to get water to your pool.

    A pump is a device that allows you to pump water through a pipe into a tank. The water is then pumped back into the tank through the same pipe. This is the most efficient way of getting water into and out of a pool, and it is also the cheapest. You can buy a pump for as little as $50, or you can build one yourself.

    Convenient Water Delivery Same

    Why your water usage may be higher

    If you need residential bulk water delivery services, we have your truck. When you need to have a substantial amount of water delivered, turn to Luxecare. Depend on us to meet most of your needs with our 5,500-gallon tanker truck. At Luxecare you can trust us for a courteous, high-quality water delivery service. Contact us to schedule your bulk water delivery today!

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    When Do You Need To Fill Or Refill A Pool

    There are some severe water quality issues that can only be addressed by completely draining and cleaning a pool. However, for most homeowners, depending on their water quality and maintenance habits, a pool should be drained, cleaned, and refilled approximately every 2-3 years.

    All pools do need the occasional top-up, because the water level lowers due to splash-out, evaporation, backwashing, and other factors. Most pool owners need to top-up pool levels in summer every week or two.

    If your pool water levels are needing to be topped up more frequently, you may have a leak, or follow these tips below to help conserve water.

    Pool Water Delivery Service

    Believe it or not, you can get pool water delivered, almost as easily as ordering from Amazon. There are companies that will bring a tank of water to your house, and use high-capacity hoses to fill your pool quickly.

    Some of these companies even offer pre-chlorinated water that will save you time in testing and balancing your pool. In some cities with water shortages or rationing, a water delivery service may be your only option.

    Cost: This method is the most expensive, and costs increase based on the size of your pool, or any balancing or pre-treating options.

    Time: This method is fast. Most pool water delivery tanks carry 6,000-8,000 gallons or more of water, and charge by the tank. A standard pool can be filled within a couple hours.

    Considerations: Its a good idea to call some local water delivery companies and request a quote before making a final decision. You can compare quotes, and compare it with the cost of filling a pool with city water. One advantage of using a pool water delivery service is that they are professionals at filling pools, and will be mindful of using the correct amount of pressure, and not damaging your pool liner.

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