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Who Cleans Above Ground Pools

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Patch And Clean The Liner

How to Quickly and Easily Clean an Above Ground Pool?

It may be tempting to neglect a pinhole or teeny tear in the liner, especially if it’s above the water line. It’s highly advisable to patch these problems as soon as you spot them or they can tear further and cause leaking and other problems. Have a pool patch kit, including underwater pool liner patch adhesive, in your arsenal of pool maintenance tools.

Here Are 10 Above Ground Pool Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Everything In Good Shape

Above ground pools are less expensive, easier-to-install alternatives to in-ground pools. And if that werent enough, theyre also usually easier to maintain. There are a few things youll want to do to keep your above ground pool in good working condition. Here are 10 key tips for above ground pool maintenance.

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Fixing Chemicals During Above Ground Pool Maintenance

If your pools chemical balance is wrong, then you need to adjust the chemicals youre using. These are some common problems and how to fix them:

  • pH too high Add a pH reducer to the water to lower this level.
  • pH too low A pH increaser should get your pool back to its proper balance.
  • Chlorine levels too low Yo8 need to add more chlorine to the water, but in a small amount. You dont need too much chlorine in the pool.
  • Chlorine too high Stop adding chlorine to your water and allow it a few days to dissertate before returning to your pool.

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How To Clean An Above Ground Pool Liner

  • Written by Cameron Sherber on Jul 10, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

If your above ground pool liner is rife with mold, mildew, or assorted other types of pool-related grime, you may be curious about how to clean it. Below are the steps you will need to take to make it sparkle.

Step 1 – Drain Your Pool

Before proceeding to clean your pool liner, you will need to drain the pool. Begin this step by affixing a discharge hose that is connected to a submersible, or “sump,” pump to your pool’s drain. Then, place the opposite end of the hose into the location you’d like the water to be drained. When carrying out this step, it is very important that you pump the water into a safe location, such as a sewer drain. After deciding on a suitable drainage spot, use the sump pump to completely drain the pool, thus preparing the liner for the cleaning process. The amount of time it will take for your swimming pool to be fully drained is entirely contingent upon its size.

Step 2 – Scrub Your Pool Liner

Step 3 – Refill Your Pool

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Dont Forget To Pay Attention To Hard

Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance Cleaning Kit Vacuum Skimmer ...

Vacuums and brushes can sometimes have a hard time maneuvering around the obstacles in your pool, like stairs, ladders, skimmers and gaskets. When cleaning your liner, its best to give those hard-to-clean areas some love by scrubbing them by hand with a smaller tool, like a pool cleaning mitt. It will prevent dirt and debris from building up there over time and damaging your liner.

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Annual Pool Maintenance Cost

Your average annual pool maintenance cost runs from $960 to $1,800, with most homeowners spending around $1,400 along with the cost of any necessary repairs. A considerable variance in pricing depends on the type of pool.

According to Nerdwallet, there are two more costs that many homeowners dont think about in regards to yearly pool maintenance costs when researching the cost to build a pool.

  • Liability insurance can bump your monthly pool cost by $17 to $25. A pool increases the chance of injury on your property and will increase the price of your homeowners insurance, and insurance companies recommend liability insurance of half a million with an umbrella policy to bring it up to one million.
  • Inground pools typically increase your home’s property value by 7% when it goes up, property taxes tend to follow increase as well.

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How To Clean A Dirty Above Ground Pool

The pool is the perfect place for a summer family get-together. A safe and fun way to cool off on those hot days, but when its time for cleanup, your children might be more interested in playing than picking up after themselves. Here are some tips that will make this task easier and keep your kids from creating any further messes.

The how to clean an above ground pool that has been sitting is a process that requires patience and lots of hard work. The article will provide you with the necessary steps to cleaning your pool in a timely manner.

What Is A Pressure Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner


It connects to your return jet and uses the water pressure from your pool pump and filtration system to power the spaceship along the top of the water . At the same time, it sends water pressure to the mesh bag pushing debris into it in a random cleaning pattern.

One of the best things I like about this cleaner is that its incredibly easy to repair. It only has a few parts that can go wrong. And you can fix it just by looking at it.

It works surprisingly well. And its fun to swim with it! Check our favorite pressure-side pool cleaners for inground pools.

NOTE: Even though the spaceship looking thing floats on the top of the water, it doesnt skim debris off the pool surface. Also, the better your water flow rate, the more quick and efficient this vacuum will clean your pool bottom.

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How Above Ground Pool Filters Work

Before choosing an above ground pool cleaning method, it is helpful to understand how your pool filter works.

An above ground pool pump filters water with a sand filter, removing organic materials from the water like dirt, plants, insects, sunscreen, and hair.

Although sand filtration is the most popular, there are two other filters for above ground pools. A cartridge filter and a diatomaceous earth filter are the two different options for a filter system.

No matter what filtration system your pool has, the cleaning tools we show you work well.

Do It Yourself Or Get Help

The stories of pool owners might be similar to those of boat owners. The two best days ever for a boat owner are the day he gets his boat and the day he gets rid of it. That is a great joke but what is the truth at the heart of it? Maintaining a boat is hard. The same can be said of pools.

Many people think that the cost involved with pools is all found in the installation. But all pool owners find out quickly that is not true. The cost of equipment to keep a pool clean can be quite significant. So it is vital to consider the costs of maintenance.

But the time it takes to clean the pool daily can be surprising to pool owners as well. Those who do the best at cleaning their pools make it a daily routine. They enjoy it for the most part. And they know that it will prolong the look and life of their pools.

Others love the water but dread the daily cleaning of the pool. It has already been discussed how important it is to clean your pool and maintain it to keep from algae growth overtaking your pool, but is it worth it to pay someone else to do it for you?

The following five reasons show that it is a good idea to have someone assist you in maintaining your pool.

These reasons show why it is great to have a pool professional to help you out with the maintenance, service, and eventual replacement of your pool equipment.

–If you want more backyard tips including recipes, how-tos and more, make sure you

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Test The Chlorine Level

Chlorine is essential for pool water because it kills harmful algae, bacteria and microorganisms. Unfortunately, chlorine breaks down when exposed to the sun and chemicals from sunscreen, sweat and more. A pool should have a chlorine level between two and four parts per million . Make sure your above ground pool has enough by testing your water about every other day with chlorine test strips, such as these Aqua Chek Test Strips. Learn more about maintaining your pools chemicals.

Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner For Above Ground Pools

How To Clean An Above Ground Pool After Draining

This pool cleaner is developed explicitly for Intex above ground pools, but you can easily use it on one from another manufacturer. It is suitable for any pool with a filter pump with a flow rate between 1,600 GPH to 4,000 GPH.

It gives full coverage of any 24 foot or smaller in diameter pool by automatically reversing directions. Included with the cleaner is a 24 foot 7 hose that can be attached to your existing pool inlet easily. Applying venture suction it can sweep the pool of leaves and any other debris.

Priced to sell, its actually an excellent option for those looking for a fast and easy pool cleaning option. If you want a longer hose, you can find additional attachments for sale. Before purchasing, make sure your pool has a filter pump that fits the required flow rate. Also, upon installation, make sure to attach it to the discharge line, not the suction side.


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Benefits Of Investing In An Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Aside from the obvious benefit of not wearing out yourself leaning over the pool scrubbing and vacuuming it, there are actually several more that you may not have known about. If you have invested in a robotic pool cleaner or pressure-side pool cleaner, you will be reducing filter wear on your system drastically.

If you use a cleaner regularly, the load on your skimmer will be drastically lightened, as less debris will go through it while the robot isnt working. This means you will have to clean it less often, and less gunk to clean.

You may not have thought about is, but cleaners do a great job of dispersing heated pool water better and more evenly than the filtration system alone. Plus, if you have a pool cover, and the cleaner doesnt pose any issues with it, you can run it under the pool cover.

The only drawback of an above ground pool vacuum would be the cost of buying one, as they are considerably more expensive than a manual pool vacuum. But the investment is well worth it. Remember, even if you have an above ground pool cleaner, you will still need to collect debris floating on the water. We recommend the following quality pool skimmers to help you choose one.

Buying Guide: Learn More About Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

There are a lot of other brands out there that make great above ground pool vacuums for smart pool owners like Dolphin. But after much debate, testing, and evaluating the pool cleaning process, we decided these were our picks.

If youre confused at all between all the different types of pool vacuum cleaners there are on the market, I recommend you check out our more detailed guides on suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic pool cleaners. when you get a chance. Itll explain everything you need to know.

Happy Swimming!

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How To Keep Above Ground Pools Clean: Tips For New Pool Owners

Owning an above ground pool comes with responsibilities, and the most significant responsibility is keeping your pool clean. After all, how can you enjoy fun & games in your pool if it is not clean?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your pool happens on a daily, weekly, and monthly period, and knowing how to keep your pool clean is vital to help avoid more expensive maintenance or dangerous swimming conditions. In this article, we discuss the main reasons for cleaning your pool and the variety of ways how to keep above ground pools clean.

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

POOL CLEANING 101: When To Clean Your Pool (Above Ground and Inground) | Swim University

This impressive clean technology robotic pool cleaner is the ultimate cleaning machine for your above ground pool. Naturally, this comes at a higher price, but you dont need any added equipment for it to work. Just plug and let it do its job.

Featuring a top load basket, it is effortless to use and clean. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it very easy to pull out of the water and use. Developed for above ground pools up to 30 feet it features a simple plug and play operation.

The patented swivel cable design allows it to gets its job done without getting tangled. What makes it exceptional is that it has nylon brushes that scrub bacteria and algae as it vacuums and cleans your pool floor.

The extra-large capacity means that you dont have to empty it before it has covered your entire pool. It comes with a 40-foot cord length and is suitable for vinyl and other delicate above ground pools.


  • Combined brushing with the cleaning of fine and rough debris
  • 90% more energy-efficient than suction and pressure cleaners
  • No added equipment needed plug and play


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Create A Pool Maintenance Schedule

The implementation of a pool maintenance schedule will help you keep your pool as clean as it should be. Adhering to your schedule can also help avoid larger maintenance costs in the future. There are three pool maintenance schedules you can create a before each use schedule, a weekly schedule, and a monthly schedule. Based on the maintenance tasks you learned about previously, here we discuss each schedule and list the maintenance tasks that should be included.

The Best Robotic Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Dolphin E10 not only looks really cool, but its also affordable for a robot that cleans your above ground swimming pool. Dolphin pool cleaners have been around for more than 35 years and theyre a trusted name in the pool industry.

After testing a bunch of different robotic pool cleaners over the years, weve switched our favorite from Aquabot to Dolphin. Theyre extremely innovative and their goal is to provide affordable cleaners that save energy and help you keep a clean pool. Gotta love it.

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Check The Chemistry Of Your Green Pool

The pH of your pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Although this is greater than typical, the higher pH indicates that the shock therapy will be more successful.

The next step is to check your Cyanuric Acid, or CYA. CYA levels should be in the range of 30-60ppm. CYA serves as a stabilizer for chlorine, allowing it to fulfill its function of eliminating algae. Maintaining stable CYA levels helps to reduce chlorine loss and improves the effectiveness of the chlorine.

The quantity of Chlorine that isnt bound in your pool is the final chemical to examine. The quantity of chlorine that has not been mixed with the previously chlorinated water is known as Chlorine that isnt bound. That implies its completely free to use as a pool sanitizer.

Before you start cleaning your pool, make sure these chemical levels are correct so that the next stages are more effective and save you time and work.

To keep your pools sparkling clear water, keep an eye on these three chemical levels after its been cleaned.

What If My Pool Has Moved Beyond Green To Brown Or Even Black

Cleaning And Maintaining Above Ground Swimming Pool

That is a great question! Are you asking for a friend? Seriously, yes, pools that are left for even more extended periods can start to turn brown or even black with sludge-like substances growing on them.

The bad news is that your pool can reach a point beyond when you can shock it with chlorine and still not get it clean. If you cant see into the pool water because of how brown the water is, then you probably need to take further action.

Some pools that reach this point will need to be drained and cleaned by acid washing to get them back to the right form and safe for use again.

Algae are caused by algae spores that arrive in a pool through wind or swimmers themselves. There are several types ofalgae common in pools: black, green, and yellow.

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How To Clean An Above Ground Pool Free Of Algae

No one wants to swim in a pool with excess algae in the water. To clean a green above ground pool and get rid of green algae in the pool, all that is needed is liquid chlorine and a pool pump.

  • Algaecide

To get rid of algae in pools, start by adding your liquid chlorine to the water. This amount of chlorine destroys living algae in your pools water. The next step to remove algae from an above ground pool is to utilize your pool pump.

Run your pool pump or filter for 12 hours to let the algae settle to the bottom of the pool. The pump pulls water from the pools skimmer and main drains and flows it through the filter, removing algae from pool bottom as well as other contaminants.

Another option is to use an algaecide to eliminate unwanted algae. Make sure only to use one algae removing method and not combine them.

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