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How To Fill An Above Ground Pool

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Hiring A Licensed Engineer

First Time Water Fill in Above Ground Pool – Hydra Hot Tubs & Pools

Hiring a licensed engineer costs $500 to $1,000 on average. For the land to be buildable again for future structures, a demolition and compaction plan along with an engineers density testing report is required. This report declares that the backfill area is suitable for future construction.

Although hiring an engineer is not always required by local building codes, ensuring the pool is backfilled correctly prevents sinking or swelling from poor drainage.

Should I Fill In My Pool

You should fill in a pool if you need to reclaim the yard space and are tired of paying for pool maintenance and repairs. A partial pool removal costs about 50% less than a full removal but has fewer long-term benefits.

Reasons to fill in a pool:

  • Expensive upkeep and repair costs
  • Danger to children and pets
  • Complex chemicals
  • You need the yard space for another structure.
  • Removing it will increase the value of your property.
  • You are tired of animals and various pests attracted to the pools.

Easy Steps For A Successful Above Ground Pool Opening

Temps are on the rise, which means it is TIME FOR YOUR POOL OPENING!

The indicator that summer is right around the corner is getting your above ground pool opened up and ready to go… Some people dread this process, but we are here to help! We have outlined 8 steps to getting your pool opened up. While there may be a bit of ‘fine-tuning’ needed for your chemicals to be perfectly in balance, these steps should get you 90 – 95% of the way!

  • REMOVE YOUR POOL COVER: Clean off the pool cover of leaves or debris , remove the cover from the pool, allow the cover to dry and then fold up and store for your pool closing.
  • RE-INSTALL POOL EQUIPMENT: Re-install your pump if you brought it in for the winter. Hook up all of your pump and filter hoses that were disconnected at closing. Put the drain cap back on the filter and the drain plug back into the pump. Turn your multi-port valve to ‘Backwash’ setting.
  • FILL YOUR POOL: Fill the pool back up to the correct water level as indicated on your skimmer plate. Once filled, unplug the skimmer and return jets and backwash and rinse the sand filter.
  • VACUUM DEBRIS: Vacuum any debris from the bottom of the pool. Backwash and rinse your filter – you may need to add water to your pool at this point depending on how long your filter needs to be backwashed.
  • If you need any help troubleshooting your pool chemicals, we have a free water lab in our store and can get you back on track.

    Happy Summer Swimming Season!

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    Turn On The Pool Filter And Test The Water

    Youre almost there! All you have to do now is get the filter up and running. Turn on the filter and run it for 12 to 24 hours to mix up the old and new water before testing or adding chemicals .

    Dont feel comfortable testing the water yourself? You can always bring a water sample to a pool professional for proper analysis. Your pool professional will provide you with instructions for balancing your pool water. They can test the waters pH level, the alkalinity, the calcium hardness, and the chlorine content. In addition to shocking the pool, they may be able to also recommend that you add a stabilizer, conditioner or algaecide to your pool before its ready for the warm weather.

    Continue to run the filter for a few days, vacuuming out any debris that has settled. When the water is clear and the chlorine levels have come down, your pool is ready for swimming! Enjoy your pool!

    Clean And Store Your Winter Pool Cover

    Above ground pool filling

    Find a large, easily accessible area like your lawn, deck, or driveway, and spread the cover flat. Make sure the areas clear of sharp objects and other potentially damaging items.

    Wash your cover with water, cover cleaner , and a scrub brush or rubber broom.

    Scrub it thoroughly, but gently. Youll ensure a longer life for your pool cover, which can save you quite a bit of money since you wont have to replace it. Make sure you allow your cover to dry thoroughly before storing it to avoid damage from moisture and mold.

    Stash your winter cover in a durable, tightly sealed plastic tub or other large storage container during the off season. This will keep rats and other critters from making a nest in your expensive cover or, worse yet, chomping it into tiny bits.

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    What Does Pool Water Delivery Service Mean

    Having pool water delivered to your home by truck is a great way to get clean and balanced water into your pool quickly. These trucks can do much more and provide clean water for many different situations. These include but are not limited to:

    • Commercial areas

    We’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of service.

    What About The Electricity For The Pump

    1. The pool pump runs on an 110V outlet and pulls around 15 amps. Check your instruction manual for specific electrical instructions for your pump.

    2. The safest way to operate your pump is to have a licensed electrician run conduit underground with a GFCI weatherproof receptacle located beside the pump. This is what most codes require. For convenience, have the electrician install an outdoor on/off switch for the outlet.

    3. Running the pump on an extension cord is not safe, especially if you have small children or pets that may want to play with the cord or outlet.

    4. If you use an extension cord, you could cause irreversible damage to pump motor. This is not covered under the motor warranty.

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    What You Need To Open Your Above Ground Pool

    The basic supplies for opening your pool are probably already at hand in your pool shed. Except your friend, of course. Please dont store friends in your pool shed if you plan on keeping them as friends.

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    Youll need:

    Inventory Your Pool Chemicals

    Installing an Autofill on an above ground pool

    Youll want to have all of your chemicals ready to go before you start opening your pool. Check the expiration dates on all of your pool chemicals, and replace any that are past their prime. . You should also replace any chemicals that werent properly sealed before they were stored.

    Chemicals Checklist: Everything You Need to Open Your Pool

    Need to do a pre-opening pool chemical supply run? Heres what youll need to get the job done right:

    • A good test kit or test strips for checking your pools pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity,and chlorine levels
    • Chlorine granules or tablets
    • Stain treatment

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    Filling In Hole After Removing Above Ground Pool

    Ccurtsams2Gunguy45SstickshiftPPilot DaneSsgalvin07curtsamsI recently purchased a home that had an above ground pool that I was not thrilled to keep. I agreed to give it to a friend of mine, which worked out well, but now I have a large, sandy hole to fill in. The pool was not set very deep – about 1½” on one side and sloping down to about ground level on the other. The surface is all sand and there are small rocks lining where the outside of the pool was setup. My question is what do I need to do to fill this in and begin growing grass? Can I just work the rocks evenly into the deeper portions of the sand and fill soil overtop of them? And finally, do I need to remove the sand or can I work soil directly into it and still grow some nice grass? Thanks.JjoecaptionCcurtsams

    How To Backfill An Above Ground Pool

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    A swimming pool can add value and enjoyment to your property and, in warmer climates, may even be considered a necessity. It is less expensive and less time-consuming to install an above-ground pool rather than an in-ground one. Both of these installations, however, do require a certain amount of backfilling as part of their installation. Although both pools require it, backfilling an above-ground pool is very different than backfilling an in-ground pool and must be done properly to prevent corrosion, rust and pool collapse.

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    Some Helpful Tips For Filling Your Pool

    • Filter your water. If you use any method to fill your pool that involves a garden hose, its a good idea to use a garden hose filter. These are inexpensive little attachments that simply screw on to the end of your hose and filter out all kinds of contaminants. Trust me, it will save you tons of trouble when youre trying to balance the water.

    • Keep an eye on the pool liner while youre filling it. Its not uncommon for the liner to slip or wrinkle in places while it sits there waiting to be filled. And if it does, youll have a heck of a time straightening it out once a few thousand gallons of water are on top of it.

    • . Remember, just using the water available to you isnt always the best choice. You might find that water delivery in your area is a few hundred bucks cheaper than using city water.

    • Shock your pool soon after its filled. You may find the water doesnt need too much adjusting if you use city water, a filter, or a delivery service that treats it themselves. But in most cases, youll need to add some chemicals. Shocking your pool is the best way to sort of start it from ground zero and then add what it needs to get it balanced.

    • Install all the railing and fittings before you start filling. The railing around the top will help keep the liner in place. Its also much easier to do before theres heavy water pulling down the liner and getting in the way.

    Reshaping The Landscape Around The Pool

    Filling the Radiant Pool

    One of the many great things that fill dirt can do is reshape a landscape. It can be used to create hills, fill holes, and fill dips. You can use it to help you achieve your desired look. This can be a great addition to your landscape when adding an above ground pool because you can shape the land so that the pools flows with the landscape, rather than being a jarring sight in the middle of a flat yard. You should also note that fill dirt is not good for supporting plant growth. This means that if you intend to use any of the ground you reshape for a garden, you are going to have to add topsoil on top of the fill dirt.

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    How Full Should You Fill An Above Ground Pool

    above ground poolfilledpoolpool

    Ideal Water HeightMost pool professionals agree that the water level in both in-ground and aboveground pools should be at the midpoint of the pool skimmer. The skimmer is responsible for providing a pathway for water to flow to the filter where it is cleaned.

    One may also ask, what happens if pool water level is too high? If the water level is too high the debris floating next to the opening may pass by without being pulled into the skimmer. However if the water level is too low it may cause the skimmer to suck air into the system. If this happens you may run the risk of burning up your pool pumps motor.

    Similarly, you may ask, how full should I fill my Intex pool?

    Intex Frequently Asked Questions

    Up to the fill line which is approximately 80% full.
    Question : How high is the pool?
    Answer : The 10′ and 12′ pools are 30″ high and the 15′ pool is 36″ high.

    How do you fill a large pool?

    Fill your pool until the water reaches about the middle of a surface skimmer, covering the pool water filter inlet slightly. This may take from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on if you are using a garden hose or having your water delivered.

    Cost To Fill A Pool With Water

    The average cost to fill in a pool with water is $80 to $160 for adding 15,000 to 30,000 gallons to your water bill. Bulk pool water delivery by truck costs $500 to $1,500 or $0.042 to $0.074 per gallon based on the amount needed and if it is already chlorinated. Using a garden hose takes 30 hours to fill a pool versus 2 hours with delivery.

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    Average Swimming Pool Removal Costs

    The starting cost of removal is between $3,000 and $7,000 for an inground pool and around $2,700 for one that’s above ground. This is the price range if it’s easily accessible and small or medium size , or you’re only looking to fill it in partially. Larger, more complicated projects can see a price tag of $10,000 or more.

    Contractors will typically charge on a per-project basis for pool removal. If you’re hiring someone on an hourly contract, be sure to discuss how long he or she expects the task to take because this will help you establish a firm timeline and keep your costs down.

    Some city and county codes may require you to work with an engineer, especially in the filling stage, to perform density tests and submit a declaration that the area is safe and able to be built upon. The average price to hire an engineer is $500.

    Should I Fill My Pool With My Well Or Have A Water Truck Come To Fill It


    Paying to have a water truck come and fill your pool is quite expensive. Here in Central Florida, there are only a couple guys that deliver water and they aint cheap. One delivers six thousand gallons for $400, another guy has a 9k gallon truck and charges $675, and the last I heard of was this new guy who charges $475 for just 6k gallons.

    Now, if you have a 24 round pool, 52 deep, then thats about fourteen thousand gallons of water. You can see then that having water delivered is pricey.

    Because of the price, I usually advise to just fill your pool with your well. Even if the well water comes out like iced tea, it would still be much less expensive to just treat the water to clear.

    If your well has some issues and you are just limping it along, then yes, maybe bite the bullet and fill with the water truck. Also, if your well water sucks and you have a pool party planned for the next weekend, then again yes, it may be worth it the pay for the truck.

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    Why You Need To Know How To Open An Above Ground Pool

    Your pools been covered all winter. As convenient as it would be to just pull the cover off and dive right in, think for a minutethat waters been sitting there, stagnant, all winter long. Do you really want to submerge yourself in that? Didnt think so.

    Knowing the above ground pool opening process will ensure that when you do finally get back into the pool, its in clean, clear, non-swampy water.

    Tools & Demolition Equipment Cost

    The tools and demolition equipment required are included in a professional’s estimate, but rise if access to the pool is difficult. For a DIY project, renting equipment costs homeowners $1,000 to $3,000 on average.

    Sometimes, fencing needs to be removed to provide easy access for the equipment. Otherwise, smaller equipment that fits through a gate takes longer to demolish and adds to your overall labor costs.

    Tools & Equipment Costs To Fill In A Pool


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    Ial Collapse And Engineered Fill

    This procedure is pretty much the same as above. The only difference? An engineer will be assisting during the backfill process.

    Usually, you only opt to do this if your city requires it.

    Note that even with engineered fill, you would still have to declare the backfilled area as non-buildable. This also means that it will still negatively impact the value of your property, and you would still have to disclose this to your future buyers.

    Is It Ok To Fill A Pool With Well Water

    How Much to Fill Above Ground Pool?

    As we said above, you can fill your swimming pool or hot tub with well water. In fact, its one of the least expensive options, especially compared to a pool water delivery service.

    Some people choose to fill their pools with city water or municipal water from their house, but not everyone has this option. If you have your own well or access to one near your home, making sure it has a sufficient supply of water is crucial. Youll also need to test the water before using it in your pool, and you may have to treat it once its full.

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    How To Open An Above Ground Pool In 11 Steps

    If you own an above ground pool, your thoughts are probably never far from the sun and fun of pool season. But before you can enjoy your pool, youll need to open and prep it. You could pay someone to do it for you, of course. But why P-A-Y when you can DIY?

    Once you learn how to open an above ground pool, the process will become easier every year. All you need is a friend, the right supplies, and a little elbow grease, and youll be swimming again in no time.

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