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How To Cool Your Pool

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How To Cool Your Pool This Summer

How to Cool Swimming Pool – DIY Pool Fountain

by Aquascape Pools | Jul 6, 2018 | Pools and Spas, Renovations

Theres nothing worse than jumping into your inground pool on a hot summer day only to find that its the temperature of tepid bathwater. So disappointing! This is a common issue that many homeowners encounter after theyve opted to forgo a chiller.

How To Cool Your Pool Duringthe Hot Arizona Summer

Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool during a hot Arizona summer day. However, the hot summer is going to warm up the pool water and is going to make it feel more like taking a bath than anything else. Because of this, you need to know how to cool your pool in the summertime and how to make it feel more comfortable. This way, you are able to enjoy the pool and it is going to allow you to hop in whenever you need to feel refreshed.

The biggest issue behind your pool not having a comfortable temperature is because the water is just sitting there all day and absorbing the heat. The last thing you want is for the water to sit still and not circulate with something cooler. The only way you are going to cool down the temperature in your pool is to circulate it with something cooler. This can be done with the help of a fountain.

During the day, the fountain is going to circulate water through its system, although since the temperature is higher, it is only going to make the water warmer. However, if you keep the fountains off during the day and power on the fountain during the nights, the water is going to circulate in the cool air. This is going to allow you to drastically reduce the temperature of the pool overnight as the temperature drops during the evening and night hours when the sun is not out. This way, over the course of the evening the temperature of the pool should drop significantly.

Attempt To Reduce The Direct Sunlight

A more serious tactic that could help temporarily would be to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that the surface of the water gets. You can do this by covering the pool with a plastic cover which doesnt transfer much heat or growing trees around the side of the pool to prevent direct sunlight in the morning and evening.

Again, this method might be somewhat effective in the someway that a waterfall or fountain could be but its not cheap, and were talking about one or two degrees realistically.

If you want a serious improvement, you really need a swimming pool chiller.

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Is A Chiller Even Necessary

I’m always amazed when I speak to a customer that has received 2 or 3 quotes from other pool companies and no one has yet mentioned the potential need to cool the pool water as well.

Frankly, when I see such a lack of teaching from other pool guys, I want to slap my forehead and the first thought that comes to my head is:

Are you kidding me??

Here’s the deal: If your pool is 6′ or less in depth and receives good amounts of sunlight throughout the day, then you’ll likely have need for a chiller at some time or another .

If you follow that advice, I promise you that you’ll make the right decision as to whether to go chiller or not with your heat pump purchase.

As always, happy swimming to everyone in this blistering weather!

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How To Cool Swimming Pool Water

How to Keep your Swimming Pool Water Cool in Summer ...

In the heat of the summer swimming pools can get very warm. Nothing worse than expecting a COOL DIP in the swimming pool, but you jump into a hot bath. This method of COOLING a swimming pool works really well. You can make it for about $10 with parts from big box store. Run this system at night and in 2-3 days your pool temp will drop as much as 10 degrees.

Not only will it cool the pool, but this also acts like a pool fountain that the kids will love.

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Use A Reversal Heat Pump

A reversal heat pump is meant to control the temperature of water in your pool. This device can help cool water in your pool with just a touch of a button. This method is highly recommended for homeowners who are looking for an efficient and stress-free method to cool their water.

However, this water-cooling technique is quite expensive especially when it comes to power consumption. If you decide to use this technique to cool water in your pool, then you must be ready to incur a huge energy bill each month. Reverse heat pumps have refrigerants that help to keep your pools water cold for as long as you want.

Ways To Cool Down Hot Swimming Pool Water:

One of the first ways that Premier Pools and Spas suggests to cool down your hot swimming pool water is, investing in a pool cooler. A pool cooler is much like the pool heater, except works the opposite way, instead of heating your swimming pool up it cools it down. It flows the warm water through the pool cooler and bypasses a fan,then re-inserts the cool water back into the swimming pool. A simple solution to fix your problems, although the pool cooler is a big investment and must be installed and maintained professionally. In the long run, this investment is worth it.

Another way to cool down your hot swimming pool water is by incorporating a water feature into your swimming pool design, this way the circulating water keeps the pool cool and moving. Its harder for the sun to evaporate the swimming pool water, it would be focused towards the water that is spraying the in the air. Cooling your hot swimming pool water would best take effect at night. Taking advantage of the night when the temperature is cooler will help cool down your swimming pool water, making your experience with your swimming pool better.

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Run Pool Filter At Night

There are three reasons why running your filter at night helps cool down your water:

  • The outside air is coolest at night
  • It facilitates evaporation, which contributes to heat loss
  • Its SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than running during day time

When you run your filter at night, it cycles your water, and exposes it to the now, colder outside temperatures. So as long as your pool is left uncovered for this purpose, your water will begin letting off heat. That is, right until its daytime again and youre back where you started.

How To Chill Your Swimming Pool

How to cool your pool water cheap.

In the baking Texas heat, the last thing you want is a hot pool. Not only does it prevent you from cooling down at the end of a workday, but its also going to make you reluctant to use it even on weekend and holidays.

While in colder states the idea of a warm pool is a luxury, as Texans we know that once the weather ticks into the 100s for weeks on end the water can start to become uncomfortably warm.

Cooling your pool is the only realistic option to ensuring that you can still use it throughout the summer months.

While you can certainly use a warm pool, how long would you want to stay in it?

Probably not for more than a few minutes, which is why so many Texans are calling Willsha Pools to install quality pool chillers for them. They are incredibly effective, well-priced and can ensure that you and your family can enjoy the refreshing water throughout the summer.

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Simple Ways To Cool Down Your Pool Water

Most of us spend a great deal of time anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up to get the pool water to the right temperature. What happens when that warming effect goes too far though? In the peak of the summer, many homeowners find themselves avoiding their sparkling swimming pool because the water is simply too hot to swim in. In this discussion, we will go over some simple ways to cool down your pool water so you can enjoy your pool on those hot summer days.

How To Cool Down Your Pool Temperature During The Summer

What would you say are the top three perks of pool ownership?

If youre anything like us, you placed cooling off on a hot summer day at or near first place. But, blistering summer heats can sometimes make your pool less refreshing and more like a lukewarm bath. Luckily, there are many easy techniques you can use to cool down your pool.

Keep reading to find out the best ways to bring your pool temperature down and how to keep pool water coolonce youve done it.

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Cost Effective Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Refreshingly Cool

A deep-seated garden tub is a somewhat upscale amenity that has made its way into master bedroom suites across the country. Also known as a soaking tub, it is typically oval and free-standing. Because it is larger and offers more depth than the typical bathtub, it has become synonymous with luxury. Submersion in that warm, soapy water is a great way to end a busy day.

Whats another great way to end a busy day and beat the summer heat? A refreshing dip in the sparkling water of your backyard pool!

Unlike your garden tubs temperature that you can regulate as you fill it, your pools water temperature gets turned up when subjected all day to the suns powerful rays. Since you likely prefer the experience of cool and rejuvenating water in the summertime, how do you most effectively keep that temp a bit more consistent?

Top 5 Ways to Put the Cool in Your Pool

First off, maintaining that refreshing coolness to offset the summer heat is fortunately good for you and bad for the algae. If you want to make your pool maintenance an easier chore, the cooler water will help inhibit the promotion of persistent growth as well as that of bacteria. Retarding that development will also help save you money on pool chemicals.

Here are some suggestions for putting some more cool in your pool:

  • Shade Sails
  • Additionally, you will reap the benefits of protecting your pool water from UV exposure, thereby decreasing chlorine loss, which in turn saves money on costly pool chemicals.

    Practical Pool Cooling Solutions

    Ways to Cool Down Your Pool Water

    A practical solution to cool down your pool would be to run your pool filter at night. The air is cooler at night, thus allowing for the water temperature to drop.

    Perhaps your pool is one that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. One way to combat this issue would be to install an awning, or perhaps two, that will shape your pool during the heat of the day. This will also allow for airflow to continue, which also can help alleviate the water temperature.

    These cost-effective solutions, if done properly, can easily turn your uncomfortably warm pool into a cool and welcome way to relax and have fun during those hot summer months. To get started on getting the coolest pool in Texas, to get started.

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    Why A Traditional Ac Is Not Your Best Option For A Pool House

  • The conventional ducted system is a classic study of an inflexible system that is always difficult to use in unique retrofit environments such as a pool house.
  • Average performance. Conventional systems are proven to be hit-or-miss solutions due to their average capacities and lack of advanced features and capabilities.
  • High energy costs. Traditional cooling solutions, whether it is a window AC or a centralized air system, are not so energy-efficient.
  • Trick# : Adjust The Landscaping

    The easiest and most natural way to cool down a pool is to have air flow across it. This is fundamentally the same strategy as our first trick, but were approaching it from a different angle. In some locations, trees or plants can block the normal airflow of the area and limit how much air moves over the pool.

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    Install A Water Fountain Or Waterfall

    Adding a water fountain or waterfall to your pool will not only make your pool look nicer, but it will help keep your pool cooler as well. Moving water causes evaporation, which in turn helps to cool down the water.

    A waterfall or water fountain in your pool is not only a great accessory, but will also help keep your pool cool. Since moving water increases the rate of evaporation, it will help lower the temperature of water.

    Running these at night will ensure more water moves through the cooler air, helping bring the overall heat of your pool down. There are plenty of options to choose from that can suit your style!

    Tips To Cool Your Pool In The Summer Heat

    How to heat & cool your house with your swimming pool

    by Hastings Water Works | Pool Tips

  • Grab some shade One of the simpler ways to cool down your pool is to get some natural shade going, but this method initially takes a bit of work. You should aim for protecting against the west side with a row of planted trees, being mindful of your tree choice. Deciduous trees will have you skimming the pool regularly when the leaves begin to fall. Dont get too excited with your landscaping, though. Too much foliage surrounding your pool will restrict air movement and heat your entire pool area.
  • Apply science Fountains and waterfalls cause evaporation, which then cools the pool water. This does result in some water loss and your pool will need refilled more frequently. Its recommended that you run fountains or waterfalls at night instead of during the day, when air is cooler and youre less likely to lose as much water.
  • When science fails, use technology If you dont want to add a waterfall or fountain, you can also purchase an evaporative cooler that does the same job. They are relatively inexpensive and can drop the temperature five to ten degrees, depending on pool size and air temperature.
  • Flip it and reverse it This is admittedly an expensive option, but a reversible heat pump works. This piece of equipment doubles as a heater during winter months and a cooler during the summer months. If you have an inground pool, it may be worth the investment.
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    Matt Gohlke: Six Ways To Cool Your Pool Water

    This years hot summer in North Texas has raised pool temperatures to the point of being uncomfortable. There are several things pool owners can do to help that problem.

    Matt Gohlke

    It is always hot this time of year, but this year summer has been hotter than usual in North Texas. This has resulted in warmer pool water temperatures than we are accustomed to, and oftentimes swimming pools have been so warm that that they have even been past the point of being refreshing.

    Most of those who enjoy swimming pools prefer water temperature in the range of 80 to 90 degrees, with temperatures below 80 and above 90 being considered uncomfortable. With the water temperature in many full-sun pools now reaching the low-to-mid 90s, pool owners are looking for ways to lower the temperature of the water.

    Following are some methods that have been used to lower the temperature of their pool water:

    Fountains and waterfalls Fountains and waterfalls lower the water temperature as the water action that is created by fountains and waterfalls causes evaporation, which cools the water. This also tends to cause more water loss due to this evaporation. Operating the fountain or waterfall at night is most effective as the air temperature is cooler. If your pool is not equipped with a fountain or waterfall, aftermarket fountains are available that attach to the pool return.

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    Heat And Cool Your Swimming Pool

    Heat and Cool your swimming pool and extend your swimming season by cooling your pool during the summer and heating the water in the spring and fall.

    A heat and cool model will both heat and cool your pool, but more importantly the heat and cool models contain a piece of technology called a reversing valve. The reversing valve in the heat and cool models allows the pool heat pump to defrost itself and continue heating, even when the ambient air temp is in the low 40’s. Whereas heat only pool heat pumps will frost up and stop heating when the air temp is below 50 degrees. This type of pool heat pump is a must for those who want to extend their pool season to the max.

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