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Where To Buy Pool Supplies

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Why Oz Pool Supplies

EasySet Pool – WHAT TO BUY 2021

Oz Pool Supplies is an Australian based Nationwide company.

We supply all the major swimming pool brands including Davey, Hurlcon, Waterco, Onga, Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac Baracuda and many more at great Prices.

Customer service is paramount at Oz Pool Supplies ensuring that we help you to find the right product for you and your swimming pool.

So why not try for your one stop online pool shop.

Pool Repair & Installations

As a licensed contractor we can perform any above ground pool or spa repairs and equipment installation. For more information see our repair department.

Our staff consider themselves consultants rather than sales staff. Upon analyzing your swimming pool issues, we offer various solutions based on your individual needs. We also explain the pros and cons of each solution so you can make educated decisions. Finally, we explain the how to upon making your purchase.

In addition to being a source of information for you, we invite you to check out our large selection of competitively priced quality products.

Open Your Pool In 5 Easy Steps

Ensure pump & filter are working properly, balance pH to 7.2pH, total alkalinity to 120 ppm & chlorinated pool water to 3 5 ppm.

As a minimum treatment: Add 57g of CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS per 4500 L of pool water, which will result in a minimum concentration of 0.5 ppm copper.

Distribute CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS by sprinkling across pool water surface, every meter or so around the perimeter of the pool, avoiding the coping and any stairs.

Run the filter overnight.

The next day backwash the filter, vacuum the pool and then backwash the filter a second time. . Repeat this procedure every second day until pool water is clean + clear.

This procedure could take up to a week depending on the condition of the water. Then return the filter and resume your normal operating schedule. Time may be reduced to 8-12 hours per day, depending on the condition of the water. During days with high temperatures and heavy pool use, you should run the filter 24 hours a day, and you may need to increase use of sanitizer.

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Get Superior Quality Pool Supplies Delivered To Your Doorstep

Welcome to, a one stop destination where you will find a fabulous assortment of products including pool cleaners, filters, heaters, above ground pools, above ground pool equipment, pool supplies, pool chemical, pool covers, pool liners, spa & sauna, pool accessories, safety products and a lot more. We are a leading supplier of pool and spa products and were known for providing premium quality products and services to thousands of pool owners throughout the country as well as internationally. Being a BBB accredited business, we strive to offer the most dependable and reliable services and consistently put in efforts to ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

Get Quality Products Along With Useful Tips We are highly acknowledged for our top-notch pool equipment and useful pool tips that help in the upkeep of your pool and spa. These tips act as a guide to selecting the right kind of pool or spa filter, pump, heater, automatic cleaner etc. Our customers are a priority for us and we try to offer them expert advice that helps them in easy maintenance of pools and spas.

Why Shop With Unlike other companies, we offer unparalleled swimming pools & supplies, exceptional warranty support and unmatched after sale service. We sell only branded pool supply products manufactured by some of the leading brands in the industry.

Toll Free Order Line : 1-800-877-1268 Mon.- Fri. 9:00 AM.- 5:00 PM.

The 6 Pool Cue Parts & Where To Buy Them

Degaulle Wall Hung Counter Current Machine Swim Jet System ...

When you first start playing pool, you think a pool stick is just that a stick. Any stick will do because you really arent that good in the first place.

But as you start to get better, you start realizing the importance of your equipment, and the quality of your equipment starts to make a big difference in how well you play, too.

In the case of pool, your equipment is your cue. Below, well go over every pool cue part and explain how it affects the stick overall. Then, well give you a list of the best online pool cue retailers to buy your parts from, ranging from affordable to high-end. If youre building a new stick or buying parts for a worn-down one, read on.

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Which Pool Maintenance Tools Do You Need

Since there are so many products available for pool maintenance, you have the opportunity to pick and choose which products best suit your needs. Here at Sams Club, youll find a range of pool maintenance products, so youre sure to find products to suit your budget and pool type. Both in-ground and above-ground pool types require appropriate pool maintenance tools. As a pool owner, youve got to keep a close eye on the chlorine, pH, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity of your pool.

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Canadas Biggest And Best Online Pool Supplies Store

Just like our name suggests, Pool Store Canada is your resource for finding all the supplies you need for your home pool, hot tub orspa. Whether you’re designing a new chic home spa, getting your pool ready for the summer months in Canada, or yearning for those relaxing hot tub moments, Pool Store Canada has everything you need.We carry top notch brands, like Spa Life, Gecko, Balboa, Covermate, Aqua-flo and Waterway.

With trusted and proven chemicals in stock, and the best names in water testing, Pool Store Canada is here to make sure your pool and hot tub is always safe and ready to be enjoyed! Have any questions? Not sure what you need? Contact us today! We are always here to help.Learn more about our Canada wide Shipping here, and find out how you qualify for our free shipping on any purchase of over $149.00.

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Couldnt Be More Pleased

After extensive online researching and multiple trips to showrooms, I decided to move forward with the purchase of a Caldera Geneva Spa from Pioneer Family Pools. The lounge seat with foot massage is awesome and is by far my favourite seat in the spa. Our family uses the hot tub multiple times per week so

Rita WilsonHot Tub

The Importance Of Pool Maintenance

How to buy a Pool Table, Billiards Table Buyers Guide (UPDATED)

Everyone loves a well maintained swimming pool. No matter the size or shape, having a swimming pool in your backyard is definitely a great way to enjoy even the most scorching summer months. Having a pool means unlimited fun and unending hours of pleasure, but to keep your pool available for enjoyment, it needs to be maintained properly. Thanks to the advent of a bevy of pool maintenance tools, you no longer have to depend on pool cleaning services, whose bills make you want to just drain or cover your pool up. With the right pool maintenance equipment, you can clean and maintain your pool yourself. You can find a wide range of pool cleaning devices, such as robotic pool cleaners, saltwater chlorine salt generator, sand filters, and other types of pool maintenance kits, all at Sams Club.

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Questions About Our Pool And Spa Chemicals

Wondering how to get started with chemicals for a new pool, or troubleshoot your existing pool chemical problems? Check out our How to Guides page for more information on ideal pool water chemical levels, and guides on how to perform pool opening chemical treatments, super chlorinate your pool, troubleshoot over stabilized pool water, and properly treat algae.


Pool Equipment Install & Repair

Our professional, licensed service techs promptly diagnose and solve pool & spa problems. We install and repair name-brand pool & spa equipment including: pumps, filters, motors, salt chlorine generators, heaters, automation systems and lighting. Our techs can also provide guidance on proper care of pools and spas, taking the worry out of pool maintenance!

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Why Should You Clean Your Pool

Cleaning is vital for sanitation and keeping your pool in good condition long-term. If you want your pool to be a safe place for family and friends to swim, keeping clean water is very important. Owning a pool is a responsibility, and you should maintain it with proper sanitation and pH levels. You must also focus on debris removal for an optimal swimming experience.

Pool Chemicals For Safety And Comfort

Buy Swimming Pool Supplies, Chemicals &  Cleaning Equipment ...
  • Pool shock formulas for near-instant chlorination of even the largest swimming pools.
  • Chlorine tablets and a range of floating chlorinators for ongoing chemical maintenance to keep algae and germs at bay.
  • Natural replacement salts if you have a permanent pool using salt-based water that are kind to your hair and skin.

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Floats Lounges And Toys

Floats and lounges add a fun element to the pool, and with free shipping, you can stock up for the next pool party in advance. Add a few toys and pool games to keep the fun times rolling all summer. The more you use the pool and the more fun you have, the more it makes all of your swimming pool maintenance tasks and investments in automatic pool cleaning equipment worthwhile.

Swimming Pool Supplies Equipment And Repair

  • Leaf skimmers with telescopic poles for keeping your pool free of debris.
  • Replacement pumps, connectors and filters to keep clean water circulating smoothly.
  • Vinyl repair kits for plugging small holes in above-ground pools.
  • Manual and automatic vacuum cleaners to keep the pool base spotless.
  • Hoses for fast filling and draining of pool water.

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More About Pool Skimmers & Replacement Skimmer Parts

For replacement skimmer parts not found above, please visit our Skimmer Parts pages to search for skimmer parts by make and model.

One of the most vital pool accessories, pool wall skimmers serve to remove floating debris from your pool so that the water is clean and enticing. Pool skimmers are important for both above ground and inground pools and are installed near the surface of your pool to catch floating debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. The most common pool skimmer parts include skimmer baskets, skimmer cover, and the skimmer weir flap over which water flows.

Whether youre looking for above ground pool skimmers or an inground pool skimmer is very important as they are quite different. Above ground pool skimmers have a faceplate and gaskets to seal up to both sides of the pool wall. In-ground vinyl pool skimmers also have faceplates and gaskets, but like concrete pool skimmers, are designed to be encased in concrete to hold them firmly to the pool wall and pool deck.

Pool skimmers for above ground pools are installed into the wall of your pool with stainless steel screws that secure the skimmer body to the outside of the pool wall. On the inside of the pool wall, skimmer gaskets are placed under the liner, and also on top of the pool liner, then secured tightly with the skimmer faceplate. The pool skimmer and the faceplate sandwich the pool wall and liner between them, using three skimmer gaskets to prevent leaking.

Close Your Pool In 5 Easy Steps

How to Buy a Pool Table

One week before closing your pool for the season, add 28g of CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS per 4500 L of water.

Distribute CLEAN + CLEAR MINERALS by sprinkling across pool water surface, avoiding the coping and any stairs

Run the filter overnight, and the next day backwash the filter, vacuum the pool and then backwash a second time .

Return the filter and resume your normal operating schedule. On the day of the pool closing, drain the pool to return jets.

Cap off all the lines and then winterize the pool by adding 10-20 litres of liquid chlorine and cover for the winter .

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Pool Skimmer And Brushes

The most used tool in pool maintenance is the skimmer/leaf net. It attaches to a telescopic pole so you can collect debris off the surface of the pool. And there are two types:

  • Leaf Net: Deep net to catch a lot of debris.
  • Skimmer: Flat net just for a quick surface skimmer.
  • We like using leaf net skimmers so you dont have to keep emptying the skimmer as you clean. You can use a leaf net in one consistent motion.

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    Home Landscape Lighting & Design

    Professional landscape lighting can add detail and depth to any yard or home. Whether its simple path lighting or a custom package consisting of a variety of products, lighting can make a home more safe, secure and beautiful. Upgrade the look of your walkway, exterior, yard or patio. Many options are available to fit any preference. Contact us to schedule a FREE design consultation!

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    The 6 Standard Parts Of A Pool Cue

    1. Tip You hit the ball with the tip. Its usually made of leather, though the hardness of the leather varies by cue. Try both and pick the tip you prefer. The better the quality of the leather, the more expensive the tip.

    2. Ferrule Steadies the shot by reducing vibration between the tip and shaft. Also gives the tip more power.

    3. Shaft The main part of the pool cue. Made of all different types of wood. Often times, the major selling point for high-end pool cues is the wood used sometimes sourced from exotic locations like Africa or treated with special processes.

    4. Ring Strengthens the joint of the pool cue. Different cues will have rings made of different materials.

    5. Collar One of the most customizable pieces of the cue. Can be made of a myriad of materials, ranging from steel all the way to ivory. Helps with controlling the balance of energy throughout the cue. Quality of collar is very noticeable at higher levels of play.

    6. Joint Connects the butt of the pool cue to the wooden shaft. Also helps regulate energy transfer as the collar does.

    Weve given you a jumping off point. The game of pool is very complex and manufacturers will have pool cue parts available in almost every type of material imaginable. Before purchasing from a retailer , always do research on the materials to ensure they match with your style of play.

    More About Pool Cleaning Accessories

    Giant Adult Pool Inflatable Swimming Pools Rental,Swimming ...

    Pool cleaning accessories and pool cleaning supplies make your pool maintenance duties less of a time-consuming chore. When it comes to keeping your pool clean, we stock an excellent selection of pool cleaning tools and pool cleaning equipment for just about every aspect of pool maintenance. Also found here are a variety of filter aids like the Slime Bag and Skim Bag, and a very complete selection of pool brushes and pool poles.

    Whether its pool cleaning accessories like a pack of Filter Savers or the fun-to-use remote controlled Jet Net leaf skimmer, In The Swim carries the pool cleaning supplies and tools needed to keep your pool clean and sparkling. Many of these pool cleaning tools make your job easier, too, like the Twister hose rotator for suction-side cleaners, and the Hayward Skim-Vac skimmer vacuum plates, or our many cleaning tools to deep clean pool filter cartridges and DE grids.

    For pool cleaning chemicals, including surface cleaners, filter cleaners and tile & vinyl cleaner, please see our Pool Cleaning Chemicals page. When it comes to pool cleaning accessories however, you are in the right place. If you have any questions regarding our pool maintenance products or any of the pool cleaning supplies found at In The Swim please feel free to contact our friendly team of swimming pool experts via phone or email and they will help you find the best pool cleaning accessories for your swimming pool!

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    Aero Spa Inflatable Spa

    Introducing the new Aero Spa inflatable hot tub! Easy to set up and can be placed almost anywhere with a flat surface and standard 120V outlet. This portable spa inflates in minutes* and accommodates up to 6 people. The Aero Spa features a built-in pump and heater, 2 cartridge filters and more than 140 relaxing jets. Available while supplies last at your neighborhood Pinch A Penny.

    *inflates in 5 minutes and average 12 hours to heat to desired temperature

    The Best Pool Supplies You Absolutely Need In 2021

    Before you run out to the nearest pool store and plunk down a big ol chunk of change, make sure you know what pool supplies are actually necessary. Youll save yourself some money, and youll be ready to take care of your pool like a pro.

    NOTE: The following products are available to buy on either Amazon and Check both sites for availability. All the links are affiliate links which means if you click a link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. It helps us keep the lights on .

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    Professionally Installed Pool Tables

    We have been selling and servicing all makes of pool tables for over 20 years. This has given us first-hand knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the different construction features used in the many different brands of pool tables. We have put this knowledge to use in selecting which brands of new pool tables to sell. Buy a pool table from the pool table experts.

    How can we sell you a $4199 pool table for only $2899? How do we operate with such low pool table sale prices?

    We order our pool tables directly from the manufacturer effectively cutting out the middle man. We also focus on ordering only a few of the most popular types of pool tables in very large quantities allowing us to negotiate heavily discounted pricing. As we sell directly from our website we are able to run a streamlined operation with much lower overhead than a traditional billiard business. It is our mandate not to trade off quality of materials or workmanship to reduce the price. We are proud of the products that we have selected to sell to our customers. Save money by purchasing your pool table at the discounted wholesale price instead of paying full retail price.

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