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Do It Yourself Pool Kits

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Whatever The Size We Can Help

Do it Yourself Fiberglass Pools: The Ultimate DIY Project!

Weve worked out standard deck sizes ranging from 8 deep x 10 wide to 16 x 24. These material packages include everything youll need to build a standard deck.

Accurately measure the side of your home where the deck will be built.

Measure and indicate all door locations, stairs as well as the placement of existing obstructions such as chimneys and trees.

Indicate the main wall, the portion attached to the house and the orientation of the deck boards.

Note any modifications to the main deck such as clipped or rounded corners, notches and their sizes.

Indicate the height from the ground to the top of the finished deck floor.

Show the dimensions of the outside edges of the level.

Note the width of stairs or ramps and determine the locations of railings and handrails.

If your deck has more than one level, indicate where the different levels will be attached

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Installing A Diy Semi Inground Pool

Here in this video guide, you’re going to be installing a semi in-ground pool, don’t get it twisted, it’s still a perfectly working in-ground pool with slight differences. All you have to do for yourself is check the videos and follow the steps. This video doesn’t have any description to follow, so only the video can help.

Diy Inground Fiberglass Pools

Since were first and foremost fiberglass pool experts, we think its a good idea to start here. Its not uncommon for people to request just the fiberglass pool shell, but what does the DIY installation process entail?

1) Well, to start, it means doing your own excavation. Typically, this requires renting a trackhoe which can cost around $2,000 per week.

2) Youll also have to have the dirt hauled away unless you have space to keep it on your property. Trust us when we say its a lot of dirt. There are 1.35 tons of dirt per cubic yard . For example, a 15’x30′ inground pool that goes from 3′ to 6′ will add up to at least 60 tons of dirt.

You may opt to hire your own crew to dig the hole, who may or may not bring their own equipment and haul the dirt away for you. While you might save some money doing this part of the job yourself , you definitely wont save any time or energy.

A do it yourself fiberglass pool installation makes you the supervisor of the project, and ultimately, you are in charge of how everything turns out. When we handle it for you, you dont have the headache of worrying about whether your pool project is being done right.

3) Next, you have to install the shell. This is very important because the pool shell needs to be level. If you do this part wrong, you could end up with spider cracks on your beautiful new pool before you ever really get started.

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Welcome To Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits

We believe that every home in Australia should have a swimming pool. Thats why were dedicated to making owning a fibreglass pool an affordable reality for you. With our award winning Australian made fibreglass DIY pools, you will have a low maintenance pool sparkling in your backyard for thousands less than you thought. With a lifetime structural warranty and renownedAustralian made filter, chlorinator and pump, your peace of mind is also a standard inclusion.

Structural Polymer Swimming Pool Kits

Round Swimming Pool Kits
New pool construction from Pacific Pools of Orlando offers Do it Yourself inground pool kits. Combine your do it yourself pool inspiration with our pool kit innovation for the best polymer swimming pool kit design. Select from inground polymer pool kits, vinyl liner pools, or polymer hydra inground pool kit. We also offer do it yourself maintenance tips, sealants, and do it yourself chlorinator installation. A chlorinator is a great way to achieve more consistent pool water balance, and a new chlorinator will save you money by reducing the need for other pool chemicals. Pacific Pools of Orlando will help you build it yourself with the best do it yourself inground pool kits!
Introducing the worlds first truly DO-IT-YOURSELF Pool Kits. No other inground pool installs as EASILY or as QUICKLY.
This Exclusive Pool Kit Package includes:
Non Corrosive All Thermoplastic Pool
State Certified and Insured License # CPC035670Location Map

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Additional Information On Our Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pools vs Above Ground Pools

What’s the difference between an inground and above ground pool?

With an inground pool you can have:

  • A deep end
  • Walk-in steps, for enhanced accessibility

Inground Pool Tips

  • You can save thousands of dollars by installing your inground pool yourself
  • Before purchasing an inground pool ensure that you have ample space in your backyard and take into consideration potential roadblocks like buried gas lines or septic systems
  • When installing your pool make sure you double and triple check all your measurements
  • During installation of your pool ensure every bolt is fastened tightly
  • When installing your inground pool the ground must be properly graded
  • Inground pools with resin components can be used with a salt water system
  • Only install a slide or diving board if your inground pool has enough depth

About Our Inground Pools

Our inground swimming pool kits are designed as a complete package for the homeowner. These are truly the do-it-yourself swimming pool kits. Let’s be honest, when it comes to entertaining guests in the heat of the summer or hosting an ultimate backyard bash, NOTHING competes with inground pools. And wouldn’t it be awesome to brag to your friends about how much you saved by either doing it yourself or helping out with the process?

We offer many different shapes and sizes of inground swimming pools, from pools for small backyards to large pools, as well as the ability to customize just about any size or shape inground pool. Want a completely custom swimming pool? You got it! Just call or email us with your ideas, or the size of the area you want to put your custom swimming pool in, and we will help you design the best swimming pool to fit your needs.

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Diy Inground Swimming Pool

The first step in using this guide’s idea to make an in-ground pool is to first, find the perfect location to start digging for your pool. Once you get the perfect spot, you need to mark the area, then gather the right earthmoving equipment for the job and proceed.

There is other equipment that you’ll use so remember to check the guide to learn more. After properly digging your pool out, shape it and fill it with concrete. Add concrete blocks to form your wall, some pool kits, and some finishing touches.

Custom Screened In Porch Kits

Swimming Pool Kit DIY Installation Video. Pool Warehouse, Inground Swimming Pool Kit Installation.

Extruded aluminum porch enclosure kits with a wide range of screening options, manufactured to stay up all year round even in the sometimes unfriendly Canadian winters. Work with our experts to design a custom porch screening kit to add screen walls to nearly any opening. Finally get that space away from the bugs you always wanted!

High quality and durable, our screened in porch kits come in a variety of frame colors and options. Looking to extend the use of your room? No problem! Add vinyl lip frame windows at any time to turn your screen room into a beautiful 3 season space.

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Diy Concrete Swimming Pool

I love the concept of this DIY concrete swimming pool. This isnt a pool that you are going to finish overnight but it will definitely save you thousands if you do it yourself. You will need quite a bit of concrete and you will need to dig a hole big enough to house your new pool. This one is great because you can design the pool in any shape that you want and the cost of DIYing this one as opposed to having it professionally done will save you over $20,000! Talk about creatively coolconcrete projects.

Tutorial: instructables

How To Build A Pool Table Rustic Style

Building your own pool table is a rewarding project. If you have some basic woodworking skills, you can build a quality hardwood table. This site contains all the parts for a pool table minus the wood. Slate, pockets, felt etc can all be found on the online catalog. This project took around 70 hours and roughly $1500.00.Get Price

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Diy Inground Pools: Costs Types And Problems To Consider

Fiberglass Pool Information | Installation & Construction | DIY Fiberglass Pools | Cost and Pricing | Swimming Pool FAQs | Concrete Pool Information | Vinyl Liner Pool Information

So youre up for a home improvement project, only this time youre taking on something big…you want to build your own swimming pool.

And thats awesome. We know how rewarding it can be to complete a project and benefit from it for years.

It might fill you with a sense of pride to do things on your own and to do a good job, or you might just want to save some money.

Swimming pools can be tricky though, and mistakes can be costly. So, how will you know if a DIY inground pool is a good idea or if youve undertaken too much?

At River Pools, weve been manufacturing and installing inground fiberglass pools for years, and we know the ins and outs of pool installation. However, our main goal is to educate you on all things swimming pools, and if youre interested in a DIY inground pool, we want to make sure that you have all of the facts before taking that first step.

In this article, well break down the basics of how to DIY the different types of inground pools, the things youll need, and the costs, problems, and challenges you may face along the way.

Lets start by looking at the three main inground pool types and what it means to do a self-installation.

Hire A Contractor To Build The Deck


Unless youre a pretty adept carpenter who happens to have a lot of free time, its often best to hire a professional to build a deck around your above-ground pool. Most pool decks cant be completed in just a weekend, and they also involve a good amount of structural engineering and designing , so unless youre positive youre ready for that sort of undertaking, its worth the money to hire a professional.

The right contractor will work with you to understand how youll want to use the deck . They can design a few options that meet your needs and any local building codes. Thats rightwhile above-ground pools on their own usually dont require any sort of permits because theyre not permanent structures, building a deck may be a different story youll want to make sure you do things by the book. Decks are subject to very specific construction guidelines about guardrail and railing heights .

Building code guidelines will also govern baluster placement, stair tread sizing, grade of the ground below the deck, how the deck is constructed, and more. A good contractor will know the local deck building codes and be able to save you from having to research those yourself. Additionally, a professional contractor with experience in these sorts of projects should be well-versed in the specific requirements of a pool deck and will know to account for those long-term requirements, like making sure its still possible to change the pool liner without damaging the deck .

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Do It Yourself With Inground Pool Kits

There are a lot of ways to reduce the cost of an inground pool, but none has the impact of the most obvious approach doing it yourself. Most homeowners would never dream of undertaking such a major project, but for those with the experience, confidence, and time, doing some or all of the installation can save thousands of dollars on a swimming pool. And to help you do it yourself, there are companies that offer inground pool kits that contain everything you need to build your pool.

However, contrary to popular opinion, you dont have to be a DIY god to save money with a pool kit. You can choose to do only the work youre comfortable with, and subcontract the rest. In fact, you can outsource all the work and potentially still save a lot. Thats because you dont have to hire a professional pool builder to install an inground swimming pool kit. In most cases, you only need a handyman.

Diy Inground Pool Projects: Do It Yourself Easily

Published: Aug 9, 2021 by Allison · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog generates income via ads

There are certain things some people feel that they can’t make on their own, well, I’m here to let you know that you can! This article has 15 DIY Inground pool projects thatll show you ways to build an inground pool yourself.

Some of the guides on this DIY project will show you how to set up some prepackaged pool kits, or even build one by yourself with simple homemade supplies.

Most of the in-ground pool ideas are made of either vinyl, concrete, or fibreglass. The choice is yours to pick which materials are present in whichever guide suits your needs and budget. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what we have for you.

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Building An Inground Swimming From Scratch

Here is another in-ground swimming pool that you can build from scratch, no pool kit used, so get ready to get your hands dirty. You’ll first sketch how you want the pool to look before digging the designated area.

You’ll need a small road construction equipment/tractor to properly give the edges of the pool hole a definite square shape. The rest of the making process is challenging, but with other hands to assist you, it’ll get easier.

Do Fiberglass Pools Crack

Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment, Test Kits and Tools for the Do It Yourself Homeowner

Yes, cracking can be a problem with fiberglass pools. Small cracks, also known as spider cracks, can occur in the gelcoat of a fiberglass pool. This can be caused by a manufacturing error or an unsupported surface. These cracks dont usually indicate leaks. If this happens you can hire a professional to resurface your pool and expect to pay about $7,500 for materials and labor.

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Additional Supplies That Youll Need

The liner pool kit should contain most of what you will need to construct the pool, but there are still many things that you will need to complete the installation. These include:

  • Concrete
  • Basic hand tools
  • Excavators for digging the hole

Installing a pool is a major construction project, so youll probably need many other supplies along the way. If you hire a contractor to do the installation for you, they should provide a list of the necessary materials and most likely source them for you.

Inground Pool Kits : Types Costs Tips

Fiberglass Pool Information | Fiberglass vs Concrete vs Vinyl Liner | Installation & Construction | DIY Fiberglass Pools | Cost and Pricing | Concrete Pool Information | Vinyl Liner Pool Information

If youve ever built a toy model or assembled furniture from a box, you might think that a pool kit is similar to that. In some ways, you are correct. An inground pool kit comes with many of the parts that you need to put your pool together, but in the end, its more than just assembling the pieces.

Building a swimming pool is a construction project, and it requires much more than you will get in any inground pool kit. At River Pools, we know from our many years in the fiberglass pool business that pool building gets messy and requires a long list of supplies.

So, what do inground pool kits include and what are they missing? How much do they cost and what types of pool kits are available? In this article, well answer all of these questions and more.

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Diy Inground Pool Problems

As you can probably imagine, there are tons of opportunities to make mistakes when building or installing your own swimming pool. Here are some of the biggest problems to consider before starting a DIY inground pool project:

Problem #1 Limited warranty

One of the perks of using a pool builder is that you get a full warranty. That means that if the builder makes a mistake during the construction process or if you have major problems with your swimming pool from the start, they’ll be responsible for fixing it. On the other hand, if you install your own pool and make a mistake, the manufacturer is not responsible for covering it. DIY concrete pools as a whole have no warranties since they are made from scratch.

Problem #2 Missing insight

We know as well as any other pool builder or installer that not every pool project is the same. Some yards may require a retaining wall before a pool can be put in, for example, but a DIYer may not realize this until its too late. You might also hit ground water or rock while digging, or you may simply choose a bad spot for your pool. Allowing the experts to oversee your project is worth the additional cost in the long-run.

Problem #3 Timeline

Keep in mind that Fiberglass pools are the quickest to install of the three inground pool types while concrete swimming pools take the longest.

Are you planning on installing your swimming pool or will you have a builder do it for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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