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How Long Do Pool Pumps Last

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How Long Do Pool Pumps Last

How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?

Your pool pump should be replaced anywhere between 8 to 15 years depending on the quality, and a full replacement may cost over $800.

Your pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool as it circulates water throughout, bringing water through the filtration and heating systems. Its made up of a motor, impeller, and a hair and lint trap with a basket. Often when theres a problem, you can simply replace one of the mechanisms, such as the motor, without replacing your whole pool pump.

How Long Should You Run A Pool Pump

Generally speaking, every swimming pool should turn over its water at least once a day, so to help with this, pool pumps should run for approximately 8-10 hours a day. While our team believes its always best to run the pool pump during the hottest times of the day, you dont necessarily have to run your swimming pool pump consecutively. You can choose to run it for two separate 4-5 hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, as an example. Also, there are programmable pool timers that can help make this process easier for you if you dont have one already.

How Long Do Pool Pumps Last The Short Answer

Most pool pumps will last somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 years before needing replaced from normal wear and tear. The local pool experts I bought my pump from said that if you start having problems at the six year mark or later, its best just to replace the unit and not worry about repairs or band-aid fixes.

But there are plenty of external factors that can impact the lifespan of your pool pump, including electrical issues, weather and climate, pool use, and type of pump/motor youre using.

Well look at these factors in more detail, along with some of the things you can do to extend the lifespan of your pool pump.

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Caring For Your Pool Filters When Out Of Use

Another thing to consider is what happens to your filters when the pool isnt in use. If you use your small swimming pool seasonally, ensure your cartridge filters are being stored correctly when out of season. Also, check them before the next season begins, as they can sometimes lose their quality over time even when not in use.

Pump filter systems should still run during the off-season every so often to keep the chemicals in the water ticking over. Therefore, you need to monitor your filters during the off-season. As with your pool as a whole, investing in a cover and properly closing your pool will also help keep your filters working efficiently.

Why Pool Pump Maintenance Is Your Best Friend

How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?

Throughout a pool pumps lifetime, small parts like screws, sealants, and O-rings will break down and need replacement. When this natural aging occurs, the faster you respond to it, the better.

This is why maintenance is the best way to save your money and keep your pump working.

Inspect the condition of your pump a few times a year to keep it in good working condition. Look for:

  • Missing screws
  • Cracks in the plastic housing
  • Worn down or broken O-rings
  • Worn down sealant

Most pool owners, unfortunately, forget about the pump sitting in the background.

And who can blame them? Aside from emptying the basket, you hardly ever have to deal with it.

But for pool owners who want to get the most out of their pool pumps, checking them regularly and handling small repairs as they come along is the best method.

Its cheaper than replacing the pump, and it saves you the stress of troubleshooting in 100-degree summer weather.

And during the winter, its important to properly winterize your swimming pool pump to avoid freeze damage.

That said, there eventually comes a point when replacement makes more sense than a repair.

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But Why Should I Run My Pump At All

Your pool pump is the hub of your pools cleaning system. It makes sure the water is circulated, so dirty particles can be filtered out. It also widely distributes your cleaning chemicalssort of like stirring cream into your coffee.

No pump equals no circulation, which means no cleaning. No kidding: if you turned off your pump for a significant amount of time, your pool would become a green pond of stagnating water and unwanted bacteria. No, not exactly what you might picture for a refreshing swim.

Tired of having to painfully crouch and lean just to scrub the angles of your pool? This Professional-Endorsed 360-Degree Bristles Blue Torrent Pool Brush has a patented designed for easy cleaningand is a favorite of pool servicers everywhere.

Your Pump Is Overheating

A pool pump can overheat if there is a problem with the impeller or if something else causes the pump to lose its prime. Priming is the process that causes the pump to pull water out of the pool and through the filter.

If your pool pump wont prime, then air might run through the pump. This can cause the impeller to spin more quickly than usual, which can wear down the pumps motor. This can also lead to more serious issues, like leaks in the pump.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Swimming Pool Filter

BackHow Often Should You Replace Your Swimming Pool Filter?

  • How Often Should You Replace Your Swimming Pool Filter?

How Often Should You Replace Your Swimming Pool Filter?

Your swimming pool filter is like the kidney of your pool: it filters out the debris and unwanted nasties, leaving you with fresh, clean water.

Making sure your filter is working effectively is hugely important, regardless of whether you have an indoor swimming pool or a small, above-ground pool for summer. In this guide, we look at when you should be replacing your filter system and how you can keep your water cleaner for longer.

What Is A Pool Pump And How Does It Work

How Long Should an Above Ground Pool Pump Last?

Let’s start with the basics. Whether you’re a brand new pool owner or are just looking to replace a pool pump for the first time, it is important to know the basics of how a pump works.

A swimming pool pump is essential in maintaining a clean and healthy pool. It circulates the water and stops the water from stagnating. It can also evenly disperse any treatment chemicals.

To do this, the pump pulls water into an inlet before funneling it through a filter and pumping it back out into the pool. This process reduces the amount of dust, dirt, or sand on the pool floor and ensures you are swimming in safe water.

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Tips For Pool Pump Replacement

Is it time for a pool pump repair or replacement? Pool owners should stay on top of their pools operation because things like the pump do need to be repaired or replaced every so often. The pump is one of the most important components of your pool equipment, so it should stay in peak operating condition. This will prevent waiting until its completely dead to replace it. Here are some of the keynotes to consider for Pool Pump Replacement:

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

If you are having these problems, it may be time to bite the bullet and buy a new energy-saving pool pump. There are lots of great options, including variable speed pumps. A variable speed pump will save you a great deal in electricity costs over older pump styles, making them well worth the investment.

They are also much quieter to run than older pumps. If you are having trouble with your pool pump, stop fighting it. Upgrade to a new pool pump, and you will find that pool maintenance is much simpler and utility costs are much lower.

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Pool Pumps In Florida: How Long Do They Last And Your Other Questions Answered

Theres nothing like taking a dip in the pool on a hot Florida day, but no one wants to dive headfirst into a green pool filled with algae and bacteria. Thanks to your pool pump, you dont have to worry about your beautiful pool turning that unsightly green hue.

Your pool pump works hard to create water flow that circulates sanitizing chemicals into your pool, keeping it crystal clear and beautiful. Did you know that your pool pump takes your pools water through a rapid cycle of filtration, heating and chlorination to keep your water clean. The pump is kind of like the heart of your pool, it circulates water throughout and keeps everything running smoothly.

Pool pumps can last for quite awhile if they are properly maintained. If youve got questions about your pool pump or how to maintain it, keep reading!

How To Calculate Turnover Rate For Your Pool

How Long Does A Pool Pump Last?

First, if you dont already know it, youll need to calculate your pools volume. If youre not sure how to do this, you can use our pool calculator to figure it out:

Once you have your pools volume, divide it by eight to determine the number of gallons per hour that need to be pumped.

Most pool pumps go by gallons per minute rather than GPH, though. So to get that number, divide the GPH by 60 to determine how many gallons per minute need to be pumped for full turnover.

So your formulae will be:

Total Pool Volume ÷ 8 = GPH

GPH ÷ 60 = GPM

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The Ultimate Guide To Pool Heaters

Are you thinking about buying and installing a swimming pool water heater? Have a few questions about using a pool heat pump? Wondering if you need a pool heater in Florida? Luckily, weve created the ultimate guide to heat pump pool heaters! So, if you are asking yourself a million little questions like, How are pool heaters sized? Or How long do they last? youre in the right place.

How Long Do Sump Pumps Last

Information » How Long do Sump Pumps Last?

Its easy to overlook your sump pumpuntil it fails, leaving you with wet feet or, worse, tens of thousands of dollars in damages. But how long does a sump pump last? The U.S. Department of Housing and Development estimates that sump pumps runs for about 10 years.

But that number varies widely depending on the pump and the conditions its subjected to. Some manufacturers claim their pumps will last two decades, and some pumps fail in five years or less.

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How Long Should My Pool Pump Motor Last

A pool pump motor serves as the center of the pool filtration system. This motor keeps things moving in the entire system in order to make sure your pool remains clean at all times. But if the pool doesnt work properly, it will fill your pool with a lot of grim and algae. So, if you want to keep your pool clean, we suggest that follow the tips given below. With this tips, you can protect your pool pump against unnecessary wear and tear. Aside from this, these tips will help you find when its the right time to replace the pump.

Electrical Issues/motor Burning Up

How Long Will My Pool Pump and Motor Last?

An issue that can dramatically cut your pool pumps life short is electrical problems or the motor burning up. I found this out the hard way with my first pool pump. There was a clog in the filter that needed cleaned, but we didnt notice it until the pump motor burned up from having to work too hard to push the water through. This isnt an issue of wear and tear, because it all happened at once. But just note that issues like this can either put unnecessary wear on your pool pump, or burn the motor out completely.

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When You Need To Replace Your Pump

If you arent sure whether to repair your pump or install a new one, consider whether:

  • the pump is more than 12 to 15 years old
  • the pump housing is cracked, leaking, rusted or rotting or
  • the manufacturer has stopped making the parts of the pump that are broken.

While some pool pump issues are easy to fix, other more complicated problems need the help of an expert. Its often difficult for homeowners to accurately diagnose problems with their pool pump because so many different kinds of issues can look the same. If these issues go untreated for too long, they can lead to costly repairs.

Thats why its wise to call a professional when you first notice problems. They can help figure out whats wrong and fix the issue with your pool pump before it causes more significant damage. Pool specialists can also help save you money, even if theres a less complicated problem with your pump. They can help figure out if a simple replacement part will fix the issue and help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars to unnecessarily replace the whole pump.

As previously mentioned, a malfunctioning pool pump can lead to a build-up of algae in your pool. One way to remedy this problem is to shock your pool. But, can you shock a pool if your pump isnt working?

The Pool Pump Is Overheating

This problem could be occurring for a few reasons and might even result in a fire, so be very careful when handling the machine. Many swimming pools are located in direct sun, so its normal for your pool pump to become very hot but not so hot that you cannot touch it.

When your pool pump is clogged for an extended period of time, it begins to pull air instead of water, causing the impeller to spin rapidly. This problem is called loss of prime and causes the motor to burn out. Youll need to discuss the damage with a technician to see if the motor must be replaced.

On the inside of your pump, there could be excessive friction due to the motors bearings wearing down, and this might even lead to a leak in the pump. Parts must be replaced within the motor before its too late.

You may also want to look into whats called a variable speed pump. This type of pump helps reduce the cost of electricity and lessens the load on your motor. Its required by pool owners in some states to conserve energy.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Pool Pump And Filter

Saturday, December 28, 2019

How long does a pool pump last?

You can expect a pool pump and filter to last 8 to 11 years, with an average of 10 years. To learn about the energy-efficient pump that are now code-mandated, see our blog post Why are pool pumps now required to be variable speed?

Go to our blog post What is the average lifespan of the parts of a house? for rating of other house components. To understand the basis, potential use, and limitations of lifespan ratings, see our blog post How accurate are the average life expectancy ratings of home components? Are they actually useful?

Also, heres links to a collection some of our other blog posts about pools and spas:

How can I tell if my pool is leaking?

Visit our POOL AND SPA and LIFE EXPECTANCY pages for other related blog posts on this subject, or go to the INDEX for a complete listing of all our articles.

NOTE: These life expectancies are based on data provided by InterNACHI, NAHB, FannieMae, and our own professional experience. Because of the numerous variables that can affect a lifespan, they should be used as rough guidelines only, and not relied upon as a warranty or guarantee of future performance.

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How Long Can A Pool Go Without A Pump

How Long Does A Swimming Pool Pump Last?

If your pool pump breaks, so your pool will go without a pump until you can get it fixed, then obviously the water will no longer flow and be filtered. So from that moment onward the water quality is likely to deteriorate. If you leave it like this for a long period of time then you may end up with the dreaded green pool but for just a few days it shouldnt be a problem.

If you intend swimming in it while the pump is broken then I would suggest that you test the water quality first with a test strip or whatever method you use.

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Is Your Pool Pump Running Youd Better Catch It

Have you been letting your pool pump run 24/7? Stop the insanity! Now you can look forward to a lower electric bill and turn some lights back on. Or if you havent been running it enough, you can look forward to a cleaner pool now that its circulating more often.

And the next time you and your neighbor debate how long to run a pool pump, youll be armed with good information. Now if you could just get him to trim that tree limb that keep dropping leaves into your pool

Happy Swimming!

Pool Pump Motor Is Not Working Or Turning Off While Running

If your pump is not starting you need to check a few things to get it working well. First, you will have to check if the timer makes sure the pump is on. If the pump is on and you hear a humming noise then this could be because of a bad capacitor.

The capacitor is what starts the pump by giving it a jolt of electricity. You should replace the capacitor. It can still store power so be careful when you are replacing it. If your pump is old, you should consider replacing the motor instead.If your pump does turn on, but loses power, this could be overheating. So what should you do? You should try running the pump during the night to avoid overheating. If this does not work, check the bottom vents of the motor to make sure there is nothing inhibiting the fan. If the problem persists, youll have to replace the pool motor or pool pump.

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